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  • yungdanielson 49w

    Definition Of A King / Queen / A Real Leader

    Wise minded /
    Most kind hearted /
    Most Intelligent /
    Righteous acting /
    Most understanding from every souls eyes point of view in life /
    So patient you will become patience itself and never give up /
    Lead to life and a greater future /
    Do not take from the people only give /
    Do not divide the people but reorganize and equalize humanity /
    Do not imprison lives because your hearts feelings /
    Do not be selfish because of greed /
    Do not be Ignorant because of lack of understanding /
    Do not bare hate or anger towards a group of people because of controversies. /
    Do not blind, misguide or deceive because of narrow beliefs /
    For you leaders who are the opposing force of these standards, you dictate with power and your people are suffering /
    Do you care or not /
    Surrender the title to a greater heart of fall where you stand one day /
    Or become a greater leader /
    Power can consume the weak which leads to a depressing country for generations.
    This is just my thought on a great leader.
    Who will wear the belt and lead next to a great future /
    Only time will tell /

  • yungdanielson 49w

    Insight On Life

    Life is good the world is not.
    Is Man injected with knowledge that they themselves were not ready for yet?
    Was this world of toxins created because of the injection resulting in hate, selfishness, cruelty, and slavery?
    Distorting Mankind's vision, brain, and feel of what life truly is.
    Like taking a drug that reveals knowledge to your brain that can't comprehend it or isn't ready for it yet which could cause corruption in the mind set about how you function in life which can lead to death.
    Was the fruit of Knowledge meant to be given when Man matured later in life?
    My research continues...
    Now when a man conceives, his children and their children will bare the same corruption of knowledge resulting in today's world of lies and confusion. It's all genetics right?
    The world is plagued no doubt.
    Now have a man born on a different planet with nothing but plants, water, and rocks and he will know only good right?
    There will be no toxin or corruption of knowledge or evil, he'd be like a child with nothing but innocence and a pure heart If his gene's are not a descent from another corrupt Man right?
    This poor race endured headaches and heartaches for generations.
    But they are strong for baring with Sin.
    Is it not time to make changes?
    Well lets see what will come next in the story of life.
    How will the people of earth rise?
    Let's see how they answer.

  • yungdanielson 57w


    There is a genesis to every tale told before it all unfused the knowledge and love that had composed and resonated the perfect life beginning. There was a big bang of light as she was revealed as the most beautiful thing clothed in layers of fashions and exclusive designs. Heavens lights showered her and she bathed in its riches from the skies all around. Time dressed her in achromatic symbols, gave her abstract markings from head to her toes. Space crowned queen as she sat in silence and was profound in mysteries. Inside the void's vacuum in the abyss she was, is, and will always be the center and heart of the universe wherever she goes. A bliss of love defined as a nostalgia of memories, Mother Earth and we are the children of the world born in different visions of it's reality.