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    I sound so biased :/. I took an underrated solo song of Jin's which was his first self composed song. He written this song for his pets which passed away.

    Time lapsed as days rolled on.
    Memories captured my eyes,
    Slowly and momentarily your presence
    Faintly remembering your feelings with me.
    I painted you and me,
    With a touch of different hues,
    And the traces of last moments bring mists and tears down my chest.
    Oh! How was I still confident,
    That I wasn't going to loose you caressing you!
    Then a sudden stillness struck in,
    Without knowing your farewell,
    Just you lying on my lap letting out the last whine.

    "I wish you a good night in peace"
    "You have been a walkthrough down the lane of emotions"

    It's been so long I wrote something this much. This write feels a mess.

    #cees_bts_chall #temporary_highly

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