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  • goeldaksh 6w

    Exactly my thoughts during a road trip alongside the mountains... #mountains #poem #goeldaksh #trip #beauty #nature

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    The Journey Through The Beauty...

    Just staring at the abyss that lay in front of me,
    With the icy winds I obliviously flowed,
    The heavenly clouds were where I wanted to be,
    Tell me then, why am I stuck on this lazy road?

  • thermc 7w


    I don't see a face
    All I see is Ghosts


  • gudrun 14w

    I rarely say I love you because I know just how meaningful it is. It isn't just a mere three-word sentiment that you say when you feel butterflies in your stomach seeing the person you like.

    When I say I love you, it means I love you now and I will love you in every tomorrow that will come.

    It means that I will love you when you are tired from your day at work. And I will let you rant to me about all the things that went wrong in your day and even the littlest things that made you smile as well.

    It means that I will love you during the times that you are silent, moody or indifferent, knowing that there is a deep reason why you're drowning quietly in your thoughts. I will patiently wait for you to open up and will listen to your words attentively once you do.

    It means that I will love you even when you're mad because I know you only get angry when I am involved. I know how much you value my health and safety; and you get pissed when I sometimes forget those.

    It means that I will love you most especially when you're at your lowest; when you feel like the world is against you, making you give up. I will lend you my hand for support, my shoulders for you to cry on, and my heart - for you to know that even when you doubt yourself, I believe in you. I have faith that you can make your dreams come true.

    And most especially, it means that I will love you even when good bye is the only choice we'd have to make and reach our end. I will thank the universe for giving me someone like you, who made me love myself and love life more than I ever did before meeting you. I will love you because you taught me the true essence of love itself and I saw it in your presence.

    When I say I love you, I hope you remember these things. I love you more than you'll ever know. I love you even when I seldom speak of it. I love you. Please don't forget that I do.

    - Cho Amisola, The Storytellers

  • arjuns_pinnacles 15w

    Loving you is a never ending lane

    I started driving on this lonely road
    Road trip is the only medicine to not be sad
    This new path for driving is completely unknown
    But I have my playlist of songs ready as my companion
    I am making a vlog to add this lovely drive in my diary of memories
    And I am sure it will be remembered for centuries
    As I will try to drive on this beautiful path as long as I can
    Covering every season starting from frostbite till suntan
    I will not stop if it is sand,snow or a rocky terrain
    As the beauty of yours after every turn or curve keeps me away from pain
    It is now 15 years,11 months and 23 days
    But I am still driving and loving this maze
    Loving you my darling is a never ending lane

  • stateofmind 17w

    I am a wanderer
    In this vastness of the multiverse
    And in my wanderings
    I seek out others like myself
    I come across different beings
    Of such beauty and full of light
    It is joyous to behold
    The coming together of minds, dreams, personalities
    And even more, the adhoc cohesion achieved
    For, to be sure, chaos can be perceived
    Like a pungent odor clinging to the skin
    In this, we are all kin
    But in my wanderings I come across others like me
    And then, in that meeting, we can be
    And the bliss is indescribable.


  • chillvibe 23w

    It was a normal lazy night when I receive a text message from my cousin asking if I was in for a small road trip.I always enjoy going on road trips so without any delay I replied " I'm in let's roll !!".
    Next morning we started off at 4am. It was winters. Chill breeze surrounded us as our car proceeded. We had plans on going for a trek to a nearby fort. Google maps was our navigator and things were fine till we took that diversion.
    Yes.. we were on highway and minutes ago the direction was straight for next 15kms but all of a sudden Google map rerouted itself and asked us to take a turn towards the left.
    We obviously did it and it was not a road with heavy traffic as such. It was sort of abandoned. As we went ahead it kept taking us more into it and we were sure this is not where we want to go. But still there was a adrenaline rush in us to explore this unknown location so we kept moving along.
    Suddenly we reached a point which was actually a bridge and we had to cross it. My cousin felt that it's bit old so we better go by walk hence we parked our car there, took our bags and the stick we carry for our safety always and we started walking.
    It was a beautiful place indeed yet bit scary. We saw few animals and no sign of any humans there.As we went on we reached a lake and decided to rest a while. Out of nowhere we heard someone calling us and we immediately turned towards that direction to find no one.We thought it's just our imagination and ignored it. We spent about 2 hours there and later started exploring that place.
    Suddenly the temperature dropped and I started shivering.There was a very discomforting aura in that place and definitely I wanted to get out of there. I said my cousin let's just go from here. He obliged and we started our way towards the car. When we reached there what we saw surprised us. As I said that place was abandoned and no one actually lives there.So definitely we didn't on parking lights. But when we returned it was ON!!
    Again we ignored it thinking maybe..maybe we just turned it on subconsciously.We left to our home.
    A week later, we both were listening to a paranormal podcast that we follow and to our surprise that podcast was made on the exact same place where we went. I had goosebumps and was shocked on how things happen in life.

    This was a trip I really cherish. After hearing the podcast we again went back there. I will tell that story some other time.

    Thanks for stopping by to read. Much love!!.
    Peace ❣️

    #story #adventure #triptocherish #trip #travellove #writernetwork

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    Story time!!

    One of the adventure we had...


  • proton 42w

    Safar zindgi ka.....in kitabi batoon se kahi alag hai
    #safar #zindgi #manzil #trip #moksh

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    Aap apna waqt in khoobsurat raaho me kharab na keejeye
    Shayad usse bhi khubsurat manzil apke intezar me ho.

    Ha Maana kaehte hai safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi.
    Lekin rukha manzil pe jata hai rahon me nhi . ..


  • porcupine 44w


    Power is sin
    Born to give in
    Will we ever win?
    They take everything

    Waiting for the day
    When we can play
    Then we can say
    Hang on
    We're on our way

    The journey awaits
    Just don't be late
    It may be fate
    But boy
    It's worth the wait

    Old friends to greet
    New ones to meet
    Please have a seat
    The trip
    Will be a nice treat

  • dopedserene 49w

    ~Divine Trip~

    A visit to my inner self
    About what my omens are guiding me to find?
    This solitude is damn soothing
    Right now my destiny seems so kind
    Reading some goods books
    Acoustic songs healing my mind
    Learnt many things in past years
    But in comparison to this vast universe I am still a blind!

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  • pen321 51w


    Uma √Āguia n√£o voa junto nem pra ensinar seus filhotes.
    A Liberdade cobra um preço muito alto,
    A Solid√£o.

  • pen321 51w

    Altitude Ciudad México

    Senti sim falta de ar, tenho 52 anos.
    CDMX est√° a 2.250 m acima do mar.
    E os hostel baratos tem q subir até 4 andares de escadas. São prédios antigos.
    Tive q trocar de hostel até achar um no 1* andar.
    Perdi o f√īlego nos anteriores, pensei at√© q fosse o cora√ß√£o ‚̧ԳŹ.

  • pen321 52w

    $ Custo Pernoite México

    Eu tenho pago em média
    $ 130 pesos por dia
    Uns 36 reais
    Quarto com 2 ou 6 pessoas, banheiro, cozinha e sala ou quintal.
    Hostel ou Hostal

  • pen321 52w

    $ Quanto custa Mochilar ‚úąÔłŹ

    S√£o Paulo - Ciudade do Mexico (ida)
    Canc√ļn - S√£o Paulo ( volta )
    $. 2800 reais

    Caro ou Barato

  • nikzzz05 54w

    Reminiscing about a beautiful sunrise in kasaul that I witnessed a couple of months ago. The beauty still haunts me ✨❤️

    #nikisaysright #kasaul #trip #travel #poetry #poem #mornings #sunrise

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    Fir yaad aayi wo saundhi si subah,
    Zehen me wo chand lamhat ke suroor liye,
    Mano keh rahi ho, bhulna bhi chahoge to mumkin nahi. ‚ú®
    Main kudrat-e-husn hoon, shehar-e-zaat nahin.


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  • santhoshimmidisettystories 57w

    Nature Call...

    It was friday night. I sat on the revolving chair looking at clock dejected and waiting for it to complete 8.30. Fifty minutes more. I'm not much into the office meetings which are not technical at all. But, the situations made me to involve in 'em.

    Out of the blue, my mobile started vibrating and flashing my uncle's name. I didn't lift for the first time. I lifted when it vibrated again for third time thinking it was an urgent one. "We are going to a nearby waterfalls around 100 kms with family on bikes and you are coming", he said and drop as if my opinion doesn't matter anymore to him. On bikes made me tempted and I agreed.

    Next day morning, I looked at the same clock but this time with excitement. The time was 6. It was full foggy morning. I asked my bike ,"boy ready for race?". I can hear his very-confident, excited yesssssss as a reply in the sound of raising accelerator. Within a no time, with more excitement I started riding my boy. Even though, it was around 10,000th km on my bike, I felt it was my first kilometer.

    "The trees around made me to believe that I am not a human being anymore but a tree amongst 'em.
    They are welcoming me to embrace as if I'm their child by their scattered leaves all along looks like a green carpet.
    And the birds too welcoming me singing welcome-to-the-family in their own way.
    They say, trees absorb CO2 and releases O2. I say, besides, O2, they releases H2 -
    The sounds of the waterfall took me forward. My brain hears that sound and sends the imagination of it to mind. My eyes are watching that imagination.
    After few fantasies, my eyes stunned looking at exquisite waterfalls that mesmerized my imagination.

    I was jubilant looking at it
    As a boyfriend looking at his girlfriend.
    As a mother looking at her children.
    As a Grandpa looking at his grandchildren.
    As a devotee looking at God.
    As a farmer looking at his crop.

    I was reminded of Bruce Lee's words when the water is falling on my head - 'Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.'"

    With the same empty mind, I returned home.


  • teijojussila888 64w

    ‚ú® Like a stars little shine in the nightsky. Start to comes trip from the past. So it is this music now also. It's travels its own faraway. Just like a speed of light almost not keep book about the trip anymore because of there in deep space infine echoing of light and in timeless place of universum. There so faraway from the space outstanding distances between all.

    TEIJO JUSSILA 888 @teijojussila888

  • keithallencovell 68w

    Tripped Inward

    I drove myself insane
    Always trying to obtain...everything
    Oh yes, I did

    When the Cloaks came in to storm me
    I was only...
    Trying to find the keyhole once again

    Said to myself, "what the hell is this?!"
    I dismissed myself
    Couldn't look at myself within

    The judgement looked back at me
    Oh no!
    I think I quickly caught that disease

    I couldn't remember
    THE LAST TIME...what a joke...
    A preordained splendor I had found

    She was the ONLY one
    But I guess I lost her
    My ego got in the way

    Guess I probably shouldna...
    But who's counting?
    My ego tripped over itself again


  • faulty_puppet 76w


    I have always been excited
    New places, people, food, kept my mind ignited
    So when the holidays finally came
    I would board the train with dad, unfrightened

    To places I have been many
    At every corner, I have seen far too many
    Been to places with no roads
    Lived in places beyond my wonder's scope

    The crowded streets of Kolkata
    The serenity infested town of Bodh Gaya
    The white emptiness of Rann of Kutch and
    Mountains touching the sky of Dharmashala

    So many journeys, each more tantalizing
    Slow chugging trains,perilous half-hearted roads
    Boats lofting in the waves of Kanyakumari
    Endless roads with horizons paralyzing

    The flavors of color and cultures imbibed
    Tongue tied to the taste of litti chokha
    All my apprehension shed like dried skin
    And now I am a fan of idli and dosa

    I have been away from vacation for a while
    Stuck with duties on the other side of life
    I wait and watch these troubled times slither by
    I wait to fly somewhere, and let the place fly to my mind

    Roads untravelled await to show something new
    Wait for me share stories of me and my crew
    Tales of beaches, mountains, people and place
    Seen so many, yet seen so few

    I have stories from places I have been
    Learnt so much about worlds unseen
    Saw smiles and tears heard tales of every kind
    Back from every holiday, I am a new being

    If you are stuck in a loop of time
    Living the death of a crooked pantomime
    Pack your bags and take the ride
    No matter what, you will be just fine