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  • _thebrunettegirl_ 123w

    I am not like the others...

    I don't like the usual stuffs, I don't like to have a long night chat, or hangout with pals.
    I don't like outgoing and loud parties, or go on a journey with friends.
    I don't like high heels, or make-up.
    I don't like shopping, or play dress-ups.
    I don't like to talk much, or share my precious secrets to anyone.
    I don't want to tag along with the group, or make fun of the silly talks.

    You must be thinking I'm a loner and a loser.
    I'm not like the others.
    I never wanted to be like everyone.
    I always try to convince myself.

    Because, no one wants to have me.
    They think I am this opaque glass which cannot be seen from the outside and from the inside, it's the same dull carvings.
    Which when thrown in the dump will minimise the dullness from this open dome of life.
    But, if only they'd wanted me a little more, I would have been the layer to protect from the sorrowful rays.

  • _thebrunettegirl_ 123w

    Vision of tangled veins...

    It's all damaged veins;
    It only delivers pain.

    Nothing can bind us together now;
    It's getting too cold.

    So, STOP chasing the unknown;
    I will not turn back this time.

    The veins between us, it all got tangled;
    The last beat is at its peak of dangle.

    The emotions are cut out;
    The love and hatred is all distorted.