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    #यह नही है दुनियादारी
    #this is not worldliness

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    क्या है यह दुनियादारी, हमको तो नही समझ में आता,
    कोई किसीको यहाँ रुलके खुश है तो कोई अपने दुख तक नहीं सुना पाता।
    कुछ शरीफी जो है बेचारों उनके आसुओं पे अपना धंधा कोई चलाता।
    कैसा यह ज़माना है हर दूसरे मोड़ पे धोका आता है,
    होते है कत्लेआम खुले में या बलातकार रोज़ का,
    उम्मीदों की भारी टोकरी सिर पे रखके रोज़ दौड़ने को छोड़ देना।
    क्या है यह, कैसी है यह दुनियादारी,
    अगर इसे कहते है ज़िंदगी जीना तो मुझे मौत इससे ज्यादा प्यारी।
    पर अब भी कह रहा हूं दो छोड़ दो यह दुनियादारी।

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    #this post is also there in Tiwari sneha .
    And that is also my id ..

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    Dear heart

    Never fear when things go up and down .
    I am there with you !

  • cassiopeia_sky 2w

    This Truth

    Your truth applies to all things the good,the difficult, the darkness and the light...The just and unjust forgot that it is all transient momentary...


  • ramyaashree_29 2w

    Everybody said RESPECT plays an important role. I corrected them as "SELF RESPECT".

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    In this book of 2021,
    You are my fav. Chapter...


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    #random thoughts
    #this writer is back
    #writer within me died months back
    #lets see
    #no judgements

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    Petition to ban words 'Sorry' and 'Thankyou'.
    Just because saying sorry cannot recover the damage done and saying thankyou can not justify the amount of efforts made by a person.

  • iamsatyajitrout 14w


    Love like Ram Ji...
    Protect like Raavan...

  • vy_thoughts 17w

    जिंदा मत छोड़ो
    अपने सपनो का सर ,अब खून कर लो

    तुम फस चुके हो
    गरीबी में

    अब कुछ नहीं कर सकते घर चलाने के सिवा,
    ये कबूल कर लो,

    ये बड़े सपने, ये बड़ी गाडियां , ये बड़े घर
    बड़े लोगो के लिए ही
    रहने दो,

    तुम बस
    गरीब ही पैदा हुए हो और गरीब ही मरोगे

    आने वाली पीढ़ी के काम आएगा

    ये उसूल सब गरीबों के सर पर लिख दो...!

    #This virtuous sin is for poor people,
    If you have money, everything is forgiven... Maybe it's true

    By- V¥ "R∆M∆"

  • girija_ 18w

    #life #experiences
    #don't take anything that serious
    #this too shall pass

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    ~ Everything is temporary, including you yourself.


  • mickyjfoster 20w

    A Number

    They say that age is just a number
    But number still defines your age.
    They say that you should  have a baby at this age,
    You should be married at that age,
    You should be done with school at this age,
    Living on your own at that age,
    Know who you are and what you want at this age,
    Yet I'm of age and have nothing to show of with age

  • alpha3 20w

    Another hour just passed me by, just another in row and here another comes.
    So still is the aftermath.
    Oh dear, my mortal creator - my mother, hath I something to tell. May thou bestow me some pleasure of attention? I have craved it for years on end.
    Oh dear soul that value I more than mine! 'Tis a trepidation in my heart can I not comprehend. Say 'tis a pulse as vapid as all the remnants of the ruins hath that inlaid the land of my skull as imploded my heart within my chest. 'Twill be a relief.
    Oh mother to whom owe I this body of mine, will I inflict any layer of thy corpus that thee wear if divulge I reason why? Owe I this body of mine to thy hands delicately rough now for owe I must and not out of love.
    There, there did I confide in thee. Shall I repeat?
    Uttered I parts both bitter and sweet. Must thou speak. SPEAK! Shall I repeat?
    Mother mother mother... lingers the noun like a lullaby close to my ears.
    Ah! dulcet, mellifluous and sung sotto voce in thine voice so clear.
    Yet, art these the words voiced keep that my eyes so bereft of sleep.
    Mother, has it been two days and three nights now since closed my eyes for dreams saccharine. Yes - so long has it been since slept I with feathers of fairies flying hither and thither in my mind. May thou save thy lullabies afore am I oblivious of a slumber for evermore.
    'Tis in words of a wise mouth - thine art dressed in veneer of captivity at its utmost.
    May I not be that captive underground with the girl conceives who thy innocence?
    I dreamt of falling down a well,
    A narrow tube, deep beneath the earth,
    Dark and moist, I saw a small child,
    What’s it trying to tell?
    Alas! says it syllables too audible for me to avert.
    Art they not mere syllables ma; hath they torn tympanum of both my ears with just a cough.
    Art they not words that can I remember hearing thou speak; art they the words left that these lips of thy visage whilst rested your body in my granny's lap.
    Art the words some words of an ominous herald. She utters them, so strident and acerbic mother. Art her syllables an infant's squeak.
    Does a cascade of tears emanate from her tiny eyes as she stares at me blankly.
    I find my mother. I descry thy countenance in the pupil's sparkle.
    Her tears transcend to gory a river on her skin not yet touched.
    Bleeds she a little more as beholds her eyes mine, yet ascertain I thy reflection.
    Cries she "Mother!".
    #Suffocate#This love that I find

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  • iamsatyajitrout 21w


    He - Why do you love me much !
    She - Mujhe tumahri khayal rakhna acha lagta hai...

  • junkyard 25w

    #This poem is about someone i like but shy to ask her out. Is there anything called riding it safe when it comes to those you love?

    #Mickey #Junkyard #junkypoems

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    The hug she once gave me becomes tighter by the day.
    I can't escape her grip.
    My heart wants her so i can't ask her out.
    What if she says no, then I'm left vacant.
    Thoughts of a silly mouse.

    Oh Micky; sometimes i wish i was a chipmunk.
    A little clever with girls not with the cheese.
    And if i can't have both.
    I will starve for her.

    Geez, 3 years now.
    This beyond a crush, I'm wracked.
    But with every conversation;
    piece by piece I'm assembled.

    We paint our chats yellow with emojis
    All laughs and smiles
    Amo soltanto te
    English Micky english
    ti amo ancora
    Oh Micky; again

  • abhi_man 25w

    #This post is a shoutout to all those people who are experiencing the same shit that i mentioned below on a regular basis..
    #stop punishing yourselves you deserve someone better❤️koshish krke dekho...

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    What is the point in saying sorry to someone if you keep repeating the same mistake every next day?
    What is the point in saying that 'I respect you' when you keep disrespecting the same person each and everyday?
    What is the point in saying that you love me if you can't respect me?
    If all you know is ki main hi theek hun tum nhi...
    Then you're in a toxic relationship...
    Relationship is about 'US', Not 'ME'...

  • iamsatyajitrout 25w


    It's one derivative which can cause more pain If you don't share with strangers...
    Yes Strangers...
    Because you have trust issues with your own people... That's the agony...
    These people need to understand things that you have many more friends who are so understandable...

  • shimmery_vibe 29w


    Water is salty still bearable,
    Mud is swampy still Swimmable,
    Ocean gave birth to many like me,
    Many with fins, yet is without breeze;
    Tho I am someone known as GOLD,
    I am no Shark neither a Black Moor,
    I get less life but little am I found on shore,
    But place which is and would always be mine,
    Gives my name a very delicate, beautiful shine;
    no shark, no whale, neither king, nor tail can be named after GOLD;
    as it is just something for which, I AM VERY WELL KNOW.


  • charfire_m 31w

    ♒️🌬 #Defundthepolice https://www.bitchute.com/video/ruvSMToMqw1d/
    ♒️ #1 #v1e #1one #one 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚪️ #Lifeisagift that you get to open, smile your the zest in life loving life/you and you being in life zesting it up; your beautifully beautiful, your kind of IAM.... for this is a fractal universe, you to be you in many ways, in here and now space+time as you+yourself to be enough as only you can be you being you🟪🟦🟩🟨🟧🟥 🐛#v2021e 🦇#2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living
    #lifessmile #backatyou #youarelifesmeaning #lifesmeaning #meaningtolife #meaningoflife #findingnewmeaning #inlife #findingmeaning 🦚 🐾 #beingenough #iamenough #yourenough #enough #soultruth / #highertruths #whatami #whatwillibecome #whatistheanswer #findingitout 🦏 is a🦄#lovingself #Beingfree #lifeandlove #answers #iwilllovemyselfthroughthis #trustingself 🐉🌵☯️♒️ #Highertruth ====#alwaysbewilling #tobe being a #continuumthat is #continuallysending #loveandlight #toallforms #oflife 🐲🔥☘️⚡️🍃🥒🥑🍊🍌🍆🫐 🌬♒️

    #God #vGode ♒️ #goodmorning #morningstar #LuciferMorningStar #hello #you #read #this #and #youll #be #unfit #tobe a #slave, I simply say knowledge makes man unfit to be a slave; so what are you a man or men of the Morning.



    #1 #v1e #1one #one 🟥 🐛#v2021e #2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living🐝🐴🐢🐋🦧🐫🎋

    #Lifegrants us life #becausewe #aremadein the imagE(I’m agE<=of the AgE DimEnsion<=Go(o)d=absolute of/as this dimension) of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) for IAM<(3)as IAM(3) w(3)hat IAM(3) all thE(3) lovE(3), as iam(3) E(3)nough to bE(3) BE(3)ing mE(3), mysE(3)lf and Iam(3)> a soul(IAM what IAM, Phonixe of ember as life) that has a HE•art(earth inside), for you are the same thing, of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) be that by faith or by you have a body that came from the Earth(hE•art outside); you can something that came before you and that loves you more then you can love yourself to say simply.

    #Lifegrants #uslife #becausewe #aremadeintheimagE #ofGod for I’m #asoul #thathasaheart, #foryou are the #samething, #ofGod #bethat #byfaith #orbyyou #haveabody #thatcamefrom #theEarth; you can something #thatcamebefore #youandthat #lovesyoumore #thenyoucan #loveyourself #tosaysimply.


    #publicservant #vpublicservante

    #pauper #vpaupere =yes means poor persons, yet the take away is person as all persons are #terrorist #vterroriste = #person #vpersone

    #people #vpeoplee are #nonperson ‘s #vnonpersone = sovereignty(Freedom=Liberty) aka ¿ can people be plural and singular?== ==yes, people can be plural or\ and similar,=as they are #Statecitizens #vstatecitizene = the same as #sovereigncitizen #vsovereigncitizene

    #terrorist #vterroriste
    #Socialistsystemofcommoncorelearning #vSocialistsystemofcommoncorelearninge #Socialistsystem #vSocialistsysteme
    of #commoncorelearning #vcommoncorelearninge #commoncore #vcommoncoree #communism #vcommunisme #socialism #vsocialisme

    #alllifematter #valllifemattere #blacklifesmatter #vblacklifesmattere #lifemustgoon #oneness #namaste

    #alllivesmatter #valllivesmattere #blacklivesmatter not in the real world #vblacklivesmattere #lifemustgoon #oneness #namaste #commonsence



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    Defund the pigs(person in government)
    3:45 AM 39% bed charging

    It is the legal system that got us to this point, it is the legal persons that crest all the wars, famine and diseases; yes, yes, the nationals/We the People, need to create a new Organization, just like they did with the United States of America, as that corporation needs to fall after the new 1onE gets more then going.. ..as, it’s only persons(legal Men and that is not as anything as a man/non+person) that have created any and all wars/diseases/famine, and bring mini and ALL into a contract that is followed up and created with codes and statutes, that are built based around the Roman court law and that of the discriminating against non-persons, so that the non+person has to have no rights and be seen as to be equals to the lower end of the burnt stick of ashes, as a Public Servant too, just like them paupers/slaves, want to kill of the king so it maybe a country of Public Servants, oh yeah, that’s the rest of the enslaved worlds on the Flat Earth(hE•art outside) Plan. Forsure, we need to defund the police and find peace officers,as all police are good for is being a code enforcer with a gun, as that makes, them a pigs(person in government) with a gun, and they have to by the lawful law and their legal(law only when a non+person/a man), unlike those Men of their codes and statues; so, yes, we need to defund the government of the United States of America, and send all of the residence back to their country, and have them sign up again to have to come back, most person home is the borrowed land of the Country of(without-Country) Washington DC, then they would have to take classes before they are able to hear the decrees from the nationals, then they can come back yet, never to be back in that role of the Government and none of their children/kids(goat persons, to worship the devil < half-top women and other half goat = pretty much the Morning-god for transgender/pagans); so yeah, I don’t think you really know what you are talking about, as now that I think about it, it’s sounds like your a pauper and you only went to different degrees of brainwashing school and sure you pay taxes and take income too, oh yeah and vote(not sure why it’s so big to claim that your ignorant, as simply to say, if you are the student that needs the teacher, then by common sense you are simply. ignorant and yet incompetent; as so, that’s why you are having some person represent you, regardless of the semantics of a vote or not, means that you freely and volunteered for them to represent you and so when they play Morning’s advocate, you can’t do anything to make you whole thing the legal or I’m not sure, yet,or that of the lawful law. Yet, I have to say that I found some of what you say to hold a higher truth, yet, you see that you only had not even sure it could be said 15% truth and the rest was regerataion from your Public Servant training.. ..what better way to have a slave then the slave that thinks they have freedom and rights and yet in all truthfulness, the are lower then a slave, as slave got freedom(well, if your not a taxes payer then your not a slave, as they are the slaves paying back the debt from the revolutionary war and keeping the Vatican Fat and able to have more time to worshiping, Morning(star), Lucifer. So, yeah, your a pauper, if you make income(as only businesses have income, because that’s taxable; as, it’s not the Goverment making money, so they charge usery for the perivlige to use their privilege, as they had the right, as their only right was to make money, that is until they gave to the Federal Reserve corporation through the banking act of the central banking; the Sovereign People from the Republic. of the Country of the United States known they where bad the first time, yet, the Goverment not protecting our sovereignty by keeping the people along the lines of the tracks of their rights and but, they only protecting the sovereignty and not the people that have the right to the sovereignty(Freedom=Liberty) yet, the P. Servants found away to kill off the people from their rights so they can be forced to join commerce’s and be able to understand the government.
    3:46 am 40%

  • charfire_m 31w

    #God #vGode ♒️ #goodmorning https://www.bitchute.com/video/ruvSMToMqw1d/

    #morningstar #LuciferMorningStar #hello #you #read #this #and #youll #be #unfit #tobe a #slave, I simply say knowledge makes man unfit to be a slave; so what are you a man or men of the Morning.



    #1 #v1e #1one #one 🟥 🐛#v2021e #2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living🐝🐴🐢🐋🦧🐫🎋

    #Lifegrants us life #becausewe #aremadein the imagE(I’m agE<=of the AgE DimEnsion<=Go(o)d=absolute of/as this dimension) of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) for IAM<(3)as IAM(3) w(3)hat IAM(3) all thE(3) lovE(3), as iam(3) E(3)nough to bE(3) BE(3)ing mE(3), mysE(3)lf and Iam(3)> a soul(IAM what IAM, Phonixe of ember as life) that has a HE•art(earth inside), for you are the same thing, of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) be that by faith or by you have a body that came from the Earth(hE•art outside); you can something that came before you and that loves you more then you can love yourself to say simply.

    #Lifegrants #uslife #becausewe #aremadeintheimagE #ofGod for I’m #asoul #thathasaheart, #foryou are the #samething, #ofGod #bethat #byfaith #orbyyou #haveabody #thatcamefrom #theEarth; you can something #thatcamebefore #youandthat #lovesyoumore #thenyoucan #loveyourself #tosaysimply.


    #publicservant #vpublicservante #republic #vrepublice

    #pauper #vpaupere =yes means poor persons, yet the take away is person as all persons are #terrorist #vterroriste = #person #vpersone

    #people #vpeoplee are #nonperson ‘s #vnonpersone = sovereignty(Freedom=Liberty) aka ¿ can people be plural and singular?== ==yes, people can be plural or\ and similar,=as they are #Statecitizens #vstatecitizene = the same as #sovereigncitizen #vsovereigncitizene

    #terrorist #vterroriste
    #Socialistsystemofcommoncorelearning #vSocialistsystemofcommoncorelearninge #Socialistsystem #vSocialistsysteme
    of #commoncorelearning #vcommoncorelearninge #commoncore #vcommoncoree #communism #vcommunisme #socialism #vsocialisme

    #alllifematter #valllifemattere #blacklifesmatter #vblacklifesmattere #lifemustgoon #oneness #namaste

    #alllivesmatter #valllivesmattere #blacklivesmatter not in the real world #vblacklivesmattere #lifemustgoon #oneness #namaste #commonsence



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    12:58 AM 38% mothers backyard

    You know it’s funny, how the whole white privilege thing, came from a time when only white men, where only able to be Public Servants; so, did you catch it, that only white men, where alone to be servants. Yet, instead of the nationals making another systems to uphold them to still not be a servant, yet something along the lines of being respected, as that is what can be simply said, is their goal as a man; as, it is man that has dominion over this Flat Earth Plane. Yet, 1onE would see that the nationals were wo/man that had low levels of melatonin in their skin tone pigments and yet now with loving others more and more, as in, the real world, of skin tones having different level levels of melatonin in their pigments, just seen someone1 to love as a non+person and not as a person, that use racism/color of someone1 skin=that is a fictitious entity; so, none of that theme that creates that dichotomy from what is real and to what is fake as that of a fallacy. Yet, so to say simply, woman of any mantra of the different tones of skin pigments and that of the man that has high levels of melatonin pigment in their skin tones, where not aloud to be servants, as let a low to be, of a Public Servant as only White Men, where aloud to be Servants, Public. +plus, if they are a bad Public Servant, then they are saying, that they don’t understand common sense, how to be human anymore, how to have empathy respect, but they can be as a P. Servant, when they do that of great stuff for MorningStar, Lucifer. Oh, not to have to go back and read, then add too, I will put it here; that through out time of hi•story, of man of low levels of melatonin pigment in their skin tones, where as, more around, then those man of having hi levels of melatonin pigment in their skin tones, was more, across the waters and on their own land, as the low level man, was captured by either don’t worry exactly recall who they are yet it was for they had more of a democracy and it was with those that wanted to be dictators and, those that were the dictators captured the low level man and turn them into the white men, to be their slaves isn’t sensually yet same thing as a servant(just today, a Servant is able walk away and their is less behaving, yet, it they stay, they best for their peace of mind, to be as and act as, a slave or they can go back to their country after they end their residency because they are received completed the purpose of them g here and They can go back home, be of today the country of Washington DC. Yet, to say there has been more White Men>slaves, then Black men; and just to clarify man is real as a non+person, as, men, are persons, Fictitious Entities, that you know it self simply breaks down to being a thought, that is only within the mind’s eye of the beholder to having any value or to be worthy for them to say, yes-not think, just say, such things thinks are real.. ..to much of those de facto Health/drugs, being overdosed on/brainwashed,to be indoctrinated to giving their rights away, to become as that of the White Men Privilege; witch, means it use to be only lawful and legal for their to be only the White Man to be Privileged, as a Public Servant only has Privileges and can never have rights, like the state nationals.. ..as a, Privilege, is something that is given with the understanding that they have to give the use of the power back in due time and can be taken away at any time for any reason; as, a right is always yours, to be never taken away, as if your not willing to showcase your ignorance, to the Public(Servants). As, in a republic, the Public is the Servants/person/US Citizen, another simple way of looking at it those persons cannot touch the first eight amendments, because those rights and privileges; as public servants have only been given Privileges and not rights; as if and that if the way to have it, is them to have Rights and for us to have privileges; yet, the non+persons/We the People, can never have such privileges and them have Rights, as then they would committed treason, of a domestic terrorist. Over all, if The United States falls, The United States of America, will have to fall, but if the United States of America falls, The United States/non+persons/We the People/nationals will be just fine and we will keep being the door way for this flat earth plane in those that are in the enslaved person in the world, will be able to still know that freedom exist and give them hope to one day come to the best place on the Flat Earth Plan will be and forever as top Dog=God loves us, because we as man, token are rightful place, As we are gods decree man has dominion over this Flat Earth Plan/the Devils/Lucifer MorningStar, kingdom/prison; now it’s their kingdom because, although I did was call cast them out of heaven, and yet never took away their angel powers, so they still have them and yet they’re still around he or Angel they can’t die.. ..yet, only through, ignorance dose 1onE become one who is of the marxist party/satanist church.. ..so if you picked up on it, )good( morning > is saying, hell-(,)oh good(,) (L.) Morning(star) < as hello and good morning.. ..when it’s as, such from the pagan worship Madison worship and then got carried forth upon Constantine the kings request by then winning the war made the religion the national religion, which got transferred into the religion of Christianity; yet, God, is real and religion itself is more of a fallacy/thoughts on what you think, opposed to what is actually real as such as God, coming to you over as what fallacy of religion and how someone1 tells you to jump through the hoops, and that you may never get to where you think you want to go and end up, still in hell; well, I didn’t have a commonsense choice of choosing God, then I would be an atheist, rather than empowering those false idols of religion; they are obviously not worthy of my time, because like I said the common sense of God, the one that came to me the gym through all the hoops, they gave his only son to him on the cross for three days and that’s called passion, has loved ultimate attributes can only be seen through sacrifice and so God sacrificed his only son so that we all would know that we had the free will choice in every way shape and form, to become friends with God in their equals or to sale our souls to )good( Morning(star). Yet, keep this in mind, that, The devil can only influence someone to do anything they cannot actually force them to do anything, so that’s why this cosmic war, simply when I say, is being fat through those that actually are physically here as man that can be converted into a Men of the Morning(dark in the light, yet, light is seen as dark and dark is seen as light; so over all, the Men want to forces-without-sight, their wills, as P. Servants are here to traps wo/mankind, so that Morning(star) can keep the souls from God, then God will have to keep on A porcupining (Barb, as, having a lot of focus/energy, as doing a lot), and be less focused on one thing because they have to keep on porcupining to get back those other barbs/souls, that are in control in/of the Devil‘s kingdom, unless you can become a wo/man and rebuke those Men, for taking an oath through marxism, over all other oath, is one to keep the secret and they will have the world, yet, what world-The world of economics/Usery(a sin, for a man to take more then 1onE is owed; simply to say, the same as interest/usery/communism, because it’s not capitalism/God.), yet; have a nice life as I hope you the best.

    P.S. say Heaveno over )hell(o, as what you focus on is what you get more of; so if you focus on more what Hel is and that’s what you’re asking the universe to build for you and to reflect back at you, so if you were to focus on Heaven more, then you will have more of a heavenly experience; it’s very basic alchemy/law of attraction/common sense.. .. like really common sense, I know there’s so many persons that are inhuman, they don’t understand how to use common sense or understand the fact/per se, as freedom of(in contract law, or could be in trust law, that “of,” can mean= without or with) speech, so, like the United States of America, is really America without the United States. So over all BLM, is a racist motive by motivated by Marxist ideology’s and economies/dichotomy’s, and that’s why they want common core and teaching the reverse means of racism,to (complete) react-(in is un)in•against racism, as, only to make it stronger, for persons to kill/have slave ofthe non+persons.

    As over all, how is the United States of America, is and organization/corporation, as it started as an organization and tell the Roman colt with their codes and statues from the bar-scums/bar-member, made it into a corporation; yet as you can see from any other corporation it has a president it has a secretary I don’t remember the other role that completes it and identifies it as a corporation. Yet it was an organization, because in the constitution, it says in the preamble, we the people of the United States create this document as a Constitution for the United States of America, so right there is the common sense of there’s a difference between with the people equals non-persons of the United States, upon which the republic it stands created an organization as the United States of America/the place of the Public Servant, so that we the people of the United States can’t protect our sovereignty and be bowed by our freedom.

    Yeah to add and I continue the whole Republic thing, that when you break up in.....

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    #Trust #the foundation of a bond #please don't break someone's trust #Rahim das ka doha #this post is not completely mine #iam not gonna take credit of it

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    Trust a simple word which can make or break a bond between people..... trust is like a delicate thread ... once broken it can't be same again and if you try to mend it there will always be a knot remaind

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    Heaven lovers

    Whether he was real,
    Or just a dream.
    I never thought
    From where he had been

    I didn't know
    How did it happen
    But he came to my life
    And my life changed

    I was glowing
    I was happy
    I was smiling
    And found a reason to live.

    Later I realised
    He loved me from the day he was born
    But he waited and waited
    For the right moment to come

    I came to this earth with him
    And we are lovers of heaven
    And it was when I realised
    He was my past lover

    How we danced in the garden
    How he made my braid
    How he loved me
    And how his flute made me feel being the sky.