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  • thanewb 9w

    To Dream No More

    Could it be compared to death, like someone you've known your whole life and now they're gone

    Like the memories get you through til you can't reach the feeling of it the same

    Like the thoughts and them in your heart now turns to pain cause they should be here

    Is it the same as losing a child, give them life, love and nurture them

    Protect them, keep them safe, feed them clothe them

    Love them more than your own life or any life for that matter

    Watch them develop, grow and become their own

    Gone with no goodbye, taken away for no reason, cut short in the midst of greatness

    Maybe it's like falling waiting for the ground to hurry and catch up

    It might be this empty feeling and even worse, there's no air


  • thanewb 129w

    Social Media thrives and still at a rise

    Most commonly, often off of brown and black lives

    And it doesn't even MATTER that someone even feels that they need to tell you that their life matters!

    Why you match the description but you still quite never fit the criteria

    Because you want to give an excuse but there is none

    None that would give relief to, neither of us were capable of chosing the life you were bore to

    This was a life we were born to and what we put in to it, whether it be, less than your standard or even beyond your understanding


    Just cause i ain't hang from a tree don't mean i haven't been lynched

    We will take a mile won't we? That's why we bet not move an inch

    This has nothing to do with racism, just felt the need....

    That being said

    I was born into a life of entertainment because my life is entertainment to you

    Social media has been thriving long before some of us were even a conceivable thought

    Created by the same company someone saw as a true opportunity of change in our lifetime

    And most of his life has been entertaining and to this day people are waiting to see the fate of our americas hero

    Which will probably be aired first by the same company he became such on that could stop his attempt at such an opportunity

    Have you seen a black movie lately

    Why all the good ones, stories of real life like that could be me

    Not really the inspiring ones because we find a good to make a happy ending

    When in reality i can turn on the news and get the same impact but the reality is there is no triump

    The thing is, is it is news to those who choose not to accept it, or those whom don't believe it

    Me included

    It was news to me that we didn't know where the community leaders were because i thought Bernie was more than a gimmick

    My community is different than my neighbor's
    I'm just saying i never thought Barack was the only one

    Because they wanted to show who was in charge social media got super active in his community

    Now its even more active cause they want you to know who is still in charge in your community

    I mean they played their trump card and it's never been more of a game, ever since

  • thanewb 183w


    Love me where I am or leave me where I was.


  • thanewb 184w

    It's not you, its me

    I was just sitting and thinking today, why am i single?

    I've come to the conclusion that the problem is me.

    I mean, cause i will be the one to understand your problems and want to wait for you to find yourself while i sit like a prize doll on the shelf

    Because, i'll show my heart and you need time because the last one who you gave your heart to hold turned it cold

    Because im cool with being a fb because it lets you feel loved while i just get a few moments of someone else close

    Because, i have this big ol' bleeding heart that no one wants to be responsible for

    Because i see a text or call from you and i put the world on hold

    Because i deserve to be met with a little of what i put out in return.

    Because you throwing it back or bounceing up and down on it isn't enough

    Because i can go without that, i'd rather be loved

    Because the promise of one day i'll try leaves me wondering when and why

    Because you love how i love you but you can't love me

    It's not you, it’s me


  • thanewb 186w

    Grow up

    All she wanted, was for me to grow up
    Was for me to grow up

    Damn, when I look back at what I had

    Sometimes I get mad

    Cause it took so long for me to realize what a good thing I had

    And now I'm doing bad, cause she's never coming back

    And I tried to move on but the feelings so strong that they just keep coming back

    We were two and no matter what we went through

    You never ever saw us apart

    And even though she'd leave

    She'd come back to me

    Her and I we shared one heart

    They say hindsight is twenty-twenty,

    but looking back at it now what would it get me

    Aside from a world of heartache and pain, full those moans and groans

    I'm trying to see it from the other side

    Trying to view the picture now from the brighter side

    And I can finally say, that today I'm such a better man

    Now that I'm grown

    All she wanted, was for me to grow up
    Was for me to grow up


  • thanewb 187w

    Another heartbreak

    If you're with me now, don't let me down say you'll try

    Cause I'm holding on but I don't know if I'll survive

    Another heartbreak
    Please don't break my heart (don't you do it)
    I've had all that I can take
    Please don't break my heart

    I don't want to rush, let's take our time and move slow

    Please be gentle

    And careful with my heart, keep in mind that it's still fragile

    And it don't take much for it to fall apart, it still needs time to heal

    And I don't want to give up on love but, I don't want to feel

    Another heartbreak
    Please don't break my heart (don't you do it)
    I've had all that I can take
    Please don't break my heart

    I want to let love in but, I don't want to be hurt again

    Cause I done been through it before and it always turns out in the end

    That I'm left with a broken heart

    My world is torn apart

    And i, don't want to go through it no more


  • thanewb 190w

    The greatest love of all

    I believe the children are our future, if they don't kill themselves doin all these dumbass challenges, someone show them how to go play outside, nevermind that's more dangerous, just hide all the sharp objects, make sure you put the bleach away or they may try to drink it through there hole.


  • thanewb 190w

    Single with a side of wings

    When you find out you're only single cause you don't assert yourself and then you got like an 8 piece in the wings.


  • thanewb 190w

    Open Heart Xclusive

    Another chance i may have blew, cause i was feeling u but u never knew

    But now i found the courage to let u know, and it's totally up to u how far it'll go

    And right now I'm paying the price, cause i don't know if I'm going to be a part of ur life

    All is fair in love and war, and you awaked a heart that swore to love no more

    I know ur pain and seen ur struggle, and when I'm within ur presence it makes me humble

    I know u and love what u r, and u make me feel truly like a star

    Ur heart I'll keep and always protect, cause the world u r to me never forget

    That I'm urs if u will have me, with all my baggage, i know.... I'm not easy

    We never argue even if we disagree, talking to u is sometimes like talking to me

    Open heart letter here, 'am i a fool?!', even if, that's what I'll b, for u

    U brought back a joy i thought was lost, and now i stay with a smile like a boss.

    Now, how do i say all this so that u know that this feeling for u continues to grow

    That for u I'll risk my life, and for u any minute with my all ready to fight

    If life imitates art, u r the Picasso hanging in my heart

    What would u do with this power, let me love u or let it wilt like a plucked flower

    This is something i know not how to do, but my smile is a direct reflection of u

    Just know I'm always here, and my heart no longer lives in fear!!


  • thanewb 190w

    Would you like to use a life line

    I don't think you know the power you possess, you make me go all out and care less

    Truly a level above the rest.

    I believe all things are possible with you being in my life

    Got me focused on what can go right.

    I feel like we can't be stagnant anymore, we have to build

    Cause you're right there with me in the field.

    Like they can keep all the hate and shade they throw

    They try to stop a conglomerate that just won't slow.

    That is the power you give to me

    Nothing can stop us if we just be.


  • thanewb 190w


    I'm a writer, not a punctuationist. I barely check my speleling, let alone go back over it.

    I'm not a reader. At least, when it comes to my stuff. I just write and then I'm done with it.

    All this "I before e except after c", all i know is there is an i and a c somewhere around an e.

    Your rules and exclamation marts went out the window along with your conformity.

    Let me be great and just do me and ill leave you alone as long as paper and a good high comes from a tree!

  • thanewb 190w

    Why me

    She seemed so sure until it was time to speak, once words entered, foundations were shaken. Sitting with her heart in her throat barely able to grasp a bit of air, her mind is spinning trying to wrap itself around what was just said. In all of her life, never were words so deeply cutting to the core, you could see the moment her whole life shattered written all over her face.

    "Im pulling back up in the driveway now", says a voice over the phone.

    She can't believe it, how does something like this happen? "I've always been kind to people, this just doesn't make sense" She thinks to herself before she goes to question God as to why He would allow someone that, she's been taught all her life, loves her let her suffer so unmercifully.

    The door opens and in walks her boyfriend, "I'm just finst to make a sandwich. Got me burning up my gas and you don't know what you want to eat."


  • thanewb 190w

    My smile

    I'm looking for my smile. Did I leave it with you?

    I tried retracing my steps and the last time I remember seeing it was with you.

    It was so big and bright, it reminded me of a gleam of starlight.

    I miss it so much, it's getting hard to sleep at night.

    A smile meant to be shared and you seemed like the only one who cared.

    So, if you help me find it again, you can have it! It's only fair.


  • thanewb 191w

    What I want

    I want to fuck but I want more. I apologize if I've wasted your time, I was just trying you fuck wit your mind.

    Not in a bad way, but I want to get intimate and hear what your heart mind say.

    I want to hear the things that excite you, hear about the things from which I need to hide you.

    I want to see those moments that no one else sees, that, "no one will ever see this side of me", I want to see because you trust me, that truly love me at my worst me.

    Until we die I want to live with you, as long as, I live I wanna die with you.

    I want to write about other things but my heart just speaks you!

  • thanewb 191w

    I guess

    Have you ever been in love? I mean to the point of no return. Like you've jumped off a building and midfall changed your mind. Like you knew the car had no brakes but you wanted to go for a drive, now you wish you could just pull the car over. Like when the minister asked was there anyone who objects to this person marrying the love of your life and you said nothing, now you wish you would have spoken up. If you've ever been in love then you know there is a moment of clarity in there somewhere. Sometimes at the beginning and others right before the end. Also know, to love someone else means to kill one's self!

    Life imitates art ©thanewb

  • thanewb 191w

    Living in the moment.

    Some live in the moment, while others, live in the day full of moments!


  • thanewb 191w

    Blame game

    It's not my fault! You smiled at me like that.
    You knew if I saw it it would bring me back. IDK how you knew it would illuminate my life but you did. I just glanced and saw a future break through the melody of an overture. I tried to keep walking, but legs stopped working and my mouth stopped talking. I saw the rest of my life in it, like I could only live my best life if you're in it. I didn't mean to feel this way, I truly tried to walk away, its not my fault!

  • thanewb 191w

    How do you know?

    How do you know you're in love, you've never been here before?

    Because there's something about them that makes my heart tug because I feel a way I can't explain but I want more.

    I know because what I want comes second to what they need, because I'll be hungry but wanna make sure they eat.

    Because while my mind says, you got enough shit to deal with you don't need no more, my heart says, even though it seems tough, show them you're sure.

    I know I'm in love cause when I tried to fall asleep I couldn't cause I was up thinking about them because when I woke up, the day made no sense without them.

    I know I love you because before you came along there was nothing to make me care, then you come along and show me that I have a love to share.

    How do I know?

    I don't! I just dare.

  • thanewb 191w

    Take my time

    Girl if it's alright with you, I wanna take my time all night, I wanna take my time all night, just take my time with you. 2x

    Girl, I wanna take my time and explore your body, search every inch like I'm on an African safari, we got until the sun comes up so we ain't got to rush, now bring that body over here so I can touch, and find every spot that gets you hot I will, you don't gotta do nothing right now but lay still, relax and enjoy this four play, as we get lost in our own personal private party.

    Girl if it's alright with you, I wanna take my time all night, I wanna take my time all night, just take my time with you. 2x

    Girl, I wanna take my time and show you the best time of your life, that's why I hope you don't mind if I take all night, I wanna show the body pleasures you've never felt before, I'll start by touchin and teasin have you screaming for more, I'll introduce you to ecstasy, show how good love can truly be, I want you to feel how good you feel to me, it'll be, just my imagination runnin away with me.

    Girl if it's alright with you, I wanna take my time all night, I wanna take my time all night, just take my time with you. 2x

    Ooooooh ooooooooh oooooooh oooooohh

    It was just my imagination, running away with me.

  • thanewb 191w

    Living dream

    For those who didn't and don't believe...

    Tried to talk me into giving up on my dream..

    Told me it would never be anything more than a dream...

    I'm wide awake and I'm through talking!!!

    #hatershate #youjustkeep #beinggreat