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    Life grants us life because we are made in the imagE(I’m agE<=of the AgE DimEnsion<=Go(o)d=absolute of/as this dimension) of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) for IAM<(3)as IAM(3) w(3)hat IAM(3) all thE(3) lovE(3), as iam(3) E(3)nough to bE(3) BE(3)ing mE(3), mysE(3)lf and Iam(3)> a soul(IAM what IAM, Phonixe of ember as life) that has a HE•art(earth inside), for you are the same thing, of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) be that by faith or by you have a body that came from the Earth(hE•art outside); you can something that came before you and that loves you more then you can love yourself to say simply.

    Life grants us life because we are made in the imagE of God for I’m a soul that has a heart, for you are the same thing, of God be that by faith or by you have a body that came from the Earth; you can something that came before you and that loves you more then you can love yourself to say simply.


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    #vGovernmente #government #legalese #vlegalesee #USA #vUSAe :USA is a the #Corporation #vCorporatione :Corp=dead, oration=speak; as United States is a Country#vlawe #law of the land is #Commonlaw #vcommonlawe #UnitedStates #vUnitedStatese , as it’s a maximum of law that common law is a universal principle in predates the judges that even wrote it, the birth of Liberty is where God+Creater(love/life=solipsism) is birth(right/)ed



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    Definition: Legalist(was a lawyer, tell you proved that you are competent) is someone1 that help you when you are your own lawyer in a case, acting a non+person, under common law; as when you have a lawyer then you are proving that you’re incompetent and in the long need of someone to communicate to you of the law words = so you don’t have rights unless you know your rights. There is a maximum of law that says you cannot complain about someone that represent you because you freely voluntarily let them represent you, so a president, a senator, a lawyer; all who represent you is an aspect of them being your God.. ..as only persons are meant to have such a God.

    Sentence usage: I had my Legalist print out the papers of all the supreme court decisions about being a non-person to win a non+person is in rights and liberties in the United States compared to that of the privileges of a second-class citizen pauper person of the United States of America corporation,The paperwork out an affidavit or a battle and much more supporting me winning, Summer legalist assist me in the court handling how I see fit; The legalist is my assistant they have a background being a lawyer which is someone that knows how to speak the law and they can act as an attorney to turn in tort stuff over to another party, when they’re not being my Legalist
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    secure the bag

    sucker game strong
    scamming so venemous
    perfect opportunity
    a victim with benefits

    barrage him with selfies
    a convincing brag
    masquerade your ugly
    to secure the bag

    a constant quest
    to get rich quick
    a survivor's struggle
    turned perennial trick


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    This is my other name.... I had been worried for a very long time not knowing it's meaning....
    Today I typed it in on google.... And asked for its meaning.... And the first result that popped up was this this one.....

    Please note... The text below is not mine... It's a copy and paste from Google....

    Thank you....

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    The name of the most amazing girl that you'll ever meet. With her, you get everything. A mixture of both beauty and an amazing personality, something rare to find nowadays. Someone that's kind and caring, smart, funny, good sense of humor, fun and easy to be around, mysterious in some ways, shy yet outgoing, sometimes dorky, etc. It's not hard at all to fall in love with this girl, both as a friend and a lover. When you hold her hand or wrap your arms around her, you'll never want to let go. She is ablessing in the lives of all those that are privileged to have her in their life. She makes you do things that you've never done before. If you're lucky enough to have her, you should never let her go. She is just that amazing and should be cherished.


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    Aisa lagta to tha k tum bhi pyaar karti ho mujhese, Yeh lagne lagane me hum chutiye barbad hogaye...