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  • medusas_child 57w

    Times up!

    I am a woman with substance.
    Not just some legs u think that will just "open".
    My body is mine
    My body is God's creation.
    My body is a temple.
    One of a kind.
    Venus' shell is off limits.
    We say no more!
    I am a woman who is fed the fuck up.

  • hansika_bansal 63w

    Time's up

    When the negativity becomes so deep rooted,
    That man from everywhere is being shooted .
    When the war inside the head becomes constant,
    When hurting others become a trend.
    When humans are no more being human,
    When women suffer from harrasment and molestation.
    When childhood is being snatched from children,
    When devastation starts to reside in a kingdom.
    When rulers are no more just and fair,
    Where there's no hope, only despair.
    When the life on earth becomes like a hell,
    When everything is no so well.
    Then it's time to stand together,
    To raise our voice and stop the suffer.
    To bring positivity in the souls of people,
    To remove the feeling to revenge and rebel.
    To make doers realise the odds and the wrongs,
    Let's join hands and walk along.
    Let's together raise our voice,
    Let the pessimists hear the noise.
    No more war, no more revenge!
    Let's tell them that their time has come to an end.
    Peace and harmony will exist all around,
    Justice will now wear the crown!
    Flowers will now spread the fragnance of love,
    Oh bad wishers, your time is up!

  • hoorbanu98 64w

    She yell at GOD for Her♥
    ~Time's up~

    No don't do
    Please stop it
    HE will give you, you're reward for this things.

    And that's how,
    She grew now

    She started committing with allow
    She overthrew from quit
    Thus, She is awarded by GOD to fit for everything.
    《 15-04-2021 》 @Thursday

  • ruchiabhisikta12 64w

    When you see your uncle
    breathing the air of worry
    during his daughter's marriage
    to pile up the money for dowry,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see the sweet aunty
    in your neighbourhood
    getting scolded & beaten every day
    Still, she tolerates that with fortitude,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your sister
    enduring mental torture
    because biology blessed her
    with a female toddler,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your brother
    along with his other friends
    making fun of a girl
    for her short dress,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your mother
    betraying her hobbies
    and between her job & household
    making her life cease,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your father
    listening to the taunt of society
    for allowing you for higher studies
    due to his broad mentality,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your bestie
    weeping without wanting to discuss
    for being improperly touched
    in a crowded city bus,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When the stench of injustice
    against women
    suffocates your conscience
    & binds you in guilt glen,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

  • the_writer_beyond 64w

    Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported my poetry. The support is wonderful

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    Time's Up

    Every minute a woman in this world is harassed
    Every minute the word no is ignored
    Every minute a piece of consent dies in the ground by the hand of a man who doesn't know right from wrong

    We are forced to think of clothing as an invitation that we pray you will decline every time
    Let our lips part instead of our legs
    Let our voices be heard instead of our cries
    This is not a game to be won this is our life

    We are women and we are proud
    Fire burns in our eyes so we become the light in a very dark crowd
    We are women hear our roar
    You will poke our flaws no more
    No longer do you men belittle us
    Respect isn't optional it is a must
    So to the men that think differently
    Tick tock
    Time's up

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 64w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
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    #timesup #wod #pod #remainsc #random

    All written rights reserved
    15 April 2021 4.30 am

    I don't know why I wrote this ! (◕‿◕)

    #contest_j now this kinda fits!

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    ~take control or take cover~

    We live in a world within the world
    A rabbit hole of frenzy and fantasy
    Seeking not an exit but more of it
    The same drug that made you fall 

    Senses cloudy, all thoughts moody 
    Chilly numbness taking over hearts 
    Walking, talking, working, playing, right at 
    The end of a remote control, like clones

    Netflix and playlists take over relationships
    Conversations choke in coffins of chat-box
    Multiple accounts in social media life
    Like dishes on the side of dinner plate

    Hashtags and statuses define a person
    Edited selfies hiding/holding insecurities
    Lipstick stains precede bleeding red
    Stitched up smiles fake pretends care 

    Even vibes could lie if you really try 
    Desperation overrides distance between
    Thumbs in a battlefield to lure their prey
    Teasing to threatening and then endgame

    Locked up brain and insane mind clashes
    Schemes they frame for drowning life
    One second they smile, one click they kill
    Two faced persona, lon(s)ers in real life 

    Usernames as a sticker on the forehead
    Faceless monsters shouting profanity
    Secret hideout for hideous crimes
    Headless horsemen reign the dark net
    Triggered conscience, crippled conscious
    Waging world wars within wired worlds 

    Swimming in addiction
    Drowning in obsession
    Seeking no redemption
    Finding no salvation

    Time's up, to put an end to all these triggers
    Shaming and harassing, cause of riots 
    Keep on breathing in signals transmitted
    A truckload of psychopaths overdue life

    A timer is set on your erroneous lifeline
    One snap and the whole world will flatline
    Nothing remains in the literal world to mourn
    No soul but data that disintegrated into dust 


  • bellemoon99 64w

    #timesup #wod #pod #genderequality

    Harassment doesn't have a gender, and one is often ignored as a victim while the other is ignored as an abuser.

    When a man is abused by a woman their cries fall in deaf ears, they are casted aside like broken parts. No one believes him, until he drowns in his pain.

    Another man lost his life, when will we understand evil comes in all shapes and all victims are important ?

    Peace and harmony was meant for both genders, the god and the goddess together as one. He needs somewhere to hide, to feel safe, but these are only for his sisters. He's on his own.

    If she hits him he has to endure it, if he defends himself he is seen as the abuser. When did equality equate to abuse the other side for history's sake?

    Open your eyes, understand that some are looking for privilege and superiority rather than helping. If they really wanted to help, more would be offering a hand to male victims and throwing stones at the female abusers.

    He's a killer, she's a killer, but he gets more time and she gets an excuse. That's not just or fair. She is an abusive mother almost killed her son, his father saved him, but she keeps custody.

    Harassment is always wrong, don't make up excuses for one, and do just as you say others do...blame the victim for being male.

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    Time's Up


  • sproutedseeds 64w


    Time'up to break the ice and reveal the harrasment faced due to Parents selfish attitude who wanted only good life though the Father couldn't afford,
    Mother's emotional blackmail blindfolded the
    eyes of the first born.

    He is been mentally harassed for standing in the midst of debtors, unable to repay back and forced to give false hopes of returning the money be defending himself with lies and only lies.

    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️
    Thank you so much for the editor's choice ��

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    TIME's UP

    Break the ice, time's up
    Reveal all the locked up information
    Let the world know your real sacrifice
    Let them now judge who was wrong.

    Taking care of family is a responsibility
    But pushing the burden on the first child
    is just ridiculous
    Born eldest among 5 siblings
    Least educated among the 5 siblings
    Most dynamic in bringing money
    to satisfy the needs of the family.

    If Parents couldn't afford
    they should not have given birth
    But they needed their intimacy
    which was the burden shouldered
    On the first born and being a son
    couldn't disrespect his parents need.

    All the siblings are well settled
    but this first born child has fallen into a pit
    in midst of a vicious circle of debtors
    Money borrowed from one
    returned to another
    And kept repeating this till date.

    Today he has no peace of mind
    no sleep, living a life of danger
    when he will attacked by debtors.

    Had the Parents realised this situation
    He would not have multiples the debt.

    Now what REMAINS with him
    is only his good deeds done to his siblings
    which might protect him from all perils.

    My humble prayer to the Lord
    to be with him for he has not done wrong
    but forced to speak lies and only lies
    unable to repay the debts.

    A god sent Samaritan can only save him.

  • the_unfiltered_ink 64w

    Legs- open or covered
    Dress- tight or loose,
    Length- too short or sides lowered
    Neckline- Close or plunging, we choose
    Not a single reason is justified
    Your sinful intentions won't ever be glorified.

    You feel it's okay to rape a woman with
    your eyes wide open
    and touch our bodies without paying
    heed to us and our comfort.
    But let me break this loop today
    That people like you deserve to die
    And trust me, I am not going to decipher a lie
    But an ultimate truth, that if a woman decides to rip you off through her fire, you won't be able
    To keep up with your dirty desire!

    For it's not that easy to harrass her anymore
    She is not the same, shivering woman anymore
    Instead she can show you where do you stand
    And tick you off behind the bars
    For today she stands empowered
    And your freaking time is finally up.
    So better you stop digging your own grail
    All your futile efforts are going to fail
    For the goddess you consider an object
    Is stronger than before, no longer inept.

    So just beware and don't you dare !
    Your time is up.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #timesup #wod #pod

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    Time's Up

    You feel it's okay to rape a woman,
    with your eyes wide open,
    and touch our bodies without paying
    heed to us and our comfort.
    But let me break this loop today
    That people like you deserve to die
    And trust me, I am not going to decipher a lie
    But an ultimate truth, that if a woman decides to rip you off through her fire,
    you won't be able
    To keep up with your dirty desire!


  • unloved_poetries 64w

    She's growing up. I thought to myself. I could see her walking up towards me. Her curious eyes wander around and her brain processes things as fast as her eyes take them in.
    We have been friends for a year. I like how mature she is, being only 18.
    "Maa says, I'm a girl. I need to be courageous yet cautious. I have to survive here and not just live." She states in an accusing way.
    "Can't I just stay carefree and still expect that I'll be safe? Do I need to keep worrying all the time?" That was already a lot of worrying for a young age. I thought. She continues.
    "Why on stepping out of the house am I asked to remain careful?
    Is the world out there that awful?"
    I didn't want to answer. I knew it was a rhetorical question. Everyone knows that.

    For a moment, I wonder about the countless victims. Their unending sufferings.
    I look around. The world looks so normal.
    In the past thirty years of my life, it looked the same.

    While we dream and hope of beautiful things,
    They keep fighting a battle only to live.
    Some overcome it all and go on.
    But what about the ones who don't find the courage to move on?
    The pain that paints their dreams in grey,
    How long do they take, to pave out their way?

    "If not always, often I am afraid;
    One little mistake,
    And I will be grounded." Her voice took me out of the trance.
    She was staring into the distance.
    I followed her gaze. Beyond the crowd of the people and distant voices of the children playing around, we watched the sun go down; silently, leaving behind shades of pink, purple and blue. A very subtle way of showing solidarity with two minds drowned in sadness. I smile, amused. I don't know if it showed on my face. But I think it did.

    My mother was an amazing woman. She had this way of putting words in a strong way and I, for once, never saw her hopeless. It was one late evening that she was exasperated.

    " I know why they asked her to keep quiet.
    They're afraid, she will put on a fight.
    She only needs a way,
    To raise her voice someday.
    And then they would see a tigress,
    Powerful, mighty and fearless;
    Whom they, for so long restrained;
    Only to watch her later come like a torrent."

    Her voice didn't falter.
    Her chin held high, I could see the hope in her eyes and the strength in her soul.
    I wish to be like her someday.

    I look back at the girl sitting beside me to find her already staring at me expectantly.
    I hold her hands under my palm.
    "Listen up Amira!" I like how her name meant ' Commander '.

    I look her in the eye and continue,
    "Know, that this world isn't a just place.
    To win, you have to fight on, for days.
    Don't ever let that spirit go down.
    Because it's only you who can
    Make this place a better one.
    It won't be easy,
    And you might not reach far;
    But you'll make a difference.
    I know who you are."
    I do. I really do.
    With a little more confidence I continue,
    "I know you will fight,
    And you'll fight brave.
    You'll start with a ripple,
    And hit like a wave. "

    She nods.
    Very affirmative.

    I didn't know if my words were too wise for her age, but I knew for a reason that my words were only for her.

    And for some reason, I believe, she knows what my words mean and I could see her eyes gleam.
    Inspired from A thousand splendid suns and @_sad_ia_quad_ir_

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    Wishing dreams on wilted petals


  • starrdust 64w

    #timesup #wod

    Thankyouu so much for the repost (6)♡♡♡♡ @writersnetwork

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    The clock's ticking.
    Every minute
    Starts with a grope
    And ends with a shriek
    Every hour
    Filled with screams
    Of naive women
    Who've been suffering
    Every second
    Of their lives

    Time's up.

    They have
    The clock has
    Its time
    You stop
    Your filthy acts
    And open your eyes
    With respect
    For the knives are
    To be poked
    In your chest
    The next time you
    Stare at a lady's breast.
    Its time you
    It was a bomb
    Ticking all along
    The halls are
    Filled with voices
    Is shameful,
    A disgrace
    For you-
    The so called society
    that claims
    Of modernisation
    But is stuck
    At 11.11.

    Time's up.

    Its past your
    Bedtime kids.
    For its a

    And you are
    walking dead,
    Ready to be
    Trampled upon
    By voices
    Of survivors.


  • anuradha2212 64w

    TIME'S UP!

    Enough you have endured.
    The traumas, the anguish and wounds uncured,
    now demand from you to let yourself out
    of the cage of self-hatred and self-doubt.
    The fear that has ruled your heart for years
    Shall now be defeated by the fighter your soul bears.

    It's time to rise up and raise up your voice,
    for It's the call of the hour and not a choice.
    For long you've been a patient listener
    and now it's time to give back an audacious answer.
    Do not sit back and be a sinner
    for allowing yourself to be treated like a loser.

    Your heart, soul and mind screams in unison,
    that it's time to make their heads turn,
    that it's time to reveal the indomitable warrior,
    that it's time to let them know you are a survivor.
    that it's time to turn the tables,
    that it's time to be the heroine of some new parables.

  • luiski_thepoet 64w

    Time's up

    Woman it's time for you to rise
    It's time for you to speak for yourself
    It's time for you to chase your dreams
    Aren't you tired of crying instead of fighting?
    Aren't you tired of living in your small corner?
    Aren't you tired of tired of this torture?

    The time has come for you to shine
    It's time to fight for what is yours
    Get up and go for your prize
    Woman, get up and go for Gold.

  • likwidsay10 64w


    Make a lewd jester
    Unwanted advances
    Tell me it will help my career
    Uncomfortable touches
    An' inappropriate jokes
    This unwanted attention
    That I never asked for
    Think I enjoy this shit?
    It's degrading


  • shivangij 64w

    Break those chains
    Of patriarchal thought;

    Which considered so called dignity intensifies
    Of women instead of her self respect,

    That shackles which never blames;
    The person harassing and defending it

    I want those harassers felt shameless
    And to be target,

    Of their hilarious actions;
    Which affects the respect

    Now, I don't want suppress
    By the society and these harassers on it;

    I will raise my voice and so encourage others
    To raise voice and so it,

    Is the time's up for their suppress and actions
    And to live a life without;

    Any violence against us
    And so I encourage others for it.

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  • poukii 64w

    Time's up,
    to speak the truth,
    Time's up,
    to speak up for ourselves without feeling guilt or shame.
    Time's up,
    to rebel against forcefully imposed gender rules.
    Time's up,
    to see set up boundaries with people.
    Time's up,
    to save yourself from the trap of being too good.
    Time's up,
    to see through the brainwashing of others.
    Time's up,
    to do the things that we are truly passionate about.
    Because nobody can stop us, if we are truly determined.

  • rayhannahere 64w

    #timesup #wod #pod @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #FictionalReality

    Its surreal.
    Please reach out to person who needs help.
    Feminism is good, not feminazi..
    Teach all necessary things to child without being embarrassed, and in good way.

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    Born as Earthling
    Men gave chocolates, tempting
    Men started ogling at me cycling
    Men started commenting
    Men started singing
    Men started touching
    Men started harassing
    Got married, thought its happening
    Partner started raping and cam taping
    Partner called friends for cruel love making
    Partner left her heartbreaking
    Another guy came, sympathised, blessing
    Was wrong again, when he started hurting
    Asked help from parents, they too did abusing
    So when time came, tumbled the chair, was left hanging
    And yes, before cremation, was again raped with no screaming.


  • haruisuzu 64w

    A Villanelle is a French verse form consisting of five three-line stanzas and a final quatrain, with the first and third lines of the first stanza repeating alternately in the following stanzas. These two refrain lines form the final couplet in the quatrain.Villanelle always has a fixed rhyme scheme.


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    Time's Up!

    Equality is but a facade masking feindish realism
    Liberty lies questioned 'neath those veils
    Acknowledgement of a existence besides self, is where equality blooms

    She walks in,her equanimity fueling her dreams
    Beyond pulchritude, to glance at her sanguine presence their gaze fails
    Equality is but a facade masking feindish realism

    Timid steps, timorous demeanour, incessant daydreams
    Bullies turn a blind eye to a benign smile thwt always prevails
    Acknowledgement of a existence besides self, is where equality blooms

    Weary hands, face laden with teary streams
    Left in those old age homes their senescence passes in wails
    Equality is but a facade masking feindish realism

    Devoured by despondency over treacherous mind schemes
    Public opinion & criticism about us shouldn't be our entails
    Acknowledgement of a existence besides self, is where equality blooms

    Overlooking harassment is leading it to extremes
    Listening,standing up for each other; humanity, puts up best avails
    Equality is but a facade masking feindish realism
    Acknowledgement of a existence besides self, is where equality blooms

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 64w

    Starlights = woman's significance
    Hyperbolic = monopolized or harsh statements .
    Furnaces = ill ideology of society
    Severe sights = the eyes of devilish person finding way to harrassment .
    #timesup #remainsc
    Don't let the negligible values pollute the heaven
    Being a woman is achievement in any succession .

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the lines of reposts ������..

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    Time's up

    Bury the devils
    In their own grave
    Wake as the rising sun
    Remember a starlights too is brave

    Trace the facades
    And make them expose
    Never let the stains reach you
    Glow with the voices making sin dispose

    Bury the sorrowful doses
    Colouring the empowerment
    Erase the hyperbolic sentences
    Break those furnaces coding the measurement

    Reform the injurious lines
    Resign old , design new castle
    Rupture the harassment in remains
    Polish the courage even bearing hassle

    Reflect the forgotten rights
    Invade over the severe sights
    Prohibit the enemy standing at heights
    Keep burning the evilness playing at nights.