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  • khushi_07 1d

    In this fake world while everyone is searching for true love;
    I am still the one who is trying to find a one true friend.

  • discreetliterature 20w


    A whole world full of unexpected things ,
    Unfortunate and unable to fulfill tiny expectations.

  • nexxtasy 30w

    Sweet subtle northern lights, guiding my aurora to an unknown spectrum of euphoric wonders.
    Confused contortions,
    losing the connection that once mended the madness.
    Forgive my infatuation with despair


  • kv1504 36w

    The last light of hope was still lit,
    Yet his fear had not been overcome even a bit.
    The love of his life was still in his hand,
    Things were not going as they were planned.
    They had everything oxygen, bed and money,
    Yet he was helpless in saving his sweetest honey.
    He could see her running slowly out of breath,
    And then his soul died along with his loved one's death.

  • vasubandhu 46w

    #जख्म #wounds #truth #sad #नासूर #शायरी #कविता #दोहा #tragedy #unfortunate #heartfelt #sublime #duet #crushing #heartwrenching #forlorn #wordporn #strong #wordswag #wordsofwisdom #experience #writeaway #thoughts #kavita #cruel #shrewd #संगदिल #writersofindia #पुराना #जहरिला

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  • little_sad 46w

    She love him
    He love someone else
    None of them end up with who they love
    And that's how their story ends.


  • nightsurfer 47w


    Unfortunate are those
    who seek love everyday

    Cursed are those
    who seek closure everyday.


  • ferozah 48w

    The person you loved, when strictly declines to accept your flaws, your complaints, your little immaturities, then understand the person only loved your presence, not your inner child.

  • mrspectacular 52w


    Jenny is always jittery behind the steering wheel imagining the worst case scenario whenever she gets behind the wheel. Some people believed it was her driving school instructor's fault that is to be blamed for this. She always imagines that some kid would run in front of her car and she would ram his or her little body to the ground like a card castle or a certain heavy duty vehicle would emerge from nowhere and have her run into it causing her some crazy injuries or worst still, death.
    She would always drive with full headlamps and hazard lights on while blaring her horn as she slowly drives through the street at twenty-kilometers per hour no matter how free the road is. Everyday, before she goes out, she would picture an accident and a very ghastly one at that then shiver a bit, pray on the steering wheel before she would start the vehicle to go on whatever journey she is to have on the day.
    A woman in her late 30s, she is doing fantastically well for herself as the Chief Executive Officer of Exotic Furnishings Plc. With over 60000 staff on her payroll, you would think she would worry less about her company, take paid vacations and live the expensive lifestyle. While she does take paid vacations and lives the expensive life, she never lets anyone handle the financial aspects of her company. They could bring the customers but no money would be paid in or withdrawn without her presence for a face-to-face approval.
    On a Tuesday night, she has just arrived from the office in one piece despite the attendant hullabaloo that she did see on the expressway on her trip back home from work. She has just one thing in mind, her sweet, cozy bed after a warm shower but that pleasure is denied her by a phone call from the office notifying her of a customer who is interested in making a bulk purchase that very night. According to her instructions to her staff, she is expected to shuttle back to the office to see to it that the money is paid in full and the transaction is carried out properly.
    'Who is calling me again?' she asks as she reaches into her bag for her phone. 'Hello...What is it again? Did I not just leave that place now?'
    'I am sorry ma but we have a customer here who wants to do a bulk purchase'
    'Hmm', she sighs from the aching of her body. 'Ok give me fifteen minutes and I'll be there. I repeat do not do anything until I get there. Is that clear?'
    'Yes ma. We will be expecting you'
    Once again, she imagines a terrific scenario. This time, of an 18-wheeler ramming her vehicle from the right side of the car. Seeing the picture vividly in her mind as she gets behind the steering wheel, she begins to reconsider going out again to the office by that time of the night. Her phone rings again. It is her staff calling to remind her just in case she has forgotten the customer was waiting,
    'Yes...Hello', she screams agitated
    'I'm sorry ma. The customer is still here and he is getting rather agitated', her staff replies calmly.
    'I'll be there shortly. Give me ten minutes', she tries to speak calmly.


  • a_heavenly_medicine 70w


    Don't pity my wounds ,
    I can't feel their pain.
    Don't worry about my scars ,
    I do ignore them.

    How could I worry about my physical strains ?
    When my soul is lying in vain ...
    How could I look shattered along with this fake smile ,
    But I'm really broken on other side .
    How could I stop my blood so agile ,
    My soul is bleeding inside.

    How could I grieve on my fate ;
    When actually my soul is unfortunate ,
    To be forced to strive along with me having no mate .

    - Sawali Govindwar

    #PC to the rightful owner

    #soul #wod @odysseus @alfaazgill @writersnetwork @writermalika @daffodilpearlzz

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  • likwidsay10 84w

    Unfortunate Thing

    She took to the booze bottle
    It was her only means of escape
    The happy photos on the wall
    Paint a different landscape

    But that was all before
    The day she presented the facts
    I know you've been cheating
    I caught you red handed in the act

    She said she was leaving him
    While she headed for the door
    She always had her suspicion 
    But now she was finally sure

    They argued back and forth 
    She turned and slapped him in the face
    She thought he'd never cause her harm
    Until he decided to put her in her place

    He put his hands around her neck
    And started to choke her violently
    His hand became a fist and blackened her eye
    He threw her to the floor, she sobbed loudly

    He told her, I'll kill you
    If you ever tell anyone
    Don't you dare leave me
    Because I got a gun

    It's such an unfortunate thing
    When something horrible hangs over your head
    It's such an unfortunate thing
    To find yourself living in that kind of dread

    She became afraid for her life
    Every other day there was a new bruise
    He'd say, Why do you make me do it?
    As if she was the blame for her abuse

    He continued to fuck around on her
    She wanted to run but where would she go?
    She thought, I can't go on living like this
    There's got to be someplace I know, he don't know

    Finally after a bottle of booze
    She found courage and started to plan
    This ain't the type of life I chose
    One way or another I'll be rid of this man

    She went to the kitchen and opened a drawer
    She took out the biggest knife
    Tonight's going to be the last night
    It's either his or my own life

    She hid behind a door
    Where she planned her surprise attack
    The adrenaline ran through her body
    As she waited for him to get back

    She heard him enter the house
    As he passed she stabbed him with all her might
    She stabbed him over a dozen times
    She killed him putting an end to her plight

    First there was relief then horror
    Realizing what she had just did
    She quickly called the cops and confessed
    Then went into the bathroom and hid

    They took her to jail immediately
    And when she went to court she pleaded insanity
    The jury decided she was guilty
    Where she was given the death penalty

    It's such an unfortunate thing
    When something horrible hangs over your head
    It's such an unfortunate thing
    To find yourself living in that kind of dread

    © Likwidsay10

  • shubhamjoshi 85w


    इश्क़ किया था हमने भी ,
    हम भी रातों को जागे थे..
    था कोई जिसके पीछे हम
    बेवजह नंगे पांव भागे थे !!
    बैर था ईश्वर को हमसे
    या कच्चे प्रेम के धागे थे..
    औरों की गलती क्या निकालें
    शायद हम ही सबसे अभागे थे !!
    सोए थे किसी मधुर स्वप्न में
    स्वप्न जो वास्तविकता से आगे थे..
    भैरवी के अलाप से नहीं,
    पानी के छीटों से नहीं..
    हम अपनी ही कराह से जागे थे !!
    खत लिखे थे अमिट स्याही के
    जो रवायत ए हिज़्र के पागे थे..
    अस्थियों का विसर्जन था संभव नहीं
    हम लहरों के भी त्यागे थे !!

  • alxita 86w

    -- Uncivilized Him --

    Letting the bird out of the cage, just like him
    The perfervidness embracing his insides and brims
    The sunset says, our paths faithfully intertwine
    But telltale tunes of his, unknowingly sublimed

    Eolian chasms singing his unhappy synchronicity
    Was he deemed the devil or the marionette indeed?
    Did his transparent figures of love tainted his mind?
    Did he race a wave of thoughts for being formerly blind?

    Was he attaining to a different path without me?
    Did he just fool me with his cliché phrases blatantly?
    He intended for a different universe, without me
    Towards another, he went there with both his moieties

    Letting go of the dove flying high into the skies
    Letting go of a guy who've fooled me so high
    Setting him free for his new objectives bestowed
    Letting him as another page as I fervently go

    #poetry #love #heartbreak #fool #relationship #dove #cage #unfortunate #incident #chapter #life #lettinggo #sunset #mirakee #alxita_june_twenty #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 105
    Jun. 2, 2020, 10:26 AM (GMT+8)

    (Another attempt of me writing about a relationship ��)

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    Uncivilized Him

    "He intended for a different universe, without me
    Towards another, he went there with both his moieties"

  • ms_speechless 92w


    They met after the lost count of years.
    The forlorn glances of discernment spoke tome of words which they never did.


  • restless_vibes_rohit 92w

    दोस्ती की कश्ती पर इश्क था सवार
    उस आम-ओ-खास का
    अलहदा था कुछ अंदाज
    राह में चले थे साथ हम कुछ इस तरह
    मिले भी, बिछड़े भी
    हुए तन्हा भी हम
    चाहत की बिसात पर
    सुकून था हमारा जो
    कुछ अनचाहे नगमें
    कुछ छुए.. कुछ यूही रह गए..
    वो हम से क्यू जुदा हुए
    क्यू हम तन्हा रह गए..!!

  • mrspectacular 99w


    I had been warned over and again
    To stay away from coffee,
    For the reason that it would cost those around & myself, unbearable pain.
    I always took everyone who told me this as a miniature Eddie Murphy

    But what happened that day,
    I would never forget in a hurry
    The heavy price I had to pay
    And how my eyes are now sore and blurry

    That night, around 7:30pm, my colleagues and I were to run at our desks, the night shifts
    Hence we were forced to do a coffee binge.
    We give ourselves from our homes, lifts
    And off to the coffee shop to put ourselves on its hinge.

    Arriving the coffee shop, we order our usual
    A large container of cappuccino each to keep us awake through the night.
    But as usual, around coffee, I was unusual.
    It was to me an alcohol of strong might.

    Just two sips, was enough to get me drunk
    And I'd begin to spew all secrets in my guts.
    Both the ones that would bring some joyful chunks
    And those that would hurt more than a thousand cuts.

    Right then, I take the first sip
    And spew the first secret to my boss
    Of what his wife and his P.A usually did whenever he went on a trip.
    He runs out of the coffee shop to his home to carry his cross.

    Turning to the personnel manager,
    I spew the fact that of all his five kids, none belongs to him
    And he jets out like a ranger
    To his wife with venom at its brim.

    I turn to our amiable accountant
    Looking on her with pity, I know not how to break the news
    For she is heavily pregnant
    But her husband is a man with a blown fuse.

    For she is as pretty as can be
    And has everything a man could want & need in a woman
    But her husband seems to ignore all of it to drink of other women's tea.
    I have no other news-breaking plan

    Hence I speak to her subtly & with some delicateness.
    I begin "Vicky, a very good woman is who you are
    And a man who has you is assured of completeness
    For you, milady are more than a star

    It hurts me to break this to you
    For it would break your heart
    And probably your soul with anger, imbue.
    Please do not let me play this part."

    Andy, you spewed every other person's unknown baggage.
    Please tell me what I need to know.
    No matter how big the baggage
    I promise I won't like others, in anger, wallow.

    Going down on her knee,
    With her swollen stomach, she pleads some more.
    Going by the tears I see,
    It puts a weight on my soul making me sore.

    With another cup of black coffee picked up,
    I gulp it down
    In a bid to give the situation on ground, a mop
    And spill this lady's husband secrets about town.

    Beginning with a deep breath,
    "Your husband has been all over the place
    As though being in bed with different women gives him health.
    He is always on their case

    Yesterday he was at Hotel Broth
    Picked up a lady named Dinah
    Only goodness knows what transpired between them both
    He probably had her for dinner"

    With that, she breaks into tears
    I am rewarded for my information with a slap so violent
    It gives my face, some wears
    She scurries to face her husband in her tent.

    Entering her car in rage,
    She speeds off
    Like a speed demon on rampage.
    Too much was not enough.

    She presses even harder, the throttle
    But it ends in her blood's wastage
    As her mission is given a scuttle
    By an accident with a mangling damage.

    Her head is sliced by the impact.
    The next day, we are all back at our posts but no one is gay.
    Everyone but myself is sad in fact,
    Because I am unaware of what happened the previous day

    I ask to be intimated on the reason for the atmosphere of sorrows
    And I am told the sad news that my colleague never arrived her house.
    That night, she was sent to the gallows
    Up until now, I still have myself, a grouse.

    Now at the funeral of her mangled & roasted remains,
    I feel like I killed her, I'm in serious pains.
    Maybe if I hadn't drunk that coffee
    We would all still have our happinesses & Vicky.


  • backstorypoetry 102w

    Reconsidering your thoughts, your concerns, your memories, your life..... Makes me to reconsider me to b consistent in you...
    #you #vibes #remember #far #awat #unfortunate #times #estimates #believe #breathing #life #struggle #love #lovepoetry

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    At times your vibes make me
    Remember me you and your soul
    But unfortunately your vibes
    Remember me you are far away

    Vibes of you being near me
    Believe me I am still breathing
    Understands me about my life struggle
    Estimates me about my strength.
    - HAIKU

  • cactuspenguin 52w

    Yep. Lovely times. #unfortunate #hardwork

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    The problem with success stories is that you hear a long, arduous journey condensed into a couple short, casual sentences.

    ©Cactus Penguin