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  • _mathematics 78w


    When thoughts struck my mind
    Insomnia called out tonight
    Letting me struggle and Juggle
    In the world of my imagination
    Of someone, the enticing fantasies

    Not a lonely lover
    The Loved one,
    Specialty in scribbling pages
    Of someone's presence
    In the journal
    Named "With their absence".

    Sometimes, life seems to be
    The sequel of the movie
    Where Reel truth turned
    Out as a Real-time lesson.

    Humming over the rhythm
    Of the song looks like
    Written for her
    Quoted with charm
    And Essence.

    time for sleep
    a daily reminder to keep
    Still, I wish to be awake
    Fervor and Affection
    Need for the hour
    The places appear deserted
    Known as Our

    Pardon me for phrases
    In the name of Confession
    Been held in possession
    Your love has dragged me to
    Canvas me whole as yours
    In the night when young love
    Pour down under your skin
    Urged me to bite the lip
    Amaranthine and ethereal love
    Gruntled me solely

    Immersed in the oceans
    Reflection of you
    Wrapped you around
    with the blanket
    Painted as I and You

    It's not this, actually
    Every hour tale
    The only fantasy
    Yearn for the Titanic love
    In which we once sail.

    #timec #gruntledc

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    Not a lonely lover
    The Loved one,
    Specialty in scribbling pages
    Of someone's presence
    In the journal
    Named "With their absence".

  • sweedle 78w

    10:45 PM

    It's the time now that the clock with the neon hands read to me. I am in bed trying to formulate the words that have been swimming inside my head for the whole day.

    11:25 PM

    I promise myself I will sleep early tonight but how can I when I haven't penned down my thoughts and shared with a world of like minded souls who crave to read and write words as much as I do?

    12:08 AM

    I am so excited to read this novel but my friend texts me and I cannot ignore him because we don't speak often and I like to just see him typing a new sarcasm making me laugh harder than expected. Some other notifications pop up and I lose the time to read but I still sift through the pages to let my mind know " I made an effort"

    01:48 AM

    There are too many reasons for me to sleep , the dark circles around my eyes, the fatigue, the sleepiness, the tinkering headache but I ignore them all and I do what I usually do, I read I talk I write and I sleep late thinking I won't do it again......if only .

    2:00 AM

    Just enough time to start a new day by laying awake and restless and eager to create something I love while the world sleeps in ignorance.


    I have absolutely no idea what I have just written and if it makes any sense. If it does, I would be grateful..if it doesn't , you can ignore it and I won't mind! It's what happens to me each night, a writer thinks and sleeps differently than others do.

    #sweedledsouza #timec #writersbay #pod #repost @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee #mirakee #time #writerslife #writers #writersnetwork #wod

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    It's the time now that the clock .........


    © Sweedle

  • bclark2681 78w

    *Credit for picture goes to original owner
    Writen about the morning my son was born into this world, into our lives. Probably the most single best moment/day of my entire life.
    #pod #MirakeeNetwork #writersnetwork #writersbureau #mirakee #mirakeeworld #thewriterstribe #writerstolli #poetry #writersbay

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    6:15 am

    6:15 am one chilly, February morning
    Is when we welcomed you to our arms
    Into our world of endless love,
    Into this world of unforgivingness
    You were perfect like a summers day
    Innocence radiated from you like the
    Sun, you were our beautiful godsend
    You have been the most precious gift
    Any parent could ask for, and it began
    At 6:15 am that chilly February morning

  • pallavi4 78w


    In the dead of the night
    Poets come alive
    They breathe easy while others sleep
    Feel the need to necessarily read
    And ink words for those who don’t care
    About them or their welfare
    They profess their love and longings
    For people, things and their belongings
    They write about their heartbreaks
    And what to make a great love it takes
    About cities and forests and grand lakes
    About summers, winters and snowflakes
    And grand trips and sinking ships big and tall
    About how they rose after a great fall
    About how some people have touched their lives
    And why in the dead of night they come alive


    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    24th of July, 2020

    #timec #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • sumiez 78w

    1.01 am

    If you ask me why
    I love this hour, I would say
    It is just because
    It taught me what solitude is..
    To quote Byron
    'There is a rapture on this
    Lonely shore, where none intrudes'
    ..It gives birth to the real me
    The darkness of the room
    Is sunlight to me..
    I speak to silence
    In thousand different ways
    Addictive and forever inspiring..


  • soulfulstirrings 78w

    Midnight hour : reflective mode

    #timec @writersbay @odysseus @sumana_chakraborty @preetkanwal
    Image credit to the rightful owner

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  • kaetkey 78w

    • 4:20 am/pm •
    Maybe it's the gloom in my mind
    that has equalized the heaviness
    of ante and post meridiem
    in a sleep deprived soul.

    Somehow the eyes that cry the most are the ones that know about the eyes that cry the least. That know those eyes are capable of carrying the same weightage of emotions as them. That know they suffer the same to cry a tear as much as they do to save a tear.

    Somehow it's easier to see the mizzle on a dark background than on a sheet of white or for that matter grey clouds. I ain't talking about the rain that pours down in a stout but heavy heart. I'm sorry if you felt so.

    Somehow it isn't necessary that the mind that sleeps with chaotic thoughts wakes up with a burden on its shoulders everytime. You never know if the will to forget those thoughts worked things out overnight. You never know if the dawn let it win this time.

    Somehow the lashes that hide moon and shooting stars behind themselves are good at blinking tears off. Those are the lashes that belong to the eyes that have practiced how to smile.

    Somehow the hands that have bled after touching roses that didn't last longer than the thorns, are the ones who keep lilies under the wet, impure pillow. Those are the hands that will collect those lilies into a bouquet and gift you in your gloomy weather.

    PS: Maybe I feel all of it or maybe I don't any of it. Isn't the second option better for you to assume?

    #timec #chaosc #mizzlec :)
    @writersbay I feel you are the best change this app has seen in last few months. Thankyou for being ♥️
    @lily_love I'm sure you'll know why I've tagged you ♡
    Hey Writer aka Reader here!
    So the thing is after losing access to their precious accounts, _thewordplayer, pointingpoems (verbose), sugarfree, tanvii__ and vindhya_princess are back with new accounts with these respective usernames and have started writing all over again. I request you to show some support and love to them ^_^ You definitely know how!
    Another thing, give a read to these underrated gems dandelions, _arcane, _scas_, myrrhc, harshad09, nether, unloved_poetries. (I know there are many more but these ppl's reach is really messed up that I've come across) I'll be glad if you do so ^_^
    Not tagging them cause I don't want them to read me just like I didn't want you to but you did anyways and I'm really thankful for that ♡
    Gonna sit one day and reply all the comments properly tho I can't thank enough for the love y'all have showered under my writings hehe.
    Thankyou ♥️

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    Somehow some things are neither early nor too late
    to be experienced in this long yet short life.

  • chasing_the_serene 78w

    1:30 am

    For the worrywarts
    It's their enemy of a time
    They'll keep pondering
    Why is life not completely in a rhythm
    Why is it such a mess
    I sometimes do it too
    I confess

    For the ignorant
    It's time for a midnight snack
    Such folks ignore that these habits
    Are nothing but poison.

    For the good hearted
    It's time for a peaceful good night's sleep.
    After a day full of hassle
    It's time for them to power up.

    For the after party people
    It's still like it's bright out
    It's just that lights are on
    But sun's long out.

    For the insomniac
    It's a desire that could hardly be fulfilled.
    For no matter how hard they try
    They still can't sleep.

  • nikithasharmabts_rare 78w

    #timec @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @jias_wand
    This is the small incident happened with me today. I know it's quite long...I tried my best to Penn it...hope you like it .


    5:40 p.m.

    All my thoughts impostered themselves in the hue of melancholy today.
    I wandered here and there, without uterring a single word.
    Watched everyone chukkling and laughing,
    But couldn't hear a single sound, except the sound of my feral thoughts.

    Almighty understood my state, and wanted to help me I guess.
    There I stood, on my house porch, trying to listen the whim of my feral thoughts.
    Few of them, leaving me through my tears, few staying there stubbornly.

    But, there plopped my weapon, to fight with my thoughts.
    Almighty embraced me in the form of the mizzle.
    Now, I could hear only the sound of the drizzle.

    I smiled, I baltered and excitingly ran to the upstairs.
    There I stood on my house balcony, staring at the colour of the soil turning into hue of mahogany.
    Suddenly my eyes struck at a boy running on the yonder street.

    He ran, holding his yellow trouser with his left hand,
    And covering his head with the right.
    The weather was murky, and the scene was mackled,
    But I could see his cheerful face.
    I smiled, at his cheerful face, imagining myself in his place.

    There I buried my alew thoughts, into the soil, and lifted myself with the petrichor.
    I checked my phone, and found its 5:40 p.m.
    I smiled staring at the sky, trying to thanks the almighty, for turning me into eunoia...

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    _ Nikitha Sharma

  • susen777 78w

    At 3.40 am
    when the human world
    in the middle of dreams,
    the birds in the last lap of sleep,
    the night preparing to bid
    good bye to the moon,
    then is my creative and
    productive self at its peak.
    I shake and spread the wings of
    my hidden skills,
    that lie somewhat passive
    during daytime
    only to regain power
    in the dead of night,
    when the world bows down
    to its dark mystery,
    I reflect and act
    in the mysticism
    that a night holds
    within its darkness.

  • harshad09 78w

    00 : 00 : 00 hrs , a(musing)


    I have always fancied
    and it makes me wonder ,
    that prompts me to ponder ,
    about the Time ,
    as if attempting to fly off
    into the wide blue yonder
    belike some superhero
    whenever , the clock , it strikes zero

    I always watch this journey
    from 23 : 59 : 59
    and in a second next
    it turning 00 : 00 : 00
    It always has mused me
    this zeroing factual
    for , it seems to me
    to be disbelief narrowing , actual

    For , it's a start ,
    benign and new
    moments , like these pious ,
    they're always a few
    those , without any clue
    those , despite every mystic blue
    they prefer acting , genuinely smart
    ushering in a sparklingly newer start
    for , with moments these
    grief , pain and despair need be gone
    joy , glee and hope , seem be on

    I know ,
    hardly anything changes with that
    Time , it keeps working on its preset
    but I take this , as an opportunity ,
    for a makeover , of me and my mindset
    for , every time at zero zero hours
    it's always stark dark and somewhat cold
    but it signals me , through all those roars
    to move , a bit towards the mark ,
    behaving a bit more bold

    As the Time tickles on its track
    and we watch it move in the window of a clock
    And , Time continues to stroll
    committed totally, yet abrupt
    as if , trying to tell me
    Happiness isn't just the ultimate goal ,
    in life , of life , it's a byproduct

    For , happiness
    it just can be anything
    some intellectual musing
    some desire to sing
    some inspiration to dance ,
    it's divine , perchance
    For , it can be simple
    as a lovely dimple
    as some cotton candy , toy
    some book that delivers immense joy
    some dancing raindrops
    some cozy nature props
    Joy , it could be
    what fiddle was , for Nero
    Joy , for me , it's always
    watching the clock , whenever , it strikes zero


    #yonderc #timec

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    00 : 00 : 00




  • sush_s_anand 78w

    Wherever you are,
    In deep slumber,
    Reminiscing the sweet memories while sound asleep
    or sprouting wings to your dreams.
    Or counting down
    for turning an year old,
    witnessing wishes and blessings by your side
    Or on the phone.

    12 midnight..
    holds hopes up high,
    demarcating the past and the present,
    it turns the imaginations run wild.

    12 midnight..
    when the moon yonder up in the sky,
    I wonder whether it ever ponder,
    About the love that bloomed
    like the night-blooming cereus,
    About how it made the old aged couple waltz under its luminescent shine, or
    About the laments and cries of the young heartbreaks !

    About how the finder grew fonder
    Upon finding its inspirations in it,
    About how grander it were, when those inspirations so instilled personified themselves,
    About how the wanderer wonder
    when it spilled its galaxy in their eyes.

    Does it know, about how the earth's emotions ebb and flow, on its sight ?

    12 midnight, is when the magical moon casts its spell on every life !

    12 midnight !

    24 July, 2020.

    #timec #wonder #yonder #moon #magical @writersbay

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  • bonitasarahbabu 78w


    Early morning, three am
    It is the time for those who are depressed.
    Those who wake up
    And feel like their minds have just given up.
    The sun has not made his appearance
    And the moon, she is just tired of the tears.
    Three thirty, no solution has been found
    The mind creates scenarios that are untrue.
    Three am, it's for those who have been left behind
    It is for those who are unwanted.
    Three am, we are alone and have to accept it
    We have to reset and start over again.
    Three am, we cannot allow the heart to choose again
    We need to shut the people pleaser away.
    This is the time to restart our lives
    The heart cannot take this anymore.
    It's three am, we need to shut our minds down
    We cannot waste away like this.
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    3:05 am


  • sksfantasy_girl 78w

    Watching like graphics of morning
    I learned to wish in front of 11:11
    Legends says pay attent to thought
    Can be answers or warning to stop
    Pillars of great architecture,gateway
    Mystically entered in an unknown realm
    A plethora beyond eyes
    End or beginning of cycle
    Awakened beings of cosmos
    Send signals and connects
    To give guidance in spiritual journey
    Filled with synchronities
    Nights filled with serendipity
    Yes,i don't sleep cause i wait to experience
    Ethereal spark of their rituals
    Joy and love of those light creatures
    Showering love from up above
    This world is good if i am good
    But this world doesn't loves back
    They never treat like kind human
    The kindness i experience here
    Is presence of their frequency
    So don't get attached to this world
    Cage is full of eyes and lies
    Looks like flight but a chunk of plight
    Love is present in higher conscious
    Go wander there from inner plane
    You will become starlight,beam divine

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  • tigress_writes 78w



    A time when everyone is in momentary slumber.
    Yet, for me, it's a time of awakening.
    When the sun isn't blinding bright, with piercing sunlight. The truth needs to be curtained, to be safe.
    Neither is it too dark, to disguise the reality.
    While the bending, pale, yellow light, enters my room my reflective cosmoses are clear enough, like the silhouettes of my old trophies hurled against the walls. They all stand in silence, as if contemplating with me.
    I hide behind my armour of conscience, tired of the ever changing world.
    Like the phases of the moon, the right and wrong
    are undefined and evolutionary.
    Where glory and beauty, are those magical fireworks that brighten in one minute
    and diminish in the other.
    Smiles are left to wither as flowers of time.
    The tumultuous, wild horses in my mind try to seek shelter under the vast orange yonder.
    With each passing zephyrs, the colours of my life have changed. There were times when, I have felt like a black hole, consuming the slightest ray of light. Now, I stare at those old trophies again, my past accomplishments. How long will I hold on to these relics to satisfy the grazed fields of my self esteem?
    A perpetual sigh follows.
    I watch the sun dipping into the lava of seen and unseen. The horizon of uncertainty.
    The armour of my conscience is rusted. It's injured heavily. Whilst trying to keep me afloat against the crushing waves of time.
    Will my soul come out of this, alive?

    ©Tigress_writes ��

    ¶24.7.20|6:00 pm(GMT+5:30)

    ~Pic from Pinterest

    P. S This may not make sense. My ink just flowed.

    ��Thank you @writersnetwork ♡︎♡︎
    Wasn't expected. Really grateful!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @bluepuppy01 @cyan_rose #pod
    #timec #blue_armor #missionsby_blue #July20_musings #clawsof_rawink

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    Under the chokehold of time...

  • nivey14 78w

    #timec #pod #ceesreposts #julietscorner #zeroclok

    ◦•●◉✿�������� ��'����������✿◉●•◦

    Whenever I look at that clock that hangs on the room wall,
    The lost memories come flashing to and fro each time.
    The time that strikes for the bright morning to wake up
    Recalls me of sweet dusk gathering it's twinkles to tear up.
    The time that strikes for the laughter by someone's cry
    Takes me to hear the loud cries of one to bring this laughter.
    The time that strikes for the celebrations of one's victories
    Recalls me of griefs of the other called today as losers.
    The time that strkes for the parties with mates in clubs
    Takes me to view future of many parties with no mates.
    The time that strikes for the birth of someone 's child today.
    Recalls me of the funeral of else's dear one death today.
    Everytime that strikes for each time... Is partly time of happiness and deep sadness too.
    So, there is no clock from which I could pick a time for me...
    You say I only sees the darker sight of the twilight ..
    What if I don't see.. Will it not exist..

    //Have you ever wished to turn back time.?
    If you can turn back time, can you mend what was broken?.. Can you save everyone?.. //

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    You say I only sees the darker sight of the twilight .What if I don't see...Will it not exist..

  • mathi_fk 78w

    Writersbay's challenge about 'the event associated with specific time'
    @mirakee #mirakeeans @writersbay #timec

    The course of action,
    in the event of revolving.
    At the range of
    5.30am and 6.30pm.

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    The two light's rise

    In the revolve,
    At the range of 5.30am
    the start will be taken up by
    great music composers namely birds welcomes the light of sun
    who is the starter
    of creatures work
    which is
    Assigned, planned and with some usuals,
    ...................,In the move
    At the range of 6.30pm
    the who whom welcomed light
    will send of it
    the next set of band
    will rise the sound,
    to welcome the dark with moon
    were the creatures of
    Some will be at rest,
    and the 'Night owls'
    of the creatures will work at..,


  • sumanaa_ 78w

    11:11, I Make a wish,
    I close my eyes and make a wish,
    With a hope that the universe is listening,
    At the time when stars are glistening,
    I pray for the family I see on the streets,
    Sleeping on footpath, covered with ragged sheets,
    I wish they'd find a warmer place to stay,
    And some food to get through the next day,
    I lay in the comfort of my bed,
    But think about their discomfort on the streets that serve as their bed,
    Compared to theirs, my life's a fairy tale
    I may live a better life but I feel like I failed,
    Because I live with privileges yet wish for more,
    When they don't even have enough food in store,
    I wish that the elves would sew them some boots,
    And that the mice and the birds would make them warm clothes,
    Just like how they helped Cinderella get dressed.
    I hope these people will be able to rest,
    With some warmth and enough food,
    I hope the universe would listen to me good,
    And the supreme powers from above,
    Would shower them with comfort and love.



    When you are in no position to help others, the least you can do is pray for them. All your small prayers could lead to a big change in their lives, that could change it for the better. Be kind and thoughtful of others ♡

    Picture credit to rightful owner!

    #timec #mirakee #writersnetwork #sumanascribbles #pod #wod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    I Make a Wish

  • antheia_ 78w


    5:13 am

    The hour when~
    the soft red ball of fire
    rises across the blue wide yonder
    lifting the cimmerian veil of night.

    The juncture when~
    the russet & aureate beams
    glides above the canopy
    of majestic firs & oaks..

    The instant when~
    the wispy cirrus clouds blush pink
    & the ocher beams kiss the
    roscid petals of the
    mauvish-pink morning glories..

    The moment when~
    a chirpy lil robin tweets
    & anon is joined in
    the pre dawn chorus by
    a charm of finches..
    The QUIETUDE of the aurora SURCEASES.

    Dawn~A time of the day when
    photophiles like me love
    to sit by their open window
    taking in the fresh morning air..
    while sipping a
    simmering hot cup of black tea.



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  • thekhanparvez 110w

    That's the cruelty of #time- It heals everything!✍️
    Just a #thought trickling in my mind, came out, framed in these #words and drawn into #emotions!������

    #poetry #oneliner #shayari #life #diary #thoughts #poetry #life #love #friendship #timec

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    Sometimes, you have to accept that-
    Time heals Everything.
    Even if, it hasn't healed that for you!