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  • yours_fortune 32w

    !! DON'T !!

    Don't mess with an ARIES emotions
    Don't cross a TAURUS
    Don't belittle a GEMINI
    Don't make a CANCER regret loving you
    Don't play with LEO'S heartstrings
    Don't talk down a VIRGO
    Don't tear down a LIBRA'S dream
    Don't fight a SCORPIO
    Don't hold a SAGITTARIUS back
    Don't bring up a CAPRICORN'S past
    Don't overshadow an AQUARIUS
    Don't make a PIECES furious

  • yours_fortune 34w


    Aries :- BAEries
    Taurus :- SNOREus
    Gemini :- GemiNOOB
    Cancer :- Literally CAN'Tser
    Leo :- FLEEKo
    Virgo :- VirGOALS
    Libra :- LiBRUH
    Scorpio :- ScorpiNO
    Sagittarius :- SAVGittarius
    Capricorn :- CRAPicorn
    Aquarius :- AquariYEESSS
    Pisces :- WHYsces

  • tumaku 39w

    when you love someone
    so much that you put
    their life ahead of yours

    then you deserve
    to be loved much more

  • _truesayings_ 45w

    संघर्ष कभी समाप्त नहीं होता,
    उससे हर दिन दो-दो हाथ करना
    ही सफलता का एकमात्र उपाय है।


  • vickysardar243 51w

    Relations are simple as cooking.

    Wherein, personality traits are like spices. Each one has its own significance.

    The measure of each varies from recipe to recipe.

    Right blend of traits will give you a great relationship.


  • snehajacob 62w


    Crafts a piece out of nothing, motivated by darkest days of life.

  • rhythmic_beats 62w

    Writer's law of attraction is an abstract force, an unwritten law, sprouting tiniest letters to giant universe of writing.

    Writers are God for the reason they give life to lifeless souls wandering to liberate from decaying melancholies, killing them with black holes of darkest bruises, where light too gets scared to enter.

    But deep inside in the center of heart, there lies a different world, completely dry and withered like maple leaves after a fresh breeze of autumn.

    And when the first raindrop of ink falls on these burnt lifeless veins, the branches of hope starts crawling like a kid starting new journey towards life.

    Writers magnetic force attracts all sobbing hearts and happy hearts to buckle them together for synchronising pains and sorrows equally just like one hemisphere of Earth enjoying the delightful sun, and other half seeing their silent screams twinkling in the stars in the secret and haunting night canvas.

    Lemme tell you writers are horribly divine creatures because when you share your pieces of misery puzzle, they would dig out their darker version to match your broken piece of puzzle and eventually joining all silhouettes of puzzle turning into a complete picture which again gives your soul a time-lapse of seasons; giving you a choice to again live a life the way you wished for!

    Writer's law of attraction stitches 12 laws like 12 months giving you 365 reasons to fly like a astronaut in the gravity of words:

    1. Tortures turn to opportunities.
    When you were hanging the rope of suicide, the writer in you for the final time called for a farewell feast and as a ray of hope, you became your own therapist and vanished the storm of depression!

    2. Full stop never bids a good bye, a coma accompanies it and the journey of semicolon (life) continues.

    3. Big bang of aspiring writer creates wonder where day and night bows down to this miracle in form of metaphors.

    4. A writer is always a better lover than Romeo and Juliet, as he is a self lover, poetry loves him and in this world there is no force till date who could separate this aesthetic bond.

    5. No matter whatever you are facing, he will beautify your any phase to a miraculously admiring vibe by sprinkling his poetic hues like an angel leaving his sparkle to your prayers.

    6. He never asks for fame and greed as he is already carrying a universe in him. What he would ask for is a beautiful crescent smile on your face just to make you glow in pitch darkness too.

    7. Nothing is inanimate object to him. Even a hectic traffic jam of life will bloom to cherry blossoms when he would kiss his pages with moist lips dripping hearty words.

    8. Writer will always be an invisible hand pulling you back into life, rescuing you from drowning in the whirlpool of hatred.

    9. A writer will make you a believer of love, doesn't matter you have become an atheist of love or not, but you will again be a devotee of love when his holy melodious verses would echo again in your soul.

    10. A writer would thrive to learn anything and everything to make you dance out of joy, to roll your tears out of joy!

    11. A writer will make any fragile heart a strong heart, capable enough to inhale pain and exhale kindness.

    12. Writer's law of attraction downpour like rains of June, drenching soul in immortal Inks of poetry.

    ~ A 21 year old homosapien and a 13.8 billion year soul scribbling some honest traits of a writer.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Image: Instagram, edit by me.

    Happy June��️♥️

    #writers #wod #traits #magic #life #poetry
    #rhythmic_beats @mirakee

    Thank you @writersnetwork "♥️"

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  • dixiee 89w


    Fear is ur inner demon that pulls u back from what u want to accomplish and makes u whirl around hallucinations...Never let the devil tear u apart...

  • dixiee 97w

    Adjustment is a way of testing ur level of patience...
    But how much could u bear if it is one-sided?
    Is it meant only for someone with indepth tolerance?
    It's totally unfair by taking them for granted...

  • dixiee 101w

    Only if u analyze and accept ur mistakes,half of ur problems are solved... So solving or complicating it is in ur hands...
    Don't blame fate for it...

  • dixiee 102w

    As we try our best to forget our terrible past and start a new,it keeps haunting us to the extent that we lose control on our own emotions.Obviously everyone has their own nightmares sucking out their positive vibes from their brain...To make matters worse the people around taunt and render us unstable.If anything goes wrong whether intentionally or not,they are ever ready to point fingers on us and remain blind to ur agonizing pain.What worse could be more than this? There is negativity everywhere ruling the world with iron fist and the positivity is dying out.All we could do is stay aloof from this negativity and try to infuse positivity and that is possible only by patience.We can't expect anything or wait till we get what we want but atleast we could try to help ourselves and definitely there will be a ray of hope emerging from the darkness.Patience might sound quite bitter to us but that yields a better harvest if we practice it in the long run.The one with a great deal of patience always got what he wanted and nothing could stop him...����
    It takes a matter of time to heal deep wounds and let good things to rejuvenate...������
    #potential #traits

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    It takes a matter of time to heal deep wounds and let good things to rejuvenate..

  • ms_shayara 109w

    I observe every detailings ⠀
    and take it to my heart.⠀
    Because that’s the thing⠀
    which I have no control over..⠀
    whenever it comes to ⠀
    actions and words
    of my loved ones.⠀
    ⠀ ~ Nancy Uppal⠀


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  • dixiee 109w


    I've been left alone in darkness despair,
    Disillusioned in my thoughts and actions.
    The virtues that I had faith upon,
    Suddenly began to fade away...
    I couldn't distinguish the right or wrong,
    Fearing that one wrong step of mine,
    Would complicate things further...
    I'm made to choose between two right things,
    Unsure of which is more right,
    I am pulled on either sides like tug of war...
    My mind is entangled with thoughts,
    I have no idea of where to start,
    And how it would end...
    Might god shower me with a ray of hope,
    Where I could simply travel upon...

  • dixiee 112w

    Be the change...

    Have a contrast in ur thoughts and actions...
    Go beyond the horizon to reach new heights...
    Explore new things that fascinate u...
    Pay attention to teeny tiny things...
    Derive pleasure from the hardest entities...
    For ignorance becomes a slow poison.
    Ur weakness should not backstab u...
    Transform it into an invincible weapon.
    Define urself different from others...
    Make ur existence flabbergasting...
    Be limitless to the core...

  • dixiee 113w


    It's pretty sad that people don't try to sort out their differences.Instead they are busy thinking of the wrong that happened to them,defending themselves like a shield.The darkness of ego shuts them from analysing themselves,on top of that hurls abuses at one another unmindful of the sure consequences....

  • dixiee 116w

    Be urself

    Do good deeds
    Not for appreciation,
    It's for ur satisfaction
    That's what you need.

    There may be circle of influence
    U ought to show sense of vigilance,
    For u go off the track
    Encountering the real danger.

    Overconfidence may mislead you
    For it is a temporary boost,
    Crashing down 'heights of fortune'
    Ending up picking it's fragments.

    Stand tall like a pillar
    By the 'deluge of misfortunes',
    Replicas, dilapidated ones perish
    But you thrive because ur real.

    Never be prisoner of negative vibes
    Just come out of ur nutshell,
    Let's ur heart's cry appeal them
    For who disregards it, forget them.

    Be urself for ur unique
    Not mere a flower in a boutique,
    Quote urself the 'BEST'
    God will care of the rest.

    Do all what you can
    For u know that u can,
    Exercise ur skills now
    Forget about the results then.

  • dixiee 116w

    Talent is priceless adornment,it enhances ur identity,recognition,makes u feel complete.It's like going on a quest for a hidden treasure.U gotta dig ur brain to look for it just like hunting for a gem in a vast world.It paints ur true picture.

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    Art of Talent


  • r_feelings 132w

    Never tell someone he/she is unattractive because you haven't seen the factor in that person that might control the world.
    Their warm heart has capability of melting the heart of millions.

    #thoughts #beauty #traits #melting #attractive #unattractive #facialbeauty #Kindness #you_define_yourself


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    There are differences between ugly and unattractive
    The words often thought to be same but they aren't.
    Being Ugly is connected to How you look,your facial body and your physical beauty.
    But Unattractiveness defines the defects in entire you,especially behaviour.

    If you are good by heart and Not by face,you are still attractive coz attractiveness is linked to your heart.

  • syanng75 134w

    #people can be different, their#traits can be too
    The only #escape is to let it be.

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    Can't understand people,
    Don't understand people,
    Won't understand People.

    Let it be my only escape.
    For people are different,
    And different are people.


  • neeluv2 136w

    इश्क़ की ख़ूबियाँ

    जितनी नजदीकियाँ उतनी ही दूरियाँ रहेंगी
    मोहब्बत के दरम्याँ...
    इश्क़ की ये ख़ूबियाँ रहेंगी!!

    अपने मेहबूब को "गुप्त" रखो...
    मोहब्बत को "वक्तिगत"..