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  • _rutu_writes_ 10w

    List of life

    Let me shorten some of important things-
    Build faith
    Defeat procastination
    Love yourself
    Live to fullest
    Learn mistakes
    Create moment at present

  • nocturnal_enigma 11w

    * 1.11.2021; 3.49 P.M (Malaysia)

    #todo #wod @miraquill

    * The 'You' is my #crush #AHBA

    (Version 1)

    Wanna tag you again on Instagram.
    Wanna message you again on Telegram.
    Wanna watch you again; Favourite program.
    Wanna lost weight. More than a kilogram.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

    (Version 2 below ��)

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    -gram ~

    No more wasting time on Instagram.
    No more messaging you on Telegram.
    Now, I will exercise. My favourite program.
    Now, I will lose weight. More than a kilogram.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • k_lair 11w

    Open, Reopen
    Figure it out, massage his heart
    Make him smile

    Wear his shoes, fill the pinch
    Get to the bottom, flip the switch
    Dry the tears, quench his fears

    Write this list so you wouldn't miss
    Don't forget to seal it with a kiss


  • sheez_happiee 11w


    You are just the beautiful you. Swim the endless ocean of happiness, replacing the salt with sugars as you do.
    Spend the sunday under the blueish gray cloak of the admirable weather!


  • artemiswrites 11w

    Ask the clouds how to sob beautifully
    Cut out only the good parts from newspapers
    Make chai like my mother's and fail again
    Save up some of Autumn's colours in a storage jar
    Restock the pepper in the spice rack
    Read a Colonial age story of Revolution
    Look out the window
    Write again
    Wonder for the millionth time how to get
    through life like a well made, unsinkable

  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 11w

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    I have to leave
    Though it's not my will
    But alas there's "life"
    Where I have to pay my bills..

    I could write all day


    Be fulfilled
    But it's time to call the pharmacy
    (So my heart still beats)
    Got to get my pills!

    Time to get my butt
    Out of this chair
    So I can buy shampoo
    Wash my hair

    See you soon, though
    Through our words..

    But if I don't go brush
    These teeth
    They WILL grow fur!


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    Real Life


  • kompletekaos 11w

    Not sure if this is correct but here it is.
    #wod #todo #poetry
    @miraquil @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    To Do

    Another day has gone and a new one come.
    Along with it a list of things that need to get done.
    To start I need to finally get my shit together.
    Like quit my lame job and get another.
    I need to let go of those who are bad for me
    And make amends with the ones I've hurt, you see.
    I need to make more time, like every day an hour,
    To mediate and talk with my higher power.
    I should exercise more and start to eat more healthy.
    Lastly, finish and publish my book of poetry.
    I know I can't get through them all in one day.
    But maybe I can start on most; who's to say?

    30 Oct 2021

  • sundarcvc 11w


    Morning alarm kicks my conciousness awake,
    Warm cozy bed tries to put,
    My morning routines on break.
    But I drag myself and God it was too much,
    For my semi conscious state to take.
    Finally I sit down half heartedly to meditate.
    Immediately from the deepest cavern,
    Emerge the thoughts I hate.
    Instead of my breath I focus on my internal debate.
    The noise within grew louder,
    And began to irritate.
    What a start to the day I managed to create.

    I check my laptop for mails,
    Time seems to pass as slow as a snail.
    The irritation lingers from those unpleasant thoughts,
    Right then a text message from my girl,
    That my attention caught.
    The sudden rush of happiness that I got.
    The Voice notes,funny videos and,
    The kissing smileys.
    All the irritation in an instant I forgot,
    The pleasure sensation I greedily sought,
    Untill the ping on my phone,
    Told about the work I completely forgot.

    I remember the things to be done,
    That I so much care.
    By my mind said,
    "Eat now for it's important for body needs to repair"
    Made me think,for health I do need sometime to spare.
    Got a call in the middle of the lunch,
    My friends are coming over,
    As the time ticks I convice myself,
    It's alright to have some fun,
    For it's relaxes my mind,
    So afterwards I can finish work in one smooth run.
    For the day has just begun.

    Only for me to in the end to stand stunned,
    The day almost ended and I never begun.
    Mix of guilt and anger sung it's tune within,
    My mind started to drift,
    Into what could have been and should have been.
    I look at my mobile which says,
    "Tomorrow is another day to make it right"
    I lay down and feel the rising rage,
    I set the alarm again,I swear again,
    "Tomorrow Is The Day I Change"

  • thoughtsprocess 11w

    Today I will visit
    the darkest corners
    of my heart
    and talk to all those ignored
    things which I have been
    avoiding for some reasons

    I will take there
    some bright yellow sunshine
    I will fill my pockets
    with clouds of hope
    and my eyes with
    colorful light of dreams

    I will remove
    dust of negativity and
    darkness of disappointment
    from there
    I will hang
    the chandeliers of love
    on the sky of my heart


  • msushil 11w

    Food, cloth and home,
    Are no more the needs.
    Love, life and family,
    My emotions want to render her.
    Vermilion, bangles and mangalsutra,
    My determination wants to submit her.
    Love, love and only love,
    My love wants to exchange.

  • halcyon_sparrow 11w

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    I will be wondering in shopping sites
    Like a vagabond in an unknown town
    Streets to streets, purposeless
    Just breathing air and counting shops and houses
    Then I will be lost in YouTube land
    In music videos and old speeches of heroes
    Like in Savanna there is a lonely group of rhinos
    Finally, I will be writing some
    Like a toddler with a paintbrush
    Whatever comes in
    Becomes dancing words.

  • anthonyhanible 11w

    To Do List

    From the rising of the sun
    It's something for me to do
    So I try my best to do it smoothly
    Trying not to leave me alot to do

  • nemesis_here 11w

    Begin with infinity : a kid's to do list

    Why do people ask
    What I wanna become?
    What I'll do when I grow up?
    Why do I have to choose one thing?

    I have many many dreams
    That I put everyday in my jar
    I cherish them all, can't wait till I grow up
    I've got to do all those things

    I want to go to Disneyland
    And go make friends with Genie
    I'll take momma and dadda there
    We'll enjoy ourselves thoroughly

    I want to take my house
    "Up" there on Paradise Falls
    Tied with thousand balloons
    And feel the wind rushing past me

    I want to go for an adventure
    And find a treasure hidden somewhere
    So I can help that puppy on my doorstep
    Who always wags its tail when I come near

    I want to save
    all the elephants and dolphins
    Because I once saw on TV
    That people outside hurt them badly

    I want to feed the boy I saw
    On stairs of the station that day
    He is same age as me
    Maybe with him I should also play

    I also want to fly all over the world
    Sitting on Alladin's carpet
    And want to go and meet
    Peter Pan in the islands of Neverland

    You know Matilda once came to me
    She's going to Hogwarts
    She asked me to join
    I want to go there too

    I want to find my wand
    As I am a wizard for sure
    But I don't wanna be in Gryffindor
    I like Hufflepuff better

    I want to go to Willy Wonka's factory
    With Charlie and grandpa Joe
    Maybe we'll learn something
    whether I'm a kid good or bad one

    I want to sow a seed in my backyard
    which will become as tall as that beanstalk
    I'll go defeat that giant
    Grandma says I'm strong

    Also there is a beehive on our tree
    Dadda says it has a lot of honey
    It's a good thing right
    Then I can meet Winnie

    One, two, three, four, five
    six, seven, eight, nine and ten oooo
    I don't know how to count further
    But my dreams are more than that

    Momma once told me about infinity
    Its what can't be counted, essence of life
    I have so much to do, it'll be exciting
    I think I'll begin with infinity and live happily.


  • milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake 11w


    Thank you so much for the kind repost ����@writersnetwork

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    I sprinkled some stars on my journal , twilight started reading my unspoken words.

    I want to fly above the ivory clouds of triumphs enticing the fiascos to take a sip of serendipity elixir. To tease the landscapes wearing the flamboyant attires purloining colours from chrysanthemums.To tint my lips with fuscia petals of rose.To lose my soul enormous times in the congregation of rivalry to embrace solitude.To perceive quietude in the clamour of melodies .To stare at those perpetual perennial picturesque sceneries hiding the blue and grey fall behind the floral curtains of my window.

    O' love
    I crave to walk down the aisle of dreams clutching the hand of reveries.To kiss your rose tinted lips taking pledges holding handful of fireflies.I crave to perch some warm poetries on your collarbone with the ink of fantasies in frosty winters.To melt the candles of my heart with the flame of your love. To dance in the rain of heartaches and remedies inhaling the petrichor of your endearment.To roam around the cities of meteors admiring bashful auroras stepping on the pebbles of eternities winking at ephemeral life.To sow the seeds of painful memories and sweet nights under my pale skin to grow the sunflowers of your warmth on my lips.

    I want to dig my grave in the ground of azure sky and sleep inside it covering my corpse with the blanket of contentment.


  • __soubz 11w

    #todo #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Yaay...100th post !��❤️ Thanq miraquill ..

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    Spread my feathers and
    Fly in the night sky
    Whisper my dreams to the stars
    Compose rhythms out of the zephyr
    Sprinkle my poesies in the land below
    And meet HIM in the Moon.

  • jikimi 11w

    #todo #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    No rich vocabs ,
    Spilled my life out ♡♡

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    Jump out the bed of pressure at 9
    Saucer in mouth and a quill in hand
    stroking hair and messy leisures
    Followers and followings,
    Strolls of laughter and tags
    A bath full of poetry shower.

    Lunch with cereals of poetries
    And a small nip with thoughts
    Dumping my head.
    A lesson to recover my mistakes
    And a project to cover my ambition
    English classes once a week,
    To improve my vocabularies
    And writing skills..

    Boring meets through Google
    Meets. I hope this gets over soon
    So I can take a real hug with
    The ones i love.
    A lot of Procrastination when
    There's lot of work to be done,
    Masters to be served (teachers,
    School life) and a large amount
    Of pressure dancing on the
    Tips of my door to welcome.

    Small mentions in miraquill,
    And happy tags that helps me
    Forget pressure, and a scribbling
    In virtual keypad for the word
    Of the day
    Then replying kind comments
    For my mysterious posts,
    Smiling at those who
    Read them once...

    A healthy meal of thoughts
    And then again a small nip of
    Dreams at 12 am, after recreating
    Stories in my head at the bed.... :)


  • stevenbates 11w

    To do

    1- schedule daily time to write
    2 - schedule daily time to read
    3 - complete morning tasks- eat, shave, shower, lotion
    4 - go to work- data, excel, emails, torture, paycheck
    5 - write - review yesterday’s work, stare at page, think everyone will hate it, psych self up, write 300 words, erase it all, write 1000 words, breathe, fight fear
    6- read, enjoy life, solace, wait… what does that word mean, maybe I could change this, does that effect my whole plot, where am I going, what is happening, guys, I’m here again, tumbling down the rabbit hole…

    What do I need to do?

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 11w

    #wod #todo (Is it) #pod
    The line in "//" is written by allam iqbal

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    Heart of an atom

    When i was  wandering in search of metaphors in my house of poetries
    I found a shelf of poignant memories,
    Decorated with canvases of agony
    i still remember
    That dusk while we were sitting beside the lake of serenity under the shades of unity
    You poured some sunsets in the cup painted with dusky hues,

    I drank it without any hesitation but when the dusk morphed into night the old leaf of young autumn told me that she bought that cup from the bazaar of treachery, and the conquerer of the night(moon) which was coated with the silver of Veracity whispered that she betrayed you

    That night I weeped like a sky who lost his sun,
    Every tear was portraying profound poetries
    Oh! Darling thank you cause that is why I am still a poet. //And true they said that blood of the sun will drip,if you will split the heart of an atom//

    And oh! Sweetheart have you any clue how many times you did so
    You split the heart of my billion atoms
    And every time the sun cried blood

  • mathilde 11w

    What did I write... I don't know... I was just singing and I gave individual tune to it also �� ��
    Kinda forgot the tags : #miraquill #writersnetwork #wod #life #triedtodoit... #todo

    My my everyone wrote so good... I had to scroll and scroll and scroll to find mine... In the way I did read quite many... Have to say ... U guys are brilliant... Really to the point writing... And this is to all of u ❤️

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    The To - Do list

    Wake up from that nightmare dream,
    The trickling water to run down my face,
    Sit still in a high back chair and be sad,
    Then roam around the path with an empty mind.
    I wish that it would have been just that easy,
    When I start my day...
    No day is better without coffee
    So here I am in the kitchen

    Stitch words to create a sweater of a small story,
    Let my voice go high up to sing that part,
    Draw the shapes and lay out my life,
    Only to rethink about my broken heart.

    I wish it was that easy,
    Until death will come
    Walking to me,
    And telling me that :
    "I've come for you
    To take you away,
    You can leave that To - Do
    And make your way ....


  • love_whispererr 11w

    Silence, poetry and me

    Cloudy skies of my megalopolis
    hazy, everything
    stillness around
    no birds are chirping
    some hushed falling leaves
    empty balconies
    a old man standing near that leaf
    and watching the skylines.

    A young boy, smiling and giggling
    looking at his mobile
    some silent chats may be ;
    A mother,inside her kitchen
    baking a cake with a smile
    but why she is smiling wordlessly !
    I gaze at her for three minutes
    Oh sorry ! I can't understand her.

    Some big bungalows, soundless zephyr
    noisy those roads are,
    deserted the homes are ;
    A grandmother is waiting alone
    bare afternoon
    and abandoned oldies in an old age home.

    No smiles around
    no chirrups around
    still everything is occupied
    by the silence yet by the hub-bubs
    by the palettes yet by the bullets
    by the vagabonds yet by the priests
    by the deaths yet by the love
    by the solitude yet by the sunrise.

    Metaphors, syllables and allegories
    haikus, sonnets and villanelles
    ballads, odes and
    I forget everything
    I try a concrete poetry
    but fail terribly
    some chemtrails on the sky
    yet so silent they are ;

    I, me
    thinking about myself
    but can't think about poetries anymore.
    I quit
    I try
    and I quit quietly ;
    Sorry !
    not a poet anymore.

    The sky of van Gogh is smiling ruthlessly
    and I open the freezer to eat the last ice-cream.

    Alas !
    That ice-cream, is melting.