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    Expecting nothing from each other
    But always being there for each other

  • random_scribbler210 77w

    Happy Rakshabandhan to all the women's ♥️

    Sister plays a big role in our life maybe she never wanna express and we doesn't wanted to give them importance but deep inside down we all know !! ��

    Sibling bond is always true and forever unless and until we killed it together ♥️


    Stay safe ♥️ Stay home ♥️ Stay tuned ♥️
    Have a great day ��

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    Rakshabandhan ♥️

    Unbreakable bond of Brother & Sister
    Tied through a think ribbon of crystal.
    The simplest way to grow for a reason,
    Longest journey to enjoy the season.

    Just a little thread of thin Rope,
    The rope is just like a ray of hope.
    Always cares for each other's relation,
    Love of an ocean filled with emotions.

    Sweetest pair of a Sibling bond,
    Hardest ever to build that bond.
    Kindness lies between their soul,
    Unique bond of friendship & Love.

  • random_scribbler210 77w

    Happy Friendship Day Guys ♥️ Unbreakable Bond ♥️

    The first day of college when the class room was same and we all are anonymous sitting next to each other but don't know about each other. Now we all known to each other and how we know....??

    It's amazing that we know our friends more than them....����

    The lecture from starting to ending we enjoyed it aloat.
    I don't know why we are attending lectures but the lecturer's fascinates my mood towards them and the frnds make my day. Sometimes we use to bunk but it's also an amazing memories.

    Now all friends are separated and placed in their particular departments and all are busy in their schedule.

    Missed those days of our 1st year !!
    We don't know what we are doing that days but it's true that we had made some good memories and the day we spent I miss those days aloat in future.

    The year is the best year ever....❤️❤️
    This will not get it anymore....!!
    Miss u all❤️��

    Every story starts with something new from childhood to adulthood and we are chasing from childhood to adulthood.

    Friendship starts with a new strangers and it ends up like a family.

    Childhood friends are more than life and College friends are more than love.♥️ Love and life always stays together.

    Everything happen happens for a reason.
    Just go with the flow.��

    Stay safe ♥️ Stay home ♥️ Stay tuned ♥️
    Stay connected ��
    Enjoy the day ♥️

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    Friendship Day ♥️

    Journey starts from childhood friends,
    Hope it ends with all those names.
    Somehow reach in school together,
    College life just separated each other.

    First day of college,
    When the Classroom was same
    Sitting next to each other but
    Don't know about each other.

    College life starts with all those idiots,
    Maybe it's like a worth living forever.
    Somehow begins to connect together bcz
    We don't wanna live like a stranger forever.