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  • harshaolu 11w


    ASUU are on Strike and people are still buying Jamb form,
    Since 2017, 6 Years in school now, when we go reach Bus Stop,

    And we keep paying School Fee every Session,
    No guarantee for better work,
    90% graduate with facial depression...

    My Mama use to tell if i read my book Bata mi adun kokoka,
    Teacher will say graduate with a good grade and don't become a mediocre,

    Sunday wey go dope, na Saturday we dey feel am,
    Hustle wey dey pay, no be only Babalawo side u go see am,

    Friend also, expect say make i finish make i buy Car,
    Babe also dey tell make say time dey go, when i go wife am?,

    And me dey corner of my room, dey reason wetin i go use cook my last Hungry pack...
    With hope, i believe one day Leaders of tomorrow, go become the Mega Star..

    Im @harshaolu_toba, I'm still a rising star...
    I also started a Business during Corona time,

    My Business is giving space to first 2 people to comment "HI",
    On how to turn there break to Gold mine...

    I pray u be Selected, i know u want to update your story from the low life..
    That's is how i started, that was also my first time,
    If u think it a lie, u can check my timeline.

  • write_from_my_heart 13w

    She is extremely stressed about her career
    She has dissertation to submit
    She has tonnes of assignments
    She has tonnes of revision
    But she is busy watching people eating food on YouTube.
    She is busy following her idols.
    She is busy watching korean drama
    She is busy scrolling the phone whole day
    She is ME!

  • shubham_20 44w

    School,college aur university sab parrot learning mode ke training main hai

  • shubham_20 47w

    Ek time university ek saapne the

    Aaj wahi saapne online classes pe mil jaate hai

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  • shubham_20 51w

    University ke zindagi ek aisi zindagi hai joh presentation aur assignment main hi time pass hote hai


  • shubham_20 60w

    Ek zamana tha jab log graduate ho jaate phir bhi ghar pe rahate hai

    Aaj lockdown ke kaaran bina graduate kare ghar main maaze se raho


  • shubham_20 63w

    University ki zindagi itni uncontrollable hai ki log paata nahi chale ki woh ghar kaise pahunche


  • sukh_thoughts 65w

    Educational Institute

    A place we left with a lot of memories,
    A place we left with a lot of friends,
    A place we left with a lot of mentors,
    A place we left with a lot of mistakes,
    A place we left with a lot of achievements,
    A place we left with a lot of dreams.


  • mellodigm 66w


    I understand that education is important.

    I say, though, that one can not wait long enough for school to be out.

    I dream of warm days on the beach.

    I try to imagine myself there.

    I hope school will be over soon.

    I am a student who wanders through school hallways.


  • shubham_20 66w

    Didi university kaisi chal rahe hai

    Lecturer ek dam boring hai

  • shubham_20 68w

    Finally mere paas ek degree hai paar karu kya iss paper ka


  • shubham_20 71w

    University ke zindagi bilkul recharge system ki tarah ho gaye

  • _rakhi 77w

    Pata Nahi Kon Sa Nasha Karta Hai
    Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University Raipur Chhattisgarh
    Result Released He Nahi Karta Hai.

  • _inab_noor 81w

    #university of delhi .# jamia millia islamia .# proud to be jamia .

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    # live long jamia .

    100 years of JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA .

  • phoetryst_me 84w

    100th Post in Mirakee.
    1st post after almost 1 year of non-writing.

    Recently, I've been waking up around 3 am most days and some days around 1 am, if not all days. I've been noticing this for the past one month almost, ever since I decided to start a new business in the agricultural industry. It's not as if I got a new idea, it feels almost like I've let open a dripping tap. Ideas keep coming to me so rapidly, tumbling down through my mind's sieve even while I'm at work, cooking or doing my recently found interest gardening. It seems like this was what I was meant to do.

    I have felt similarly inspired by starting up a food trike, but I found many challenges in the way of getting it done. However I didnt used to wake up in the middle of the night for that. It was my research into starting my own food business that led me to get a job as a Food Product Developer, with no real job related experience to it (although I'd had plenty of real life experience).

    That role continued into another more responsible role as a Technical Compliance Coordinator under the same umbrella group of companies. Here, I was involved with all aspects of each and every processing and ingredient that went into my factory's production. I started looking up alternatives to the commonly used chemical ingredients because I hated designing nutrition labels with a long list of ingredients and lo viola! I found exactly what I was looking for. They seemed so simple that I wondered why people didn't use them and I started checking up their prices to try and make a batch myself. This is when I realized why it was impractical to use those new found ingredients - they were hardly affordable.

    I went into looking how they were produced and it seemed to be a very simple process. Then why the cost was so high? Simply because they had to be imported and so had to be in a non-spoilable form, which required much more processing, time and labour, than if it were made locally and used as fresh. This caused me to look at such growing and harvesting practices in the country where I currently live & work, aka New Zealand. And I was astonished to find that there were hardly any large scale growers of this stuff. So I thought, why not grow it then? And then supply it to the company I work at. Hence, the seed for the dream was sown and a deep desire for growing created.

    Coming back to waking up around 3 am, I was just searching up it's spiritual significance, and found that it's a time of veil thinning - when the veil between different worlds are the thinnest and our spirit guides can communicate to us. On reading it, I knew exactly what I was going through and who was coming to me - my grandmother. Remember how I used to write so regularly once upon a time last year and then almost completely stopped? Well, I wrote most when I'd gone to India for vacations - almost one piece every single day.

    I used to feel a calling to go to the church and within three days of going to the church, I discovered that my calling hadn't come from the church itself, but from it's graveyard, where my grandmother and grandfather were laid to rest in one "kallara", under the same gravestone. I used to go there, have conversations with her, ask her for her blessing with my relationship and tell her how my days went. People used to call me crazy and all sorts of adjectives I wouldn't use on someone because I used to go the the graveyard and never bother entering the church for mass. Well, I had my simple reason - I'd go for mass when the priests did exactly what they said and when they could answer all my questions satisfactorily. Till then, I'd be a Christian who believed in the values of sharing and caring, but nothing more than that - no church, no mass, no Jesus youth meetings for me anymore ( I used to be really active once). Even now, it's the same.

    I felt closer to my grandmother this way through her grave, although to be honest I've not spent much quality time with her when she was alive. But she's never stopped inspiring me, with all the hard work she and her eldest daughter did to bring up her 10 children (+1 who died early on in life). And I've often heard people say I look a lot like her. Even my church name is her's, Rosa. Even before I'd heard or read about Vladimir Megre's "Ringing Cedars of Russia" featuring Anastasia, I used to go to the grave for my every vacation, almost every single day I spent at home. Anastasia's explanation about dolmens strengthened my belief that my grandmother was out there, close enough for me to talk to her and find an unusual best friend in. And today, that belief is even stronger, as I feel like she's the one nudging me awake at strange hours, inspiring me to do something different, something that would keep with her values and hard work too. And that's just what I intend to do.

    In my research for my future business, I intend to do a proof of concept and through my research I found a couple in US, who used to live in NZ and had set up a system, the 1st of it's kind in the world, in NZ, very similar to what I had wanted to do, but my dream being more elaborate and more inclusive. I contacted them through their email and now they are my mentors and the lady, she considers me almost like her own daughter. I feel so blessed and thankful to my grandmother for helping me to connect those dots in life.

    And of course, I wouldn't be in a position to think of all these things, if it hadn't been for my parents who put their hard earned and built house on loan for me to come to New Zealand for doing my Masters in Food Innovation. It cost me 15.5 lakh Rs for that one year degree and although the course in itself is worth for probably only less than 15,000 Rs, for the amount of new things I learnt during it, it can be now considered as investment for my business. I'm still paying back it's loan after almost 3 years of taking the loan, but now I can rest peacefully in the hope that all that money wasn't wasted for a stupid degree at a stupid university, but rather was the seed capital for me to open my mind beyond thinking as a worker and letting myself take greater risks for the benefit of myself, others and the economy.

    I'm truly grateful to my teachers at Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir (there aren't many people who took as much care of me as much as those teachers), assistant professors at Waljat College of Applied Sciences (they were a mixed lot of some very caring and some not so caring, but good humans mostly) and lastly, gratitude to some of the faculty members of Lincoln University (though not to the inhuman professor(s) who made life nothing short of hell!). Aah, school was best, closely followed by college and unfortunately, university doesn't deserve a place in that list at all.

    So, I hope to be posting more often now that I have heaps to talk about. New developments happening, learning new things, connecting with lots of people, and so on. Have a good night for now, friends in India. It's almost 4:20am, Thursday 15th October here.


    #dawnwaker #school #college #university #dreams #spirits #ideas #agriculture

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    Waking up at 3am


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    वह चीज जो हमें कुछ नया सिखाती है वह है जीवन।
    Humri #Punjab #university

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    The thing that teaches us something new is life.

  • james_taumas 99w


    Answerers bottled in
    Crammed the night before
    Pressure to escape
    Constipated down a ballpoint
    Time sniggers
    Suger high depleted
    Focus becomes rudderless
    Reclaim the ship
    Finish line sprinting
    Just writing
    Final mark important.


  • bellemoon99 101w

    Online classes

    Our world changed and so did our education!
    Parents, teachers, students, we all need consideration!
    Some teachers are giving their all, hoping their students will learn and not fall!
    Other teachers want you to pray to St. PDF ,
    sadly most of those pupils will get an F.
    In the end of it all, we are just trying our best to ace the hardest test before we get eternal rest!

  • tathagatkaushik 104w

    Universities are ready to take
    Exams amid Coronavirus threat
    Even through syllabus isn't even
    50% complete....

    This shows how our education
    System has always been about
    Exams and results, not about
    Imparting knowledge.

    We study for marks....... #university #education #exam #coronavirus #syllabus #system #result #educationsystem @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @mirakee_post @mirakeeans

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    Universities are ready to take
    Exams amid Coronavirus threat
    Even through syllabus isn't even
    50% complete....

    This shows how our education
    System has always been about
    Exams and results, not about
    Imparting knowledge.

    We study for marks.......