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  • taivell 6w

    Terrible Fate

    There is a town where the Darkness thrives
    There the shadows take everyone
    To a dark place where no one survives
    And then everything comes undone

    Many people have been to this town
    But not all of them have survived
    Now look around, it is the sundown
    Run, cause the Darkness has arrived

    The Darkness is coming
    Darkness is here, you all have to run
    You can't fight it, nor use your gun
    Everywhere is so dark, it's all black
    If you are caught, you won't come back

    Few souls have overcome the Darkness
    But most did not have the same fate
    Because even where there is stillness
    You should know the Shadows await

    Some have tried to end this grim nightmare
    But it went not as expected
    Darkness and shadows are everywhere
    And they cannot be defeated

    The Darkness is coming
    Here's Darkness again, you've gotta run
    It will catch you all, one by one
    It is right behind you, all is black
    If you're caught, there's no coming back

    After all of this, everyone knows
    That the Darkness will get the souls
    And now they all know it is too late
    To escape their terrible fate

    The Darkness is coming
    Now the Darkness has taken you all
    You could not fight it, now you fall
    To the darkest place where all is black
    Now you know that you won't come back

  • _jess_ 16w

    It feels even more bitter than in words!
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    #feelings #life #day #hug #care #fight #moment #cry #endup #terrible #need #someone

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    When your day goes terrible
    And you eagerly need someone beside you
    Just to hug you & care for you
    Ask you about your day
    But at that moment,
    You recall the fight you had
    And you end up with a cry!

  • literary 20w

    Dark mode

    व्हाट्स ऐप, इंस्टाग्राम पे dark mode ऑन किया था ...ये जिंदगी का dark mode कैसे ऑन हो गया???
    और अब .....light mode पे शिफ्ट नहीं हो रहा...!!

  • sweetuuu 24w


    The very common disease,
    Which is grab on my family members.
    It's very painful to see them in pain.
    Some of them had died,
    And some of them are suffering.
    They knows that they are going to die,
    But they survive.
    They smile and they are tension free.
    But when i see them in pain,
    I feel wound.
    I can't show my wounds.
    I am bleeding,
    I am bleeding.
    But their beautiful smile cures my wounds
    And give me a little bit strength.
    The only and only terrible disease
    Which is called 'Cancer'

  • _lucid_ 30w


    He was someone i couldn't grasp with my hands
    Everytime, i thought i did
    He just slipped through my fingers
    I wanted to keep him with me,forever.
    You see,i happened to have fallen terribly inlove with him
    Terribly inlove with him, with my whole being.
    But what's more terrible is that,he didn't love me back.
    And that terribly broke me inside out,yet again,You can't force someone to have affection towards you,like you do with them, even if your entire being screams,begging for love.
    You wouldn't get the love you want,you only get the love you deserve but not from that particular person you crave for and that's what hurts the most.

  • kirukka 31w


    In the world
    Very terrible
    Do you know what a drug is ..?
    Of our favorites
    For affection
    It is the suffering of longing ..! Makes us do whatever we want!

  • harithareddy 38w

    #terrible solution#

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    I know everything... But i feel sad when I hear from them

  • dreamyeyes16 42w

    What do I do?

    The unseen part of my life
    The unfelt feelings
    Why this
    Why these unanswered questions in my mind
    Why is it
    On one part have a content feeling
    But on other this incomplete one
    What do I do
    Whom do I share with…
    Hundreds are there
    But noone.
    What do I do???

  • bhavana_29 57w

    You can be a positive, grateful and happy person and still have awful, disheartening, terrible and off days.
    YAY for positive thinking but also YAY for acknowledging and accepting your feelings for what they are. You dont have to pretend and you absolutely don’t have to be perfect.

  • porcupine 71w

    A Terrible time

    Does not matter
    Where they're from
    The covid virus
    Will not spare anyone

    The rich or the poor
    This virus cares not
    They may be healthy
    Does not matter alot

    Older and younger or
    They may be wise
    The virus will attack
    Any of them guys

    Women and also men
    This disease will detect
    Just remember to often
    Sanitize to disinfect

    Avoid large groups
    Where it may spread
    Wear your facemask
    Or soon you'll be in bed

    Some may carry it
    And not even know
    The virus will spread
    Then the problem grows

    If everyone follows
    The rules in place
    We can end this soon
    And without haste

  • passionatewritings 81w


    When your favorite movie/series character gets killed !

  • kosatli 83w


    Terrible experiences turn into beautiful memories ☺️

  • the_crescent 101w

    I was having a happy dream, a dream like I want my life to be! But in a click of time the happiness in the dream faded away! I could only find darkness!
    Running away couldn't help.
    I realised that, it's not true and tried to wake up.
    But, I couldn't even find myself!
    I no more know who I'm or where I stand!
    I'm frozen cold.
    That moment, my mind became cloudy,
    thoughts became clumsy,
    eyes became an ocean full of storms.
    I'm sinking into deep hollowness.
    Insecurities prisoned over years
    started breaking out of the bars.
    I'm drowning with the fear of unknown agony!
    Few moments felt heavier as they were rushing out
    of my patronum!
    I finally found me, but I was all lying in my bed,
    sleepy as if I was already dead!
    It's creepy coz, I found me but I couldn't wake-up.
    My body lied there stiff. The darkest demons are approaching me out of nowhere.
    I cried for help, called out names but none can hear me!

    Suddenly! There was a disturbance and
    I heard a music!
    Yeah, that's my alarm!
    I woke up shivering, covered in showers of sweat and my eyes crying out of fear!
    My heart felt hollow, like my soul just got lost and reframed in it's place!
    I headed up, thanking god for saving me one more time,
    from my darkest trembles!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite #pod #hollow #insecurities #sleepingparalysis #terrible

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    How it feels to experience sleep paralysis?
    Horrible and Hollow.

    (Catch-up with the caption to know more)


  • alxita 108w

    -- The Boat Is Sinking --
    (Story by alxita)

    After a long period of lectures, seatworks, and tests, of course, the minds of the students would love to take a bit of rest and relax for the foreseeable moment. Though, in this case, the last teacher for this day will instead be doing a little game for them to be amused. It can be a fun game to play, right? Right..

    "All right kids. Today, as the last subject for the day, we'll be doing a little game to spend some time with you all. But, I may tell some serious questions here," said the female teacher.
    But the students did not heed the clandestine warning of the teacher, since what their minds were looking for was amusement. But, did they ever know, that the amusement they'll soon receive is actually an questionnaire; a questionnaire they never knew, were coming.

    "Okay, the game is called The Boat Is Sinking. The rules are simple. There will always be a statement at the start, prompting you all to say "What shall we do?" and I will give another statement, telling how you will be grouped, by number, or by rule," the teacher explained.

    The teacher then added, "If one of you does not follow the rule of mine by grouping to others or merely following, you will be eliminated."

    "That seems interesting!" said one student.
    "That's quite fun!" said another.
    "At least it's not some dang homework to do and then they'll not give out decent grades," said a tired, lethargic student.

    "Let's start," the teacher gave a signal. A class of 25 students will be participating for the game.
    "The boat is sinking!" the teacher warned.
    "What shall we do?" the students chanted in unison.

    "Group yourselves into 4"
    The students raced as they try to find people to cling with. Now, ending up with six groups of 4, one student was left with himself. "Dang! I always lose when it comes to games," the unhappy student commented.

    "Shall we continue?" the teacher queried as she started her first call again.

    "The boat is sinking"
    "What shall we do?"
    "Group yourselves depending on who was mistreated" said the teacher.

    The entirety of the students was questionable as to what she was talking about, or if they'll take it literally, but they decided to follow upon her order. About 18 people grouped so into one, the six students were left.
    "Out of the game" replied the teacher.

    The six students were mystified, one wondering if it was not a game, but an assessment of our attitudes. Clearly, such a game would not have an order like that. The game continued more or less.

    "The boat is sinking"
    "What.. shall we do?"
    "Group yourselves depending on who was physically abused once."

    Again, the students were bamboozled, but in a more surreal manner, as they don't know why she is ordering such a sensitive rule. Again, they made themselves the puppets of her show.
    Nine people grouped themselves as one, the other half did not. They were eliminated.

    "The boat is sinking"
    "What.... s-shall we.. do?"
    "Group yourselves depending who has been betrayed, and left you thinking for self-mutilation," said the teacher bluntly with the same, but more mystifying and dark atmosphere lurking upon her sentences.

    One started crying, as she doesn't know what the teacher was even saying, and started unsettling and scaring her down her spine, sending the chills to the innocents being lured into her trap.

    Two students grouped, the other seven did not meet the teacher's order. They were eliminated.

    "Congratulations! Now you two decide who gets to be killed first," said the teacher. The two were absolutely horrified, as they were unknowingly best friends who've went through dark pasts, and then they'd be prompted to decide who to be killed as if it is a casual thing to say.

    But, since manipulation has gotten the better of one, she claimed the life of the other, for the sake of winning the game, and escaping from the teacher's abnormality.

    "You are the winner. Congratulations. You proved yourself to be a sickening person easily manipulated by words, and has gotten you into state of fragility just like the broken fragments of your past." said the teacher.

    The girl can't stand it. She eventually, claimed her own life from too much pressure and mental pain rushing through her nerves, through her brain that is trying to comprehend the situation they're in. The other students who're eliminated went out a while ago, panicking, crying from what was a death trap; a death trap they were lured upon as prey. We were the prey; the prey of an abysmal lair of surreality and darkness that the teacher instilled upon an innocent game.

    The boat sank, but their minds and hearts sank down to the tenebrific abyss. We fleed, but the stains left upon us will never be washed away, as it is imprinted into our brains for an eternity to come.

    #poetry #ship #boat #darkness #badinfluence #manipulation #innocence #trap #fooled #sinking #heart #terrible #nightmare #night #school #game #internet #malicious #mirakee #alxita_june_twenty #alxita_stories #ceesreposts

    Jun. 1, 2020, 10:12 AM (GMT+8)

    Was it a very dark story? Don't worry. Everything here, from their deaths to the whole thing is a metaphor, holding a hidden message to society. ��

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    Story 3

    "The Boat Is Sinking"

  • raji_soundarya 110w


    I'd yearned for the day when I no longer relate those quotes that reminded the 'one'
    I'd yearned to read those words as mere facts
    I'd yearned to have no feelings for that 'one'
    I'd yearned not to shed tears over that 'one'
    For whom in the end I was no 'one'
    Those were the terrible, terrible times
    That I now yearn not to reminisce anymore..


  • backstorypoetry 112w

    Love and Grief can make you do both terrible and beautiful things.

  • _random__thoughts_ 130w

    It takes only one terrible breakup
    To believe that
    Arrange marriages are better

  • lachimolalaaa 144w


    Lust met lust,
    then okay!

    Love met love,
    then okay again!!

    Lust met love,
    Something terrible happened.


  • blackstranger 146w


    Without even knowing..
    I created a trauma to a person..
    Now that i look at it..I realised it..
    I just wish you luck..
    And I know I am terrible person..
    And I am sorry.. That I broke your trust..
    But I had no choice sweetie..
    Cuz u know.. I am a terrible person..

  • hallucination20 146w

    Past v/s Future

    Filled with love, hatred, jealousy 
    Emotional breakdowns,fights and tears
    We grew realising the worth of feelings
    Ripening maturity all those years
    Past was beautifully terrible and made us learn the right things.
    But future is terribly beautiful 
    Because we learned the art to bear.