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  • ronron269 1d

    Resist to Co-Exsist

    as i resist to co-exsist
    i look at the flick of my wrist
    i cant help but to feel some type of way

    let me say ....

    getting myself caught up in my own web
    exsponging my own brain
    instead of yours
    how can i train it
    how can i shut it off
    just cut me off

    now thats okay...

    as i resist to co-exsist
    now you got me pissed
    in the exsistence to your appearance
    of my current review
    who knew
    as i sit here
    vaporozing with my finger tips
    oh dear
    typing too
    wishing this was
    at times
    a typo too
    the type
    of words
    the type
    im feeling
    you see what im spilling
    pouring out the dark side
    as i slide
    slid into homerun
    im at homeplate
    fu*ck forgiveness sakes

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    i aint no longer
    resisiting being pissed
    little ronron
    by the way
    isnt coming home
    talking to my self
    oh well
    its better this way
    i aint running away
    i aint got all day
    dont dare ask why
    as you cry
    how come?
    i dont deny
    i cry too
    who knew
    i see you
    nah nah nah nah
    im not yet in la la la land

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    speaking to all my 6 senses
    im not senseless
    god got me fucked up too
    see cuz
    god blessed you
    not me
    not me motha fucking me V
    how bout me
    who knew
    now you know
    about my knowing
    you still aint gonna bone me
    any way
    any how
    now listening to
    Bone thugs and harmony
    my blood flow
    im caught up in the feeeling
    just chilling
    no cop-ah feeling
    u feel me '
    nah dont kill my vibe
    i might as well go and hide
    not to be seeked
    go ahead and be displeased with me
    wee wee wee
    all the way home
    motha fu'kas dont understand
    no need if your pleading
    that aint me

    as i was stating...

    as i resist to co-exsist
    as i pass the pipe
    take away your own pain away
    i just know im not going insaine
    never loosing my insanity
    i just know im still blending
    with society
    now that can give me anxiety
    cuz you see
    the cult of society
    just isnt me
    my words
    as now they occured to you
    who knew
    as im now
    telling you
    moving forward now
    not missing up on the rotation
    showing some appreciation
    thats right
    its in my inrightious right
    no ones flying a kite
    no ones taking flights
    damm i wanna
    be more then alright
    im just that type
    cuz i still got more
    by the way
    let me allow myself
    to hit it
    never quit it
    til i really feel it
    dont spill it
    quit it
    let me feel

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    as you proceed
    to give myself
    what i need
    that is
    up to the rim
    up to this line
    damm what a line up
    motha fuckas shut up
    i aint walking the line
    as i rhyme
    no need to be
    i aint the one
    by far
    as im stacking bars by far
    since the age of 5
    cant they just be
    a silence of a lamb
    as i chopp it up
    and chop this shit right here
    now thats whats up
    this is whats up
    speaking to my mind
    never mind all
    im still standing tall
    never to a fault
    u feel me ?
    damm i love this sin
    as i sin away
    all day
    to the core
    now this is my type
    of feeling
    this day
    by the way
    i was never a whore
    never a bore
    cuz i got more to offer them
    to him or her
    as i do pray for them to l.i.v.e
    i dont play
    with their lives
    that is
    im just a hit
    and to be
    let me say...
    im just as is

    let me get out the way
    im glad you hear me though
    on the real though

    as i was saying lastly...

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    at the same time
    im out here commiting selfless crimes
    still having a mind
    got more then my last two cents
    in a pitched up tent
    times is finally
    passing me by
    fu*k yea
    an outcast
    at last
    not outlasting my last breathe
    that is
    bets on
    bets off
    hands off
    your cut off
    who passed away
    not me
    i dont play

    as i resist to co-exsist
    black blood flowing
    in & out
    im finally here
    loving the fear
    the sting rays
    fu*k the sun rays
    by the way
    to set the record clear
    here im going
    to cloud 9
    never mind

    im out...

    FYI no need to scream and shout

    im still here co-exsisiting
    thriving on life.



  • jxtpoetry 5d

    #guatama #search #the path

    This poem is my own twist to the story of the Buddha and how he went from riches to nothing, and then found enlightenment.

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    The Heir

    The young heir, hiding away in the streets
    Left his home by his own accord,
    A map would be nice, but he threw that away
    A worthy sacrifice? For freedom atleast.

    He hustled and tried but could not find a friend
    To tell him how the problem of life is solved.
    It wasnt in girls, it wasnt in booze. Like an optical illusion he pursued the thoughts

    Why can he never feel satisfied,
    In grandeur and in lack his hunger is never gratified.
    His eyes have seen the ends of the earth, his ear have heard the most spectacular of tales.
    Yet all he attains is as empty shells.

    Upto now the journey had been outward,
    The light shone bright when his vision turned inwards.
    And he finally knew that he had never left home.
    T'was merely amnesia that blinded him from his throne.

  • veshu106 2w

    #the Rattrap

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    The whole world was nothing but a big rattrap.the world sets baits for people as the rattrap offered cheese and pork .As soon as anyone was tempted to touch the bait, it closed in on him

    . Selma lagerlof

  • veshu106 2w

    #the subtle art of not giving a f**k

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    The desire for more positive experience itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one's negative experience is itself a positive experience

    . Mark manson

  • harithareddy 3w

    #nothing but ❤#tag a true lover#the person who may be but loves u and drives u crazy in every angle of your life ����

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    Be with the one.....

    Who scares thought of abandoned u..

  • iamsatyajitrout 3w

    I am...
    Therefore I love you more...
    I write...
    So that our story will reach to billions...
    For whom...
    I care...
    For whom...
    I survived...
    You shaped me more...
    That is ecstatic...
    Cohesion of our hearts...
    Made me believe...
    Our memories will be forever carved...
    Like dust in wind...

  • mrrajain 4w

    I know
    I don't know many things.
    Bit I feel
    We all are unique.

    We are different
    Not because someone planned it
    But simply because
    It happened.

    Call me a believer
    But randomness is my god.

    It's a relief
    That we are the sum of I's
    But also an itch
    That You and I exist among us
    And we have to compete.

    Why can't I trust you?
    Why do I need something just for me?
    Why do I want to be the best?
    Why do we need black and white?
    Why can't we remain grey?

    I know
    I am the sum of my past
    And so are you
    Pasts which we all have seen
    Wasn't all that random?

    So, how can you be good
    And I am bad?
    How can I be lucky
    And you unlucky?

    Why do we have different meanings for the same words?
    Why do we have to hate some and like others?
    Why do we need villains and heroes?

    Why do we have this urge to separate and create two extremes?

    Do I need to kill you to have my time?
    Do you need to be wrong for me to be right?

    Why do we take ourselves so serious
    That you and I
    Are no longer in the same equation?

    Why are we racing against each other?
    When we didn't start with same
    But surely will end the same.

    Why do I crave to be special
    To stand out among us?

    I am not the preacher of peace
    Neither do I advocate socialism
    I guess I am just you among us
    Looking for a few answers.

    #the #open #questions.

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  • lostsoul2001 4w

    #the lost one

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    In the lost nights and days
    Someone would die in the dark ways
    When  the speechless silence surrouds
    Nothing else feels around
    The sea shore seems quite
    With the fiery sky , that looks as wound
    At the edge waiting for the hope
    Someone might have lost the heart
    The breath less stay really hurts
    There is a path that really worths
    The storms have always slayed
    Covering the paths with dusty graves
    Have you been in mine
    While searching you in the smiles
    Have you been a lost soul
    That might leave but is always alive

  • tirip_tirip 4w

    #The Secret
    By Michael Bernard Beckwith

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    The power of your mind

    You attract to you the predominant thoughts that you are holding in your awareness, whether those thoughts are conscious or unconscious. That's the rub...

    @Michael Bernard Beckwith

  • ajinkyakharat 5w




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  • lollipop71 5w

    You Made It

    I hold the pain, and regret in my heart
    Still for all you had to endure growing up.
    It breaks my heart every time I think about it, all the hurt you faced, things you never should have seen.
    I haven't let anything go from your past, my past, because I don't know how.
    I have to find a way to forgive myself, take off the mask I wear to conceal the pain and regret.
    I am so very thankful that you have finally found your place in life, and have a family of your own. You are/have done so well for yourself! Never give up! Never go back to that dark place. I love you baby boy!
    You made it!!

  • rafiaasif 5w

    Oscar Wilde said,

    "Each man kills the thing he loves''

  • holybible 5w

    Proverbs 25:3

    The heaven for height, and the earth for depth,
    and the heart of kings is unsearchable.
    © HolyBible

  • holybible 6w

    Psalms 18:24 (KJV)

    Therefore hath the LORD recompensed me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight.

    © HolyBible

  • thingsyoulove 6w


    In this book of 2021,
    You are my fav. Chapter...


  • bukkki 7w

    Let it be

    The mental picture
    An effect of the imaginative
    It's a game of the mind
    Tussing and hussing within

    Bitterness, anguish, pain
    All driven from the mind
    An imagery of what would have been
    Beeps regret and kills joy

    Sometimes it comes up
    And goes down
    At this point
    Choose joy not pain

    Else you drown in a river of sorrow
    Forgetting tomorrow
    It is done, dusted it
    Let it be

    Lavish not in the past
    Keep an upfront eye
    That blinks not
    Even amidst tears

    It is hard
    It can be consuming
    But that's the struggle
    Do just hustle

    Again, the mental picture
    Your creative box
    Choose the treasures you lock up
    It's a game of the mind.

  • kikihoinrang 7w

    #agony#longing#no more crying#the rule#just smile

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    I'm remembering someone without breaking down.
    I'm reminded that I need to be strong.
    I'm reminded of how much he will hate seeing the tears.
    I'm reminded again that I'm only making it harder for my dear ones.

  • kingdomdelight 7w

    #Rock #the Lord
    #the Word
    #Orbit (the curved path of a celestial object or round a star, planet or moon
    #perilous (fraught with danger) (fraught: marked by distress)
    #meterorite dark ur bright ...

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    Know ye the ROCK ur are ye a dark meteorite?

    I am born from Rock
    I'm an everlasting breath of mighty splendor and a treasure box of unseen galaxies

    In perilous times
    Some dark-"self centered"- pieces of meteorite
    fluster and float, all unlawfully around
    Torn away, from God's holy garment of presence
    Fluster 'round and 'round,
    in a self centered- orbit of great "self" denial

    Know the Rock from whence ye are?
    No one, like You, oh Lord!

    In the Lord, no confusion at all!
    Eyes focus on solid Rock,
    Glorious the Light,
    The light Who shines upon,
    the one's in awe!
    Who penetrates the whole being,
    with exstaordinary life and light
    Like a bright morning star,
    enlighten with truth,
    to shine,
    at all times ...

    Oh believe ye, and do light UP the galaxies!
    See, the Father's glory and omnipresent!
    Give honor, reveal the great I AM
    The Morning Star, forever burning in grateful hearts
    The Lord's presence to live and die for ...


    Isaiah 51:1
    "Hearken to Me, ye that follow after righteousness,
    ye that seek the Lord. Look unto the rock from whence ye are hewn,
    and to the hole of the pit from whence ye are dug.

  • ama_sing123 7w

    #the content readers

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    Song writers

    If the feelings are so true and pure as the lyrics says ,how beautiful the people can be!!

  • __adiroy__ 8w

    कुछ तो अधूरा सा था.....कुछ था जो हम पूरे होकर भी पूरे न थे ...... कुछ था जो ,हस्ते हुए पलो में भी उदासी की लहर ले आता था.......कुछ था जिसके बिना खुशियां भी आधी सी लगती थी.....।।।.... न जाने वो कौन था ,कैसा था..... इंसान था या कोई पुरानी याद जिसने हमे उलझाया था।।।.....

    इतनी तो समझ है कि रिश्ता काफ़ी गेहरा था, यूं तो गैरों में दम नहीं कि हमे रुसवा कर सके ......ना जाने वो कौन था ,कैसा था.....

    कुछ तो अधूरा सा था।।।