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    This is a myth/story/forklore about how Osun river came in existence. Osun is a river found in osun state, Osogbo, Nigeria. It is seen as saviour to the people. Osun was invaded by fulanis, popularly know as herdsmen. They're immigrate from City to city around Africa. The name of the town was derived from the water which was once, a small river. Now, millions for worshippers visits her from across the world. Osun had a deep history and rich culture. It's origin is Elemi, another river from the town where my mum hails from. Elemi (The owner of spirits) is believed to have supernatural powers. As it is, fishes from there can never be cooked. So are other aquamarine that lives in the river. Africa is rich is history. Many are yet to be found.

    Osun// Our Guide


    Long ago,
    In time of war and fights between tribes. Travellers flooded in with bows and arrows.
    Taken over the indegen's land and brides.
    Citizens flee,
    Letting strangers take over their country.
    Migrating like lost lambs into thick forests,
    They were faced by a river despite the burning detest.
    Eating fruits and leaves,
    The river satisfied them.
    Every night, their priest would hear a female's voice he just couldn't condemn.
    Every night, he would walk into the water, begging it to show them light.
    The river, however,
    Had a queen with skin like moon.
    Her body truly radiant, her name was Osun.
    She then proposed to the priest.
    If your people can worship me, I would grant all your wishes and assist.
    Every night, the people would pray.
    Show us light, lead to the right way.
    Meanwhile, when the day boasters.
    The water queen sent spirits to poison the imposters.
    One after another, they died.
    All their hard work went asunder.
    Rivers flow, worshippers increased.
    They gave last rights to all their deceased.
    Food grew in aboundance, so is fish and clear water.
    With Osun's assistance, the city and population grew wider.
    Osun river,
    Till this very day.
    Has more followers,
    And expands all the way.
    © Madinah_Writes

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