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  • rhythmsofheart 23w

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    Every season is for a reason.
    - @rhythmsofheart

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    Let it

    Let it rain
    Let it create a vast ocean
    And create commotion
    Ravaging the coast
    When the cyclone hits the land
    Slowly, it fades away
    There goes away your inner turmoil

    Let it rain
    Let it flow like a passage of river
    Reaching the corners
    Watering the arid lands
    Creating the paradise, full of life
    There you found your destination
    After a long trail of tribulations

  • loftydreams101 23w

    In the Marshlands After a Storm

    Branching off, into a grove of swaying pines
    For the moment out of reach
    A storm passes through the night
    From a red scarred horizon
    On higher ground
    I watch the black rivers swell
    And snake through the mist
    Carving stillness apart
    It returns in the new world after
    As a creature
    Cleaving through the fog
    For the spoils of the storm
    And I wait
    For the dirt road’s return
    For the waters to gently recede
    Beneath a blaze of light

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • dr_scolly 33w

    Turmoil exists...
    Its roots sinking deep into the Earth
    A tree so huge, intimidating
    The tiny little creatures underneath
    Feeding on despair, helplessness
    Growing, growing further, stronger!

    It needs to be cut, uprooted...
    The very roots need to be unearthed!
    Till there is nothing remaining...
    No trace... No remnants... No memories
    Till ALL is gone!

    It needs to be done...
    With sweat and blood and tears!
    With conviction... With determination...
    With constant striking... Courage...
    With the power of will growing!
    Till one day... There is no more!

    ©Dr Scolly

  • absynth 41w


    Does giving words to your turmoil bring you peace?
    Yes but the silence is no longer mine.

    Does the pain ever go away?
    Yes but it returns with a tighter cuddle everytime.

    Is writing a therapy for you?
    Yes but its side effects are stronger than the malaise.

    Does it give you a purpose in life?
    Yes as long as it's unattainable and keeps me dissatisfied.

    Do you love being a poet?
    Yes because I can always write to hide.

    Do you ever encounter a writer's block?
    Yes but it's not as stubborn as my turmoil.


  • faulty_puppet 60w


    An uncanny abstract
    Floating in the sea
    That's all of what I am
    Floating in the sea

    Through the chain of smiles
    The pain's breaking free
    Swimming up to the surface
    Calling out to me

    Hello... Hello...
    Hello... Hello...

    Standing, here I am, but
    I am, floating in the sea
    Surrounded by you, but I am
    Engulfed by the sea

    When I try to sleep
    I am awake inside me
    In this pantomime
    I hear you calling me

    Hello... Hello...
    Hello... Hello...

    I heard you calling
    I am here to speak
    Can you hear me calling?
    Can you hear me speak?

    Hello... Hello...
    Hello... Hello...


  • dr_vesper_ysabel 63w

    UNA SERENATA ALLA LUNA... (A Serenade To The Moon)

    Ciao Luna, Sono io,
    be not fazed,
    For I am struck,
    By the arrow of Cupid.

    How I keep yearning!
    To look at your lovely face.
    Oh! It’s such a beauty,
    Full of charm and grace.

    You remind me always,
    With your alluring glamour,
    That one true love of mine,
    Buried in the cemetery of my heart’s core.

    Luna nuova,
    Dove stai tu?
    I am jaded with questing,
    Where did you go missing?
    Did you go to see your beloved,
    And leave me affrighted?

    The notion of your absence,
    Saddens me, terrifies me,
    Your dearth becomes,
    A solemn melancholy.

    Now that you are gone,
    There’s a heartache in me,
    My eyes are wistful,
    Because the heavens are empty.

    Luna piena,
    Tonight you are full,
    But my heart is empty,
    You fill the heaven with a silvery nimbus,
    But you never reach up to me.

    You show your full countenance
    Only once a month,
    As you peep from behind the opacus,
    My heart fills up with mirth.

    Why are you demure,
    For the rest of the month?
    Dimmi, are you cursed,
    To be sheepish and reluctant?

    I implore you devotedly,
    No more hide yourself from me.
    Relinquish your insecurities forever,
    And reveal to me your beauty.

    Luna bella,
    Ton visage enthrals me,
    Like a pacific moment,
    In the chaos of the night.
    Nothing can avert me,
    From relishing your sight.

    The white wintery snow
    As it falls on my face,
    Feels like it were pieces of you,
    Each bestowing me with a kiss.

    As you touch me,
    With your silvery mildred aura,
    Every inch of my skin,
    Rejoices like a blossom in primavera.

    Luna, cara mia,
    Every dawn you descend to the ocean
    And bestow it with un beso,
    But you always steer clear,
    Of me and my open arms for you.

    At dawn as you drown in the ocean,
    It makes me envious,
    For once, just once, will you,
    Drown in the ocean of my eyes?

    The ocean flaunts every night,
    The mångata of your beautiful face,
    My eyes reflect your face too,
    But that, my love, you fail to notice.

    Luna, amore mio,
    Do not besmirch my love,
    Hold me in your arms forever,
    Don’t ever let me go.

    Like a vagabond, every night,
    You scamper across the skies,
    But you never come down to me,
    And it brings tears in my eyes.

    Come down to me,
    Come to me once
    I’ll make you a home,
    Out of my loving arms.

    And when you come to me,
    I will adorn you,
    With the blossoms of my love
    And the jewels of my youth.

    I’ll mould you a golden crown,
    Studded with rubies of my blood drops.
    Sprinkle and shower you,
    With alabaster, roses and hyssop.

    I’ll drape you with,
    The silken shawl of my hair,
    I’ll set you up high,
    On the throne of mon Coeur.

    Quench your thirst,
    With my love’s elixir.
    I’ll serve it to you,
    In the chalices of my eyes.

    I’ll feed you with my love,
    In the platter of my palms,
    I’ll feed you until you are full,
    With my love and charm.

    As you lie down to rest,
    On the soft velvety bed of my body,
    I’ll embrace you tightly,
    To keep you warm and cozy.

    As you rest your head on my chest,
    Hear my heartbeat, a soft lullaby,
    Hear it sing a love song,
    As it flutters like a butterfly.

    Hold me tight tonight, my love,
    Before the night is gone,
    Brazenly I’ll make love to you,
    From gloaming till dawn.

    Luna rossa,
    Tonight, are you thinking about me?
    Because I see you blushed scarlet red,
    Be not beguiling, be not astute,
    For I know you are thinking of your beloved.

    Luna dolce,
    I detest the clouds intensely
    When they becurtain your face,
    My mind is in a turmoil,
    Because I lost your trace.

    The scars on your face,
    Do not matter to me.
    Come, I will heal them,
    With my tears, tenderly.
    Then to the galaxies and the heavens,
    I’ll proclaim my love proudly.

    Amore mio,
    You have enchanted me, Body and soul,
    When I look at you,
    I lose all control.

    Mon amour,
    I have always loved you,
    With this sallow heart of mine.
    Nothing can calm the mayhem,
    In this heart or heal its maim.

    My unrequited love for you,
    Has vitiated la joie de ma vie.
    Therefore now I perceive-
    I must flee from this fantasy.

    I have to let you go,
    How do I impel you to love me?
    But I will always hope for a miracle,
    Where you and I become we.

  • faulty_puppet 64w


    Zindagi meri chup si ho gayi hai
    Lafz hazaar par baatein ghum si ho gayi hai
    Kehta hu mai bahut kuch magar
    Sab kuch dafn si reh gayi hai

    Kuch baatein aaj bhi ankahee
    Ansuni magar roz hai cheekhti
    Woh cheekhein bebas saanson k shikanj se
    Nikalne se pehle fanaa ho jaati

    Ek darr sa baith gaya hai rooh me
    Ki keh du to gawaan du kuch khwaab
    Kuch tamannayein, kuch dabi ummeedein
    Aur kaaton si chubhti kuch aashayein

    Par ye chuppi ab maun sa banta hua
    Mera bal ab mujhe hi nochta hua
    Dabe alfaaz ki kaali aandhi me
    Na chahkar bhi mai khud ko ghaseetta hua

    Lagta tha ye sannata hai aage ka raasta
    Is raste pe khoya har mohabbat se vaasta
    Par ye safar hai bas daag se bhara
    Ye daag ab mere laal se bhi gehra

    Par aksar maine kaha hai kuch
    Achcha ya bura, bayaan kia hai kuch
    Na Jaanu kisne samjha kisne anumaan lagaya
    Apni galtiyon, unke faislon se jaana hai kuch

    Is zindagi me chaa gayi ek kaash ka sehra
    Kaash me dafn kuch mansha meri
    Kaash me doobe kuch khwaab aur alfaaz
    Is kaash me doobi kitaab bhar kai kahaaniyaan

    Kaash ye kahaani bhi aisi na hoti
    Kaash ye zindagi nuksaano ka khazana na hoti
    Kaash ye sapna haqeeqat na hota
    Kaash maine chupchap ye likha na hota


  • keithallencovell 65w

    Break Them Apart and Step Away

    Break them apart
    And step away
    Part from their faces
    The looks
    The questions

    What in the world
    Do I have to do
    To get some damn respect
    From one of these girls?
    Those judging stares

    Ask me some more questions
    About how I move about
    I can be obsessive about myself
    I sometimes have self-doubt
    Leave me to be to my own

    I feel like deleting you and you
    and you and you
    and you and you and you
    and you
    Cause you cost too much


  • snow_musings 68w

    The monster within you has been strangulating those around you. You can either kill the monster and fall defenceless yourself or relieve the ones you love and who love you and release them from your fetters.

  • snow_musings 75w


    The night isn't young.
    It is old and concentrated.
    Filled with guilts and regrets,
    and loneliness to share it with.
    With truth being the language everyone speaks,
    monuments have crumbled and excavations resulted.
    Blown in this tempest is the foundation of love
    and everything big and small has uprooted from the ground.
    Blaming it on the year, calling it cursed,
    but even power requires potential that grows with time.
    The rotten aspirations devastated it all,
    and you and I are nowhere to be found.

  • the_moon_kid 76w

    Sometimes, silence can be painful too !

    #silence #serene #mirakee #writersnetwork #turmoil #emotions #pain

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    Everything seemed to be really serene when she was environed by silence, untill she realised the deluge of emotions engendering turmoil inside her.


  • theexplorer 76w


    It's 3:00 AM and I'm wide awake,
    I look out my window,
    The cool breeze grazing my face,

    The silence, eerie yet soothing,
    The sky, mysterious yet familiar,
    The moment, peaceful yet void,

    This wave of irony is engulfing me,
    How can I feel loved and lonely?
    How can I feel understood and unaccepted?
    How can I feel comfortable and insecure?
    How can I feel tranquil and turmoil?
    How can I feel myself yet feel it's not enough?

    Where do I start? When do I stop?
    Who do I trust? How do I change?
    Should I change?
    Why do I always feel guilty?
    Will I ever be enough?
    Oh please stop this noise!

    I feel the clouds overhead,
    Reeking with the darkness of tears, paranoia and isolation,
    Oh, what is this storm brewing inside of me?

    It's 3:00 AM and I'm wide awake,
    I look out my window,
    The cold wind chilling my heart...


  • manuhere 77w

    People make judgements quick, ridiculously quick
    The depths and illusion coexists
    We still move folks��

    @writerstolli @riyashi @rangkarmi_anuj @woman_of_words @shrihari_nandini

    #poetry #judgements #people #depths #turmoil #pod

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  • _rajeswari_prakash_ 77w


    Life feels more like a hectic hangover,
    Than a rave party I used to enjoy.
    Life feels like monster that my parents used to tell me stories about when I refused to eat as a child.
    Life feels more like my cunning stalker ex,
    Than the delicious "I Love You's" we once shared.
    Life feels like being on 4 times the normal dosage of LSD, When the last memory you had was sleeping with your BFFs lover.
    Life feels like those YouTube videos I'm excited to watch but often get clickbaited.
    Life feels like someone is shoving dry whiskey down my throat,
    when I always loved tequila with lime and salt.
    Life feels more like night with no stars but irrational amount of scars bleeding at 2:45am,
    When I see my sleep deliberately walking out of my bedroom door.
    Life feels like a parasite that hosted my body sucking every once of my empathy,energy, kindness leaving me out high and dry.
    Life feels like stinking underarm hair,
    That evades back in 3 hours, No matter how much it is shaved.
    Life feels like broken nails I recently manicured,
    Or the 789043th NEET rank I scored.
    Life feels like deserted texts like "Hmm, Seri K Bye",
    Or my mind boiling thinking quotient that transforms from " I don't give a fuck" to "Fuck my life" in drastic heartbeats.
    Above all, This life feels like a treacherous game,
    Whenever I'm on the verge of dying,
    Some fucking bastard is reviving me,
    So I could endure this endless emptiness in pain.

  • wespadeshere 82w

    There's an incomparable talent
    For their hidden agenda
    Behind all the smokescreens
    And quiet tacenda.
    A mystifying darkness
    That flirts with the danger
    Have you gall enough
    To dance with this stranger?
    Hush, little demons
    Don't you scream
    I'll lay us all down
    Right to sleep
    Together forever
    In peaceful unrest
    Till dawn do you
    The ultimate test.


  • wespadeshere 83w

    #DID #dissociation #painrelief #catharsis #pentup #emotions #turmoil #trauma #healing #journey

    Breathe in slowly
    It's okay.
    Let the tears come.
    They hold in them
    The words which you
    Yourself can't utter.
    Yes, let them free
    No more hiding.
    No more need
    To swallow them back
    No more need
    To stifle grief-stricken sobs
    By mocking cotton pillowcases
    Breathe out slowly.
    Make your noise.
    Don't silence your own voice any longer!
    Like it's the first time you've been heard
    Like it's the last time you'll ever be heard.
    Get it out, get it out good.
    Just like that.
    And we're going to be okay.

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    And we're going to be okay.


  • abm_scribbles 86w


    Toppled trying tackle the tiresome turmoil..


  • mrspectacular 87w


    She was just a young travelling sister
    The last thing she expected was this twister
    That brought with it a painful oozing shame blister
    Giving her, from the happiness country, a dister
    Stealing from her, her worn glister
    Killing her soul with a lister
    She would have loved to meet with chastity, her mister
    But this men would deny her the pleasure for their own pleasure.

    Walking along the road heading for her abode
    Seeing these men together, her instincts gave a danger bode
    But she dismissed this diode
    And its glaring code
    Hence she became one who the world, to the order of shame, would hode
    And whose innocence, the coming sequence would erode.
    Her life would become an agony lode
    That would degenerate into a pain node.
    On her feet she, past them, rode.

    Extending a greeting so pleasant
    One would think they would be bitten by the mercy ant
    And say amongst themselves in their cant
    That to do such as they have thought, they can't
    For it would not be so elegant
    But apparently, they were defiantly ignorant
    They would make her, of the town of bitterness, a forced optant.
    For their goal was nothing else but her pant.

    They beckon on her to come over
    In surprise, she gives a bever.
    Part of her foretells doing so would not be clever
    As it will make her beautiful happy soul become a griever.
    Owing to this, he pulls her reverse lever
    And turning away, she chooses not to, for any reason, pullover
    But these guys have contingencies as well in their plan-quiver.
    In their words, she must be poured out like a river.

    Chasing after her, they do not stop.
    She trips over in her flip-flop,
    Picked up and into the nearest bushes, she is given a drop
    And her chastity eaten like a crop.
    After this is done, she cannot help but in pain & shame, home hop
    As her dignity has been given, in the street, a mop
    In her own blood, she has been given a sop.

    She weeps and sobs
    For she had been put through the greatest looting of her life.


  • rain_e 87w

    I am tired now

    I am tired now
    In every situation,
    I have to give an explanation
    People have a narrative set for me,
    Due to some past mistakes
    Which I have accepted indeed
    They have got a license to judge me
    Questions Questions and Questions !
    Answers Answers and Answers !
    I can never hurt someone physically or mentally
    Still am tagged as senseless and a bully
    "I never accept my mistakes"
    Even if I am innocent, who cares?
    All my arguments are wrong
    I am tired now
    In every situation,
    I have to give an explanation.

  • romen81 87w

    In my heart there was a kind of fighting That would not let me sleep.

    — William Shakespeare