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  • acksmack 13w

    The End of We

    Trust in yourself
    Tell no lies
    Reject conspiracies
    There are no spies
    Be confident
    In who you are
    Blame no one
    For your own
    Lack of faith
    You decide alone
    Your destiny
    And the manner
    Of escape
    Let it be adventurous
    Discovery of old
    Unbelievable experiences
    Reflective and bold
    The only limitation
    Is your imagination
    A sparkle of doubt
    Flickering about
    Within your consciousness
    Is the only fear
    Surfacing as a dare
    From the last kiss
    Given in despair
    Crazier thoughts
    Run amok
    In past desperate spots
    When your life was freer
    Than the delicious
    Exotic dish never tasted
    As a wish
    For the eternity of chance
    Dancing on a pinhead
    A meaningful trance
    Mental anguish
    Felt from below
    The deepest part of your being
    Your soul
    When you gave in to the darkest sin
    Gravely mistaken
    With allegorical abandonment
    You sowed the seeds
    Of elliptical feeds
    And reaped for the masses
    To reduce all to ashes
    Fiery eyes of enlightened sighs
    And kept the times that we wept
    For a new tomorrow
    Not filled with sorrow
    But only a brief glance and smile
    Just for a while
    At peace while listening
    To the fervent glistening
    Off the ocean floor
    Diving evermore
    Beneath that shore
    As sands of time
    Have run out
    On this long winded rhyme
    Such is the pain
    Without the promise
    Of your love
    An unfulfilled throng
    Of broken song
    Lyrics and melodies
    Harmonious and intense
    But shear nonsense
    It's clear
    Now that it's actually here
    The end of you I see
    The end of me I see
    The end of we, I see