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  • mary73223 14w

    The rapist called uncle

    I was young
    the world was a bright happy place
    the was until
    a man called uncle
    used my innocent against me
    a man who's "games" gave me reason to cry
    to scream, to try to let any know
    anyone that would listen
    but as a child
    a child that doesn't have the right words
    that does not know how to express what you did
    that has never truly told anyone
    for fear they won't be believed
    for fear they will choose you over me
    to the rapist they call family
    you did not break me
    you WIll not break me

  • x_eden 16w

    Warning: Suicide mentioned.

    Do not worry about me.

    Seven words. Seven lines. No more than seven letters each.

    #kwansaba #tw:suicide @miraquill #wod

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    Black man, black mirror, black gun, watch.
    He holds it to his head, shaking.
    All to be seen, to be heard.
    You saw it, too? The show? Netflix?

    I feel like that just a little.
    I wonder that if I killed myself
    would it be my only great work?

    - sh

  • cherrypauper 19w

    Poem based off of what I can remember of my odd dream. Hope its entertaining! #dreams #fungi #pod #writersnetwork #tw:amputation

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    Lord of the Rotting

    Left hand left for dead
    Metal grinding past with no regard
    Its lone passenger lays within a canopy
    As my arm is nothing but a rotten stump
    Twisted and mangled and aged.
    Fingers twitch
    Grasping for air
    Looking for perches where none
    Are within reach

    Life still blooms upon it
    A dead stumb far from the graceful berch
    Taken and carved and sold
    Enoki and trumpets
    Both of paupers
    And kings
    With sweet tooths
    waiting to be fed
    A boquet of fungi fulfilling its duties
    Filling the patches
    What I've lost again.

    I am the lord of these woodlands
    Buried and barred and gone
    Slumbering on yellowed grass
    Somber dreams
    New life flourishing
    from forgotten flesh
    I will rest
    For now, at least.

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  • sooyaa_ 26w

    Do you see?

    Do you see the darkness ?
    I do!
    And I see myself getting lost in it
    And I see all the places we ever been to
    Do you see I'm gone
    Well I definitely do
    And I see you, shading tears over my death when you didn't give a fuck about me when I was there

    It's been exactly 24 hours since I looked in the mirror and I saw the rip up I've done to my life
    I was 22 with poison in my left hand and a blade in my right,then I decided right can never be wrong

  • pyro_sagen 27w

    The Door

    That door is closed
    The key destroyed
    You shout so loudly
    But it's all just noise

    You've dug your own hole
    Sealed your own fate
    It's not my problem
    It's not my hate

    You can try to destroy me
    But I'm over it now
    Someday you'll have no one left but yourself

  • miracle2_3 35w

    Painting My Nights

    I am painting my nights with happy lies. Outlining in deep stark colors to contrast the dark.
    I am filling my skies with fireflies, something to pierce through the darkness inside. One two three brush strokes. Some thin some thick.
    Disassociate into the darkness filled with conjured laughter. Let's laugh a little.
    Please rest with me. Look into the navy darkness and smile. Does it pull the corners of your mouth the right way up?
    Painful. Beautiful.
    Forget it.
    Paint with me. One two three brush strokes. Do you like music? Sing with me. Not the song in your heart, the song you wish you'd hear instead. I'm painting my nights with happy lies. Are you succeeding? I'm not. I think I'm failing. One two three cuts instead


  • _oyuku_ 38w

    TW - Suicide

    Maybe this is the last poem I ever write
    Maybe this is where I give up after all the fights
    Don't come to me and hold my hand
    Just tell me, this is where I'm supposed to end
    Don't release your tears for me, for they are diamonds
    Don't let your ears hear the ambulance and its sirens
    Don't read the letters I wrote, for they are just my mere words
    Also they carry the loudest screams,
    Which no one could never heard
    Cause maybe this is the last poem I ever write
    Cause maybe this is where I give up after all the fights

  • neverforever 41w

    The Day

    I can't wait for the day..
    The last day.
    The shortest day in memory.

    I waited my entire life,
    Just for this day to come,
    And finally take me away.

    From this day on,
    There's no pain, no suffering.
    No more days filled with nothing.

    The last day of living.
    The only day of death.
    The first day of Elysium.

  • supernalsoul 55w

    I am dead, I have died.
    Not just tonight, my world has ended multiple times.
    But me, I'm gone.
    What do you say, what would you have done?
    But to be fair, it's not like you didn't know about my pain.
    Your respons was to bury me in shame.
    I hope you cry, the same amount of tears I nearly drowned in every night.
    I guess my sadness was easier to ignore since I was Out of sight out of mind.
    Did you find the words to tell them how important I was?
    And do you think it'll be worth all the applause?
    I guess you couldn't muster up those feelings when I was still here.
    See that was my biggest fear.
    That I had to die for you to pay me attention, to have to go through this horrible event to be a name you finally mention.
    Well its too late.
    I guess I couldn't live of off your so called faith.
    I am gone, I have died.
    And tonight my world ended for the last time.

  • malacorath 55w

    Selfharmers Prayer

    My hardened heart still knows how to feel,
    I just need time to hurt, and to heal.

    I may be in solitude, but I am not alone,
    As I continue my journey into the unknown.

    Life and love, have levied a heavy toll,
    But they are nothing to my beautiful soul.


  • frogatesh 55w


    I'm a failure
    aren't i?
    I've never been the best before
    have i?
    i have but that doesn't matter anymore
    not after i led go of everything i loved
    i wish i could hurt myself more than i do right now
    i wish i could lose my self from now

    I'm so
    I'm so scared;
    of failing even more,
    trying even harder
    I'm scared of the pain that follows every arc
    I cringe to the pain of breathing harder...

    this laziness, idiocy
    is there for any person to see
    people's words hurt me
    'cause i am that one, selfish brat
    thinking the world is spinning around me
    and that I'm the only one who's hurt inside

    yet it's clear to see that I'm broken
    I'm shredded into pieces and I'm cutting down your skin
    I'm a monster that can't be changed
    like father like son

    I hope I'll be able to sleep.
    I hope i dream about sleeping next to you

  • cherrypauper 69w

    #writersnetwork #pod #tw:homophobia #tw:transphobia #anger #vent

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    Oblivious Ouroboros

    A python grip around your throat and a telescope in my eyes, I'm left to wonder if you foreseen your own demise. By the hands of a daughter, by the hands of a friend, by the hands of anyone you've openly damned.

    You never realized you set aflame a survivors will to see your destruction.

    Not when they claim sanctuary, hidden from the witch hunts in your very home. Nestled between an alley and their pyre. Hand in hand in hope in the nothingness that stares back, repeating a faded echo of, "I love you."

    For they do... yet everything you have done speaks your words as venomous lies. Twisting again and again till nothing remains. Unblinking as you ready an empty grave.

  • cherrypauper 70w


    Tingling and tangling my knuckles in awareness
    I've rubbed you raw in undeniable repression
    For no tears are welcome
    When they are near
    They'll bite they'll snag
    Theyll sing theyll cry
    Theyll praise theyll scream
    The hand will ask you how
    The knee will bend again
    The nails will dig and scrape
    Just to find purchase again
    Memories entangled in the red lines you make
    Not of fate
    But the angels of your past
    Drowning you in reminders of what you

  • sugar03 71w

    #TW: Curse words, Torture (The end!)

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     "Do you remember anything? I guess not. You have been in a coma for, like two years . The day you took your  sleeping pills was on 12th July, 2018. Your mom isn't alive Ms. Munyeong! Your father is dead! You suffered from insomnia because of so much loss. I am your family doctor, remember me? Mr. Kang su. I diagnosed you with insomnia and prescribed you sleeping pills. You had lost your job and I don't know much of it. But on 12th of July, you were brought into this hospital by a random lady. You were almost dead but your brain was still alive and working. You went into a coma and now you're back. But, since it's been a long time since you walked, it'll take some time for your hands and legs to function properly. Till then, take care of yourself. " While he was narrating my  life story, everything got confusing. What was all of it I saw? Was it all just a dream? Then, I found my answer. The first dream I had was a real part of my life and I must have have it not long after I went to coma. But, the second virtual reality I faced and wished was the truth was what my subconscious mind has always wanted to do. I never had any of it in my life. I am back to being my mother's murderer, though I didn't and it was someone else. People accused me of whatever they could. I am a hypocrite to people, even now I guess, or maybe they have forgotten it by now. My soul had left my body. Here I am, writing my story on 15th September, 2020, letting you readers know every bit of my part I knew was true but wasn't, and my actual story life. A life of a lower middle class girl, Ku Munyeong, whose subconscious mind considered herself to be her own best friend, struggling to live a life and survive, whose subconscious mind wanted to do lots, but let's say the world wouldn't let you. They will take every little effort to bring you down. My life story completes here, but don't let yours. Don't let people bring you down and torture you. Don't let them accuse you of something you haven't done ever. My life had these problems, that doesn't mean I am the one person having the hardest time to survive. There might be a lot more number of people struggling just like me or even more. Struggle to survive, do whatever it takes to earn your respect. It's you, or no one else. Providing you lifetime support, wishing you the happiest life, who ever reading this, I bid you goodbye. Annyeong! 

  • nothingleftsoiwrite 85w

    My Time Has Come

    time was running out and
    my mind flooded with doubt and
    inside I was trying to shout but
    my mouth let nothing aloud so
    I'm dying here without a
    crying tear been in a drought Im
    finding my feelings died and now
    the clock has chimed I'm in the clouds
    was ready to die is the reason why I took this route


  • 4dothiraeth 86w

    Now was the time or it was too late,
    I never had the courage to ask for help, even till date.

    I was pretty convinced that I deserve nothing,
    And I feel like it’s a place I’ve never been.

    But I’ve kind of adopted this feeling,
    The pain is like I’m always bleeding.

    I actually don’t really know where the pain is,
    But maybe it felt like a dementor’s kiss.

    It was a struggle to wake up every day,
    But I did it anyway.

    I decided not to give up.
    So, I went to the person I love.

    I walked to them and decided to speak,
    I want to tell them that I feel weak.

    But all I could say was nothing and walk away,
    But I know that if I don’t do it, then I’ve to pay.

    I was looking for the right opportunities to tell them what I feel,
    And I want their help to heal.

    To heal the wounds I’ve been carrying for so long,
    To heel the feeling that I’ve always been wrong.

    I told them one day, without even thinking,
    They were shocked at first, but them looked at me, smiling.

    Tears were there in their eyes,
    All these years I’ve been living in disguise.

    It was difficult both ways,
    Then why not walk towards the rays?

    The rays which will guide you for better,
    And to the place where memories would be a little less bitter.
    . - Dia
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    None the wiser

    (Check the caption)
    TW//Part 2

  • 4dothiraeth 86w

    Looking out of the window blankly, not knowing what I was thinking about,
    All there was, was a feeling of guilt and doubt.

    Doubting my life-existence,
    Long back, I gave up on my self-confidence.

    It seemed all messed-up and I was broken,
    And it looked like there was no door open.

    A door from where I can escape those feelings,
    And I thought my life had no meaning.

    “Maybe this is how it’ll end” I thought,
    I shivered but not because of draught.

    “I’m not good enough” crossed my mind,
    “it’s over, my life has declined”.

    I cried without any reason,
    I shivered in the summer season.

    I started distancing myself unknowingly,
    Evil thoughts poked me annoyingly.

    I saw nothing in front of me, nothing but dark,
    Maybe I was wounded or was it a scar?

    Not knowing what it was or where I was,
    I was walking alone in the dark, not knowing its cause.

    It could’ve pushed and thrown me into hell,
    Or I could’ve asked for help.

    Choosing was a difficult part,
    But I was already fighting a war.
    - Dia
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    None the wiser

    (Check the caption)
    TW// Part 1

  • oceanblack 87w


    The drain is bleeding and pencils blunt.
    Ground grazes, air hazes but
    the bathroom tiles don't quite line up.

    How did we get here?