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    At the collage I was having an idea of having my account, but I could not know how. I was trying to search in google but it could not give me exactly point where I need. Due to that I become to remember a girl who was a poetry at school. When she was at holiday at most I was forgeting to ask her, this cause me to fill sad. I was not knowing where can I publish my poems. Due to that I came with other idea of using stationery to have my poems like how the teachets usually make Vitini to them. I got one stationery, but she was not caring about my work. When I was giving her an idea she could not listen at all as if I could not pay to her. She was only like to simplify and she was very lazy. Although she was having an offer if you made alot of books the money will be little expensive than how you remove one each per different days. Due to that I take only three works to her then I went in another stationery.
    When continue with other stationery. I took only one sample although I was mixching both english and swahili poems but he tryed to arrange as how needed. Those three books I divide to my two fellow classmet in free and one I gave my brother when he came to visit me. This brother he is son of my uncle, but since we were child we were calling him brother and our parents could not teach us and could not take care on how we called him. Those two books which are like kitini and not official books I kept them in my room. I could not give anyone. When dividing those three small books they comment they are good, but some who were commenting there was good I see on there face there is some ignore. This usually happein to know if truely is a good work but they don't support you in how you work hard, and sometimes it shows they only see a bad work in arrangement but they have only give their heads back and not tell you the truth.

    I came to know about my work it was not good in arrangement, after I have submit my poems to one of my sir who was in the collage and tell me to distribute both of them, English to be themselves and swahili poems to be themselves. Also at the side of arranging he want words to be equal at the end side. But I could not accept in head that they can not be the some line at the end. This is because poems have different verse, stanza even amount of words weere different in every poem according to different types of poems we have. At that time I was remembering last year I gave onother sir he could not read about them, even him he could not read them too. Also last year I follow different sir and madame who were not more than three, but after I have seen no help, I could not consatrate with them again. Sir who I met with him and shows my work is only after I have went in one of my fellow student who were in other levil and not mine. This is because he was teaching in our class which we usually use it at most. So when we were at the break other student they were comment and continue with other timetable. Because in collage every corse and class have different timetable for studdying.


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    The ones who notice everything
    are the ones who go unnoticed
    most of the times...


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    After holiday when I was back to school, it was my last year of me to be there. I continue with new life with other disability. Only after two weeks I saw her at school. She was in hostel at that time, because she report when periods where going end in that day. When I saw her, I shaw a little smile and continue with other business. At that time I was busy with my studies, even a teacher who I was subbmiting to him the last poem which it was for presentstion in our graduation, tell me to consatrate in my studies.
    After she had report, our teacher of literature came in the class and speak about her. Her speaks about her writtings especially one poem which called LIFE OF HILL CHAIR. After her had speak about her at the end he said " But at now she had shift the school" When he said, we said to him that " She has turned back to school" When he heard that he said "Ok" ( and speak to himself while I could not hearing him what he was speaking about the girl)

    After that day, when continue studdying. Some of our teacher where comparing us with her in our mistakes. Due to that my fellow students could not want her to came in our class. They told even her sister Khadija who was caring her most that they could not want her, either at hostel or in the class. When she was coming at hostel, they were not even caring her and being annoyed. At the side of her fellow classmets, even them they could not like her, this is only because she was very bright and pass them in the examinations. I remember one day when I was going at hostel, I found her sleeping and not went at the night studies. In that day there was test were being doing in the class of mathematics. When I saw her, I wake up her and prepare her to see his teacher. When going mathemstics test it was ready being done. Because it was only for a one hour. When he saw a teacher, he explsin to herself and being tald to see him tomorrow in evening to do it. Only one teacher if she could not find her in the class when her fellow classmets they have being mistaken, she was finding her tomorrow to punish her too and one teacher who was standing in night studies whose name is Shigela. At the first when she find her in other class, he was commanding students to sand her in her classroom. When continue doing that behavior, one day accademic sir met him. His name is sir Ndana. He was among of teachers who likes her. He told him that if a girl she find her in any class to leave her. Since that day he could not complain with a girl again.
    After I had finish my studies, I could not even take a picture with her and I could not remind to ask her other process of how to do with my poems. Because at home my parents could not accept my writtings. When I told them, no one want to read my poems. Than one my mother told me to poot my writtings in her room in older to read them when she got a time, But she could not until I start my collage studdies.


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    After my teacher told me about spelling. I could not have any thing to do with it than to do him as a dictionary when speaking with him. He could not bollow me his dictionary, because it was the book most used in his different periods.
    In that year Ilakunda was its last year to be with us. A person who told us was our sir who was teaching us Literature in English. Even me who I was staying with her I could not know. Until sir himself told about us. After telling us, I remember one boy whose name was Mohamed Idrissa when I was staying with him in that school. He was very good in science subjects. He was studying PCB. I stay with him only a year and shift the school when I was finishing my last studies in form two. When inter in form three only after mid term examination and went in holiday, he shift the school. He was very good in presenting in what he know about experiment. I remember on his first time when reporting in form six graduation, he present something about " Why wemen are most speaking than men?" This topic he prepared it in other tittle, but core point it was about humanbeing. And in that research, he got the answer why wemen are good in talking. And how many words in a day a womam can speak than a man. After presenting on that, I see like it was speaking about me to him. Because when I was with him, I was very good talker.

    So after reminding on that. It was seems like and her she was wanting to shift without wanting to tell me about that. Because even Mohamed Idrissa when wanting to shift, his fellow classmet who was a boy like him was a person came to tell me about that. I was very sad in deed upto I follow them before shifting. In that year I was very hopeless in all year while staying with my fellow students, but I could not show myself to them in how I feel. Also in that year it was the last year to stay in the hostel which we were staying. The school body was wanting girls and boys to exchange the hostels. This is because where we were staying, hostels were outside with school compound. Moving at the night preparion, until to pass the road. Where we were living it was having alot of case of thieves inter and if found doors open were intering and store properties of students. Although men watching were there, but they were coming and store. Due to how they were storing two men watching who were old, they were afraiding on them when coming. They were different types of thieves who were coming. I do not know if they were couparating or no. Because if one thief came on that day, another day will come another. Sometimes were only different hours. One was coming maybe at 00 am and another one at at two, three or four. In meeting together, I do not know about that.
    In that year I got a new student who was in a hill chair. She was a student of dayscolar. She was being allowed to stay at home due to her problems in how she was. When allive, sir Tiliwosha tell me about her when meet. After heard on that, I remember when I was in form two I welcomed three kinds of disability who were brind and other Albinism students. They stay with me in few weeks and be shifted in Tabora girls. Only one who write a letter she could not want to be sent in Tabora girls. But brind students and other Albinism accept to go. Because they were being told that they were not having properties of teaching brind person and in school compound Albinism it was not safe to them. But even after being told that only one she could not accept to go with them. She remain with her fellow Albinism who find her was ready staying their for two years since she has start whose name was Christina Bunoge who could not want to go too in her first reporting in form one . Only after two students to be there, only when welcoming new students of A levil and O levil in other next days, different Albinism both boys and girls were starting studying there.


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    Glorification Is Evil

    Yesterday, it was not a good day.
    LillyFlower & I were out doing stuff
    And we went Walmart.
    And never again.
    Police EVERYWHERE,
    Blue & red, blue & red
    Well we had no idea what was next
    We get farther in the crowd
    People have their phones out
    Standing there just taking pictures
    So, we ride past someone 2 ladies
    I said what is going on?
    I figured someone done stole something & ran.
    A man got shot they said.
    Over some words all through the store.
    I didn’t want to go in
    LillyFlower she wanted to just run real fast & wanted me with her.
    So, I went in walking through the crowd.
    People were walking around had no idea.
    Others were workers saying how they were fighting all through the store.

    We got what LillyFlower needed, we left.
    And when we walked outside the man was STILL LYING ON THE COLD SIDEWALK.
    He had walked 5 steps out of the store.
    He had zero chance at that point.
    A gunshot aiming straight for his head.
    He was down.
    People just standing there looking.
    Taking pictures.
    Glorification at its best.
    I was took back at that point.
    Why would you do that?
    That’s someone’s son, brother or uncle.
    Would you want that for your family?
    People staring with their phones?
    Taking pictures?
    Sometimes, I swear people have no idea how ignorant they look.
    That man was shot over some words they had in Walmart.
    2 days after Thanksgiving.
    That man lost his life.
    That is what this world has done to us
    Everyone has lost their minds.
    No respect for anyone.
    Glorification over this man laying on the cold ground.
    The evilness surrounds us
    Trying to break us, we can’t let it.
    This man had a son, another on the way.
    Why such evil?
    Where does it end?
    How many lives need to be taken?

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    After reading it, it was very good in starting. I kept it and wait for her next week. When I was with her in hostel, I could not consatrate with her about that issue. When dealing with different dissability, sometime I was too tired with them. When ckme and visit me, she found me sleep and call me "Sister Husna" Sometime I was going but sometime I was ignore her. I do not know how she feels when ignored. So I could not consatrate with her at most time and got my fellow student who consatrate with her.
    In the next week I start follow her every two days in a week until one days she continue with a chapter. After second chapter she have complete, I show my fellow student who was Albinism her name was Christina Bunoge. When she read it, she went and show her fellow student who was in a hill chair. Her name was Elizabeth Mbilo. After them have read, both of them them like it and went me to continue the story.

    At that time I could not know if the girl was consatrating with her writtings. I was continue distarbing her until all chapters were complete in that story. After a year, our teacher who was teaching us English last year and come to teacher us Litterature in English. Came and told us about her writtings. When he was telling us infast I know it was a girl who write for me a story. When heard that, I become work up in my writtings. When I went to her after studdy, I got a short story about her in writtings. I become accited one her, next form 4 cellebration present her poems and become congaturated too in that day.
    I remember in that year, one madame was braiming on how student could not have couparate with her when teaching and in her assigment allot of student were only coppying each other and collect or not doing any and exchange exercise books when pass throw them. But good thing, she was knowing sometime of student handrirring, So she was catching sometime of them and remind the last desk who saw the handritting and come to find where she was continue passing throw. When not coupate with her, one day she told us to read some of adjectives and if not understand to ask, but alot of student could not. When found she stop immediately and told us for the one who saw a problem to see her in the office.
    So due to that when I start again writting my poems, I write the themes about it and collect all other thing which my fellow student behave. And that poem its tittle called MY CLASS.

    When starting alot of my poems were having spelling ellors. My teacher told me to check out the spelling. Sometime if he was not understanding, he was removing a dictionary to me and show me the words.


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    Well, this will be different. But, it’s all true, so when I think cinnamon this is what comes to mind.

    #writersbay #cinnamonc #cinnamongirl #empath #empathmind #ceesreposts #truestory

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    Crazy Days

    Way back in the day, I was pregnant & still working. At a local fast food place. White Castle to be exact. Which stayed open 24 hours. Known for there tiny burgers with steamed onions served with a pickle. Also they have a great cup of coffee. So, I worked there about 7 1/2 years. I got to know what many of the customers wanted as soon as they walked in the door. There were many regulars on any given day, some going to work at 4 a.m. Some leaving work, some drunks straggling in at bar rush. I worked night shift, saw a bit of everyone. Some I learned fast as soon as they walked in you had to watch them. Some drunks shouldn’t drink, they get irritated very easily. I saw someone’s head go through the glass, mind you not too far cuz the glass was about 2 inches thick. The police got called on many occasions, never showed up it didn’t matter why or what was happening.
    I was on register a lot, front or drive thru either one. Since I was pregnant that seemed the best place fitting for me. Well, there was a woman that started coming through drive thru. She always came in either with a woman or alone. And soon, IT GOT TO THE POINT TO WHERE I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT MADE HER COFFEE RIGHT. She brought me gifts, money, candy & whatever else she wanted to give me. I was friendly to everyone so I just thought it’s a customer wanting to give back. Yea, I tried to convince myself of that. I think. Soon I learned the woman beside her was her girlfriend. And then she got a little more friendlier inviting me over for dinner, it’s no problem I would be ready in time for work. She always said, they lived close by. I always came up with some excuse. Well, she would talk & talk & talk to me, until her girlfriend Sharon got mad. Later I found out she was interested in me. That is where Sharon had gotten jealous. When she started showing up during my nightly smoke breaks I knew it then. Well, I didn’t know what to do. I told my husband, well my boss did. “She is always coming in for Jessie’s coffee, she makes it the way I like it. Yea, I did nothing different than anyone else. My husband met her one night, Halloween night 2011. We had the kids trick or treating. My oldest son was a bit slower than the girls so I was walking with him up to the houses, of course. My husband, I had never seen him so frightened. I said yes that’s the woman Lilly was talking about with wanting the coffee made by me. My husband looked at me & said you didn’t say she was a full back for the Bengals. No. No I had not I left that part out. Her parents were big Neil Diamond fans, loving the song Cinnamon Girl. I learned that later they named her Cinnamon. I haven’t seen her in years. I’m sure it’s for the best. I really had no idea, until I knew. Then it was the joke, everyone thought that was too funny. Just a smiling when she would walk through the door. Jessie come make a cup of coffee. And I did it. Crazy days those were, I was a 24 year old woman on my 4th of 5 children. You just never knew what you were in for on any given night going in to work. I met wonderful people. People that talked about me serving them coffee decades later. Crazy days.

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    Witnessed the true Love ❣️under the aqueduct

    The Retina of eye captured
    scintillating moment
    of two innocent figure
    creating the goosebumps
    to the throbs....

    Spreading the polyethylene
    under the under constructed Bridge
    the poor body were appetiting
    thier hunger beside
    the muddy water in the rain.

    The couple was taking
    the support of the roof
    to keep themselves dry from
    the downpours in the rain
    whereas some were enjoying
    tasty snacks in the luxurious hotel....

    But poorness neither chooses nor judges.
    Everything is beautiful for them.
    /You may fall on someone for her /his beauty .
    But you should love someone
    who can be with you in
    your happiness and poorness too./

    #truestory when I was returning from the exam centre

    #ceesreposts #soulraabta @love_whispererr @soulfulstirrings

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    I think I need some brandy!
    This week I've had to assess my brand;
    I started a diet with bran
    And from relationships I ran.
    I've never had such an
    Experience so far from an A

  • not_yours 28w

    An argument with mom that day,
    Smoked up at station
    High af
    It was raining and I was riding my bike

    It felt heavenly.

    While riding, it felt like I am asleep but with eyes wide open.
    The rain kept falling on me,
    it went into my eyes too and it felt like a disco lights when I was blinking.
    I wanted to stop there
    put some high volume and wanted to dance so bad but maybe some other time, hopefully.
    I wanted to ride some more but when I reached home I wanted to write what all thoughts were running in my head but instead I lied down and kept dreaming
    My brain was running with speed of 770km /hr and I just dreamt that day.

    To be continued.......


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    Swiping right, swiping left and then there's someone in between. When you swipe right you are filled with hope. Hope, to meet someone of your kind. It could be anything, as per your perceptions.

    He was simple with class, had a gf looking for friendship. That's it. That's it?? I don't know how people can't be friends in a relationship called "Love". I was not getting anyTHING of my kind so I just thought of friendship. He was clear from the start. "JUST FRIENDSHIP". I was also sure, I didn't want to share an occupied heart. We used to talk "as Friends" only. He was never flirty, no dark jokes, nothing. I enjoyed his company whenever he used to talk. 

    He came to my city one day and I met him "as friends" and then something strange happened. I realised I needed a place in that occupied heart. There was nothing romantic, not even fling but I was feeling that zing. 

    I didn't Stop myself from anything, but something was ending inside me.

    Or it was the beginning of an endless start or something I added by mistake to my cart. 

    Whatever it was, I still feel strange. I cried for that guy for 3 days, but he was out of range.

    I realised one thing, For me love is friendship first.

    Only few understand that, others don't trust. 

    If I say someone to be my friend, I want to see him in my life,

    Guys think they would be friendzoned and I would never be his wife.

    Can't help, can't hold.

    Just thought to tell, if you could mold.

    Richa Srivastava©

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    Phil and Lil Part 2

    Filled with so much pain and sorrow; wishing that you two could be born healthy tomorrow. / Visions of our finances advancing; conversations of expanding into the house that we would live in before we get the mansion. / Your older brother and sister I would never abandon; your mother told me to manifest from the universe but I was demanding. / And commanding an understanding; of why our love couldn’t serve as an airport for you both to land in. / Your mother and father’s work ethic is outstanding; doing the ground work to receive passive income from our branding. / -F.L.O.W.

  • _flow803_ 28w

    Struggle Part 2

    If I don’t have the rent money they will expect me to be gone too; I already work in the heat, shouldn’t have to deal with that in my home too. / I’ve been paying rent for close to 10 years, what do I got to show for that; a bunch of eviction notices and knowing what it is before I open that. /My job ain’t secure either so I’m feeling like twice the dummy; doing the same job as somebody else but they’re making twice the money. /Whatchu know about getting paid and going broke in the same day; my mission is to break this generational curse so that my kids don’t live the same way. / -F.L.O.W.

  • _flow803_ 28w

    Struggle Part 1

    Rent was due since the 1st, ain’t paid that until the 25th; the 1st coming up again, and they gone tax me by the 5th. / Feeling blind, deaf, and dumb , woke up barely able to feel the breath in my lungs; I ain’t a pipe, I’m a diamond but I will be glad when the pressure is done. / Last night my AC blew, up outta the blue; just got off the phone with my landlord said that it’s nothing that he can do. / No emergency funds to put my family into a room; last night to stay cool we all had to sit in the front room. /

  • miabeyy 32w

    By: Mia Palencia

    Thousands of soldiers are lying on the ground breathless
    Fought with an enemy who willing to die faceless
    Brothers; yet killing one another mindless
    And everybody think the war would ended up endless

    The war brought the whole nation a terror
    Everyone are screaming with a great horror
    Nothing seems to be important even their honor
    They feel they are trapped in a wicked mirror

    The war leave the city in great chaos
    With all the women whose grieving for their loss
    But then, it open a new door for us to be reunited in one cause
    And that is to bring the city of Marawi to its foremost


    TRIVIA: ©The Battle of Marawi, also known as the Marawi siege or the Marawi crisis, was a five-month-long armed conflict in Marawi, Lanao del Sur, Philippines that started on May 23, 2017 between the Philippine government security forces and militants affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), including the Maute and Abu Sayyaf Salafi jihadist groups. The battle also became the longest urban battle in the modern history of the Philippines.

    #marawi #realevent #philippines #war #mindanao #truestory #poetry #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #writersnetwork #writingcontest #creativearena #writersbay #mirakee #mirakeeworld #miraquill #pod

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    "This poem is based on real event happened in Marawi City, Philippines way back 2017. This poem is actually dedicated for them — the victims of the Marawi siege, the longest urban battle in the modern history of the Philippines."


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    Komu came to my life one day in summer, like a star that fell on earth.
    Like nothing I’ve seen,
    Like none I’ve ever met,
    She was funny, smart, moody, madly and beautiful.
    She was my Chashmish…
    And I loved her… so much…
    And I ask her everyday in my dreams, why she left, why we had to part our ways? And I get no answers..
    She took those answers with her when she left,
    Leaving behind angry, empty and confused “me”
    And there’ll come a day where I’ll not feel it every minute. That urge of holding her, seeing her for just once, and other feelings about her will fade away. I’ll be left with love.

    A good friend once told me,
    “You can love them and still let them go”

    So, Komal.. I love you.. and I let you go..
    And I’ll miss you…

    And I hope wherever you go next,
    You feel peace,
    You feel safe,
    In a way you never did with me..

    Wherever you go next,
    Hope you know I love you and will always do..


  • igautamji 32w

    An old poem I had posted on my blog a few years ago.
    this incident was dated : 4th May 2017

    #truestory #cat #depression

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    I will tell you guys something,
    Something that happened a few days ago,
    while walking in the evening,
    I felt gloomy, my mood really low.

    The world looked weird,
    The colors all wrong
    There was a deafening silence in my ears
    And I wasn't singing any song

    Nor was I playing my flute or harp
    The world had never looked so dark
    Then out of nowhere came my salvation
    A little cat asking for affection.

    I meow at cats, I know it is weird
    But they have never meowed back
    This one came, begging to be petted
    Who was I to not oblige it?

    The little tabby stayed with me,
    Bumping its head, arching its back
    Going around in circles around my feet
    Putting its paws in my lap

    Then as soon as I felt better,
    the world looking bright and cheery
    The cat got up and walked away
    leaving me feeling really merry


  • abineyraj 35w

    I hope I was the best
    temporary person u met
    in ur life as our stars was
    recognised by vibes and
    not by fictional characters
    and one day life will definitely
    find its way for us..

  • raghav86 36w

    same third division...

    In 2007 his right leg got affected started limping while walking and in 2009 his neck got affected it turned to right side and always shake with lot of difficulties he turned to left. This was the last nail in the coffin after this he stopped going out very often, because he choose commerce in college he didn't attended any lectures as it wasn't necessary, so he just went to give exam that's all no fond memories of even being in college. Finished college in 2012 in six years after failing once again in M. Com first year.
    In 2015 he shifted to another town but left some part of him in his hometown. It's 2020 now he is still out work and people don't consider him as human not yet. But he has a lovely family who loves him and this makes him sad sometimes because he feels that he is just a parasite who is feeding on his family members blood. His mother recently said, " You had such a good voice when you were a kid if only we knew it will become so worse we would have recorded it" Sadly now he don't even remember what his childhood voice sounded like. His parents motivate him but deep down they also know it's game over him and so does he. He fell in 1994 by 2009 everything went bad to worse, now he just sit at a corner in his house and play games occasion go outside sometimes don't even go out his house gate for weeks. Sleep in the afternoon like an old man. But only good is that he can still do his own work.
    I recently came to know that to he trying to open up a little bit and is little bit happier than before since he started writing on an app, he had made some new friends with whom he chat very often he had met a brother, two sweet little sisters and two very special friend who always motivate him with their kind words one of them is queen of romance and other one is lioness of sarcasm and really like them both but he one little more just because she promised him a date, which he knows will never happen but he was telling me that will eat their brain for this whole life because she is his cutest and sweetest friend and other friend he love her also because she is verbose and told him few things about her personal life even when she could easily say, " No personal question".
    I hope people who he love don't unfriend him after knowing he is such a bad person, tobacco addict and his life is a mess and he is not that intelligent like others in studies just passed with thrid division, failed three time in school and a complete looser in his personal life. If they ever decides not be friends with such a bad person anymore alteast inform him before leaving I know it will hurt him but it's worst than hurting when his friends leave unceremoniously and wait for their reply, most of his childhood friend's left this way, he deserves this much respect.
    I sometimes still think if he hadn't fallen that day what would be life right now I still sometimes think....
    The End

    Apologies for any writing mistake...


    #storytime. #sadlife. #mirakee #truestory

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    Part four.

  • kingbts 64w

    Mystery man

    Mystery man, the mystery man
    What do you seek to understand
    Am I right or wrong
    A sincere answer is needed

    Mystery man, the mystery man
    Am all surrounded and yet alone
    In the world
    Should I come out of my shell?
    Yeah, am sure all is still void

    Mystery man, the mystery man
    There is still a puzzle yet to be puzzled
    Broken expectation yet to be unbroken
    Don't know what's in, if I leave them open

    Mystery man, the mystery man
    Save my soul from this dilemma
    Help me to correct what is forever

    Mystery man, the mystery man
    I calleth out to thee
    Come save me before
    I flee into the deep again

    Mystery man, the mystery man
    Help save a man who needs answers.
    Answers to a burden that can't be questioned
    Help save a man from a decision that is lasting till yonder

    Mystery man, the mystery man
    Please where art thou...Pl-e-e-e-s-sss-s-e
    I need your pain k-ill-ll-e-e-rs

    Mystery man, the mystery man
    Save me before my r-e-e-ee-a-a-l-i-ties become illusions
    I calleth out to thee
    If you ever answer
    Mystery man, the mystery man