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  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 3w


    I used to have a mindset
    Of never give up
    No matter what

    I used to be hopeful
    I was hoping to find contentment
    The dark of night finds me alone

    I used to smile
    I used to shine
    I used to be somebody

    I thought is where I went wrong
    I thought I could find fulfillment
    I thought wrong

    None of it can't be found
    Its within us
    It's up to us to unleash it or not

  • kristaliaraven 4w

    Another older one :)
    Any love is extremely appreciated
    #love #used #hurt #pain

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    Used For Love

    If you really love me
    I'd have to see
    People have used me to get there way
    It's true, and sad to say
    Because of them I'm insecure
    To the point where there is no cure
    I'm sure you'll find a way
    But alas, maybe not today

  • tanya_oberoi27 6w

    Use by her.

    Butterfly kisses a flower so romantic.
    She suck nectar.



  • kp_singh 13w

    मेरे दिल पर क्या गुजरेगी अगर इस बात का ज़रा सा भी उसने ख्याल किया होता,
    तो मुझे इस तरह ना इस्तेमाल किया होता!
    इस तरह ना बेहाल किया होता!
    What would happen to my heart if she had cared about this even a little bit,
    She wouldn't have used me like this!
    Wouldn't have made me upset like this! -Kps©2022

    #kpsshayari #kpspoetry #kpsquotes
    #used #selfish

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    मेरे दिल पर क्या गुजरेगी अगर इस बात का ज़रा सा भी उसने ख्याल किया होता,
    तो मुझे इस तरह ना इस्तेमाल किया होता!
    इस तरह ना बेहाल किया होता!
    What would happen to my heart if she had cared about this even a little bit,
    She wouldn't have used me like this!
    Wouldn't have made me upset like this!

  • amyers 17w


    Stab me.
    Use me.
    Block me.
    I've always been there for you.
    You knew that i cared for you.
    You're so hurt but strong, a fighter.
    You fought me. I fought you.
    But you didn't stop stabbing me.
    Lie to me.
    Cry to me.
    Die to me.
    You're no good to our friendship.
    Our friendship is dead.
    You say Im a different person,
    You're mad that I'm ahead.
    You couldn't be happy for me.
    You're fucked in the head.

  • teokannan 23w


    "God is not helping anymore, maybe because he feels used all the time; only few are even grateful for what they have."


  • vasu_maddy 27w


    "Some people don't love you"
    They don't even care about you.
    They just want to stay connected to you.
    They love the benefits, so they do the minimal... a little phone call here and there, just checkin' in, thinkin' about you, etc.
    What they are really doing is maintainin' a connection, so when they need you,
    They still have a way in.


  • _zahra 31w

    2 Faced

    When they are dark they are completely dark
    When they are white they still have stains on them
    They will lie and even paint the lie to make it look like d truth
    Leaving you in a state of confusion like you don’t know what you doing

    Yet they know what they are doing
    All they do is take💔 and never want to give…


  • shadesofyu 38w

    A Toy

    So I removed time for you,
    Cancelled my appointments for you,
    Kept you first, while the butterflies in my stomach kept dancing,
    My heart fluttering as I came close to you,
    The idea of spending the day with you made me go all weak in my knees,
    Like to just be there and not do anything,
    To see your face and stare at it the whole day,
    For when you are with me, it seems the world is at our feet, you treat me so well, that I feel that all you can see is me,
    I am the one that you always wanted,
    I am the one that you always cared for,
    I am the one whom you always longed for,
    The soft touch, the gentle caress,
    That beautiful smile,
    And the day went by,
    As the sun set and it was time to go home,
    I knew that I won't be all that anymore,
    That 'i love you' while I left your car was something I would hold on to,
    Cause you being you, will vanish like a speck a dust,
    I was just someone for you to play with,
    For I knew that, I wanted to believe otherwise,
    I wanted to hold on to something else,
    But a toy I am, I somehow dont want to be that,
    But I know you will always want that, and somehow you never even realise that.


  • aniketangaria 39w

    Plucked flower of a hanging garden

  • dreambeliever 43w


    Thoughts linger in the void
    An empty heart confused
    Afraid of being alone unloved
    Yet more afraid of being used.

    Unsure of what to do or say
    Pretending with a perfect smile
    Life moves forward day by day
    Abandoned heart lives in denial

    A broken heart can be abused
    Turn a jaded soul to stone
    When no more tears are left to fall
    The spirit wanders lost, alone.


  • justword_art 43w


    As the world turns
    Come to discover
    Reasons while being befriended
    By one who sees you as a tool

    And grants a percent of your wish
    After overclocking your brain cells
    A meagre token
    Can be of mint or flesh

    A favour too easy to grant
    With a remote control of another
    In the hands of the host
    Bending and stripping

    Another of its dignity
    Realised too late
    Now too deep in this well
    To say help me

    For I am drowning
    Sweet things do last
    When kept in the mouth
    But they cannot be there forever

  • shubham_20 46w

    Heyyy wanna my number

    Sorry main second hand cheez ko use nahi karti hui

  • sheikh_huzaifa 48w

    I wanna fed up of my silence
    I wanna spoke out few words
    No one listen me!
    Instead, of fingering up
    All blame me! No one listen my words
    No one understand me
    Instead, of making the talks bigger
    I used to stay quiet
    I wanna fed up of my silence
    I wanna spoke out few words...

  • lollipop71 53w

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    Real True "I Got You" friends?

    How many friends do you have that are
    Always real with you, that will NEVER leave you
    Behind, they are always there for you no matter
    what time of day it is off the top of your head
    How many Real true friends do you have?
    When life pulls you down and you're stuck in neutral
    who is the friend or friends that would be there for
    You without a second thought? I can name one person, but that's all I need. Why? Last year, a "friend"
    Looked me in my eyes said, "I won't ever leave you behind no matter what". Well yes, he did leave me behind and didn't even have the decency to say it to my face. Just left. I had a truck, let a friend drive it so
    I didn't have to. Well truck got repossessed, my friend came around less and less then never. Yes I got used again.
    Be careful who you trust and who you let into your circle.
    I trust no one! No...one!

  • drishty_das 53w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeewriter @mirakeeworld @poetrybrain

    #she #pod #writerstolli #sacrifices #nothing #everything #love #shade #shield #sympathy #kind #toy #sorrows #used #notears #unedited

    The very first poem I wrote almost 7 years back. It was pleasant surprise to me back then. Posting it here unedited.

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    She (is/was)

    She cures with love, her love is medicine.
    She is a shield, she is the shade.
    She steps down to let him rise.
    She lives the pain in no noise.
    She is sacrifice.
    She is everything.

    She is sympathy with big heart.
    She is firm as a tall tower.
    She cries his tears, his worries she bears.
    Blank page is her character with not a drop of ink.
    She is kind.
    She is everything.

    she used to be his shadow.
    used and killed and thrown by him so often like a mere toy.
    She has cried all her tears for him.
    Now she is left with none of it.
    She is in pain.
    She was everything.

    Respect is now not her jewell.
    She lives in corner and dies in corner.
    She is engulfed in the darkness of his greed.
    She is sad but her sorrows are not his.
    She was love.
    She was everything.

    She is a play now, mere entertainment.
    A candle about to be blown.
    No one knows her, no one praises her.
    Her page torn in tiny bits.
    Her sacrifice isn't worth a penny.
    Her smile is a blue moon.
    She used to be everything but now


  • words_of_lasya 60w


    She loved, he left
    She trusted, he cheated
    She cared, he used
    She cried, he ignored
    She waited, he married someone else


  • leena_afsha_ishrot 60w


    #leena_unsaidwords #al_thoughts #used #mohabbat #hindinama #hindiwriters#rachanaprati6

    Fana - barbadi
    Dopahari - afternoon
    Raina - night
    Subah sadiq - dawn
    Falgun - feb/march
    Bahaar - spring
    Shakhsiyat - personality
    Swachhata - cleanliness
    Mahak - smell/fragrance
    Attar - perfume oil
    Shehzada - prince
    Pratisthapan - replacement

    I hope I did justice @neelthefeel to your post विषय - मोहब्बत

    @mirakee @hindiwriters @writersnetwork @hindinama

    Thank you so much for �� kind repost @hindinama

    Welcome to highlight my mistakes ��

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    1/4/21 10:00 p.m ☑️

    मौहब्बत -
    कभी दिल में लगी आग को बुझा देते हैं तो
    कभी हंसती है तन्हाई में, ए - मौहब्बत
    कभी फ़ना कर देते हैं ए - मौहब्बत

    दोपहरी से सूरज ढलने तक
    सर्द के रइना से सुबह सादिक तक
    फाल्गुन की महिने और तुम्हारी साथ बीते लम्हों का यादें
    इसी मौसम ए - बहार में इंतज़ार हैं

    गांव एक है
    शहरों की शख्सियतों में गुमराह न होना, यारों
    मोहब्बत की खातिर जब से जिस्म की कीमत दाऊ पर लगा
    क्या कहना, यारों? मोहब्बत की स्वच्छता को क़फ़न पहनाया गया

    है क्या यह मौहब्बत?
    जीने की उम्मीद?
    नष्ट होने की इक तारिका?
    आंगन की महक?

    मौहब्बत की इत्र आखिरी सांस तक रहती हैं
    शहजादे हों तुम, मेरी दिल में
    कलमा पढ़ने तक मेरी ज़ुबान पर तुम्हारे नाम रहेंगे
    सबसे कीमती तोहफा दिया है - मेरे रुह

    जिस्म से ज्यादा, रुहानी सफ़र क़ायम रहें उम्र भर
    क्या इजाजत है, गले लगाने के?
    तुम्हारे बांहों में दो पल सुकून की नींद चाहिए
    गर मौहब्बत की कोई प्रतिस्थापन है, तो वह तुम हों

  • jewels2 60w

    I could lose you as a lover
    But NEVER as a friend
    Ripping you away took pieces
    That will never mend

    How could you be SO heartless
    How could you be SO cruel
    How could I be SO stupid
    To believe you like a fool

    You said we were forever
    Your lies were just the best
    I gave to you your freedom
    You failed every test

    Let them GO ...the saying goes
    IF they come back they are yours
    If they don't, they NEVER loved you
    Caught by shiny lures

    You said that you loved women,
    And now I see it's true.
    You also said you loved me
    But all you loved, was YOU!!

    You took forbidden fruit
    That was not yours to take
    You promised me forever
    I made a HUGE 'mistake'

    I was a precious Jewel
    From your Fathers house
    You used, then threw aside
    So you could chase somebody else..

    You'll never know the grief and pain
    You've brought into my heart
    What you gladly 'joined together'
    You cruelly ripped apart.

    You can say I didn't want you
    But you KNOW it isn't true
    The one who busted out of 'us'
    Was not me...but YOU!!

    #liedto #used #thrownaside #betrayed #heartbroken #lionspoke

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    I could lose you as a lover
    But NEVER as a friend
    Ripping you away took pieces
    That will never mend

  • shinys_words 61w

    I am a tissue
    I help everyone
    used by everyone