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  • frederico 33w

    Thoughts on God's Standards

    If the God that we serve is Spirit,
    then we should not be led
    by the qualifications set by the world,
    but by the standards
    set by the Word,
    which therefore
    should include an element of spiratuality,
    which at least should be evident
    in what is laid in the heart
    by God's Spirit
    and not merely or solely
    by a certificate.

    5 Jun 2021

    #Corinthians3verse17 #John4verse24 #thoughts #christian #christianThoughts #theology #ThoughtsOnGodsStandards #HolySpirit #God

    God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”
    John 4:24 NKJV

    Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is , there is liberty.
    II Corinthians 3:17 NKJV

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  • yungdanielson 46w

    How Old Are You Really

    Age is not a number. It is wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

  • yungdanielson 48w

    Definition Of A King / Queen / A Real Leader

    Wise minded /
    Most kind hearted /
    Most Intelligent /
    Righteous acting /
    Most understanding from every souls eyes point of view in life /
    So patient you will become patience itself and never give up /
    Lead to life and a greater future /
    Do not take from the people only give /
    Do not divide the people but reorganize and equalize humanity /
    Do not imprison lives because your hearts feelings /
    Do not be selfish because of greed /
    Do not be Ignorant because of lack of understanding /
    Do not bare hate or anger towards a group of people because of controversies. /
    Do not blind, misguide or deceive because of narrow beliefs /
    For you leaders who are the opposing force of these standards, you dictate with power and your people are suffering /
    Do you care or not /
    Surrender the title to a greater heart of fall where you stand one day /
    Or become a greater leader /
    Power can consume the weak which leads to a depressing country for generations.
    This is just my thought on a great leader.
    Who will wear the belt and lead next to a great future /
    Only time will tell /

  • yungdanielson 49w

    Insight On Life

    Life is good the world is not.
    Is Man injected with knowledge that they themselves were not ready for yet?
    Was this world of toxins created because of the injection resulting in hate, selfishness, cruelty, and slavery?
    Distorting Mankind's vision, brain, and feel of what life truly is.
    Like taking a drug that reveals knowledge to your brain that can't comprehend it or isn't ready for it yet which could cause corruption in the mind set about how you function in life which can lead to death.
    Was the fruit of Knowledge meant to be given when Man matured later in life?
    My research continues...
    Now when a man conceives, his children and their children will bare the same corruption of knowledge resulting in today's world of lies and confusion. It's all genetics right?
    The world is plagued no doubt.
    Now have a man born on a different planet with nothing but plants, water, and rocks and he will know only good right?
    There will be no toxin or corruption of knowledge or evil, he'd be like a child with nothing but innocence and a pure heart If his gene's are not a descent from another corrupt Man right?
    This poor race endured headaches and heartaches for generations.
    But they are strong for baring with Sin.
    Is it not time to make changes?
    Well lets see what will come next in the story of life.
    How will the people of earth rise?
    Let's see how they answer.

  • todd_towers 54w


    Try to attain God.
    Say, grasp the infinite, nay.
    Fear the beholder

  • yungdanielson 56w


    There is a genesis to every tale told before it all unfused the knowledge and love that had composed and resonated the perfect life beginning. There was a big bang of light as she was revealed as the most beautiful thing clothed in layers of fashions and exclusive designs. Heavens lights showered her and she bathed in its riches from the skies all around. Time dressed her in achromatic symbols, gave her abstract markings from head to her toes. Space crowned queen as she sat in silence and was profound in mysteries. Inside the void's vacuum in the abyss she was, is, and will always be the center and heart of the universe wherever she goes. A bliss of love defined as a nostalgia of memories, Mother Earth and we are the children of the world born in different visions of it's reality.

  • faithful_gifts 64w

    A number of comments .

    The Holy Spirit provides internal epiphanies

    when a soul prays .

    The deepest internal section of Christ Jesus ‘

    soul or spirit is the Father ( The Almighty ) .

    The prior ( Genesis ) and future version of Christ

    Jesus .

    The greater version of Christ Jesus Prior Genesis ,

    during Genesis , within the Old Testament ,

    within the New Testament and after the

    historical event of eternal judgment . ?

    The deepest and internal section of Christ Jesus ‘

    soul or spirit ;

    The deepest section has the knowledge

    of the rapture and the end of age

    ( the historical event of eternal judgment )

    judgment .

    The deepest inner working or mechanism within

    Christ Jesus ( The Son of God ) is The Father

    Almighty . ?

    An internal menorah . ?

    A never ending and internal candle that is

    always lit and can not ever ( never ) be

    extinguished .

    Not by his personal hand , power nor by any soul .

    The candle is a whole menorah and is within an

    internal compartment of the menorah .

    The Almighty Father .

    The Son of God appeared from a different

    dimension and then after the resurrection and

    eternal ascension ;

    HE continued into a different

    dimension because he previously arrived from a

    different dimension .

    ( Conversation with Pontius Pilate ) .

    A verbal portal or dimension is opened during

    the end of age judgment and the eternal

    ceremony ;

    a verbal or different dimension is opened and

    Christ Jesus ' historical return begins .

    Loved souls are presently living within the

    dimension of The Holy Spirit and are presently

    awaiting the end of age judgment / the eternal

    ceremony alongside The Son of God ' s return .

    God ‘ s personal blessing , talent and eternal gift

    is that he will always exist .

    He can not extinguish the candle because the

    candle reignites via the past .

    His previous version of himself is reborn ,

    rebirthed or refreshed unto or unto the present

    moment .

    Similar to the mythological , spiritual and angelic

    bird known as the phoenix ( Symbolism ) .

    The Holy Spirit was and is a dove or a phoenix . ?

    His internal ( Ruach ) candle eternally recreates

    himself via the past , present and future . ?

    A prayer is additional evidence toward the fact

    that The Almighty does exist . ?

    Theological / Spiritual / Anthropomorphic / Intellectual / Religious evidence . ?

    Short story .

    Person B : Does God truly exist ?

    Person A : Does prayer exist ?

    Person B : Yes .

    Person A : Then God does exist .

    Person A : The prayer and the behavior of

    praying is evidence of the fact that The

    Almighty does exist .

    Person A : You , we and many are meant to live

    forever and within the eternal kingdom of God .

    Person C : Please , let us continue staying close

    to The Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus ‘ eternal

    wings because he is the resurrected son of God

    of whom experienced the eternal ascension .

    Person B : Wow . The Almighty does exist and

    he just guided me within the present

    conversation .

    Person B : Please make sure the vegetables are

    enjoyable .

    Person C : The vegetables that were are about to

    consume are going to be very enjoyable .

    Person A : They are actually going to be very

    sweet and enjoyable because of the additional

    ingredients that were stirred into the meal .

    Person A , B and C continue their conversation

    and enjoying large portions boiled vegetables .

    Boiled vegetables with chia seeds , flax seeds ,

    organic powdered cinnamon and extra virgin

    olive oil . The chia seeds , flax seeds and extra

    virgin olive oil was added into the meal after the

    vegetables were properly boiled within a pot of

    water ( over the stove ) . The organic powdered

    cinnamon added into the pot of boiling

    vegetables prior to being boiled and after being

    boiled . The group used a bag of mixed

    vegetables from the grocery store .

    End Story .

  • yungdanielson 64w

    House of Lies

    Here is a short story /
    That tells the tale, of lost souls /
    They lived in a dark world /
    That gave up on love... /
    Lusted and grew old /
    As many seasons had gone to pass /
    They became weary, tired, and even started wars /
    Now the limbo card is in motion/
    History is stuck in replay now /
    The only thing new, are the souls /

    Born into a life /
    Where they are forced to be /
    Fighting for who they are /
    In a wicked spirits conjure fantasy /
    There is a better place /
    And thats where all righteous things shall go /
    And for those who do not care to believe /
    And for those who do not even know /
    Love does not blind /
    Money is worth less than coal /
    Nothing is more valuable than a soul/
    This life has tormented them all, twisted their minds so most have given up faith & lost their hope /
    Yes there will be that dawn on better days /
    Where the sons light will rise and shine on every single broken soul /
    The dead will come back to life and that Age will begin a new reality and be the stronghold /

    Suspicious and fear roams everywhere /
    The darkness does not care /
    Hearts are giving up and into this carefree life /
    Hate did not care about their anguish and happiness /
    So the anger still threatened and took another life /
    Now they fight in a silent war /
    Battling their crimes or cutting another mans words from his throat /
    So when does purgetory come to an end for them all in this dark, twisted, cold world /

    Their eyes are dark /
    Their spirits are corrupt /
    Some of them even had lost their souls /
    This life has been so blessed /
    But the people here are still being blinded, possessed, and even controlled /
    There will be that one day a man or woman will rise and prove to every single soul /
    That love is the strongest feeling and can fill every void, fix every broken heart, rebuild, shape, and mold /

    -First Light-
    Whispering through their clouded minds to consciousness /
    A voice of knowledge cares to give a speech that's worth more than gold /
    Giving them ideas of a world that they can be free in, live in, and even control /
    The fallen ones don't want their race to rise /
    So they illuminate the possibility of what can be done inside the boundaries of life with a soul /
    So the race that lives has been through more than enough and will one day rise to the possibilities that are unfold /
    Not forgotten by the love that had brought them all here to enjoy all the beauty and love in life /
    They live with peace in them they just have to maintain it all and guard their hearts and mind /
    Some live with standards and respect /
    And some live with indecency and regrets /
    But all that they endured in this realm they will thrive from, gain intelligence, and advance /

    -Ray of Hope-
    Living in darkness blinded by lies is not the way life was supposed to be /
    If this is life to those who like it here then dying is the only way they'll understand and see things /
    But there is a GREATER place /
    And that is where the light shines and knowledge reigns on its mighty throne /
    And for those who did not believe in love will disappear with hate at the end of time /
    Love is forever and more... /

    -Foreseen Victory-
    Love is not lost, it always figures things out and even makes a brand new way /
    It bared with anger and hate for so long /
    And still reigns as the strongest feeling that lives on today /
    So may it fight, to save it's race /
    And turn back the flow that had once plagued the innocent's mind /
    Let it rise and destroy all hate crimes /
    So it can live in peace with its people and rest from undermine /
    And for those who dare attack love will bare with hate, anger, and their crimes /
    Time for this story to meet it's conclusive end /
    So vote for who will play the triumph card, put the card of limbo in the grave and put an end to this game this time /

    Light can exists without darkness /
    Love can exist without hate /
    Good can exists without Evil /

    By: Yung Danielson "Teach them your way"

  • yungdanielson 65w

    Depth of Power

    Before existence knowledge was present.
    All things kept to itself.
    It saw the future happening in different ways according to how many times a butterfly flapped it's wings.
    It had seen a past that has yet to come so it planned for it.
    It sees good.
    It had seen evil.
    It is infinite on its own.
    So it has absolute power.
    It is what founded life.
    It is what created death.
    It defined love and gave it unconditionally
    It gave free will.
    It shared knowledge.
    It birth life.
    It exploited a realm made from an orb of light.
    It wrote the laws to physics.
    It paved paths for free will to walk.
    It created heights for love to climb.
    It's title is spoken amongst Its creation.
    It lurks in the subconscious minds.
    It goes by different names in tongues.
    But It has a name of its own that no one can posses in the eternal realm unless it tells.
    It had done all things in no time.
    It knows everything.
    It sees all.
    It's always watching over you.
    As you all roam through time.
    Discovering knowledge of It's beautiful life.

    If It isn't real, then how is your brain still growing if it doesn't believe in knowledge?
    How is your vessel still operating if it lacks understanding of knowledge?
    How is your blood still pumping if there is no knowledge to backup science?
    How is your world still turning if there is no knowledge behind the logic in it?

    Ask yourself again if God is real.
    How will the answer strike you?

    By: Yung Danielson "Teach them your ways"

  • yungdanielson 65w

    The Depths of Life

    The eyes of theology and philosophy births knowledge hidden within the world.

    By: YungDanielson "Teach them your ways"

  • faithful_gifts 71w

    Proverbs 27 : 17 .

    God created himself .

    Think about that for awhile .

    Also , God gifted the thought process .

    That is how much power he has .

    He lives within another dimension and energizes a

    multitude souls toward responsible , mature ,

    productive and healthy behavior .

    God created himself as the son of the living god .

    A lesser and equal version of himself of whom

    appeared within physical material .

    The son of the living god appeared as a human

    named Christ Jesus .

    That is the name of the son of the living god

    within the English language .

    The son of the living god is the almighty within

    physical appearance .

    Physical form .

    Physical material .

    The Holy Spirit is every gender , gender less or non gendered ,

    female and primarily appears as a male because

    of The

    Father and The Son .

    The eternal spirit of whom created eternity and

    of whom can gift eternal life .

    The father , the son and the holy spirit created

    each other .

    They created , built , shaped and discerned each

    other .

  • faithful_gifts 71w

    Writing .

    Christ Jesus .

    Conscience . Conscious . Cognizance .

    God ‘ s conscience .
    God ‘ s conscious .
    God ‘ s cognizance .

    The father and holy spirit appearing within physically sentient form .
    They appeared as The Son of the Living God .

    The Holy Spirit ‘ s conscience .
    The Holy Spirit ‘ s conscious .
    The Holy Spirit ‘ s cognizance .

    The Creator or The Holy Spirit gifted the thought process .

    A topic to think about .

    The Father as The Son appearing because of The Holy Spirit .

    The Father , The Son and The Holy Spirit appearing within physical form or physical material .

    The Father was altered when He appeared as The Holy Spirit as a human known as The Son of The Living
    God .

    The Holy Spirit was altered during the events of Christ Jesus ‘ earthly ministry ; while he physically
    walked the earth .

    The Father was deconstructed , reconstructed and constructed into The Son of The Living God ; God as a
    human .

    The Holy Spirit was deconstructed , reconstructed and constructed during multiple events of Christ ‘ s
    earthly ministry .

    The Holy Spirit was altered .

    Christ Jesus was altered .

    Christ Jesus ‘ soul also known as The Holy Spirit was deconstructed , reconstructed and constructed
    during the event of crucifixion and resurrection .

    The Holy Ghost is an altered version of The Holy Spirit of whom is the 3 as one .

    The Holy Ghost existed prior The birth of Christ . ?

  • yungdanielson 71w

    Solomon's S(word)

    The fruit that gave knowledge, MAN was not ready for...
    Now MAN roams in a world where they steal, lie, kill, and whore.
    Is it that you were told not to eat from the tree because you couldn't handle what it offered?
    You were warned MAN, before he who slithered tempted you.
    The fruit was not evil.
    It bared knowledge that only obedience could have.
    But that, MAN was not...and most of MAN is still not.
    So pay your price for disobedience.
    Stop saying sacred names in vain out of pain, sorrow, and pleasure.
    Sinners will only have knowledge that the world offers.
    But they are offered knowledge that the heavens brings.
    And there, knowledge is free.
    This dark twisted world will make you pay for everything and hold it against you until you're dead.
    The land has fallen into the hands of the wicked.
    But the people who roam in it can be saved from its poisonous toxins.
    They just need to listen to the rules that were given to them.
    But so many books that alter the truth has been written and edited...
    Which are true and which are not?
    So now a world of lies where spirits roam and are treated unequally has been created through deception.
    A structure that MAN calls a pyramid was built, and on top of it, an eye that's called the all seeing.
    Pieces of knowledge was hidden from different cultures, religions and families and transcended.
    The land was divided and a war started amongst the people because they could not see eye to eye or understand each other.
    Why fight if you're all brethrens?
    But that's not the way most see it.
    Rise men and women who have noble hearts and strength that can turn tides and quake the earth.
    Whisper subliminal onto the hearts that beat
    Guide the mind that cannot see or is lost
    Claim your land, claim your people, claim your crown.
    But be warned you will have no glory or victory if you feed the blind toxins of the world or guide them further into darkness.

    So here I raise my sword to the sky and send out a beacon of light.
    Maybe one day the world will see.
    But until then, continue your lives as is.
    There are works being done in the shadows
    And one day the SON will rise...
    As I look over the horizon there, dawn speaks.
    Peace, happiness, and a calm feeling of home.

    This pyramid is deceiving.
    And those who lurk in the shadows
    Who go by different names in the world are pulling the strings.
    A system was designed for MAN and everyday they're all being tested.

    But all that I write here, is just knowledge I've gathered and see.
    Call it philosophy
    Call it theology
    Call it by what you see it as but,
    Wisdom is my compass in life so it guided me.
    My words can cut deeper than any sword so it defends me
    The spirit that dwells within me is my armour and he protects me.
    Knowledge is my power so I can do anything.

    Only a wise man can live to be the greatest.

  • victor_inyang 129w

    Did you know?

    Did you know that the word "RAPTURE" is not in the bible? And before the recent updates in the dictionary that word had only one meaning? And this meaning had nothing to do with the harvest of the saints by Christ.

    Seems deluding right?
    Just research on it.
    Prove me wrong if possible.


  • p_s_g_ 154w

    The toughest thing in the world is to understand "ourselves"

  • p_s_g_ 154w

    വിലയിരുത്തലുകൾ ഏറെ പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ട ഒന്നാവുന്നു.. പക്ഷെ തുടങ്ങുന്നത് അവനവനിൽനിന്നായിരിക്കണം എന്നുമാത്രം..

  • p_s_g_ 154w

    അപൂർണതകൾ ഇല്ലായിരുന്നു എങ്കിൽ ,ലോകം എത്ര വികൃതമായി അവശേഷിച്ചേനെ...

  • parchedllama 175w

    Let's say a prayer for God
    Our Lord, the one we've been taught
    Somber faced judgemental deity
    Purveyor of convoluted peity
    Rumor has it he condones war
    Likes to dip in blood his oar
    Crippling creek bipartisan mentality
    Divides us in vapid communality
    Clothes wolves that preach penance
    And under shadows feeds on innocence
    Hymns they require monetary
    The line between good and evil arbitrary
    Arms the wanting of spirit with power
    Haunts paucity into a cower
    Women - don't even get me started
    Stuff them like logic departed
    Let's say a prayer for God
    Our Lord, in dichotomy fraught

  • pin_dew 178w

    A fylfot has found its way
    into the zenith; the peril
    of having a finicky faith:
    the apostles of imposition.

    Strangeness has bogged down,
    come up against a blank wall;
    I wait for the Bethzatha to move,
    reach the parched faces of all.

    The jail of Rome never broke,
    the earthquake was a vision;
    Lydia's house: emptiness,
    David's house falling infinitely.

    They have tears that don't glisten,
    they have died to be;
    if their wyrd weren't closed,
    they'd have turned from thee.

    © Pin Dew

  • ksworld17 212w

    The battle may be long, but it won’t last forever.