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  • jill_21 2w

    #sea_breeze #fresh_feels #sadistic #trapped

    Good evening poets! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡


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    Minds perturbed
    Souls desolate
    Life on this sphere feels heartless
    Gazing at the tranquiled sea
    That sea wrapping itself onto stony sand particles,
    That rolles on the beach everyday
    I asked 'why this life is so arduous'?

  • miracle2_3 8w

    Me, the brain
    Is a separate entity from
    Me, the body
    And me, the brain
    Is starting to feel
    Constricted again
    By me, the body
    Make it stop


  • g_h_o_s_t 13w

    My last defense

    You broke the last defense to my heart
    And rose a gate up to keep my broken heart in a cage
    And created a dungeon at the entrance of heart
    To prevent anyone from getting my heart so that it can remain in eternal slumber
    To make sure your name is still engraved on my heart
    To make sure I stay in check and never love again
    To make sure that the pieces of my heart never merge again
    And for what reason
    I gave you love
    I gave you hope
    I gave you comfort
    I gave you my all
    And what did I get in return
    Endless torment

  • alienobacter 14w

    Being trapped inside this shell, I wonder if I could've been different!
    #poetry #selfreflection #selfanalysis #poem #trapped #soul

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    The present is quite dreadful,

    I’d rather be your dream

    Who needs tomorrow anyway?

    No matter how bright it might seem.

    Enough time has passed through 

    For me to look back at it

    There’s still no single story

    Where I’m content with it

    I keep thinking to myself

    It’s just a matter of time

    But it keeps coming back to me,

    It doesn’t affect me I’m fine

    The time is quite abysmal

    Enough for you to flee

    I’d rather be my prisoner 

    Than go back to my ghastly sea.

    Hey have you found your way out?

    Or are you still trapped like me?

    Well, it doesn’t concern me now

    You can just let me be

    I’ve known you to be generous 

    More than all the people combined 

    When you decide to abandon me,

    Would you still be that kind?

    Enough to answer a question

    That has been on my mind

    “Did you witness a different story?

    A story where I was free?”

    I bet he was better than this version,

    A different radiant version of me!

    17th August 2021, 10:47 PM

  • lost_horcrux 15w

    Trapped with nowhere to turn, life is changing beyond my control,
    causing this deep ache in the bottom of my soul.

    Someone else is pulling the strings,
    oh to fly, oh for wings.

    Escape, I want to dig my self out,
    filled with despair, filled with doubt.

    Mute not able to express,
    this gnawing pain and feeling of relentless distress.

    Tears that are not visible to the naked eye,
    silent screams that no one can hear.

    I try to speak but nothing can express,
    this feeling of sadness and worthlessness.

    Emotional pain, walks with me through the day,
    and sleeps with me through the night,
    leaving me depletes with no strength to fight.

    Anger for not having the courage to turn things around,
    keeping me anchored to this remorse,
    not able to untie the chains and change my course.

    False pride rules supreme,
    always there to whisper in my ear.

    Time, wasted and badly spent,
    lots of hurt, lots to repent.

    Solace, please come and calm my soul,
    for this is what I need to make me whole.

    Empathy, what I need is for someone to see,
    someone to see the real me.

    Love with no strings,
    just giving generously amongst other things.

    Words, when used as a weapon can cut like a knife,
    capable of doing so much damage and take the joy out of life,

    but softly spoken and softly expressed
    can bring so much happiness.

    #trapped #soul #darkpoem #cry

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  • luvkitten 22w

    Lies, cries and ties

    Lies, lies surrounded by lies,
    In a cage of mirror as a place to hide.
    Seeing my own reflection,
    Just the surface that is.
    Hiding from the truth,
    That lies beneath.

    Cries cries surrounded by cries,
    Wrapped in a blanket trying to hide.
    Hide and seek,
    With my overpowering emotions.
    Before it cause my cheek,
    To stain with tears.

    Ties ties bounded by ties,
    In the dark forest with my disguise.
    Running in fear,
    Searching for sunlight.
    To fight the devil's snare,
    Cause of my death was my fright.

  • memealamora 24w


    A cage within a cage
    They say "smile and don't rage"
    Lost the key, turn the page
    Pretend it's not a cage
    Or maybe wait till the metal bars age


  • sa___dream 25w


    Wounds on her back were forming a tiny nest,
    There was blood streaming out of her chest,
    She had scars all over her face,
    It was scary at the first place.

    As I looked into her sore eyes
    I saw myself and my throat dried
    I found her prisoned, and I cried
    She couldn't escape
    No matter how much she tried.

  • nope_jalapenos 26w

    I'm Cindy !!!!!

    My first ����

    Hope you like it!!!

    #first #peace #trapped #cindy

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    How was that day ,you are waiting for people?
    How was that day,when you were trapped with peace?
    How was that day,when your friend didn't replied to your chat?
    How was that day, you hide everything ?
    How was that day,when you wanted to stay alone?
    How was that day, when your siblings annoyed you?
    How was that day,your mom scolded you?
    How was it ????

  • vegiisaur 27w

    My box

    I live inside a box
    That lives inside my mind
    I wish I didn't live here
    Trapped between these walls
    It's hard to reach the world
    From my box inside my mind
    My box has a window
    But it doesn't have a door
    I can see everything from here
    But the window doesn't open
    So I sit here behind my window
    Inside my box inside my mind
    And I do my best to be out there
    With the other people in the world
    It's hard to interact with life
    From behind a window
    Inside a box
    Inside my mind
    But I still try
    I'm losing interest though
    In the world outside my window
    Outside my box
    Outside my mind
    Because no matter how hard I try
    Nobody can see me
    Kinda like I'm lost
    But I'm not lost
    I'm right here
    Looking through my window
    From my tiny box
    Inside my big big mind

  • ticklekink 28w

    Her life a joke
    Her environment a circus
    But the clowns no longer make her smile
    She sees the dirt and grime
    The filth and grotesque reality
    Drowning in cold loneliness
    She wants to fly away
    Unclip her shackles
    Escape this freak show
    Bound with obligation
    She is suffocating
    Who she once was
    Who she has become
    Unhappy and begging change
    It's dark, it's now an ice cave
    No laughter, no happiness
    No joy, no warmth
    No lights, no applause
    Echoes of what was
    And now nothingness


  • the_healer_idealist 28w

    Walk on eggshells?
    Or walk away?
    Why do I even ask,
    When I know some places I'm not meant to stay?
    Sacrifice my peace to protect another's ego?
    Continue feeling uneasy?
    Wallowing in self-doubt?
    But isn't that environment simply too toxic for me?
    Continue having them clip my wings?
    Never being set free?


  • our_fallacy 29w

    You torn me apart
    As if I was a few easy pages in your book
    That you can rip out anytime
    And toss in the corner
    Have me contemplating
    And reluctant to share my innermost thoughts
    Now that you see the consequences
    You kept me from flying away
    Just like a little bird trapped in your cage
    You ripped away my vanity
    As scaled my self esteem
    Kept me from blossoming
    For I will be an orchid in full bloom
    Like polished poems
    If you were a leaf
    I would never wish for autumn
    For you will never let me see
    What comes after autumn and snow

    #poem #trapped #trappedbird #unrestrictivess #yourcage #caged

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    Trapped in your bird cage


  • darkmoon696 30w

    Make sure you are ready in a situation like this. You don't want them against you.
    Btw sorry if anyone found it disturbing.
    Have a good day. :)

    #zombies #scary #horror #trapped #love #sad #fear

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    'Look at that, love', I exclaim, pointing at the ocean as it slowly starts to engulf the sun.

    'Every day, we missed this and now, it is the last thing on my mind ’, I say as I put her down.

    In just a few seconds, dark and gloomy vibe takes over the place.

    The scary growls and snarls send a shiver down my spine as I make out there isn't a way but to give in.

    Furious and deadly, they make their way up to my room and pound on me.

    Blood splattered everywhere as I feel every bite they take off of me.

    Well, at least I made sure she departed peacefully.


  • khushi_07 30w


    Mentally being trapped in your thoughts is the worst feeling any person can have,
    Instead of having physical freedom, mentally you feel like a slave ;
    Once you are behind the bars of mental trauma, you can't get out it no matter if you are strong Or brave,
    This all keeps killing your soul from inside and you become a dead living body which is held by negative thought's grave ;
    No matter how badly you want to tell it to someone you will always be afraid,
    Then at last you may end up like this or you may pray to get over your trauma till then you have to wait.....

  • myhiddenlies 26w


    Sitting among familiar faces
    Cracking jokes with you all
    I smile, giggle and will eventually laugh
    Thinking it's all good and fine
    And I'm still sane to be alive
    Just until someone invades my space
    Making me feel uncomfortable to death
    Even the familiar faces are bothersome to even gaze at
    And It's worst seeing you choosing the safe side
    Because until today it was you on whom I relied
    Did I pretend that hard? that you didn't even realize
    My unstable breath my unevenly beating heart and these countless thoughts, Are disgustingly devoted to make me sad
    With the echo of every passing second in this crowded house I am waiting to be saved to feel alive !


  • sillysadar 34w

    I inherited the repressed emotions
    That's drowning me in oceans
    Crowning me as the feeler
    But how can I feel
    When I've pushed it all aside?

    I inherited the wild child
    That's trapped inside
    Begging to be let outside
    But how can I be the child
    When I'm forced to be an adult?
    - Sadar

  • poetshrutiwrites 36w

    I'm feeling trapped inside,
    Is my body and soul aligned?
    Living everyday with fright,
    Searching everywhere,
    For unequaled insight.

  • sillysadar 38w

    Trapped inside my mind

    Fairies all around me
    Carrying a harmony of peace

    There's a door that leads me back to reality
    Away from my mind, but

    Maybe this is reality and,
    All my dreams and,
    All my wishes came true

    I hear a voice that speaks of someone
    Maybe it's the voice inside my head or,
    Perhaps it's the voice outside of it

    How will I ever know
    İf my irrational thoughts are answering

    I need to escape from my mind and,
    Reality it self, but

    Where can I run off to
    İf even what I dreamed of isn't perfect
    If even all my imaginations aren't perfect

    Should I just stay
    Trapped inside forever
    Till the outside lets me free from this hell

    I must, I must go back
    For them, I promised her
    I mustn't break that promise, but

    How can I not break it
    When I lay uncousious in a bed
    Trapped in a mind that costed me my freedom
    - Sadar

  • ha_wh_ 67w


    Wandering in the middle of the night.
    Looking at the stars.Waiting for the moon.
    Somewhere along the way, I lost my path.
    Hear the bird's song in the morning.
    It is a spell at night.
    Joyous but melancholy.
    Voice left being untold.
    We create silence as much as we create sound.
    Feel the cold around me.
    Vines and roots slowly suck my soul.
    Like an Elwold.
    Roots growing deeper. Intoxicated my veins.
    Choices come and go.Sounds all over the place.
    Tree and human becomes one.
    Ability meets inability.
    Live but soulless.