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  • _flow_of_words_ 1w


    I may sound weird, but maybe I don't want to share anything with anyone..maybe I just want to sit silently and overthink. Maybe I just want to reach that point where I will cry my heart out because I am afraid of attachments. What if the person I will reach out to will break my heart again? Will those heart breaks be ever healed or will that broken heart be broken again? But my heart is tired. It says to leave it alone because it knows that I am tired too. For how long will my heart be broken? And if it ever heals, will it break again? Or will it break in pieces before it heals? Who knows? Better live the sadness. I might be wrong, but I don't want to reach out to people. What if they too end up breaking my heart? What if........?

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 10 Jan 2022 @2:46 hrs IST

  • jerry 1w

    Good bye

    I’ve told all my troubles goodby;
    goodby to each tear and each sigh;
    This world where I roam cannot be my home;
    I’m bound for that land in the sky.
    I walk and I talk with my Lord;
    I feast every day on His Word;
    Heaven is near and I can’t stay here, goodby world, goodby.
    Now don’t you weep for me when I’m gone ‘cause I won’t have to live here
    And when I hear that last trumpet sound, my feet won’t stay on the ground.
    I’m gonna rise with a shout, gonna fly;
    gonna rise with my Lord through the skies;
    Heaven is near and I can’t stay here;
    goodby world, goodby.
    I won’t have the blues anymore when I step across to that shore;
    And I’ll never pine, for I’ll leave behind my heartaches and tears evermore.
    A day, maybe two, then goodby;
    tomorrow I’ll rise up and fly.
    Heaven is near and I can’t stay here;
    goodby world, goodby.
    Now don’t you weep for me when I’m gone ‘cause I won’t have to leave here
    And when I hear that last trumpet sound, my feet won’t stay on the ground.
    I’m gonna rise with a shout, gonna fly;
    gonna rise with my Lord through the skies;
    Heaven is near and I can’t stay here;
    goodby world, goodby.
    Just a little while to stay here, just a little while to wait and then I’ll say goodby,
    Goodby, goodby, goodby;
    Goodby world, goodby;
    World, goodby!

  • saudadedreamx_ 1w

    I'm so sick and tired of feeling this way.

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @miraquill #drowsy #why #tired

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    Tell me why?

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  • bleu999 1w

    t w e n t y - t w o

    Why am I so tired?
    I'm too young to feel this old
    They tell me

    "You're just getting started, kid"

    That maybe true
    But I'm only twenty two
    And I feel like I'm drowning


  • jerry 3w

    I am tired

    I am tired with the feeling of being dismissed, criticized as to what I'm going to do next.
    I am tired of forcing myself to choke back the tears, hide my barb-wired stained arms behind a long sleeve sweater.
    I am tired of fidgeting to keep my sleeves past mid fingers, because my knuckles are swollen and bruised green and purple from yesterday's misdemeanor.
    I am tired of insomnia always wanting to be held by me, being woken every 2 hours as if I was tending to a crying baby.
    I am tired of running around and around my brain, always overthinking until I go past insane.
    I am tired of how my energy stops out of the blue, leaving me nothing but to stare into the wall dazed and confused.
    I am tired of making people run away from my presence, love and hurt and leave me until I'm left too sick to keep myself barely on balance.
    I am tired of walking with wobbly and scraped knees, my palms are bleeding with skin peeling off, barely able to write more sad poetry.
    I am tired of being hurt by everything and everyone, they say my heart is a blessing, but it has cursed my life since the day I was born.
    I am tired of the cruel criticism towards me, years upon years of insecure comments that developed into PTSD.

    I am tired of having to rely on someone else's heart just to make myself feel worthy and complete, I can't help sharing my entire heart just to get it back again obsolete.
    I am tired of the sickness that tells me good morning each day, opening my mouth to cleanse my body of the food from yesterday.
    I am tired of looking at my skin in the mirror, as my rib cage becomes more visually clearer.
    I am tired of breathing in the oxygen plagued with depression, opening my eyes to a vast blur in my vision.
    I am tired of smelling the fear raid out of my body, their eyes watch as I shake and choke on my spit as I drown in the sweat caused by my anxiety.
    I am tired of feeling incomplete, my hollow heart filled with thoughts of the night my soul fell to my feet.
    I am tired of crying on the bathroom floor alone, shaking with ***** dripping from my mouth whilst trying to type for help on my phone.
    I am tired of wanting to be loved and adored, knowing full well they'll leave me when they get bored.
    I am tired of scrolling through my phone to fill the space of pleasure, because his name is screamed to me until not my legs, but my brain makes me shake as if I was having a seizure.
    I am tired of being vocal about my mental illness, if it only brings me back into a bigger mess.
    I am tired of ruining everything I touch, shattering like a fallen sculpture, not being able to fix it much.
    I am tired of thinking until I get ******, screaming with every punch on the wall because I'm alone and won't be missed.
    I am tired of dreaming what could have been between him and I, instead I begin to think of different ways to die.
    I am tired of seeing my window sill every morning, thinking about how I can just jump from it so I can avoid today's daily dooming.
    I am tired of talking without words to speak, instead they're drowned out by wails until everything turns bleak.
    I am tired of being told I'm going to be a failure, only because my suicidal thoughts have made me unsure.
    I am tired of the pressure for me to do better everywhere, knowing they are just going to insult me for being an emotionally unstable fool.
    I am tired of the tears kissing my cheeks goodnight, only to knock me out with the help of the looming monster that is impossible for me to fight.
    I am tired of feeling and being weak and fragile, telling myself I'm strong are only words filled with false hope dripping with vile.
    I am tired of the days I feel happy and alive, whilst also telling myself this is temporary and will soon deprive.
    I am tired of my mouth being sewn shut as to not mutter a single word, trailed off when it finally unravels to people who refuse to have me heard.
    I am tired of the numbness in my body after I break down, realizing the man-made tornado had once again ripped into my lonesome town.
    I am tired of being alone and having no friends, because I'm still trying to heal from the knife twisted deep into my spine from the last person that wanted my life to end.
    I am tired of keeping myself in captivity, when I know that I can free myself to feel amenity.
    I am tired of the bipolarity in my decisions, always asking to be left alone but cry when I'm not given attention.
    I am tired of being the family burden, an annoyance who can never do right with flaws that can not be undone.
    I am tired of getting tangled into the constant mess I put myself in, they say I keep doing this to myself as I place my problems on my head with a pin.
    I am tired of being ******* to the strings, in which exhaustion plays and moves me like a puppet's unescapable fling.
    I am tired of being tired all the time, it's becoming so hard to find words that rhyme.
    I am tired, I am just so

  • __haneefahh 5w

    I'm the loneliest I have ever been
    Lately I catch myself slipping into this person I'm not
    I cry with any chance that I get because I hope it will get better
    But it is still the same pain in my heart today as it was yesterday
    I hope that It gets better someday because
    This feeling is one that i hate a lot

  • writing_hub_123 5w

    Tired me

    Sometimes i think i should stop because the way is long
    But though i don't have options and have to stay strong
    I wish i could leave this city and stay far away like honk kong
    With no one along
    When will i stop asking myself dear me is something wrong
    Sometimes i think how much the way left is long

  • smilesofwhiles 6w

    I get tired too quickly
    Of everything.
    Of everyone.

  • emyflorencemoses_ 6w

    Tired of the race,
    Can't keep with the pace,

    Trying hard to get what I cannot keep,
    Chasing the wind, from a mountain so steep.

    Take me to where I belong
    Before too long.

  • carlizah 6w

    People won't give up on you
    If you don't give up on yourself

  • hazel_nut_sucks 7w


    I wonder who are Workaholics
    Did they get paid for doing what they love
    Or do they just love what they are paid for
    I wonder who are Workaholics
    Are they the odd ones who don't want day offs because they are busy with passion
    Or they are the ones who don't want day offs as they don't have any passion left
    I wonder who are Workaholics...

  • lollipop71 7w


    Calling out for help, but no
    Sound is coming from my dry mouth.
    My hands and feet tied together
    With who knows what.
    Not knowing exactly where
    I am in complete darkness
    It's cold and dark where I am.
    Is it a well, or a building in which
    I am?
    I feel anxiety swirling inside
    My head.
    I'm scared, lost to the light, and no one
    knows where I can be found.
    I repeatedly call out for help over, and
    Over again, but no one hears my cries
    For help.
    Tired now, but unable to keep
    My eyes open.
    The darkness consumes me,
    And no longer do I see daylight.

  • who_took_my_cookie420 7w

    Tired Girl

    I dont think people , realize how much chaos one person must endure ,
    just to be this Gentle....
    It stems from a whole different kind of tiredness,
    Its the kind of tired ,
    the strongest of morning coffee ,
    .. cant ever seem to conquer,
    Always cold , stagnate, deep inside of you, for god only knows how Long...
    I lost count of the time , awhile ago, eventually ,oneday it just becomes irrelevant,
    Not like , the tiredness isnt there anymore , it is. But its
    just sorta stuck on you, weighing one half of you down, and you tolerate, and Carry it around .

    Content with the baggage..that life ,burdens you With...
    And with every ball the world throws at you...

    Everyday it slowly becomes easier to just shug your shoulders and say,
    "Eh im used to it" ...

    So here I am , hoping fir your sake your nit assuming im "gentle" for your sake or that i choose to be...

    Cause its more like
    , im just not surprised anymore ..
    And crying bout it ,aint fixing the chaos anytime soon...

    So when you see me numb , to that very chaos...
    Know how much true sorrow and pain and overall the complete heart ache, it must of took , to create this emotionless ,numb being you made of me
    Im not much of a "gentle girl"
    Im just a very, very
    tired one .


  • rahmahdi 8w


    Sometimes, all words become too simple to explain all mess we have
    Sometimes, all wealth lost the meaning too easily
    Sometimes, all dreams become too blurry to comprehend
    Sometimes, all we need just sit and take a breath for a moment in this chaos

  • kauthar 8w


    Am tired...
    Of being...
    Of what they claim...
    Of myself too...
    I say am done
    Wanna quit
    But I just can't...

  • kumarmp 9w


    Sometimes smiling is better than explain the your sadness.

  • lollipop71 9w

    They Fall Like Rain

    A bottomless pit of tears, your
    Eyes become so smeared,
    So hard to see the road from
    This river of tears you soon
    Wish could find it's way to
    Another place and time.
    They Fall like Rain.

    Swollen, red eyes so puffy
    It is difficult to see the light.
    So tired, so tired of this
    Neverending fight. Where
    Oh where is the light.
    They Fall like rain.

  • jeni___ 9w

    Making others happy without even thinking about your current situation is really tiring

  • soliquince 10w

    Tough Job

    I don't know what it's like,
    it must be difficult to fight
    back the forces of evil with the might
    of backed up diarrhea.
    Cause in that chair you're the mitochondria;
    if you left, chaos would climb ya
    like a tree.
    And I'm too small minded for that to
    bother me.
    Typical, right?
    How could I conjure a lie
    saying you're not the pinnacle
    of self made struggle?
    I must not have spent much time
    out of my bubble.
    While you constantly beat
    back lawsuits so 42 year old freaks
    can be free to follow me to stalls
    several times a week.
    Oh no, now I'm in trouble
    with the man who files paperwork
    where the weight of that stapler hurts.
    It's a tough job, I know,
    to attach sticky notes;
    gatekeeping someone who's caught Covid 19
    and maintaining a 5 o'clock shadow.

  • _ms_mystery_ 10w

    Sweet Dreams

    No matter how tired you are
    At times, the Nights won't come
    Untill you decide to switch off lights
    and shut your eyes...
    For you, to see
    Dark & Void inside again!