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  • gowithsagar 22h

    I have alot to tell you about my family, friends and dear ones. But I chose to wrote something that I am dealing in my mind more than anything. So, I #portrait it. Hope you will acknowledge and if you feel it worthy then repost.


    One chapter to go through in life
    The phase of tackling with vicious people alike knife

    Venomous than a snake
    Only fake

    Deserves abhor
    Killing amore

    Makes you feel guilty
    Ruins your ability

    They are pain in the neck
    They talk, they pinch you with their peck

    Slow poison, damaging you
    Stay with you, managing you


    #portrait #pod #wod #gowithsagar
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    PS: Used this toxic theme and the shape is roughly showing the X; i.e. wrong, bad.

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    One chapter to go through in life
    The phase of tackling with vicious people alike knife

    Venomous than a snake
    Only fake

    Deserves abhor
    Killing amore

    Makes you feel guilty
    Ruins your ability

    They are pain in the neck
    They talk, they pinch you with their peck

    Slow poison, damaging you
    Stay with you, managing you


  • vyanjana_06 1w

    Whether family, friends ,colleague or any other person .

    Be there when you feel appreciated.

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    In indian family if you do something still thats not enough and at one point you stop putting your efforts towards those who don't appreciate it .

  • ananya_writes_ 1w


    When words don't touch you,
    Voices don't reach you, your heart still aflame;
    Under cloak of your hurt,
    All left is a stone, oh what a shame

    When faith left you ages ago,
    Your skin bruised, from your fights;
    Bleeding through all your stories,
    Only if you could heal, if you could smile

    When life robbed you of smiles
    And a starless night started, to never end;
    Brushing sad strokes on your hopes,
    Left all alone, tired and bitter without a friend

    When someone broke your trust,
    Your naive soul never mended, to be broken again;
    Guarding the broken heart with fire,
    And now its melted into iron, no love no pain..

    You can't touch souls now,
    Safe in your melted throne, devoid of life;
    Hurting every hand holding yours in faith,
    All left is the abyss of unlove, how do we survive?

    Your soul seeped hurt into mine
    So let me go now, I'm worn out, not your salvation or peace;
    Pray, I'll for your redemption,
    Hope, I'll be more than your object of twisted love and prestige…

    Only if miracles touched you again,
    Pulling down the curtains of night, for new dawn;
    Only if life could turn you back into the heart alive,
    Hope love could melt your shell of automaton...

  • sarahrachelea 1w

    Some shitty bitches need to taste
    Their own toxic medicine poisons
    Let them have it
    Serve them well with your devilish flavour

    ~ evilicious

  • kaach_ka_panchi 1w

    I am not your perfect lover.
    I am lumpy, stained and poisonous.
    I'm blaming myself for feeling like you're falling for
    me every day and make me feel alive.
    But I feel unwanted.

    I annoy you,
    I make false promises.
    I look up to others and try to compare you,
    even know there is no comparison to others,
    Knowing that you are still my pretty girl.
    Knowing that you are my charm, my pleasure.
    Knowing that you are always beside me,
    And Yet I took advantage of your humble heart and generous love.

    I feel lucky to have you, and worst I hate to trouble you.
    I know I'm lost and you're my tracker.
    I know I'm damaged and you're my bandage upon it.
    Even now that you are the one who seals my soul and locks it in a safe place so that no one can harm it.

    You've known my dark side and turned it to bright.
    You've Accepted my flows, my routine, my selfies love.
    You offered me your safe side,
    Your arms to cry,
    Your hands to hold,
    Your presence to spark.

    But I have no golden soul like yours,
    maybe I have lost mine long ago.
    Maybe you put a soul on a dead one.

    And I know that you have desires.
    I know it's me.
    But I haven't.
    Or maybe yes, is it you??

    #mirakee #wod #caption #longform #artofpoem #her #she #toxic #sadpoem #micropoetry #mirakeeworld

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    Toxic lover//


  • ezylavenyl 2w


    Unwilling to give up is a sign of resistance more than commitment and that' is more like an ambition than love.


  • unusualdee 2w

    Cut me off, I won't change.

  • ezylavenyl 2w


    One must get rid of anything or anyone that they feel is hurtful beyond repair.
    We are in line for death, not a moment must be wasted on toxicity.
    Nice doesn't mean suitable.


  • vyanjana_06 2w

    Its not always about ego or being the bigger person . sometimes its about self respect . May be you love them but do you really need them ? With this attitude ? #toxic

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    Everyday I think of you day and night ,
    I don't know how many countless times,
    In confusion, in happiness, in pain
    But away from any expectation and past experience,
    Too afraid to be vulnerable in this process of waiting game ,
    Not exactly waiting but want clarity on something ,
    Which is going in my mind from quite a very long time,
    Why everytime love is not enough for keep the things going ,
    When you feel stuck and in the process of no communication phase .

  • parasdeepak 4w


    Sometimes we feel people around us are toxic like those with whom we sit, those whom we call friends. They have certain perception about us which we don't like them to have and are willing to change. When we are unable to change their perception, we try to change our people. We look for new friends. In the beginning it's all glittery but as the time progresses, we may find the same toxic perception growing inside the new people. It becomes a loop.

    The fact is toxicity doesn't reside in their perception about us but rather it resides in our own personality. We can find what we don't like about ourselves by self introspection and remove it by strong will to evolve. In most cases, it's we who are toxic to ourself.

    - ©parasdeepak

  • layered_heartpoetry 5w

    Silent Treatment

    When I was younger
    I pitied you as the victim
    But as I grew older
    I learnt,
    Your silence was a cowardice
    A shield
    A defence
    And you knew when to lay it down and rise up with a brandished sword

    You spoke for those you loved
    You just never spoke for me

  • sreeramvan 5w

    When a parent can be so toxic, you have no where to run... #toxic #relationship

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    I have known my world,
    Through your eyes,
    I known love,
    From what I learnt from you,
    My childhood,
    My joy,
    Everything is what you have shown,
    Never knew world otherwise,
    Never knew love otherwise,
    Until I moved away..
    The world was new,
    I learnt affection for the first time,
    I learnt what love is,
    A shock...
    I see the toxicity now,
    I ask,
    Why would a parent do this,
    To their only child,
    I wonder,
    How different my life could have been,
    I can't seem to stop coming back,
    The hold you have,
    A noose,
    The grip keeps tightening around me,
    Somedays I can't breathe,
    Why me,
    I can ask,
    But would it help,
    I question my sanity,
    Can I move away,
    An option so easy,
    Yet I can't seem to choose,
    Oh the hold you have on me,
    Where to run,
    I can't seem to escape,
    I keep losing myself,
    I still crave for the love,
    As a child,
    A distant dream now,
    I must find a way out,
    Before I lose it completely,
    For death seems easier now..

  • kalkee 5w

    Poison in my heart

    No sun on the horizon,
    No hope left in the heart,
    No life left inside of me,
    All is dim, deep and dark.

    You may be born in fields of love,
    Miles long and miles wide.
    But let me show you just for once,
    What real hate feels like.

    From your hair, I'll make a brush,
    From your blood, I'll make art.
    To quench your thirst, I am mixing,
    Poison in my heart.

    Trust me baby, it'll taste sweet,
    Just like your memories,
    And soon all will be over,
    As if this was a dream.


  • aashuu43 7w

    अगर हवा मे प्यार हैं,

    तो ये हवा दिल्ली की हैं।


  • _you_n_me 7w

    People often tell me that I should have at least given them a chance. However na!!! I gave you 100 chances. I'm the one that is hurt!

    Say NO to toxic friendships, toxic relationships!! And give some time to yourself!!
    #TOXIC #wod #miraquil

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    Walking away from toxic relationships,
    No matter how much it hurts.
    Because I love myself!!!

  • jaded_angel_ 8w

    Blood On My Hands

    I don't want him anymore. Not the "him" that is now before me. I fell in love with a humble version of him. So, God please don't let him come back, because I'll say things that I never thought I'd say.

    My mouth is like a loaded gun, waiting for his arrival. So, if you love the both us, don't let him walk through that door.

    Let us quickly burn this bridge down together,I don't want to do it alone with blood on my hands.

  • mystique_charm 10w

    Pool of red, I lay in pain...
    Had poisoned myself...
    Knew it had turned sour...
    Still kept drinking, till I fell ill...
    The toxins overflowed, drowning my soul...
    It was the end of me...
    Had to cut it out...
    Bleed out the bane...
    Burn away the rotten parts...
    The tumor is finally dead.

  • medha_himanshu 10w


    again I'm here, sitting by my balcony, looking outside, it's so warm and yellow. It made me forget a lot of things, just like until this moment, I was sitting in my room, gulping my tears down my throat. Holding back emotions, wanting to control everything inside. I couldn't, I wanted to sit by myself, alone.
    A few days get so overwhelmingly shaky.
    the little girl inside me continues to stay naive but the body has grown, mind has grown. The heart is just the same the way it was, of a little girl.
    As a daughter, all my life I've been stepped over and disrespected, and all these years, I've taken the task of understanding the intentions of the man at the other end, and where he's coming from.
    As an adult, I have internalized this habit to understand the intentions more than their actions.
    Either I cut people completely off or I'm desperately stuck.
    my dad didn't teach me vitality, he didn't teach me the meaning of being respected and heard. He didn't teach me how it felt to be heard and free. He taught me the feeling of disrespect. He taught me fear. Although he taught me the strength to ride a bike, be self-sufficient though,
    On the other hand, he broke the strength of my self-esteem.
    He initiated it
    I internalized it.
    the little girl inside me didn't even understand the problem until she came into a relationship with a boy who treated her exactly like her father did.
    As I watch the sky, the yellow sun, my problems, and sadness suddenly doesn't seem so big but it feels so real. I have a problem to solve. It was my birthday 3 days ago, and I wanna gift myself the ability to be vocal and resilient.
    To solve the issues of my abandonment.


  • velrus 10w

    I could never care less for you,
    It's an addiction, a toxic one.


  • jacob_howdagee 92w

    Skipping Stones

    I saw the first ripple in the lake
    He caressed you in your fall
    But you did not wish to stay

    You skipped along
    Pursuing love on higher depths
    Last I saw, you were falling
    More than I could've guessed

    Your little stone heart
    Isn't skipping now
    What has you sinking down? 

    The darkness clasps your heart
    Tightly in his hands
    What a terrible man

    Does the pressure above
    Keep you below? 
    But in those cold hands
    Don't you feel alone?