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  • muskaanbhatt 1w

    These 2 minute 2am thoughts always hit me hard����❤��

    Whenever he reads my poetries, don't know what kind of shimmer I get to see in his eyes and smile����

    #pod #wod #two #heart
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    2 a.m Thoughts

    Mai ku na karu atibar us ki wafa pai
    Jaan tak de di thi usne ek dafa mere liye
    Aur ku na kare wo be bepanah ishq mere se
    Akhir humne bhi khoon bahaya hai uske liye

  • muskaanbhatt 1w

    T W O


    One blood red, full of life
    Other dead and dull
    One with no scars
    And other full of cracks and rifts

    The red one was glowing with love feelings
    While the other was dying inside without any revealings

    One was defining it's original purity
    While the other appeared shattered with no original clarity

    The red one appeared simple but not so idiosyncratic
    While the other looked bold yet it was highlighting its presence so antic

    One was holding happiness of the whole world
    While other was hiding pain behind those rifts mended with gold

    One seem soft, sober and inexperienced
    While the other looked beautiful, but had suffered many crumbles which made it experienced

    One with perfect fettle, hasn't seen the traumas of life yet
    While the other had lived it's life everytime in breakdown and in mending its cracks with no regret

    The perfect one was pulchritudinous yet not strong as it hadn't endured ache a single time
    While the broken one was showing it's beauty with the strength it has got, of mending itself and cleaning it's own grime


  • nocturnal_enigma 1w

    * 18.1.2022; 6.54 A.M (Malaysia)

    * For my #crush #AHBA


    Star Night Berry Fairy Queen Enchanted Cursed Moonlight Thieves

    #two #wod @miraquill (I use all 9 words though)


    Untitle 97 ~

    You are my star.
    Shine so bright.
    Like a diamond.
    On dark night's sky.

    My heart has more than a scar.
    Heavy with pains. It's not light.
    I have to face my inner demon,
    who force me to die; So sly!


    I don't want to play gooseberry.
    Are you 2 really in a relationship?
    So, why weren't you honest?
    Why you broke your promise?

    My heart is broken. Like half strawberry.
    I want to go on tour in a cruise ship.
    Imagine me as a queen. Your highness.
    Inhaling air. While look at the cold mist.


    You made me feel so excited.
    When U said U wanna come...
    to meet me, here. I wait for U.
    To me, you are like a moonlight.

    Can't I make you feel enchanted?
    Am I cursed? If so, how come?!
    I keep getting sweet-dreams of U.
    Well, will you wait for my flight?


    You are one of the thieves...
    who stole my fragile heart.
    Without giving any warning.
    Dear, can I do the same?

    Will you just stay stiff?
    Be my only sweetheart.
    You're a moon that waning.
    Can't our feeling is same?

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


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    Untitle 97 ~

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  • willow_in_the_rain 2w

    I like my life
    Sprinkled with Stardust
    And seasoned
    With a pinch of magic

    I want to close my eyes
    Lying in my bed
    To find myself
    Planted among stars
    Dripping with moonlight
    When I open them again

    I believe that
    Anything can happen
    As long as you believe...
    Cursed or blessed
    Is your choice to make

    You don't say the enchanted word
    If you can't be the dragon
    But only the queen


    #two #fantasy #magic

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  • profuselypoetryly 2w

    Pic credit - found on Pinterest on She Talks
    #two #wod enchanted & cursed

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    my bittersweet medicine
    I’ve been enchanted and cursed
    to fervidly ingest stimulating
    my poetic senses whether

    I’m optimistic or pessimistic.


  • babershaik 2w


    Twinkle twinkle at the night
    You little stars very bright
    Spreading vastly in the sky
    From east to west and north to south.

    Garnishing the cake with berries
    Christmas festivities are merry
    When snow fall and spreads everywhere
    Santa on the sledge comes finding the fairy s.

    The darkness of the night
    Where there is no habitants
    Craving for the light
    As the clouds hindering moonlight .


  • husnachikwela 3w


    At night, there alot of thieves,
    They fight, having alot of moves,
    At night, there is alot of bellieves,
    Without right, they not use waves.

  • aaureate 3w

    #two #wod @writersnetwork
    Used all the words

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    And the show begins


    Stormy night enshrouds
    glitter and the shine
    Like the velvet curtain on the stage obscures fairies with its magic wand and
    forlorn queen in satin bed waiting for her knight,
    made up berry tree awaiting it's role and thieves of heart waiting to be surrendered

    As the curtain raises and welkin clears
    Millions of stars twinkle and moon light smiles
    Enchanted heart capers in joy
    Cursed ones find solace
    Audience cheers
    And play on the stage begins

  • imshadesofgrey 3w

    #two #wod

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    speaks pain
    from my wound

    were screams
    from my heart

    /Why did you give me an enchanted rose?
    I smelled it then I was under your control
    I pricked my heart with these thorns
    Yet no words of complaint came out of my mouth

    //You left me bleeding and broken
    Thought the rose was a token of your love, I was mistaken
    As the moonlight shine on me
    I realized the curse you have placed on me

    berry turned violet
    as my heart was
    filled with resentment

    stars burning rage
    as my tears were
    dried off of kindness

    /I used to be a fairy queen
    But you stole my love every night of your needs
    I was not enough for you, you looked for another slave
    Not only were you a thieve but also a traitor

    //Now I give back this rose that you gave me
    Not enchanted but poisoned with enmity
    Call me a witch with a broken broom
    After all, I was a queen that you left for doom

    Purple blood
    speaks darkened pain
    from my scars

    Red tears
    screamed questions
    from afar.


  • madheshwaran 3w

    "Love And Love Only"

    Love is up to the grave, not fake love, true love is only for permanent love, love is up to the grave..

  • wilmaneels1 3w

    They were enchanted
    Others thought of them as cursed
    But the stars and moonlight held some kind of magic
    Difficult to grasp if you're not open to see it

  • poetrycity 3w

    You are the night who listen to my wounded heart like a fairy

    Like berries on branches,
    like moonlight shining on a queen's crown
    my scars rest upon broken stars,
    to kiss the breath of cursed eternity,
    to gulp the cascade of tears,
    to chant love syllables aloud to sway off all the pain.

    Like stars twinkling in sky,
    like thieves whispering metaphors within eyes,
    my soul feels pleased for the night silence,
    to bleed metaphors on the bosom of the last margin of untasted poetry,
    to steal the beauty from fallen twilights,
    to vomit the pain that every air vibe hold during dusk.


  • johnbenson 3w

    Magical Fairies

    The fairies worked hard
    Working in the Queen's yard
    They did her bushes
    And cut her grass
    Then found the queen a little lass
    She did love him so
    And you would know why
    The things he did to and for her
    Gave her a natural high


  • abhibd 3w

    Queen and Thieves

    The fairy queen went out for a walk ,
    Her royal guards following her ,
    Under the berry tree she sat down ,
    Just beside the lake ,
    Admiring the reflection of moon and stars ,
    In a dak night lit by moonlight ,
    She danced enchanting the lake,
    And the hiding thieves ,
    Were awestruck by the beauty of dance ,
    Coming back to senses they cursed ,
    For the will to harm was lost ,
    And nature smiled ....

  • shabz_felix 3w


    Alone in moonlight faces
    As laid in bed to lay
    In light of my dark soul pages
    My mind saw star twinkle
    With pen and paper
    I sat to down settle
    Accompanied by the moonlight
    And the twinkle stars
    I painted my night with colours
    With lyrics I went astray
    As I kneel down to pray
    Clearer my heart could see
    Though tears drops interrupted me
    Like a queen kneeling on my circumstances
    My earthly curses quickly found heavenly blessings
    Those brighter light brought stronghold to see
    The brighter side of life

  • shabz_felix 3w

    Moonlight, and star

    Moonlight ,star bright
    Who's the fairest of them all
    Clear as crystal ,beaming light
    Reelecting at the makers call

    Spiritual divine from up above
    Glorious design to cheer the while
    A touch of love, a glimmer of hope
    That filled the hearts with pure delight

    Earth rich gems
    Like eyes peace of God
    Looking on earth bright wide eyes
    Dearly seen merry caption of dreams

    For in this world I'd rather be
    Cause i am so lucky for to see
    Over yonder ,much longer
    When heaven open eyes to lay and rest

  • liepa_malijauskaite 3w


    Two bodies,
    One souls,
    The fairie of the night,
    The promised to your life.

    Two moments,
    One memorie,
    The other stays stolen,
    As the thieves enchant the mind.

    Two dreams,
    One wish,
    Cursed star of the future,
    Will never answer your prayers for more.


  • shabbz_felix 3w

    Jesus Christ

    In the dark night of old
    It was true told
    Of a star that was born
    A crown of thorns would be worn
    Plan of heaven a life cost
    To seek and save the lost
    Cultivated by a higher position
    To illuminate hope for human salvation
    Beauty of character caught between theives,
    Though sinlessness was ,but was crucified like the theives
    It was the masters plan of love bestow
    On the cross of Calvary blood would flow
    Precious blood for you me
    How can it be
    That I should found wanting
    When everything for me freely providing
    That was already paid in full
    A good man was spat on ,played on as a fool
    But from death he rose again ,
    Real proof that he did not died in vain

  • qaisir 3w

    Look at the star,
    make your wings talk
    to escape the gravity
    of this planet's canvas,
    to take your spirit far-off
    so as to tear apart
    the fuss and the chaos
    from the awful night
    and your burdened heart.

  • orenda 3w

    He was cursed with creativity and i was enchanted to the artistic soul in me.