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    Some relationships are perfectly imperfect


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    The Unusual

    There was a newborn baby, of 6-7 months, born in lockdown. He never saw waterfalls, snow or animals. Only saw people. Another day, he was sitting outside on the porch with his mother and a neighbour who bought a new dog came across and the dog started barking. The baby at once started bawling and got scared. 

    I remember a friend of mine told me a story of Jagannath temple. How there is Brahma who no one is allowed to see. And in few instances when someone was exposed to it, they either got dumb or died or went into a hole. 

    In both instances, a person was exposed to something he had never seen. Both times, he felt unusual and got scared or developed emotions not known to conventional society. But in both the cases he was actually exposed to reality. The truth. It is not a delusion or silhouette. It's something the person had never seen before because he never knew that it existed. It might not be harmful. But it's something which occupied a space in this universe. 

    These humans have indulged themselves so much into a particular lifestyle and a way of pursuing things that when something 'unexposed' comes along, they break. 

    For instance, when someone loses their parent(s) which they never thought to be gone. They always imagined them as a part of their lives. And suddenly they stop living in their previous bodies, they break and cry. And then realise the another way of life. An eye opening experience. The phase may last upto days, weeks, months, years or may not ever go. It varies.

    In the same way, when something unusual happens in a sense that his/her beliefs, thoughts or way of lives get negated and just don't make sense, they experience the same phase. We humans call it grief or sadness because we're not comfortable dealing with it as it's harder than happiness and it's just the ways of our lives. 

    Those people may go into what we call medically, depression or go anxious. Their phase last much longer than others that's why they've earned this specific terminology. Why do we call them mentally ill? No one gets mentally ill by experiencing dillusions. Everyone goes to this phase only and only after facing the truth. Then why are THEY ill? 

    Maybe they are the ones who saw the world in real sense. Maybe they know of things which exist and those aren't pretty at all but they are truths. 

    Maybe they know that if things happen outside the domain of comfort zone of human beings, they might die or want to die. 

    Coming to people who want to die, maybe they're the ones who actually believe in existence of something prominent after this human phase as they're the ones whose comfort zones are shattered. And they could actually see the reality. 

    It's only when those people in the crowd, face the pain themselves that they know of something beyond just muscles and bones and money.  

    I believe the most normal people are the most inexperienced. Maybe quite experienced in the conventional way of lives but inexperienced in the most sensitive aspect. The people who talk a lot or don't talk at all, who see things, are the ones seeing beyond the horizon. 


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    A person can be surrounded by their loved ones, friends, even strangers and still........................be the loneliest person in the world. They have hidden that lonely feeling, and feeling insecure with a fake smile and fake laughter so good, that no one has a clue what that person is going through, or feeling on the inside. However, it will all come to the surface one day when their brain can consume no more of the hurt, anger, insecurity and pain along with the obvious loneliness. It was kept bottled up inside for so long it is released abruptly, or they simply shut down. See, it became a normal way of life for them. You think you know someone, but do you really know them? Think about it.............. COMMUNICATION & ATTENTION TO DETAIL are key factors! Nine times out of ten, if you have a strange/unusual feeling about someone you are right.

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    Sometimes it seems that
    you are replicating the act,
    which you had done earlier too
    yet you didn't know.

    That day,
    I got up from the chair
    went to the plant in our backyard,
    smelled it with the bottom of my spirit,
    thought of plucking a flower,
    took my hand forward for that and stopped,
    suddenly a butterfly came in front of my eyes,
    and I went away as I get scared by it.

    Out of the blue, while going away, I again stopped.
    This time not in the fear of any butterfly,
    but I got petrified, with my own thought.

    It appeared as if the same incident had taken place earlier as well.
    The same tender green plant,
    The same indigo yellowish flower,
    The same carnation pink coloured butterfly,
    and the same act of mine of going away,
    in the fear of that butterfly.

    But when?
    I didn't precisely recall the time and day,
    not even I was sure about it's happening.
    Yet, it had happened,
    sometime earlier,
    somewhere earlier.

    Yes, It had happened.
    I can relate to it.
    Reconnect to it.

    Sometimes they say "it's all about our past life, incidents which seem as they have taken place earlier also belong to our past life. "

    When we feel like we have lived through the present situation before. ��

    Is it true?

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    Deja vu

    to an incident,
    which actually
    had never happened,
    yet appears as
    deja vu,
    is unusual.


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    My unfamiliar element.

    Ever since you have been gone, things have changed.
    I have done a lot of things differently.
    I have traded my need for peace and quiet to noisy and bubbly so I won't have the space to think.
    I have closed off a lot of emotions and restricted them to happy, tired and angry alone.
    I no longer feel those bitter sweet emotions I used to complain about, I have long placed a hold on them.
    However, at this moment, I'm a little taken aback with no noise to hide behind.
    I feel a little out of my element in what used to be my element,
    As those closed off emotion's comes rolling in waves in this unfamiliar yet familiar quiet territory.

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    Recipe for getting through a panic attack

    One, 1 tbsp of a day where everything seems fine
    Two, 5 tbsp of the perception of a threat or stress
    Three, 2 tbsp of a racing brain
    Four, 7 tsp of the anticipation of exposure to certain situations again
    Five, 3 tsp of the situations becoming cues or triggers

    After Simmering for 5 mins on low heat, add

    Five, 2 tbsp of a feeling of intense fear and anxiety
    Six, 1 tbsp of discomfort and chest pains
    Seven, 1 tbsp of feeling unsteady, lightheaded and faint
    Eight, 1 tsp of the feeling of unreality and detachment from self
    Nine, 1 tsp of numbness, palpitations and pounding heart
    Ten, 2 tbsp of feeling a shortness of breath and smothering
    Eleven, 1 tbsp of trembling, shaking and sweating
    Twelve, 1 tbsp of choking and fear of losing control
    Thirteen, 1 tbsp of severe nausea
    Fourteen, 1 tbsp of feeling like dying and going crazy
    Fifteen, 1 tsp of everything going hazy

    During these 10-20 mins try adding the below given list for improving the recipe .....

    Sixteen, 5tbsp of deep and mindful breathing
    Seventeen, 2 tbsp of becoming aware of your body
    Eighteen, 2 tbsp of progressive muscle relaxation
    Nineteen, 2 tbsp of thinking calming thoughts/ visualisation
    Twenty, 1 tsp of anti depressant/ anti anxiety medication

    Stir and remove from stressful situation
    Once simmering ends, serve immediately
    (Avoid further stress triggers and anxiety)


    24th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- No 69 by amoc777 on deviant art

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    I was drinking water while I had an unfinshed chocolate in my mouth as fast as water was running down through my throat ,faster did my eyes run to notice the last chocolate in the table thus, I ran to get it before finishing the previous one so did my legs !Hence, the sweet got struck in my throat and the glass containing water fell and my legs slipped and I lost the last chocolate to my sister!

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    The noun and adjective dilly, like many slang terms, has an obscure etymology. One etymology is that dilly is an alteration of delightful or delicious; the suffix -y is either the native English adjective suffix -y (as in juicy), or the originally Scottish noun suffix -y (as in granny). Dilly was originally an Americanism, first appearing in print in the early 20th century.

    #termoftheday 98 #dilly #unusual
    #englishdictionary #englishvocabulary #mirakee

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    Between she and I we both know you lie.
    We know the way you like to make pretty girls cry.
    It's easy to blame yourself, or the other, when find the truth about your lover.
    Man, I bet you never thought...
    I think she's beautiful and it's mutual.
    Sure it's unusual, but what's the harm?
    The crazy thing is our honesty came out of a liars arms.

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    -- Clinodactyly --

    Irregularities in the body
    It's rather rare, with somebody
    Only having that condition
    It can even be a mutation

    But sometimes, there lies beauty
    And uniqueness, or can be a tragedy
    A beautiful mess or an adverse memory
    Yet, it still lies its big non-similarities

    One of only so many people
    That have such, it's rather little
    From my clinodactyly, to all others
    Only some will have a secret wonder

    Or again, it can be one's misery
    Some conditions can raise ambiguity
    But nonetheless, it's still the same
    Good or bad, it's within you as any name

    My clinodactyly can only say so much
    To be subtly different from others as such
    They're still forgotten, or honored traits
    It still sticks with us up to date

    #poetry #impurity #rare #uncommon #difference #unusual #mutation #uniqueness #life #thoughts #mirakee

    Poem no. 31
    Apr. 16, 2020, 6:20 PM (GMT+8)

    (FYI: Clinodactyly is a condition in which the fingers or toes (most commonly the pinky finger/toe) are bent. This is caused by a developmental skeletal defect in those areas.)

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    "A beautiful mess or an adverse memory, yet it still lies its big non-similarities"

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    I know

    Lot of you cared ,
    Just not enough


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    Dip yourself into the caramel of love
    Get the full taste out of it

    And then sing
    Yeah y got the yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy

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    Either it's usual or unusual
    I don't know
    I just want to keep my point

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    Uproaring and racing the feeling it flew
    Started from my feet - so fulfilling and new
    As I darted up the stairs down the cellar and the loft
    Up the feeling travelled making me feel blushy and soft. 
    Heart racing and pounding I soared up to the sky, blue eyed and sparkling I felt as if I'd never cry
    As the day turned to night the rush it did stay
    I wondered if it would ever go away. 
    His eyes were the reason my heart did smile
    For him I would travel three thirds of a mile
    He brought me my love my laugh and my life
    The feeling it cut me as smooth as a knife. 
    Whenever he was around the feeling did dance
    I would polish my shoes and uphold my stance
    This person before me was beauty of grace
    An image of perfection better than the whole human race. 
    When you find this emotion I trust there will be no doubt
    And you will dance and smile and be gay and shout :). 

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    Escape the usual.


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    #she #wait #love #tales #tiny #dark #lovetales #desires #broken #unusual #meet

    Wait For The Next Part
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    Random Satire
    Part One of Three

    I waved her she stucked, I mean I think only men could be so silly or dumb to stuck in between the first gesture of their first meeting but she was an exception and I don't know why but I had a vehement feeling that she is herself an exception.
    So, tiring I swifted on the couch of the so called bar until she reached out for something in her purse and arrived at the table.
    'Hi' I plucked out words from my throat.
    She provided no response. She was just looking here and there.
    A call diverted her from being diverted from me, she immediately picked up the call, with tensed expression.
    'Haven't told, create something, you will, until your desire, she's a chronological bitch, platonic, until she, Yup! ' she pulled her phone, sorry 'I-phone' in her purse.
    'Everything umm okk?'I asked
    'Yes just...illing the motives' she mumbled
    'No. That chronological bitch' I mistakenely transformed my concerned face into a grin.
    'What's so funny' she was offended I thought
    'Sorry, I just can't get over it' I said quitely without grinning.
    I felt like I was a women and she was behaving like she has came to impress me but was doing nothing out of awkwardness.
    'Anything' I asked
    'I already told you it's nothing' she said
    'Um, I meant anything to eat, like I am starving' I clarified
    'Oh misunderstood' she said
    I shook my head. Awkward silence covered
    'Ummm' I gestured.
    'Oh sorry one mocha and one grilled chicken sandwich'
    'If you don't mind, no chicken today for me' I said
    'Oh ok I will take'
    'I mean no chicken on this whole table, actually I was not sure that you are non-vegetarian'
    'Are you vegetarian? ' she asked
    'Yaa, just shakes and cheeses to eat' I smiled
    She melted.

    To be continued...

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    Oh, those lovely midnights,
    Stars twinkling in the sky,
    Water dropping sound was too loud,
    Light of the moon was too bright,
    Lights were off still I can see things.
    Every one was asleep,
    Just some cars beeping on road.
    It wasn't a normal night.
    It was Midnight ⭐

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    I see a lady with a glass,
    She seems grounded, such a class,
    She thrived at unusual situation,
    She has built her every relation,
    She cares for her children, she teach them to fight,
    She is tough from outside but soft inside,
    I see her looking back at me,
    She notice something odd in this scene.

    She walks towards me with a grace,
    I can’t keep my eyes off from her face,
    She maybe old, but her heart is young,
    Even at this age she made my heart rung,
    She comes close to me and start to shoot,
    It's word, but seems like a bullet with her attitude.

    I listen to her; getting intoxicated by her eyes,
    Falling in love with someone older; is it a crime ?
    I mumbled back, trying to respond,
    I finally speak, “ do you have a bond” ?
    She say yes and it cut my hopes,
    I slowly feel being strangle with a rope,
    Love can be found at unusual place ,
    Love can be found at any age,
    It’s just a matter of time; when you decide to leave the cage ?


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    My new set of magic's gonna adorn ur beautiful hearts.. support
    #unusual relations

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    coming soon..............
    Those bonded relationships which starts and ends together.#unusualrelations

    No tensions....no fears
    when thoughts aspire words

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    I wish I can compare you with anything
    But you aren't something
    Like the dark clouds visible in dark sky ,
    Like the one single green leaf in bunch of dried one
    Like the drops of water which helps to form a rainbow in sunshine
    Like the puddle of mud on side of road
    Like crooked finger on perfect body
    Like something unusual in ordinary
    Completing me temporary.