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    A R T O F S M I L E

    There is an old woman on the road
    Who has cut the ties
    from the art of smile
    as she was left abandoned

    Her eyes search for home
    and she tries to find
    the rhythm of her existence
    in the crumbled dried
    leaves on the road.

    A R T OF E X P R E S S I N G

    There is a man (a father)
    who has cut the ties
    from the art of expressing.

    He holds up patience,
    hiding tears of pain and
    tries to find peace in the family

    A R T O F S A C R I F I C I N G

    There is a woman (a mother)
    Who has cut the ties
    from the art of settling

    She hugs everything
    which comes in her way,
    accepting even the sacrifices.
    She makes an effort
    and finds serenity in adjustment

    A R T O F L O V E

    There is a young lady
    Who has cut the ties
    from the art of love

    She was betrayed
    at a young age,
    that now she fears
    accepting affection.
    She tries to build
    an abode in the hatred

    A R T O F P O E T R Y

    There is a poet
    Who has cut the ties
    from the art of fiction

    The poet was daydreaming
    about the fiction chapters
    of the tale which was penned
    Now the poet tries
    to compose the truth of life


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    A letter to hope ♡ @inara__

    #gratitude #joyfuljune #unfilteredcontent

    I haven't mentioned the moon here because I may write a separate letter to it ��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Thank you for the EC ����

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    [10th June 2021]

    Dear hope,

    You always run behind me,
    every minute to make sure
    I don't break my own heart.

    In the corner of my room
    when I cry and wrap darkness
    you gently hiding yourself
    kiss me to survive the next day

    Carrying a void in my heart
    when I sleep on maa's lap
    I find you there filling
    the broken gap between
    my heart with laughter

    With dried eyes
    hiding a lot of emotions,
    when I make eye contact
    with dad,
    you make them drizzle
    mercilessly to express the fears

    With the forsaken
    thunderstorms of my heartbeats
    when I hug my lover,
    you in the form of
    his forehead kiss
    allow them to beat poetically

    When the words of my poetry
    disappeared from the pages,
    you remained as the
    fragrance ink on that faded paper

    Dear hope,
    I find you in Maa's lap,
    Baaba's gaze,
    in a lover's soft hug,
    and in the faded pages of poetry

    All I can say is,
    Thank you for providing me
    a shoulder to cry on
    and thank you for the warm
    hugs in my every low,
    thank you for allowing me to
    wrap my sorrows around you!!

    ~ From an individual
    who is surviving because of you


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    If poetry was a person,
    then it would have
    the skin of a dictionary
    with each cell made up of words.

    It would have a layers
    of the complexion
    revealing each stanza

    It would have metaphors
    engraved as moles on the skin

    If poetry was a person,
    then it would have eyes
    expressing happiness

    It would have a tongue
    reciting love syllables
    It would have a voice
    echoing the essence of alliteration

    It would have curves like letters
    It would have cheeks
    with the hues of old emotions

    It would have rhymes as bones
    and flesh as verses of the body
    It would have the blood of ink
    running in the veins

    If poetry was a person,
    then it would have a heart
    beating in the void between
    the words of phrases

    It would have a soul
    searching for readers

    If poetry was a person
    then it would have
    addicted to pouring love on void


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    Kuch zyada hi imagery hogaya yeh �� Sehlo thoda sa

    #imagery @writersnetwork �� (66)

    Comment down your fav line

    #unfilteredcontent #magicalmay

    #unfoldc @writersbay ��

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    1) poetry smells like the curved smile
    on broken lips carrying chaos in the heart

    2)It smells like shattered pieces
    of sweet pain

    3) It smells like truth in the blanket of sins

    4)It smells like UNFOLDING beautiful melody from broken strings

    5) It smells like the soothing cologne of the first kiss

    6) It smells like serene pages of the book

    7) It smells like a starlit chorus of rhythm

    8)It smells like a wounded bruise on the skin

    9)It smells like a chapter of metaphors, rhymes, syllables

    10)It smells like maa lap and baba's soft hugs

    11) It smells like rainbow reflecting alliterations

    12) It smells like a shaded scar of the moon

    13)It smells like broken silence of ink

    14) It smells like the sun's gleam on a dark abode

    15) It smells like e sun delivering heavenly twilight

    16) It smells like magical droplets s of clouds

    17)It smells like a beguiling aura of the moon

    18) It smells like teardrop smudging the blush of cheeks

    19) It smells like existence in the absence of a dead lover

    20) poetry smells like you, It smells like me!!


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    I generally don't write a diary...
    I just write about the special days here in this prose I am sharing a real incident ��

    May 03
    7.00 pm

    Dear diary, It's been a while since I wrote something ...

    It's about 7 pm, and I am sitting outside my balcony with a piece of paper and a pad, waiting for the moon to seize the sky with its shine.
    ~ As you know, poetry comes with a thought of the moon~ *ishh*

    I felt like listening to the song because the wind brought whispers of love romanticizing the atmosphere.

    I played the song and the moment I heard the lyrics of that song
    //jaise mujhe tum mile, tum mile jaise koi din khiley din khiley//

    I smiled, and for about 20 minutes all I did was scribbling his name and drawing hearts around it

    Smiling Insanely

    I took my phone to see his photo, and
    I witnessed the stars peeking out whispering about the engrossing tale of our love in the sky.

    I looked up at the sky where the moon was hidden behind the clouds and felt as though the moon had permitted me to look at him.

    ~ He is my day-time moon ~

    I kept zooming in and out of his photo and kept it aside. I was gazing at stars and saw a pattern of stars together making an alphabet of his name.

    I rubbed my eyes and turned off the music for a few moments to get over his thoughts and merely to stop blushing.

    (If I continue to think about him I will blush and blush and my amma will kill me XD)

    As soon as I turned off the music, the clouds made a little thunder sound, the rain was drizzling rhythm, urging me not to pause the lovable melody.

    The scent of petrichor reminded me of his warm fragrance, and I remembered the last hug we shared a month ago.

    And I looked up at the sky and smiled as I saw clouds hugging the moon, just as I am enduring to hug him.

    I felt even the moon too needs comfort to feel warmness about his loved one.

    As I went inside my bed,
    He called me and asked, " Can I be your Moon tonight as your beloved moon is hidden in the clouds?"

    Yes, I said it with a smile


    Idk but I find him so cute ������ I moon him��

    I am not good at writing about love �� but still tried!

    #rawone #unfilteredcontent #diaryentry #magicalmay #mooniesmay

    @writersnetwork (47)��

    Okay, someone say me how should I stop blushing?

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    Dear future husband,

    *Breaths heavily with a smile on the face*


    Love marriage ho yeh chance tho tha,
    par abba nahi manege issi chakkar mei kisi se pyaar nahi kiya

    Tradition hai hamare yahan , shaadi ho toh sirf arrange hi aur isi tradition ko nibhane ke liye maine aapko "haan" kehdiya..

    Nahi nahi, aap galat sonch rahe hai mei arrange marriage ke khilaaf nahi hun,
    balki mei toh bahut khush hun meri shaadi hogi kuch hi din mei..

    Finally, I can wear that red heavy shaadi ka joda, jisko fit baithane ke liye maine 5 mahine se dieting ki thi...



    You don't much about me,right?

    Waise mujhe bhi khaas pata nahi, maine bas yeh suna hai ki aapko padna pasand hai, khuli kitaab se hai hum agar padoge toh samjh jaaoge humey..

    You don't know who I am, par fir bhi apne bhi "haa" boldiya

    Waise insta pe maine req accept karli but aapko wahan moon k alawa kuch nahi milega *blushes*
    Haan moon se alag lagaav hai hamara sharma jaate hai chaand ke naam se hum...Ishhhh

    Sharmane se yaad aaya hume na hasne ki buri adat hai, baat kuch ho ya na ho pehle hi has dete hai aur hamare ansu bhi palkon pe rehte hai koi ek se do baar ek hi sawal high tone mei puchdey toh ro jaate hai..haan pata hai thode pagal hai XD

    Aur humey na cooking nahi aati, nahi ammi ne sikhaya toh tha par hum seekh nahi paaye, par agar aap ko kuch chahiye toh ham swiggy se mangakar de sakte hai...
    Aur gar aap cook karenge toh hum aapke ke liye sabzi kaat denge aur apne hathon se bhi aapko khiladenge

    Itnaa toh aap ke liye hum karsakte hai

    Aur haan wada karte hai aapse
    aapke ghar walon ko koi shiqayath ka maukha nahi denge

    Aur suniyee hamna aapke liye roz poetries likha karenge , bas aap apne chehre par na chaand jaisi muskan banaye rakhna....

    ~aapki priy