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  • christinaoconnor_ 14h

    #to My Granddaughter

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    Oh, tiny hand that grasps mine
    You will see the changes of time
    Little eyes looking at me
    Just a sapling of a tree
    Small feet yet to adventure
    You are an unimaginable treasure
    Not able to hold your head steady
    My hands are holding you at the ready
    Smiling so sweetly, the heavens awake
    Peace as placid as a lake
    Endearing yourself to everyone
    Warm as the radiant sun
    Rocking you back and forth in motion
    Like the gentle waves of the ocean
    A gift from the present
    You were heaven sent
    Love abounds with no ending
    She’s woven strings needing mending
    Knitting together the fabric of family
    Into a beautiful tapestry
    A wisp of a prayer, dreams come true
    Hope divinely met in you
    Stina Louise

  • holybible 2w

    Luke 12:43

    Blessed is that servant,
    whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.
    © HolyBible

  • christinaoconnor_ 2w

    #to My daughter #my first born

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    I veraciously love you my darling daughter
    I pray you will be sure footed and won't falter
    Vitality, strength, passion, courageousness
    Allegiance, loyalty, endurance, and loveliness
    Are all things you possess inside and out
    Fabricating colors and creating a world I know nothing about
    Inspiration sprouts through your every pore
    Distant horizons you have yet to explore
    I feel closer to you with a renewed ambience
    Thank you for taking a chance
    To unburden yourself to me
    I don't take it lightly
    Brilliance shines in your eyes and through
    I would of absorbed it all for you
    The anguish, the misery, the deep wound
    From the ashes you have bloomed
    You have grown exponentially
    You don’t need me anymore essentially
    Though if you ever long for my arms they are waiting for you
    Extended out, always open, to cradle you too
    A bulwark in the raging storms that may come
    A shroud, no one can breach this asylum
    My miracle, my daughter, my inspiration
    My friend, my confidant, my salvation
    Please stay awhile so I can bask in this revelry
    I know the world calls to you, but I’m not ready
    I know you ache for an unfulfilled desire
    You don't give up it's one of the things I admire
    You were told you couldn't and you overcame
    In this you can do the same
    You have fortitude and a tenacity
    It doesn't matter either way to me
     You are a undiminished  masterpiece
    May your happiness increase
    You are more paramount to me
    Before all else came to be
    It was opaque and I without direction
    The torment was like an infection
    Hope came in form of a mother's prayer
    A benediction on my lips and then you were there
    God blessed me, and your father so abundantly
    You are admired and a vital part of the family
    Your beauty is vivacious
    Your manner is gracious
    Melodies form and flow like a river on through
    A voice that begs to be heard. I hear you.
    You are never infinitesimal to me
    I behold what others can't see
    Oh child, don't carry the burden alone
    You don't have to do it all on your own
    You captured my heart in your tiny hand
    I will be a soft place for you to land
    Love, your Momma

  • piu_writes 3w

    हम हैं ही लार्जर देन लाइफ ,पर्सनलिटी हमारी बहुत खास है , इसीलिए हम शाइरी पसंद लोगों के दिल में खास हैं

  • holybible 4w

    Psalms 34:8

    O taste and see that the LORD is good:
    blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

    © HolyBible

  • mahua_k 5w

    #To.all.my.black,darkbrown.eyed fellows

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    Beautiful blue eyes.Heart warming hazel and Gorgeous greens.But there is something about black eyes.They are like black holes, once you are in you are lost in it forever.

  • letsutilak 6w

    After I met you, I believe you are my destination.
    Like so I am ready to battle in this field just so I could reach my destination. I am ready to fight along the way for I firmly believe my destination is YOU.
    Therefore resting everything with Believe in Thee alone, I choose to journey this fate and destiny of Us.

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    Phenomenal Love

    Hard it is to accept this Love.
    Unable to restraint myself
    Yet no authority over other person.
    No matter how hard one try,
    It is just too hard to accept this Love.
    I feel love yet I feel less of you.
    I am yours but I feel less of us
    I am loved but do not understand this Love.
    I see through it but I cannot restraint.
    I just can't help myself.
    To be in someone's shadow, it ain't easy.
    No matter how hard you try
    It disappears with the light.
    Even my own shadow doesn't support me.
    So to be in someone's shadow it ain't easy.
    I was told it is ok not to be okay
    Thus I cry in silence Weeping over silently.
    I comfort them with all that I am
    But I am left with no comforts.
    I got none to understand but lots to judge.
    Hard it is to accept this Love
    But I cannot restraint myself
    For this is the fate I choose
    And I choose to fight along the way
    Till I reach my destination.
    I believe my destination is you

  • stina444 6w

    #To My precious daughter

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    Growing Up

    My baby, so innocent and pure
    Growing up so much you had to endure
    You had to learn to crawl before you could stand
    When you did, glory be it was grand!
    Being able to watch you grow before me
    Has been an amazing gift and opportunity
    It's unfathomable I once held your essence
    Now look at you and your commanding presence!
    My child, how proud I am of you!
    Peering into the glass looking through
    Your image so pristine and clear
    I see you, and beyond what you may appear
    Into deep within your spirit, your core
    How I adore you even more!
    Your determination and tenacity
    Your independence and personality
    My daughter, I dreamt of this day since I had you
    It is more precious that I ever knew
    My bond with you is immensely treasured
    Something that cannot be measured
    In all the universe I was graciously chosen
    How blessed am I that I was the one
    I cherish every second, every moment
    Every day and all the time spent!
    Young woman, be fearless, be brave, be free
    Do what makes you happy!
    Don't be held back with restraints
    You shall walk and not be faint
    I pray you will be blessed boundlessly
    May your smile come effortlessly
    Now I call you friend as you are all grown
    It is more wonderful than I could have known

  • stina444 6w

    #To all those who have survived abuse

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    I saw your ghost today
    There's nothing you can say
    Unless it happened to you
    You won't know the anguish I’ve been through
    My love, your words fall from high
    Like the tears from my eye
    Droplets on the ground
    No solace to be found
    It hits me like a labor contraction
    My body rebels my mind takes action
    Touch becomes overbearing
    Even the thoughts I’m sharing
    Hurts so much to recall
    I want to help you up if you fall
    Somehow I image him so much bigger
    Anything can be a trigger
    I'm trapped inside
    Where can I hide?
    When this is my consciousness
    I can't let him destroy my happiness
    I want to let you see
    My vulnerability
    I am so terrified of getting hurt again
    All I can whisper is a faint amen
    A prayer for us all to overcome
    Who have been brutalized by some
    When the scab begins to peel
    That you will continue to heal
    It is a process I am in too
    I have faith in you
    Don't give up hold on just a little longer
    We are survivors we will get stronger
    Maybe one day it won't hurt anymore
    I will have the peace I’ve been looking for
    Stina Louise

  • badnaamshayar777 7w


    अब तो बस याद है तेरी
    ना मुझे अब तेरी चाहात है
    तू ना हुई मेरी ना हम तेरे लायक
    इस मेहफ़िल में अकेले हम
    और अकेले रहने में एक राहत है


  • badnaamshayar777 7w

    Dil kya kare

    दिल क्या करें तेरे लिए
    उसे बता तो दे
    दिल को तेरे होने का
    एहसास करा तो दे
    दिल को मत रुला इतना
    एक नज़र मेरी तरफ गुमा तो ले


  • sobiya_amin 8w


    Zindagi Ka Hrr Din Akhri Smj K Guzaro!

    Zindagi ki raftar bdhti ja rhi h
    Dur ka Sonchna rok dou
    Gunahu ki TOBA aj hi Kro
    Wqt abi bht h ye khyal nikalo
    Kya pta kb kisai apki Janai ki khabr ayai
    Kya pta kb logu ko apki uss azan ki namaz ada krnai ka wqt ayai
    Kya pta kb sfaeed chadar mai litai dai ap kai bdan ko!
    Moet toh ani hi hai kisi din ayegi ye lmba sfar na jano tum
    Roz Tumhare ghr pai dstak daiti h
    Kisi bhanai ki tlash mai h wo
    Kya pta kb khali hath naa jaye
    Loot aww sahi rah pai khi dair na hojaye
    Mokai dubara na dega wo jb ankhai anderai kmrai Mai khulai gi
    Ae gumrah log! Chod doh kafiru ki dunia
    Wqt nikal ta ja rha h ye jan loo
    Sajdai mai roho kya pta konsa sjda akhri ho
    Lmba sfar na jano, tum ye glti naa krna

    Zindagi Ka Hrr Din Akhri Smj K Guzaro!

  • aami_blove 10w


    People who is near to our heart,doesn't need words to understand eachother,a glance is enough.

  • badnaamshayar777 11w

    Tu keh ke to dekh

    तू कह के तो देख
    तेरे लिए ये दुनिया छोड़ देंगे
    तू मेरी तो बन
    तेरे लिए सारे रिश्ते तोड़ देंगे


  • iamsatyajitrout 11w

    Social Media

    We are in the era of this media...
    Where we should tell people our lives in statuses...
    Should upload some videos or photos...
    So that they would know what actually happening with us...
    The era is somehow the most devastating era...
    Because some emotions we are uploading those need to be told...
    We are in the situation where suicidal thoughts would come drastically If someone won't listen to your stories...
    We are adopting this era...
    Need to develope our inner essences...
    Need to feel that emotions...
    Rather mention those in social media platforms, we should tell our loved ones...
    We should call them...
    Should spend some time with them...
    Need to inhale the aromas of nature...
    Need to love those emotions...

  • badnaamshayar777 11w

    Agar main mar bhi jau to

    अगर मैं मर भी जाऊ तो

    मेरी लिखी बातों पे
    एक नज़र गुमा भी लेना
    मैं इतना कमजोर भी नहीं हूँ
    ज़रा उन लोगों को बता भी देना


  • badnaamshayar777 11w

    Agar na ho mohabbat

    अगर ना हो मोहब्बत तो कह देना
    हम हस के चले जायेंगे
    दिल में जगह बहुत है
    सारे गम हस के सह जायेंगे


  • badnaamshayar777 11w

    Tu khush rhe

    तू खुश रहे रब से दुआ करता हूँ
    अगर हम मर भी गए तो गुनाह बता देना
    इश्क़ था तुमसे नहीं कर पाई तुम
    वफ़ा के नाम पे ना कुछ दे पाई तुम
    क्या करते हम भी सहते रह
    उस बेवफा का ज़ुल्म
    क्या करते बेवफा थी वो


  • the_nirali 11w

    #To all the loving fathers

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    “Fathers umbrella is the most adoring and protective shade one could ever find in this life.”


  • iti___ 12w

    #To be strong to be delight
    #mrng thought

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    To be strong to be delight

    when sitution flow with you instead of you flow with the sitution .
    Is first level to prove that you are more enough for ownself !!!