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  • shivatado 70w

    Time's up

    Slienced the hopes, buried the beliefs
    Failed the faith, no promises one keeps,
    But it's not that clocks run for one,
    Time goes by dial and same patterns
    retain their old style.
    Screamed the souls of betrayed,
    Yes they aren't afraid..
    Of dominance, of power,
    If there is drought for their dreams,
    to their equality, it's going to be shower.

  • thelunareclipse 70w


    I'm aware that this is not the best writing, but it's important enough to me. I need a radical change in my life.

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    Time's up

    Time's up for me
    to stop doing favours to those who
    are never there for me.

    Time's up for me
    to finally cut toxic relations in my life
    and start valuing myself more.

    Time's up for me to begin focusing myself
    on my goals.

    Time's up for me to stop thinking about others' needs
    and to give some space to my own priorities.


  • betrayals 70w

    Time's Up

    A rebellion clamped, grew up
    like a protuberance blooming
    out of hydras, and then
    voices adjourned together
    as a refuge born of
    tyranny and outrage,
    seeking vehemences in adversity,
    and refusing the umbrella of silence
    during widespread outbreak of
    equally waged thunderstorm
    a well known disparity.

    While the minute hand converges
    to evade the gap between
    hourglass and time,
    people still tend to diverge
    on terrible vengeance of society,
    lust walks over narcissistic minds
    smiles get covered by
    facade of evil chimes,
    while desirable touches no more
    mind their own business,
    that's when seclusion isolate
    from self esteem.

    Reigns of terror are bleak these days,
    when a woman's skill are labelled
    by proximity of her body rather
    than talents,
    where smitten pioneers feed
    on her flesh and skin,
    but time's up when she negotiate
    pain for someone else's pleasure,
    time's up when she is harassed
    and her freedom is disrobed in leisure,
    but time's up when limits are crossed
    as her wounds are dug deeper and deeper.

    Now it's time to back-stab
    retaliate fierce over power,
    emphasize voice over silence
    bringing out all the hush hush,
    for wabi sabi exists
    so does women's rights,
    time's up not to bear or forgive
    but to stand for you on yourself,
    for everything is impertinent
    in this confined world,
    till all remains is your
    decisions and choices.

    #timesup #remainsc

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  • pallavi4 70w

    Time’s Up

    Every time you look at me
    With a sly look in your eyes
    Every time you think it a done thing
    To brush a leg against my thigh
    Every time you casually drape an arm
    Around my shoulders and think it alright
    Every time you make a pass at me
    The moment your wife’s out of sight

    Every time you promote another woman
    Thanks to favours that you expect
    Every time you demote my status
    The moment your advances I reject
    Every time you treat me like I’m incompetent
    Just because I said a firm ‘no’ to you
    Every time you talk inappropriately to me
    At a workplace event after a drink or two

    Every time you’ve sent me suggestive texts
    And emails in the middle of the night
    Every time you’ve forced meetings on me
    Inspite of me putting up a fierce fight
    Every time I’ve been embarrassed
    Thanks to the lewd jokes you crack
    Every time your hand ‘accidentally’
    Wanders to the small of my back

    Every time you’ve left unwanted
    Gifts on my office table
    Every time you created a hostile environment
    And then suggested I was mentally unstable
    This time is certainly not that time
    When I will be silenced and shut up
    This time you’ll pay for your misdemeanour
    Know that this time your time here is up


    14th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “The Calling” by Tahlia Stanton (gallery collection)

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  • maheknayak12 70w

    Time's to come upon

    According to me;
    It's just the time to come upon,
    To fight against the worst thing we are alone.
    If someone stared us with bad thoughts.
    Its the time them to taught.

    It's the time to come upon!
    It's the time to come upon!....


  • phoenix_in_ashes 70w

    Mournful days and persistent pain
    Plagiarising our regrets and past mistakes
    Sapiens embraced equality not long ago
    Yet morals are murdered in silence
    Voices are smothered with money and reach
    Why bother as long as selfish carcass is safe,
    Denying unity that can resolve all malice
    Intoxicated with apathy we often go blind these days
    Times up we must have salvation from wickedness
    Here's some discerned phrases to pave the way

    Disregards for education, we forget the problems
    Chivalry is dying and so is respect for everyone
    He was innocent yet Bruised and abused at seven
    She got butchered by lust driven animals
    Transgenders hardly left out from these equations
    Dwelling upon gender while abuse is unbiased
    Since to own a gender one must be human,
    While molesters and abusers fail to be one
    Whereas victims they've become heterogeneous
    Hence real culprit is malevolent mentality of sapiens
    The one that fuels this Morbid obsession
    That devours and disparage every person
    An ailing disease ingrained within rotten minds,
    Violence beyond compare Eradicating humanity
    Times up, we must understand the real devil

    As long as awareness is suffocating under apathy,
    While world squabbles about politics
    Modernity asking you to embrace money and glory,
    We'll always shatter hopes of morality
    They exist as long as humans believe in harmony
    And it dies when we believe in pure evil
    Hence the world is what billions will make of it
    All talks of perspectives are irrelevant
    Until the tides are turned against the obvious
    We have improved and created respite indeed
    Proper knowledge has prevailed in recent times
    Organisations have worked and solved problems
    But there's much to vanquish in our journey
    Times up, we must believe in a world of peace

    Some false accusations and disbelief prosper
    Many real ones dying in ignorance and oblivion
    Some privileged ones contribute when they want to
    While many are Oppressed under the same roof
    We all know its here and where's the solution
    To deny the Prevailing kryptonite is hazardous
    Jeopardy is not the amount of abuse going on,
    Its the fact that most of it can be prevented
    And yet it has been allowed to happen
    Together in unity can this demon be conquered
    If all say times up, there should be no abuse
    Those eyes must undress their own characters
    World must be Emancipated from flaws
    Words must comply with proper Actions
    The future can be made with more love
    We are the saviour and we are the destructor
    One must contemplate which part should be owned
    And which part should be annihilated from existence
    Times up, we must build paths for compassion
    For serene, for rapture and for a better tomorrow


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    Prevailing kryptonite


  • maheknayak12 70w

    Time's come upon...


    The girl must never been felt embarrassed,
    Instead of raise voice being purest.
    Taught lesson to harasser,
    With a good smash✋starer.

    The world usually wanted the girl to hide,
    But it's not right.
    Instead they must secure them,
    making them a strong stem.

    Girl child should be able to live life,
    Free from bully and harrassment which are rife.
    It is the time for we all to took stand,
    The security against this we should demand.

  • healing_pen 70w

    Today, free yourself from the shackles of insecurities.
    Unburden yourself and ignore the society's expectations.
    Listen to your suppressed feelings and pour them out into chords. Play it hard until your fingers hurt
    And give yourself a second start.
    Because you deserve it.


    Thanks for the read and like @writersnetwork

    Time's up

    Today I want to play
    Each note, each tone
    That mocks your legitimate and perpetuate
    Your so called masculine power
    You exhibited that night

    Today i want to sing out loud
    The song of my disturbing thoughts
    One of those feelings
    That I cannot explain or detain to myself

    Today I want to barre my guitar strings
    Until my fingers bleed
    And play out a music of my perturbing feelings
    That silenced the remains of my youthful living

    Today I want to dance in liberosis
    And sing to the tunes
    Which fits my music
    And release myself
    From exhaustive emotions
    That you injected in my nervous system

    Today I want to scream
    And no more sit and cry
    Over the sound of b flat

    #wod #timesup #remainsc

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  • leo_scamander 70w


    Whilst slumbering in the emerald womb
    Ardent dreams of adorning
    the velveteen scarlet gown trimmed in slivers of verdant hues
    And oh how they'd say
    "look at the pretty red rose, surely a harbinger of Eden's love, a chalice of brimming mirth"

    Whilst I awake, clad in
    resplendent drapes of tinted fuchsia and ambrosial scents
    heart strumming an ode to euphoria
    But oh how they'd say
    "look at the red rose, surely the petals, the frills are all too gleaning..."

    Whilst I writhe in a grimy grasp,
    silken laces unfurled
    breaths shallow, petals drooping an ashen grey
    And oh how they'd thunder
    "look at the tawdry little rose , surely she desired to be trundled, waltzing in the hedges in such showy hues.."

    Whilst I fall,heart withering
    in a steering void of blues and the remains of a faraway july
    For roses, they'd say were never meant to dance in the summer rain
    Silks our spelt salacity,
    evening dew always dripped in debauchery
    And oh how I'd say
    "Look at the emerald diadem of thorns , and they shall only gaze as the morose rosebed blooms like an eternal poesy once again..."


  • brahmleen_ 70w

    #timesup #wod #mirakee

    //you are stronger than you think//


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    She is a woman

    She is a white woman
    a fragile skin a delicate foot
    like a soft piece of petal a
    molested garment like a
    frosty fire of sun drenched
    amid white skin of harsh
    winds and dull polaroids of
    sky crystal less pages of
    world narrate futile funerals
    of her harassed poetry who
    wanders with garnished wilts
    and sail free spirits around
    natural miseries of being a fille
    patriarch cages wait for
    chopped feathers of wings
    to fly on their own
    dead petals of liberty they
    pour upon angels rose from
    red coloured wombs
    rotten lights they lit consoling
    phrases unknown to evil blinks
    sovereign pinions of prophecy walk
    coldly here and her dead corpse
    sing sombre woes to stand on
    her own crunched toes.


  • etoile_mourante 70w

    Too Late

    Regrets in my eyes,
    Wails in the ears,
    Memories inside,
    Longing to have you by my side.

    No time to waste,
    For money's a haste,
    Forget the lofty,
    For temporary.

    Now, the clock strike,
    It's time's up,
    Never got a jiffy,
    To say how much you mean to me.


  • pranavvyas312 70w

    On January 7th 2018, The New York Times had announced that hundreds of women in Hollywood launched a movement titled ' Time's Up ' to counter harassment of women in the entertainment industry and elsewhere. The movement was initiated to give a voice to everyone and make everyone believe that they will be heard.

    --Today, write a poem or prose titled ' Time's Up ' against harassment.--

    #wod @mirakee

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    Time's up

    Time's up to discriminate someone because of their gender.
    Time's up for telling someone what they can do and what can't.
    Time's up for differentiating by difference rather than celebrating one.
    Time's up for ruining someone's life for some moments of pleasure.

    The world is not the same for everyone. But lets try to make it better for everyone. because this is the right time. And if someone doesn't want that and still want to oppress let them know their Time Is Up

  • puchka 70w

    Gather your wits
    See the writing on the wall
    Reads loud and clear
    "Time's up" for planet earth
    Only you can arrest this
    with preventive measures
    And the start point is to
    treat Her with love, as a child
    Loves her mother
    Wake up, roll up your sleeves
    Put your act together

  • crimsonrider2016 70w

    How much longer will you keep our mouths stitched with your pointless threats?

    How much longer will you tie our hands with your undeserved power?

    How much longer will you strangle our necks with your pitiful desires?

    How much longer will you ask us to keep quiet for the safety of your skin?

    Not a second more, your time is up.

  • ru_chaitraa 70w

    Time's Up!!

    It's time to leave your PAST in the PAST,
    Let it remain where it belongs,
    Don't ruin your PRESENT due to others' wrongdoings,
    If you try to live your PAST in the PRESENT,
    You are destroying your FUTURE as well,
    Coz FUTURE is how you live in the PRESENT,
    So STOP breathing life into memories,

  • sillysadar 70w

    Times up

    They said I was to blame
    By wearing these types of clothes
    That don't cover enough

    They said I was to blame
    By not screaming loud enough
    How can I when I was being silence?
    When I froze in fright, how can I?

    They said I was to blame
    Aren't you the victim they say
    But aren't I the survivor?

    They laughed in my despair
    They stared at me judging me as I walk by
    Calling me names for what I've done
    What have I not done?

    They don't believe me nor do they want to
    Why tell the truth when it will be covered with lies?
    Lies which will be believed
    For they are told by a man not a woman

    They don't believe that killing him was a defense
    But I couldn't let his hands touch me anymore
    The fear turned into strength in which I used to defend myself
    And I'm in the wrong for that?

    They say we have a voice
    A voice that's silence or not heard no?
    For here I stand taking a sentence he was suppose to serve with no voice to scream the truth

    But I know I'm not alone
    That people have the same fade
    That they defended themselves the same way
    When will their time be over for them to be free?

    I wonder about all the others who still go through it
    İf they will have a voice louder than mine
    If this time will be over for them to be free

  • ink_trovert 70w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #timesup #wod

    Time's Up!
    The sun went dim as illicit prevailed
    And ghost fellows shut their lashes
    To the soul in pain, humanity abused!
    Their lavish air pods took over screams
    Poor agony silenced under warm tunes.
    The morning sun is out lightning the injuries
    Yet no eye wake has got a spark of justice,
    As the clock that said time's up has fell
    And broken into thousand tiny pieces.

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  • shreyanarayan 138w

    वो खोई सी हंसी

    वो अल्हड़ सी हंसी
    वो मासूम सी हंसी
    होंठों से कभी दूर न होने वाली
    वो बेख्याली की हंसी।
    वही तो गलती थी,
    न जाने उस हंसी पर
    कितनों की नीयत फिसलती थी,
    बाहर के तमस से दूर
    वो पाक सी हंसी।
    वो हंसी जो आज गुम सी हो गई है
    या यूं कहें
    गुम कर दी गई है
    कुछ दरिंदों के पैरों तले
    कुचली हुई हंसी।
    उन होंठों की हंसी
    जिन्हें हाथों तले दबा कर
    शरीर को तब तक रौंदा गया
    जबतक उसकी रुह की चीखें भी
    खामोश हो गईं,
    उसे ज़िन्दा रखकर भी
    मार डालने वालों के बोझ तले
    हारी हुई हंसी।
    कल के अखबार के किसी कोने में
    दफन हो जाने वाली
    मदद के लिए पुकारती हंसी।
    उन जानवरों को आज़ाद देख
    कोने में सहम जाने वाली
    खोई खोई सी वो हंसी।
    लोगों से डरने लगी थी,
    लोगों के कहे‌ में आकर
    खुद को ग़लत समझ ने लगी थी।
    आंखों को कभी न छूने वाली
    नापितोली सी वो हंसी।
    वो खोई हुई सी हंसी...


  • shreyanarayan 183w

    The last tear

    I cried again today...
    Like everyday i do
    everytime i remember what you did.
    I cry and cry
    till my eyes run dry
    And dont make a sound
    not letting anyone hear it
    Not wanting my weaknesses to be found.
    I cried again today...
    I was hurting
    like I have been for so long now
    I know you don't care
    or even wanna hear it
    And still managing to hurt me somehow.
    I cried again today...
    Just long enough to feel the pain
    To let it reach, touch, overpower
    every inch of my brain
    till I was feeling numb
    and sure that for the day I was done
    and won't need to cry again.
    I thought I was done with it,
    I thought I left it behind
    I thought I had moved on
    and put it all out of my mind.
    But today I remembered again
    And I cried again
    And I promise
    no one heard a sound,
    No one saw the pain
    Your secret is safe with me,
    But I am broken,