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  • jpwriter 9w

    Poet's Memo

    To all the Poet's
    You gorgeous vessels
    In a world of words
    You're more than special
    So spill the hurt
    With the golden pencil
    Know the worst
    Then learn to let go
    Tear will burst
    Put it in pen though
    The gift will curse
    Because they said so
    You're here on Earth
    Like a beautiful meadow
    Bad & mirth
    Like heaven & ghetto
    Sad at first
    As it works to level
    Had the urge
    Now distance echoes
    Know your worth
    This is your memo


  • jpwriter 10w

    The Writer

    The writer, striving for a life of liberation
    Slowly assembled in similes & alliteration
    Passionate poetry lover
    A being like no other
    Each word carved with careful consideration
    No different for every writer in every nation
    Manufactured in metaphors
    Using creativity to open doors
    Dipped & polarized in pure Potential
    Heart wrenching words written pencil
    A harrowing writer's life may not appear glamorous
    Yet they may paint a picture with words like cameras
    Up all night, just to write until left with no stamina
    Writers unite in Europe, U.S., Asia, Africa & Canada
    They rationalize views through an askew perception
    Drowning their quill with ink as their true weapons
    Soaking in sarcosine sweet subjects of satire
    So others tell their storys someday around campfires
    Left with emotion to satiate an ocean every ended day
    The writer, the true written fighter
    Wouldn't have it any other way


  • shadesofyu 13w


    The country honoured him, while she saluted him, with tears in her eyes and a last goodbye.

  • gaurangig 14w

    #death #corona #tribute #writersnetwork #miraquill

    Since the last year and a half, we have lost a lot of people to the pandemic. Some directly affected by the virus, but most just mere casualties of the after effects. I wrote this one because since 2022 started, there have been too many funerals in my vicinity! Praying their souls attain Nirvana!

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    Game of life and death

    One day death decided
    That he will come to stay
    So he planned his journey
    From a land far far away

    He wore his favorite perfume
    The smell of flesh decayed
    He was too excited
    About his long vacay!

    He packed his bag in black
    Some robes and an axe to hack
    He promised the heavenly beings
    That one day he would be back!

    He reached the world soon
    On a night of new moon
    He stood looking at it
    With happy giddiness he swooned!

    He had come here
    On many occasions before
    But always had he stayed
    For an hour, not more!

    Now he needed a break
    So he had chosen the Earth
    As he reached his vacation spot
    He laughed loudly with mirth!

    He carried with him a spiral
    A deep dark bottomless hole
    Anyone who met him on the way
    The spiral would gobble them whole

    From then began a game
    A game of Death and Life
    Death's weapon- a crowned virus
    Was sharper than any knife!

    Its been more than a year
    That Death had come to stay
    We have lost a lot of loved ones
    They rest in peace, I pray!


  • gaurangig 15w

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #tribute

    A tribute to the legend, with lyrics from some of the songs she sung!

    Lag ja gale ke
    Ajeeb dastaan hai
    Rahe na rahe hum
    Meri awaaz hi pehchan hai/

    Yeh maana hame
    jaan se Jaana padega
    Zindagi pyar ka geet hai
    Ise har dil ko gaana padega/

    Kabhi kabhi mere dil me
    Khayal aata hai
    Gaata rahe Mera dil
    Aaj fir jeeneki Tamanna hai/

    Kisi raah me kisi mod par
    Yeh kaha aa Gaye hum?
    Iss mod se jaate hai
    Madhur chandani me hum/

    Lo chali main
    Mata tere charnonme
    Door jaaye re raah meri
    Aaj teri raahonse/

    Jeena humko raas na aaya
    Aaj fir marne ka irada hai
    Yaadonki baraat nikli hai
    Meri awaaz hi pehchan hai
    Meri awaz hi pehchan hai/

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    लता दीदी

    लग जा गले के
    अजीब दास्तान है
    रहे ना रहे हम
    मेरी आवाज ही पहचान है!

    ये माना हमे
    जान से जाना पडेगा
    जिंदगी प्यार का गीत है
    इसे हर दिल को गाना पडेगा!

    कभी कभी मेरे दिल मे
    ख्याल आता है
    गाता रहे मेरा दिल
    आज फिर जीने की तमन्ना है!

    किसी राह मे किसी मोड पर
    ये कहाँ आ गए हम
    ईस मोड से जाते है
    मधुर चांदनी में हम!

    लो चली मै
    माता तेरे चरणों में
    दूर जाए रे राह मेरी
    आज तेरी राह से!

    जीना हमको रास ना आया
    आज फिर मरने का इरादा है
    यादोंकी बारात निकली है
    मेरी आवाज ही पहचान है!
    मेरी आवाज ही पहचान है!


  • layersofdesires 17w

    Choking on her own false notions being fed
    Ever since first breath of adolescence
    Coughing the words heard just for putting others first
    Breathing hard gasping for air
    Filling lungs with air contaminated
    Vision blurred with floating tears
    Refusing to fall free breaking the bridge of dense eyelashes
    Lips shaking whispering words incoherent
    Looking at the sky searching for comfort
    Staying in bed wide awake all night
    Waiting for sleep to envelope the aching body
    But it never came
    Deafening echoes consuming all colours of dreams
    Turning poetries scribbled on diaries lifeless
    Wearing her scars like medals
    She received for her best attempts
    She stands in front of the mirror
    For hours and hours
    Looking directly in the eyes of her soul
    Tuning and moving slowly and gradually
    Clockwise and then anticlockwise
    Noticing every curve
    Putting her disheveled hair up in a bun
    To not to leave any inch unnoticed
    She started reading the labels received
    Tattooed on her flesh and bones with invisible ink
    As she caressed her skin
    Her cold fingertips conveyed to her
    The death of warmth within
    Tears swallowed
    Gaze fallen
    One strong hit with metal hair pin
    And mirror broken
    Shattered on the floor like amber
    She walked on barefoot
    Hoping to bleed to death
    To end the disgust

    Seeing such disgrace
    The dawn draped her body with hues of rainbow
    That day sun shone gold
    An angel landed at her door
    Knocked and knocked gently
    With such persistence
    Asking for a chance
    With reluctant heart and broken faith
    She decided to take one last chance
    Gathering all of the remaining strength
    The innocence in his eyes
    Reignited her belief in kindness with no shallow words
    The purity in the sound of his laughter
    Put to sleep the roaring thunders
    The grace in his moves
    Swift away all the dark clouds
    The calm in his voice
    Rebuilt the feeling of home
    The fire in his gaze
    Burned down the whole maze of haunting memories
    The tears rollin down his cheeks
    Seeing the scars from a safe distance
    Having no courage to touch
    Believing his songs are gentler than his fingertips
    Not wanting to remind the pain meant to be forgotten
    Not even unintentionally
    He gave unconditionally

    All of his
    Keeping absolutely no records
    Accompanying her worn-out soul on long cold lonely nights
    Holding her hand home on scary pathways
    Dancing with her like her shadow on steets covered with autumn leaves
    Not leaving her alone not even for a second
    In this mean world
    Conversing with her till dawn to her heart's content
    About galaxies, planets, universe and stars
    Befriending her demons
    Eradicating fears
    Redefining her concepts of love with such grace
    Teaching her
    Who needs mirror ?
    When she can see how beautiful she is
    Looking right into his eyes
    Imprinting her name on his soul
    Thurifying her being
    Without claiming it
    Winning all of her heart
    Without owning it
    Capturing her mind
    Without controlling it
    Gaining all her trust
    Without asking for it
    Accepting all her incompetent love
    Without demanding it

    Teaching her
    How to adore without caging
    How to submit without surrendering
    How to love without labeling
    How to levitate without screaming
    How to live without explaining
    How to shake without shaming
    Reminding her again and again in moments of doubt
    With his mere presence
    Not all love get tamed by the tides of time
    Not all angels say goodbye and leave
    Not all angels say goodbye and leave
    © Layersofdesires

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    Not all angels say goodbye and leave

  • gaurangig 17w

    Ghungrus I wore
    Before I could walk
    Bols I learnt
    Before I could talk
    I came from a legacy
    Of the Gharana of Lucknow
    Angarkhas and Churidars
    For me my mom sew
    Acchan Mahararaj, Lacchu Maharaj
    My family and my teachers
    I learnt from them
    Making art my future!
    I took the art
    Of kathak worldwide
    Making my country known
    Made my heart fill with pride!
    I danced as an artist
    With all my passion
    Classical was my style
    It never went out of fashion!
    I gave my life
    To the promise of my art
    The new artists
    With my blessings, they start!
    I danced for decades eight
    And finally the curtains closed
    Now I will start anew
    In the Almighty's court!


    #tribute #birjumaharaj #dance #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Pt. Birju Maharaj

    The Indian Classical Dance Maestro is lost forever. A tribute to the greatest Kathak artist of all times! May he attain peace and continue entertaining Gods in heaven!

  • ashamurali 20w


    A renowned world leader, the first black archbishop of South Africa and an anti apartheid activist passed away on 26th December 2021.
    As a school girl, I have watched with awe and admiration the news of him getting the Nobel Peace prize. It was so nice to see him laughing and dancing and yet making such powerful speeches. He easily comes across as a little child at heart with extraordinary compassion towards all human beings. It's not a wonder that he had a great association with the Dalai Lama as well.
    It was he who coined the term "rainbow nation" for South Africa.

    My tears on his passing has taken the shape of this poem.


    The world mourns the peace icon,
    commanding respect from everyone,
    The one who lived and breathed peace,
    Worked for sufferings to decrease!

    He took the cause of apartheid ,
    He showed the world the path of peace,
    He championed for every issue,
    The world bids him a tearful adieu.

    He made the world sit up and notice,
    Every issue that affects world peace,
    Any award for him wouldn't suffice,
    Including the Nobel peace prize!

    He had an amazing sense of humor,
    His voice had so much vigour,
    The world will forever remember,
    This is the tribute of an admirer.


    @writersnetwork @writersbay @miraquill #writersnetwork #pod #writersbay #wod #tribute #ceesreposts #desmondtutu

    @writersbay thank you for the like

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    Tribute to the Titan

    Desmond Tutu
    7th October 1931 -
    26th December 2021

    He made the world sit up and notice,
    Every issue that affects world peace,
    Any award for him wouldn't suffice,
    Including the Nobel peace prize!

  • layersofdesires 20w

    All I was , a lost soul wandering looking for home on aimless roads
    Until I heard you voice
    When you said my name out loud
    You filled my cold heart with warmth once again
    You're my only moon in the darkest skies
    My guiding light , my soulmate
    My ♥️ beats with you
    My ♥️ beats for you
    Even the thought of not being able to see you when I wake up
    Shivers my bones and my feet freezes
    You're my hope , my sanity
    The purity in my cruelty
    Save me from grievances
    Save me from repugnance
    Save me from hatred
    I don't want to watch the world end consumed in loneliness
    I'm no superhero but a wanderer
    Want to wander around holding solely your hand
    Save me from my demons
    I want to live with you in the mountains
    and have wine until I make you mine
    You are my salvation
    You are my desire to live
    You are my craving to change
    You are my reason to wake-up and try
    The sound of your voice saves me from my nightmares
    I don't care about the world slipping through my fingers
    As long as you are in sight
    Every fight I would fight till my last breath
    As long as you'll be my forever
    Your embrace is my amulet
    Your gaze is the sweetness in my blood
    Say you won't let go
    Wherever you go I would follow
    That's how I love
    Being your shadow is the only way I know
    To exist
    Take me with you
    Keep me in you
    But don't let go
    Promise me you won't forget
    I don't know how to live without you
    And to be honest
    I never fancied to learn that too
    I begin with you and I end in you
    Wherever you go I'll follow
    © Layersofdesires
    Zhang zhe han , Simon gong jun ♥️��
    #wordofhonor #tribute #love #inspiration #zhouzhishu #laowen #gongzhe

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    My Soulmate

  • manuhere 23w

    जनरल रावत मां भारती के अतुल्य सुत

    "उनके जीवन का सार मां है भारती
    सुत ऐसा जना,उपकार है मां भारती।"

    #mirakee #condoloscence #prayers #tribute


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    मै उस रुधिर के ऋण का कृतज्ञ
    मैं तेरे वंदन में अर्पित यज्ञ
    मैं नियति के वश में लीन आया हूं
    मुझको अंचल का सानिध्य दे मातृ
    मैं पंचतत्व में विलीन आया हूं।।

    मनु मिश्रा

  • manuhere 26w

    वीरांगना बिठुर की मणिकर्णिका
    झांसी की लक्ष्मीबाई

    नमन ✨��

    #hindi #poetry #ranilaxmibai #tribute #gratitude #pride #
    #honour #mirakee #hindiwriter #writerstolli #poetryworld


    Also watch it on YouTube


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    वीरगति जब रही हो तर्पण की विधि पुरानी
    दोहराई जाती है गूचे गलियारों में वो काहनी
    सिंधु का सीना लांघ आए चंड मुंड व्यभाचारी
    काल बनकर लील गई उन्हें वो अमर भवानी

    मनु मिश्रा

  • divyat_kaavish 37w

    अमृता प्रीतम

    आज साहिबा का जन्मदिन है... ज़ाहिर है कविताओं की दुनिया में और इश्क़ की सेज पर यह दिन किसी त्योहार से कम नहीं... "जहाँ भी आज़ाद रूह की झलक पड़े
    समझना वह मेरा घर है।"
    उनकी कविताओं में इश्क़ की देहलीज़ है, क्राँति का कमरा है, एक स्त्री के वर्चस्व की छत है और आज़ादी का आसमान है जिसकी बदास्तूर ज़मीन उन्हीं की कलम है।

    साहिबा से मैंने समयानुसार तमाम हौसले उधार लिये। उन से ही मैंने यह भी समझा कि किसी भी इंकलाब का रास्ता हमेशा ही मोहब्बत से निकलता है। उनकी रचनाओं में मुझे हमारे समाज में एक स्वछंद स्त्री होने के कर्ज़ों का हिसाब मिला, मोहब्बत की टूटी दीवार मिली, उम्र की दुपहरिया में मिले हमसफ़र का ठहराव मिला, आसमान सी ज़मीन मिली, ज़मीन सा आसमान मिला... साहिबा की रचनाओं में मैं "मैं" से रुबरू कुछ इस तरह हुई कि मैंने स्वयं में ही अपने घर की नींव रख ली।

  • suza_kulung 40w

    A small tribute to all those soldiers and freedom fighters who had died for our nation. On the occasion of 75th independence day, Though we are lacking behind in many things after so many years of freedom but to that soul who had died while protecting our nation, they are really great and true Indians. Hats off to them and salute from heart.... ������������ JAI HIND

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    वीर सेना

    कफ़न वो लेके चला था अपने नाम का,
    इस धरती मां के रक्षक बनकर,
    आशिर्वाद वो लेके अपनी जननी से,
    देश के खातिर मर मिटने को वो चला सीना तान कर।

    दुश्मनो से घिरा था,
    पर मन में न था कोई डर,
    सिने पे गर्म गोली बरसती रही,
    लेके नाम अपने देश का लड़ता रहा मगर।

    सूना पड़ा है गोद आज उस मां की,
    बूंझ गया उस आंगन का एक लौता चिराग,
    एक अरसे के बाद,
    आज वापस आया वो,
    अपने आंगनको भरने,
    पर चला गया इस दुनिया को छोड़,
    सीना चौड़ी करके।

    बूंद बूंद अपना खून गिराकर,
    न आने दि अपनी धरती मां पे आंच,
    मरते मरते भी बचा वो गया वो,
    धरती मां की लाज।

    याद कर आज उन वीर जवानों को,
    जिस की ख़ून से रंगी है यह धरती,
    शत् शत् नमन है उन वीर जवानों को,
    जिन्होंने अपना जीवन धरती मां पे नीछावर करदि।


  • jaisyjosh 41w

    A Tribute to the Gem

    I have seen a genius gem
    Endowed gloriously with talents
    Bearing the heat of life like a layman.
    Cherishing life with a radiant smile,turning it a bumpy adventure zone.

    Warmly reaching out to the needy
    You kindle joy and strength
    Brushing aside fears and cares of life
    With words of courageous wisdom and guidance.

    Praises rain in, yet you are You
    And that is what Makes and keeps You.
    I have seen many lads but you are a rare gem of admiration
    And a Master to the world.

    O Gem!O Master! Great are you in the sight of us
    Keep sparkling, be honourable always with simplicity and goodness
    I wish you a blessed and fruitful birthday.

  • bodh_isattva11 41w

    I fear not the man who can kill many different people, but the man who can kill the same person many different times.

  • dr_tehilla 45w

    The Genesis of It All

    With raised fists, beholding strength for thousands,
    Afrika stood, at a Battle with Death,
    Scorning the instinct of self preservation and survival,
    Giving his breath that others may live.

    Fervidness in his veins,
    Far in his sight, a future where peace flowed freely as a river,
    For things to come, he pressed on strongly,
    Leaving an heritage almost impossible for humanity to fathom.

    The Genesis of it all, it was, of a life renewed, from five taken,
    Minds now rid of the Fear,
    Safety as none other.

    Blood of heroes split in the Awo Hall,
    Never to be beheld by the eyes,
    Never to be forgotten by the mind.

    July 10, a day forever etched,
    In the walls of our hearts.

    -Tehilla Oguntola

  • my_thoughts_exactly 48w

    For the Gone Heroes, Too

    Happy Father's Day,
    Not only for the living
    But also in honour of those
    Whose lives rest in Heaven.
    So what if they're not around physically?
    The essence that they leave behind
    Will always linger in one way or another;
    Their memories will forever live on in others'.
    Dedicated to the fatherless,
    This is a simple mortuary tribute
    "To the world they no longer belong,
    But in the hearts of many they shall prevail."


  • shilpaparwal 48w


    Mummy o' mummy
    Sun rahi ho kyaaaa?

    Na chitthi Na koi sandesh, jane wo kaunsa desh, jaha tum chale gaye?

    Teri chhavi,teri hi chhaya
    Usise tu hai mujhme samaya
    Tera roop, tera rang, aur teri kaya
    Ye vardaan v maine tujhse hi paya

    Bahut si baatein,
    Kuch ankahi si yaadein,
    Adhure se se waadein,
    Ye saare rishte aur naate
    Kehte hain kisse puraane!!

    Dekhe the tumne bhi kuch sapne yeh
    Jo dafn hai in deewaro me kahin
    Hoon main maa Tera hi Akss
    Nahi bhul sakti main tera ye karzz
    Wo hasi meri, wo muskurana tera
    Wo shararatein meri, wo daantna tera
    Wo baatein humari, wo raatein pyaari
    Wo thahake tumhare, mazze lete hum saaare
    Maa- beti ke rishtey se , bane hum Dost pyaare

    Kaha chali gayi?
    Kyo chali gayi?
    Aisi v kya naraazgi thi ,
    Jo humse Ruth kar humein yu akela kar gayi?

    Dekha na murkar yaha
    Tere bina hum sab ka haal hai kya
    Par hona na tu bilkul v pareshaan
    Ek samay hi hai balwaan
    Yahaa har rom me har saans me hain tu samaayi
    Maa, main bankar rahungi teri hi parchhayi!!!


  • asmakhan 52w

    Dear brother @johnsolomon I don't believe you are not here with us anymore. You are and will always be in our hearts. I wish we could meet in real life but I believe we will, someday, in some other world. ��

    #writersnetwork #mirakeeapp #reelsmiraquill #pod #tribute #haiku #prayers #thoughts #peace #farewell

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    You are gone like spring
    But linger in our hearts
    Like fragrance of rose

    ©Asma Khan

  • unblossomedyet 54w

    Tagore-A global sojourner.

    On the 160th birth anniversary of Kobiguru, a small tribute with my pen!!
    A poet,thinker, visionary and an extra ordinary human being with his work not just spreading in India but across the globe..That's Tagore for us!!
    An activist , an eternal traveller, touching upon hearts of millions to discover the relationship between man and mankind.. That's Tagore for us!!
    The creations of Kobiguru cannot be boxed into any one category. He is the celebration to rejoice through his works for all of us till date. Thats' Kobiguru for us!!The Bard of Bengal, Gurudev with his large corpus of literature, paintings , music and dance composition will continue to be relevant in the foreseeable future.
    A guide and a mentor, Tagore's creations are a continuing lesson for the present generation and beyond. The definite Tagore that he was,captivated me since childhood with his famous quote:
    ‘If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.’
    When His Bharatborsho is being tested by the unknown, hope Tagore was here to encourage us by saying:
    Where the mind is without fear
    andthe head is held high
    Where knowledge is free
    Where the world has not been
    broken up into fragments by
    narrow domestic walls.