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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 6w

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    17 May 2022 4 pm

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    / 𝚁𝙴𝙼𝙴𝙼𝙱𝙴𝚁 𝙼𝙴 . . . /

    Remember me as a felicific feather pressed betwixt pages of somnolent stories, cafuning farouche fantasies and feeding emacity of eternal to the ephemeral and etiolated imagines, enriching their imagery with windfalls of whim. Where the shadows assemble with sour taste of fate, I'll cast a silver lining of hope and pull the strings of full moon upon nyctophilic symphonies and preserve nurturing notations embedded in feelstora for future.

    Remember me as a sagacious sonnet drafted by a sangria-spilled sunset for a sangfroid sunrise. While the ambience praises how the moistened metaphors paint a sacrilegious scenery on the canvas of cosmos by the palette of candescent colors, sonorous syllables curl inside savvy verses, well tucked in by sapient-specked thoughts.

    Remember me as a rapporteur of rain inching close to catapulting clouds when refulgent rainbows melt at the heat of kerfuffled thunders and begin to fade away as absquatulating art strokes. When the drops of dormant dreams fall as delicate drizzles to instill passion-kissed petrichor of longing in the horizon, the essence of my hiraeth will conjure connoisseurs of calm upon doldrums of dormeviglia.

    Remember me as a soaring song of storm, wings with a gumption of wildness slicing the autumn burned time and spurring a fight with free falling fate fores. With the wind climbing on the crescendo of rhythm trying to catch my trail, I am an invincible siren honey-dipped and heart-struck on forthright forelsket, traversing the chasm between real hues and fabricated filaments.

    I'm spun with yarns of ecstasy in an ambrosial atelier, where space-time is distilled with sporadic springs of serenity. Stars of my sky have shone through the mist of forgetfulness. I reside as buoyant bliss upon memoir's mount. So remember me as rust's rune and ruin's rise, as an unabridged ripple in the lake of reveries.


    Thank you so much for Repost @writersnetwork 🦋🦋

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    remember me as rust's rune and ruin's rise
    as an unabridged ripple in the lake of reveries


  • miss_silentlyweird 6w


    When the song of storm start playing
    And the back of your eyes becomes heavy
    I will be here staying
    I won't dare to think those downpour chevy

    If you have no place to rest
    In wildness of disaster
    Thinking you have no power nor blest
    I will dare to welcome and value you like a forecaster

    In time that you felt that you can't be free
    So you just walked with your wet muddy shoe
    Until you caught cold weakening your knee
    I dare you to flow into my shoulder all of your blue

    Rain on, my clouds
    I will give you a hug
    We can be wavering together in crowds
    Full of umbrellas and snug

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    In these passed few days I am feeling down, something is missing, there's a whole in my heart. But I remember I am alone yet not alone at all. In each corner there's a person feeling the same emotion as me. So I write this to all the people out there who's still in storm, sinking boat or drowning. I wanted to hug you with these words.

    You can cry, the tears that you holding back. I know there's someone out there who will hold you and let you cry in their arms or if you think there's none, you have your self. Remember that if a star doesn't shine it is still a star, if a flower with no name still doesn't bloom, it is still a flower. It's hard but we will wait for healing, if no words come you can cry, You're free to rain on my clouds.

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    To be a poet is like ward welcoming each individual, finding a prescription to value likewise cope each feeling.


  • elli_mcfarlane 6w


    Self absorbed reckless wildness,
    convinced it equates to being free,
    denial dominates but only for a while.

    The constant inevitably of change,
    it's symbiotic relationship with fear,
    means reality is only a matter of time.


  • bellemoon99 6w

    #threewords #wod

    I never knew the true wildness of my heart until I broke free from that self-made jail.
    I never knew how much I needed to be free until I let go of those who had already let go of me.
    I never knew how little time we had until I had to bury you.
    Still, I always knew I was born to experience and so I will.

    Finding my own wildness, building my own freedom, and cherishing the little time I was gifted.

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  • lovelyjune 6w


    Walking through a field of dandelions
    Dancing to the rhythm of wind, wild and free
    With the soul of an innocent child
    Offering the comfort of love and hope

    Even when despised and abandoned as a weed
    Blooms into tiny florets of golden colours
    Shining bright light like the rising sun
    Radiating rays of hope and warmth

    Growing roots deep down to the earth
    Turns into white fluffy balls
    Reflecting the souvenir of purity
    Like the glow of moon amidst the darkness

    Healing the scars of broken hearts
    With the delicate touch of those feathery petals
    Spreading fragrance of joy and peace
    While swaying in wind from time to time

    Granting hundreds of wishes
    As the seeds are blown into the wind
    Scattered into blues of the sky
    Like shooting stars showering fortunes

    Flying away into long distances
    Carrying dreams to loved ones
    Forever lies the happiness
    In the wildness of dandelions

    #wod #pod #threewords #dandelions #wildness #free #time @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • saramitchell 6w

    And if I would’ve loved you in a thousand different ways, none of them would’ve learned how to keep you next to me.


  • shabz_felix 6w

    Three words

    At the mountainous peak of life
    We were free to traverse rivers and climb steep hills
    Good heavens, how some lack survival skills
    In their wildness of hearts desires
    Never dream of crossing rivers of strides
    Racing against time rocking boats solace rides
    The moon and stars shed their light
    Hoping to scare the living out day light
    As clouds slowly parted ways
    And darkness seem to veil the sunshine rays
    Like the alcoholic breath
    Life freedom scented death

  • shabbz_felix 6w

    Birds at liberty

    When the sun comes to shine early
    in the wildness lies clearly
    Flocking feathers gathered together
    Free spirit highlight their flapping wings in great number
    Rejoicing ,in sweet accord fiesta
    Obedience to voice of their master
    Every time hanging out with liberty ,hold the fort
    Brotherly and sisterly love combined effort

  • soundsofsaddness41 6w

    Wolves, water, and rangers

    Free time,
    Your outside,
    The wilderness brings a wildness,
    That takes all the pressure off.
    Your possible
    Time free.

  • sweedle 6w

    I had a strange kind of peace writing this down, perhaps I was picturing myself to be the protagonist. Nothing more beautiful than being wild yet loved.

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    She threw away the broken watch into the sea and untied her hair from the deafening miseries. She now had all the free hours to do everything and nothing at the same time. Wilderness erupted from her heart and echoed through her mouth, hitting the slopes of the mountains and causing a ripple among the stones in the ocean bed.
    She turned into an untamed force of nature. Her language was of the wolves, fierce and unabashed and her touch was fiercely gentle, enough to tug your heart yet keep it from breaking.
    She is now an undomesticated goddess, exploring through the depth of her neglected soul.

    © Sweedle

  • thegaia 6w

    Three words

    The element of wildness is a moment that just stares right into the edges, the edges, free to agree, like the clock waiting to count till three. It's the arrow of time, that's ready to chime.

  • bella_9 6w

    The wildness inside me
    wants to break free all the shackles and
    set myself free from all pain and bruises that time has given me.


  • the_loony_alpaca 6w

    Until the end of time,
    In the wildness of all these faces
    I shall keep looking for yours,
    A face, I know I shall never see,
    I won't lose anything, will I?

    I will call your name in my darkest hours
    I know you won't hear me
    For I am your imagined fiction
    And perhaps you are mine.

    Losing you didn't scare me
    For I knew you would always remain mine,
    The only thing I could call my own
    In this world of hics and lies.

    I set you free one day,
    I didn't have anything to lose, you would say
    But I did,
    And what it was you shall never know -
    For it was my own freedom that I paid.

    I still write to you sometimes you know,
    Notes and letters and tiny proses,
    When I am in the dark place again
    I tell myself,
    I still have you by me, what do I have to lose anyway?

    And one day when you will have faded
    Into the deep oblivion that you were made from
    I wish you knew about this one soul
    That loved our story like no one
    That loved an imagination like no one
    That loved you like no one.


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    Three words


  • kindred_k 6w

    A date with solitude
    free from invisible shackles
    mindspace brimming with comfort
    thoughts running wild
    in the wilderness of inner realm.


  • absynth 6w

    double (v)ent-endre

    I open my eyes in the morning
    and pull away the blanket from my naked skin
    To reveal a caveman of the wildness
    With his long locks scattered across
    His bony shoulders and bearded face,
    A bit confused at the absence
    Of the voices that were doodling inside his head last night
    And painting murals of memories in his mind
    As distant as the constellations in the sky.

    Crusty white cobwebs stick to the tips of his eyes
    And the corner of his lips
    And before I switch on the mobile phone,
    There on the screen's unlit interface
    Appears a glimpse of that rustic face
    That has just returned from a trip to a dreamy landscape
    And feels completely out of place in these civilized surroundings
    As a crack of his knuckles reminds him
    That he's still encaged in a prison of bones
    Deprived of the aegis of the mystical moon.

    But there's a clamminess on his toes and fingertips
    Which the cool air from the balcony kisses with gentle lips
    Before the dirt of the floor anoints his feet
    And reality appoints him as a representative to repeat
    a new day of drudgery
    Which the caveman feels is just a botched up surgery
    Of his dented and demented existence.

    As nature is busy fulfilling its own fetishes
    And the majestic sun outside shines and flourishes,
    The dark garnish of last night slowly starts to flake off
    Revealing a recipe of clay thats totally at the mercy
    Of this potter's wheel of time
    To be eventually moulded into a gentleman refined.

    So the caveman steps under the shower
    And baptizes himself in the next hour
    Under a cascade of hot water and steam
    Which sneak down his throat
    To wash clean the screams
    That still lacerate his lungs
    Because they were too masculine to be uttered.

    When he finally steps out of the shower
    Spick and span,
    Ruminating about the day's plan
    While standing under the ceiling fan
    To dry his hair,
    He smells the petrichor invading the air.

    The earth has just showered too
    And smells so good without any soap or shampoo
    And the drops of rain still clinging to the trees
    Speak to him of a world that's free
    From the distractions
    of all comforts and luxuries.

    The gentleman now sheds his caveman skin
    And casts it aside to take the view in,
    Dreaming again with wide open eyes
    About a beauty that was made to mesmerize,
    Making peace with the duality of his life
    Which tastes like his morning toast
    Buttered on one side and the other side coarse.

    As the gentleman starts to sip his tea,
    the caveman waits in a corner patiently.
    It's bizarre to see them coexist under the same roof
    When the gentleman's struggle for daily bread
    Is for the caveman just a facade
    And the voices in the caveman's head
    The gentleman only deems fit to discard.


  • ambi_16 6w


    Time is an unbound, 
    untied sequence of 
    existence and events
    It is a free bird
    It acts as per its
    whim and fancy

    It can stand still,
    Yet it waits for none
    One can try to seize time
    But once it is lost
    It is never found

    Time is wildness
    in which we are all lost
    Still we try to find time
    instead of making that


  • ersheeen 6w

    The pain flowing through her veins shows, how the world of sockets has treated her with great respect.....the respect of being a woman.
    When she embraced her wildness and set her butterflies free she was addressed as "stupid".
    The same when she tied herself with a knots of dependent relationships......she was still called as a uneducated mad woman.
    Is this a way we respect a human(woman)???

    @writersnetwork #threewords #pod #wod

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  • gaurangi_ 6w

    The deafening silence haunting me deep within, sheds poetries personifying wildness
    As the tainted metaphors of mine dances with the cosmos of your love where the time itself pauses and makes uncensored emotions free.


  • akshiwrites 6w

    Darling, In the time
    of doubt, embrace the
    wildness, dancing in your
    mind and let it
    finally be wholly free


  • thoughtsprocess 6w

    She tamed hear wildness
    while scribbling sonnets
    for him
    She set the birds of her caged
    desires free in the sky
    of her imagination
    She has become
    as timid as a Deer,
    wandering here and there
    in search of the fragrance
    of his existence
    Because she has forgotten
    her own self
    while loving and remembering
    her beloved
    She has been sinking
    in the ocean of time