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  • mrkhan 2w

    Memory flashback

    When the sun dives into the sea,
    You flash in memory lika a wee..
    The light shines in room so bright,
    My diary holds ur arm very tight..
    The gentle crackling sound of fan,
    Raises the same question 'how I can'..
    Forgetting you was the main moto,
    Heavy heartedly shedding your photo..
    Life is full of unexpected accidents,
    Fooling myself to forget all incidents..
    The dairy closes with the question 'why',
    Your memory flashes back with 'may I'..

  • mrkhan 2w

    A tiring wait for the train and you in memories with persistence..
    Eager people on standby for rail and me for your seductive glimpse..
    Spying eye knows the contentment of your graceful face ..
    Silent heart pops indefinitely on your incognizant gaze..

  • xyzzzzzzz123 2w

    Dream inside train

    At 7'0 clock in hassle dream
    Wake me up inside quiet train
    Inspite gossiping coach
    Mute windows are sharing her pain

    Window were tricephalic sisters
    Crying in the chattering rain
    Twin rails are the lovers of trio
    Rails were only male remains

    Twins and sisters for wedding, invited
    Cloudy sky and the moutain terrain
    Escorts of groom(chairs) were siting
    Chattering rivers inside earth veins

    Sudden , A deep shuttering voice of a doll
    "Ten rupees are sufficient to contain"
    Those shaky lines with dizzy glimpse
    Stopped me to dream plot again

    Fragile heart has shattered down
    Unspoken pages flipped to humane
    Wrath for change , the moment I decided
    I shall not live in vain .

  • pushp_harshwal 7w

    ट्रेन मे मेरे सामने बैठी वो लड़की
    कुछ अलग ही अंदाज था उसका
    झुकी नजरे मासूम चेहरा
    उड़ती जुल्फे बार बार सम्भाल रही थी
    जब मुस्कराती थी तो मानो बहार छा गई हो
    सर पर रखा रेशमी दुपट्टा हवा के झोंके से सरक रहा था
    कानों के झूमके गुलाब से कोमल गालों से अठखेलियाँ कर रहे थे
    ढलते सूरज की किरनें माथे पर लगी बिंदी को और सुनहरा कर रही थी
    बात करती थी तो मानो मोती झर रहे हो
    इतनी मीठे बोल
    खुदा ने फुर्सत से तराशा था उसको
    जो एक नजर देख ले तो मदहोश हो जाए
    मानो कोई अप्सरा थी
    हल्के रंग का सूट और उस पर रेशमी दुपट्टा
    उसकी खूबसूरती में चार चांद लगा रहे थे
    उसकी सादगी उसका शर्माना
    क्या कहूँ शब्द नहीं है
    बस यही कहूंगा
    आज धरती पर अप्सरा देखी
    ट्रेन में मेरे सामने बैठी थी वो लड़की….

    -पुष्प की कलम से

  • acemaster 8w

    Just some observations during my morning train ride
    #life #train

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    As the train passes

    As the wind blows, cold and chilling,
    My lips freeze, hands in pocket, shivering
    I wait for the train to come, it's taking time
    I wonder why o why is it taking all this time
    I finally see the red light at a distance
    The sound of the brakes screeching, then silence
    I get in and look around, observing everyone else
    It will take sometime to reach, there is not much else,
    I see a green haired woman with beautiful eyes
    Staring out the window, watching things passing by
    I see a couple, holding hands and talking,
    Love is everywhere, even in a train passing.
    I see a mother with her baby daughter, answering questions,
    Where did our curiosity disappear I wonder, accepting things without question,
    I see a well dressed man on his ipad browsing,
    Busy in his life, not noticing life that is passing,
    Everyone is different, everyone is unique
    We are all in a passing train, but our mindsets unique
    For we may be on the same train, crossing station after station
    But once it stops, we all move to a different destination

  • mysticalballads 9w

    Train Ride

    Travelling in the train,
    Crushing my small brain,
    Waiting for your gorgeous text,
    Thinking what to type next.

    Starring at the twinkling stars,
    Ready to walk even to the Mars,
    Seeing the phone without a flash,
    The time I wait my heart crash.

    Atlast the text from my crush,
    Came to me like a lightning rush.
    Through which I see her blush,
    In her cheeks which is a plush.

    Happiness filled my sweet heart
    Because of my dear sweetheart.


  • beensn 10w

    Train journey

    Journey by train,
    Takes you to a different world again.
    Be it the places you pass,
    Or the people you come accross.
    It's a open book if you want to read,
    Can also enjoy fights with the narrow mind.
    Different languages, customs and traditions,
    All inside the compartments.
    To many, a living it provides,
    There is a shopping on wheels.
    Keep your eyes and ears wide open,
    The realtime experience is not easily forgotten.
    © beensN

  • _vibeswriter 12w

    Rain ask for him but he is not here.

  • ylviia 13w

    #stranger #train
    PS: I named him Adam since I never got the chance to meet him properly. So that's him. Adam, the stranger that mesmerized me in every way in these short 30 minutes we shared together.

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    Brown hair, big eyes
    You stared at me when I came in
    I sat down and I felt your eyes on me
    I looked back and god damn
    You were so gorgeous and I was in awe
    I couldn't believe someone like you would even look at my direction
    Yet you did and I felt whole
    I live for small moments like these
    Meeting a complete stranger,
    Being mesmerized and captured in the moment
    But I couldn't take your glare
    Too scared of something that hasn't even happened yet
    So I looked outside,
    Seeing the landscape slip through my eyes
    The music blasting in my ears
    I felt your stare every single moment
    Everytime I took a glance at you
    You were there and attempting to read my soul
    You always tried to make eye contact
    And even though I could have gotten lost in your big blue eyes that soothed me like the ocean
    I didn't dare take a closer look at you
    Too scared to deepen the connection we already had
    And sadly soon you reached your destiny
    And left my path
    I saw you walk away from me
    And I took in everything that was left
    The moment ended
    The train door closed
    And we moved on with our lives

  • fizahfiz_ 21w

    At birth, we boarded the train and met our parents and we believe they will always travel on our side. However, at some station, our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone.

    As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. Our siblings, friends, children and even the love of our life.

    Many will step down and leave a permanent vacuum. Others will go so unnoticed that we don't realize that they vacated their seats. Which is very sad when you think about it.

    This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes and farewells.

    Success consists of having a good relationship with all the passengers requiring that we give the best of ourselves.

    The mystery to everyone is: We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. So, we must live in the best way - love, forgive and offer the best of who we are.

    It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty - we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.

    I wish you a joyful journey this year on the train of life. Reap success and give lots of love. More importantly, give thanks for the journey.

    “Lastly, I thank you for being one of the passengers on my train!”

    #train #life #reality #autobiography #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    The Train Of My Life

    Life is like a journey on a train,
    With its stations,
    With changes of routes,
    And with accidents!


  • knownbutunknown 25w

    Confused sole......
    #train missed... hyd

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    19 june

    Lucky vs unlucky
    They both fight against each other inside me......when something wrongs with me...


  • byumbyum 31w

    Die Grundlagen der Einsteinschen Relativitäts-Theorie

    They say that
    Time is the 4th dimension,
    That when 2 weary travellers
    Arrange to meet at a desert clifftop,
    Sparsely populated with life,
    They would spend their
    Lifetimes waiting for the other
    Without a stipulated time.

    We are 2 trains
    On a winter's evening,
    Speeding on parallel tracks
    across the white landscape
    Of a blizzard,
    Engines blazing,
    Motors whirring,
    The warm light from the inside
    Casting itself onto the snow,
    A mockery toward the coldness
    That lie beyond our metal walls.

    Yet even if we traverse
    on the same tracks,
    In the same country,
    In the same field
    We might not feel
    Each others' warmth
    On this one night,
    Under the starry sky.

    I lay in this empty expanse,
    Watching you
    As you trudge further on
    Away from me,
    Leaving me with only the smoke
    From your coal engine
    To hold on to
    For at least some form
    Of comfort.

    Another close interaction,
    Another chance at warmth,
    Another missed opportunity,
    Lost to the cold grips
    Of time.

    Maybe I rushed it
    Or maybe I came too late
    Whatever it is,
    I missed that window of time,
    To be someone important,
    To be someone noticed,
    To be someone you cared for,
    Even maybe by
    One heartbeat.

    Life has brought us together
    In the same space,
    In the same frame of mind,
    In the same path,
    But maybe,
    Just maybe,
    It was the wrong time.


  • achayanandkochamma 33w

    I feel relationships are like being on a train. You start your journey with strangers around.
    You hit it off with someone but at some point that person gets off in a platform but your destination still lies ahead.

  • propheticsinner 34w

    Train your brain to handle your emotions.

  • vivekjhawar 34w

    Train ki journey, window wali seat, haath me ek khoobsurat kitab padhne ko
    Aur khoobsurat mausam, dheemi barsaat
    Aur kya chahiye bas safar me❤️

    Dheere dheere train chalne lagi aur thodi der baad next station aagaya UKSHI STATION (Maharastra).
    Jaise hi train station pe pahunchi wese hi tezz barsaat shuru hogayi aur paani khidki se andar aane laga.

    Kuch boonde baarish ki mere kapdo pe kuch kitaab pe aake girgayi.
    Main khidki band karne laga, jaise hi main khidki band karne laga, wese hi mera dhyan bahar khadi station pe ek khoobsurat ladki pe gaya.

    Jo itni tezz baarish me waha bhigte hue khadi thi, Usne apne haath aage kar khol rakhe the, aur wo baarish ki boondo ko apne haatho me rok rahi thi aur chehre pe ek khoobsurat muskaan thi, baarish me bheegne ki shayd...ya shayd wo ek Khushnuma insaan thi...shayd

    Aisa bhi lagraha tha, jaise wo kisi ke intezaar me khadi thi udhar,
    Aur itne me train chal padhi waha se..
    (Kash kuch der wo train waha aur ruk jaati) kher,
    Train uske saamne se hote hue nikli aur aage chali gayi, main use piche mudkar dekhta raha jab tak wo station nikal na gaya, kuch der baad barsaat bhi dheemi padne lagi..

    Par aage pure raste man me bas main wahi soch raha tha ya man usi taraf bhaagraha tha.
    Naajane kyu wo ek chotha sa sheher apni taraf man ko khinch raha tha ,Jyada kuch to samaj nahi aaraha tha, bas itna zaroor pata tha ya shayd kahin padha tha ki ����

    "Jab bhi hum kisi khoobsurat sheher se hoke gujarte hai , to waha ki kuch khoobsurti apne saath le jaate hai, Aur apna kuch hisaa wahi chor aate hai", shayd us dafa mere saath bhi aisa hi hua...Bas ek baat ka malaal tha ki
    (Kash kuch der wo train waha aur ruk jaati) , kher choro....


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    Wo Train Ki Journey....wo ladki❤️

    Kuch hissa waha chor aaya hoon
    Badle me,
    Kuch baarish ki boonde,
    kuch chhinte, aur
    Kitaab ke panno pe pade
    Un chhinto ke nishaan,
    Apne saath leaaaya hoon

    Nahi jaanta..ki
    Behad khoobsurat kon tha
    Wo baarish , wo sheher,
    Wo khooshboo , wo mehak,
    Wo train ki khidki,
    Wo uspe pe padi meri najre,
    Wo thehra hua waqt, wo lamha,
    Ya wo ladki khud,

    Nahi jaanta...ki
    Wo baarish ki boonde,
    Uske haatho me ruk rahi thi,
    Ya Mehaz uske haatho se guzar ke...
    Apni manjil zameen pe
    Pahunch rahi thi

    Nahi jaanta...ki kyu
    Man pareshan tha...kyu
    Dimaag ke pass na koi
    Iska samadhan tha,

    Nahi jaanta....ki
    Wo Haqeeqat thi..ya
    Mehaz ek itefak tha...ya
    aankho ke saamne ek shabab tha...ya phir
    Din ke ujale me dekha hua
    Ek khoobsurat khwab tha

    Bas jaanta hoon to itna ki
    Agar wo ek khoobsurat khwab tha bhi
    To shayd us khwab ka kuch hissa
    Main apne saath....Chura laaya hoon,
    Aur uske badle me
    Apna kuch hissa waha chor aaya hoon ❤️

  • rithu_saji 34w


  • pnnnkssnishu 38w

    Some of the best decision
    in life can be:
    Just sharing a playlist
    with a stranger on a train


  • jak_artist 39w


    Hearing the engine coming to halt. I look down and prepare myself to make a grinning face, looking up i wave a final good bye.
    I peep out of the window, wondering who will now put their feet in my tiny compartment.
    The journey goes on, station by station, people getting in and out.
    Some people I meet, i wish them to stay a bit longer. While some I yearn to stay with till I reach my destination.
    Every passenger i met, shared a part of their adventure with me. They make my quest beautiful, worth remembering.
    The ones in my room right now,will also have to leave. With few promises and goodbyes, we will fall apart.
    So in life, year by year just like station by station, people come, they stay, create memories, make few great changes ,sometimes nothing and then they pack their bags.
    Only difference, they never have a perfect good bye.They sometimes fade with time and are long gone before you cherish old memories and want them back in life.
    Sometimes if you are lucky enough, with guts and courage you can fulfill those long forgotten promises, say the words unsaid and choose a better ending to your story.
    And sometime faded means gone forever.

    Dear reader,
    This happens with everyone, if you remember a friend while reading this grab you cellphone and talk to him maybe you can change the way you parted.

  • bishal_paul 39w

    blaring train slows down to tremble this busy platform,
    and numerous impatient feet tickles and swarm.
    my seat number matches the days i was away from home,
    a flash of memories strike me inside this jiggling dome.


  • bhavy_shah 45w

    Solo and lone, journeying the life train,
    Nothing to lose now and nor to gain,
    Though accompanied alongside by gifted pain,
    We two weeping, the world see it rain.