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  • richitasamtani 18w

    I wish

    I wish we didn't have to fake smile at eachother
    I wish we didn't have to control the urge to talk to eachother
    I wish we didn't have to pretend we were fine infront of eachother
    I wish we didn't hide our thoughts about eachother
    I wish we didn't have to ignore eachother
    And now
    I wish and i wish that your here with me telling all the truths about the past, confessing all the thoughts we had, telling eachother all the secrets which were bad for us which made us blanked out, just staring at eachother

  • advika_g 20w


    When I can't see you,
    and words don't fulfill you.
    Still hear me, will you?

    When my lips tremble,
    and no tears come out.
    Still comfort me, will you?

    When the sunshine won't come
    and rainstorm scatters.
    Still love me, will you?

    Cuz I'd be waiting for you,
    and won't go away.
    Still miss me, will you?


  • jagruti_patil30 25w


    Aapke awaj mai hi vo nazakat hai,
    Ji karta hai beintaha aapko sunte rahe,
    Par zalime humari bich ki duri ko to dekho,
    Apki awaj sunna to dur,
    Saalo tak aapka chehara tak nazar nahi aata...


  • mrspectacular 53w


    Stephen Everton is a chartered accountant. He nags his wife, Stella for the whole day lamenting about the state of things in the country. She wishes there is a way she could get him to stop but unfortunately there seems to be none available as he goes on everyday wearing her out with his complaint about the country and how he would do better with the country alone than all the politicians have done together since assumption of office. He queries that the politicians do not know the first thing about rulership and for that singular reason have no business being in leadership. 'They are only there to enrich themselves and fill their pockets with people's hard earned money and when asked, they give us the story of that is how it has been since the day of our father's father's fathers. Why can't they be the ones to change it? Why must they continue in such untoward legacy?', Stephen queries Stella almost in a manner that would suggest she has a hand in the country's predicament but she is just as concerned about the country as her husband but there is nothing more she can do but hope and pray that things change for the better.

    'Calm down darling', Stella says pacifyingly. 'At some point in time, they will realize what they are doing is absolutely balderdash and turn a new leaf. I do not want you killing yourself over this because there is really little or nothing you can do about it. So please just calm down okay?'

    Stephen takes a look at his wife and with a smile, he plants a kiss on her forehead. He wonders how he did get so lucky to be paired up with someone as amazing as Stella in his life's trip on Earth. The Evertons decide to keep calm while praying and hoping that someday, somehow, the narrative would change for the better.

    One wonderful night after a little funtime with the kids and some alone matrimonial with his beautiful wife, Stephen retires to bed for the night. He would not expect what would happen the next morning but would be really glad that it happens. Resting in his bed for the night, he gets into a dream,
    'Good morning, Your Excellency. How are you today? You have a meeting with the minister of Finance in an hour from now. Another with the minister of Budget & Economic Planning and one in the evening with the general cabinet, Your Excellency'.
    Stephen nods his head with a smile, 'Thank you my good man. Where is the first lady?'
    'Oh, I was told she has gone for a drive around the city. She should be back before you are done getting ready sir'
    'Okay, you may leave so I can get ready', Stephen asks the Presidential Butler very courteously. The butler thanks President Stephen and with a bow, takes his leave.

    In an hour's time, he is done with his bath and just as he is coming out of the bathroom, his wife returns from her drive around the city.
    As she enters the bedroom, he flashes a smile and she waltz over for a hug.

    A few minutes later, the first family walks out into the open hall all dressed and ready for the day, the children are sent off to school while the president and first lady prepare for the retinue of meetings scheduled for the day.
    When the first meeting begins with the Minister Of Finance, he is surprised that the President has called such a meeting with him alone instead of in-cabinet but it is only to prepare him for the cabinet session which would hold later.

    'I have called you here today because I am about to call for a cabinet meeting and the topic to be discussed is within your purview'.
    'It is an honour Your Excellency'
    'Yes, we are cutting expenses. All those unnecessary allowances from this day stops and anyone caught embezzling money would be beheaded because we cannot have such unruly characters living on the lives of a thousand people. One man alone eating the money meant for five hundred people? No'
    'That is a great idea sir and it is sure to ensure even distribution of resources.'
    An orderly informs the president of the arrival of the rest of the cabinet for the scheduled meeting.
    'That is great. Please have them come in'
    The entire cabinet is caught off guard with the news of the cutting down but President Stephen cares less about their greivances positing that if they are comfortable with it, they can leave office for people ready for the task.

    A few of the cabinet members relinquish their offices feeling distraught over the decision while many uphold President Stephen's standpoint cheering him on with statements such as,
    'This is our president'
    'We believe in your government, Mr. President'
    'He is the president of our dreams' and lots more.

    Acknowledging the cheers, he stretches out in his bed and wakes up in the process. Surprisingly, something feels different. He checks his watch to discover it is the first day of his country as an independent. Could it be what he thinks it is? Of course it is, he has gone back sixty four years in time with his entire family. They are now the First Family. Taking the chance, he decides to change the history of the country for the better.

  • _zoha_ 70w


    The urge to see you has an enormous effect on my soul, not sure if it's getting hurt or healing it:)

  • purposeandpleasure 84w

    The continued urge in all of us to be more and have more is not greed nor something within our control. It's the more in us seeking fuller expression through everything and everyone that surrounds us.
    #more #life #become #urge

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    Never fight the urge to be more or to have more.

    It's not greed; its life and everything that lives is obliged to be more just as every single seed planted is expected to become a full-grown plant and bear fruits.

  • keithallencovell 85w

    Down To Rejoin

    Trust in myself
    Ahead of myself
    Incorporation of likeness
    To meet my despair
    And gone
    Down to rejoin


  • msushil 91w

    Oh! Fear every time,
    you triumph over feelings
    I camouflage
    to be the loser.

    Oh! Fear every time,
    You triumph over
    My mortal body's emotions,
    I hoodwink you.

    You try to truncate,
    You try to strangulate,
    I puff you out in silence,
    I fight with my lacunae,
    Holding invisible smile,
    I bolster
    My urge for success,
    I bolster
    My urge for newness.


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    Oh! Fear every time,
    you triumph over feelings
    I camouflage
    to be the loser.

    Oh! Fear every time,
    You triumph over
    My mortal body's emotions,
    I hoodwink you.

    You try to truncate,
    You try to strangulate,
    I puff you out in silence,
    I fight with my lacunae,
    Holding invisible smile,
    I bolster
    My urge for success,
    I bolster
    My urge for newness.

  • chishaa 96w

    Everytime I am alone there is sudden urge to express , there is sudden urge to fill this emptiness ,and to have someone by my side all the time , to eating the Same meals to sometimes skipping those meals still there is noone here to tell me to not skip it or to eat properly , there Is noone to tell me to not cry. Sometimes i go to my past when i used to dream all this living alone , for that child this all was amazing and happening , wasn't I too stupid to think this ?. I keep on waiting that someone will come to fill this place . It's not that I dont like this emptiness its beautiful sometimes to sit alone listen to music , do what I want to do but it's all amazing until I'm scared ,I'm scared of this emptiness . There are nights I love the darkness and there are nights when I just fear it .I smile to people very often I smile to hide this pain ,I smile to exaggerate myself to not give up but I dont know what I want now it's all just chaos ....................
    #emptiness #urge #love #asleep #sweet

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  • warm_hugs_from_olaf 96w

    Not only cleaning the windshield but
    cleaning the wiper is also our responsibility.

    And the truth is we keep on questioning us, but we never urge the right person, and that's when we start doubting our trust in them and let others weaken our bond.

    And when it comes to nurturing our connection, then we forget every sweet little moment of ours when we were together. We forget our unconditional love for each other and start accusing our loved ones just because we were not aware of the truth.

    So rather than wrapping, it's better to express.


  • bhatla_vikas 109w


    Oh this hunger again, this desire to mingle again,
    To hold somebody tight, someone who has the same fire in her eyes,
    That same madness, that same crooked smile as mine,
    That uncontrollable urge to sexualize, that restlessness between her thighs,
    That same passion, that same eagerness as mine,
    That same grin while i rub between her thighs.

    Seaching for a curvy feast like a hungry beast,
    Who see the demon in me right through my eyes,
    Who wants to be consumed by lust one more time,
    Who feels the same high as we grind, that shamelessness in her mind,
    Who enjoys the devil which is inside,
    Who wants to explore her dark side laying by my side,
    Ready for more, ready for every hardcore,
    Open to all tricks, dictated by her animal instincts,
    Who wants to break every rule tonight, every taboo established since mankind,
    Consumed by her hormonal surge, that deep breaths to keep herself on the verge,
    That rawness in her expressions mixed with a tinge of aggression.


  • joe_venus 112w

    But I still love you

    I don't feel I like yo
    But I still love yo
    Donno why but there's something besides me which lags me to yo
    Yet heart inspires me...
    As I lag on it ' yo are something'
    But yet I see nothing
    Lazy am I
    As an own at a day
    Sharp am i...as a sword on your heart
    Yet yo feelings are blurred to me
    Non knows you , it's I who do
    My feelings for you are real
    Yet you don't feel me
    Never mind it still makes me love yo


  • zeeraheel 113w

    Never be a prisoner of your past.

  • srikys 114w

    The will to win,
    The desire to succeed,
    The urge to reach your full potential.

    These are the keys that will unlock the door to
    Personal Excellence.

  • heetvyas 115w

    Cross Road

    An upward climb or a fancy lane,
    Standing on the crossroad of long term or instant gain!

    As I decide to climb, my fear clawed,
    What if halfway I realise, that the road was flawed?

    The zen in me, exhaled a smile,
    Whatever you decide, dearie, it's all so futile!

    You need to decide, and the decision cannot be undone,
    What you can choose instead is to laugh and experience the fun!


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 118w

    That Kiss

    She was a bit too drunk that day,
    And I was sober as fuck.
    I wanted to talk to her a lot,
    But she was busy annoying me.
    My favourite t-shirt was now XL sized,
    Thanks to her, pulling them like crazy.
    Never been annoyed by a girl before,
    She was getting into my nerves.
    I didn't know what to do with her,
    As I also enjoyed her annoyance.
    We were walking down the stairs,
    She was clinging onto my cloth.
    Her muttering echoed around,
    Something wasn't okay with me.
    I just turned around, looked at her,
    Our eyes locked in each other's.
    The universe was staying still then,
    As my urge to kiss crashed upon me.
    Yet, I just left that kiss un-kept,
    For a kiss would have been unjust.
    As our drink score wasn't even close,
    She being drunk, me being sober.


  • yuri_marchesich 120w

    Thoughts and Thots

    I don't know any thots but I have so many thoughts. I wish that I knew lots and didn't think of "What, if?" It's basically every GIF ever made, inside my head, like a digging spade. And I wonder should I evade, but isn't it true. That if we don't act in the first 5 seconds of having to make a choice, that our likelihood of actually carrying out our intentions decreases significantly the more it is put off or thought about? The mind creates unnecessary doubt, based on past experiences and information. I might as well just station myself with concrete boots. For I have grown ridiculously deep roots to prevent myself from action. And this fraction of time that is required to act upon is so hard for me to capture. But I know these roots are a safety mechanism to prevent negative feedback. And maybe they've kept me grounded and with self control. How many men can say they didn't act on their urges or the feeling of the moment or "their" wants because they saw someone so beautiful and extraordinary on the other side. But there was no verbal go ahead to coincide. I can say that. Because the uncertainty and fear of losing someone, so incredible, completely, scared those urges right out of me. And if that's not Love, then I don't know what is. If thots should happen to give me attention, then maybe I would lose attention to my thoughts. I think there would be less pain, but I guess in that respect, I wouldn't gain.


  • shaambhaviwithwords 128w

    Don't look at me

    I see my flaws highlighted
    My mirror shows them to me
    No good, only worse
    Let me hide myself forever,
    Forever till the point i begin to love my flaws again
    Will you?


  • d_stranger7 129w

    The Feelings

    ‍I honestly can't wait to be called 'baby' by my future girlfriend, futhermore I can't wait to be taken care of by someone other than myself. I can't wait to show her off and be so in love with each other that it makes everyone wish that they had what we have. I can't wait to kiss her before going to bed, kiss her when we wake up, give her endless kisses that are for her and no one else. I can't wait to give so much love to someone and have it be reciprocated. I can't wait to be completely open with someone and not be afraid that they'll judge me or leave me for something I'm insecure about. I just, ugh, can't wait to find my person.


  • unknown_neglation 129w

    Yes i am demotivated now

    Should i give up?
    Shall i stop here?
    Shall i ran away from me?
    There are lots of question just rumbling my mind and bothering my life ,its just because of me.i dont want to tell anything to anyone coz its shameful for my family.i have committed so much of mistakes, so much of lies, they slamed me on this condition of mine today.
    I have way to get off bt dont have the power
    I have way to build myself bt dont have myself inside me
    I have way to sacrifice my life bt dont want sorrow'S of family...
    Its just mean m stopped
    The has stopped for me
    The game has stopped for me
    I begging myself to fight back bt i cant manage to do that
    I dont have power to face people...
    I have so much of confidence bt dont knw the time to show..

    I kmw there a lot of negativity... Bt its simply me
    I want my motivation, how can i get dont have idea...
    I want myself.........