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  • creyme 12w

    Valentine's Day

    Everytime I see your loving smile,
    Everytime I hear your sweet voice,
    Everytime I hold you in my arms,
    Everytime I give a passionate kiss,
    Everytime I am reunited with you,
    My heart shaped cup is filled,
    Oververflowing, with warm, fuzzy substance,
    I am made whole,
    I am then so happy,
    For my cup is overflowing with your love,
    And that is all I need,
    All I ask for,
    In turn I say;
    "I love you!"
    But "I love you" falls short in its weakness,
    Because the most powerful words on the Earth,
    Aren't strong enough to explain how I feel about you.

  • hewrites 14w

    Anti anti valentine's day

    Roses are red
    Another poem written to be read
    I was trying to be cute
    Somewhere here I wanted to fit a smile
    Violets are beautiful and so are you
    Sometimes I have trouble making things work and I'm not always good at finding the right words
    But take me as I am
    Every broken letter and all
    Though this day isn't for me
    I can still love you even when it is over

  • agjproverbs 14w

    My Life, My Love, My Valentine

    I didn't fall in love with myself, there was no tripping involved. It was calculated, a strategic choice. When my life became my love then my life became my valentine

  • poetrani 14w

    I'm Not A Believer Of Valentine's But "Well In Time"

  • miss_wannabe_writer 14w

    Demanding Valentine's!

    "He is never there. Never. Valentine's Day, anniversaries and even birthdays... You know I don't need much but how difficult it is to just make a 2-minute call? And he is the one who needs space? Am I asking for too much?"

    "I am sorry babe but this has happened again and again. You are one of the purest and kindest souls I have ever met. And no you are not asking for too much. You are just asking the wrong person. He's an ass and trust me you deserve way better."
    She consoled her best friend as the latter couldn't control her tears anymore.

    An year later, it was she who cried but with happy tears when her friend said,
    "You were right. I was never asking for too much. I was asking the wrong person."
    It was Valentine's Day and her best friend's engagement.


  • _unverbalizedwords_ 14w

    "Jud gaya "

    Ki tujhe jud gaya hai ristha aisa tujhse mera
    Kitni bhi jatan karle tutta hi nahi ye
    Ki Meri haar yaadon mein tu shamil hai..
    Aur teri haar yaad mein mai ehsason ki tarah shamil Hun..
    Chahtein aaj bhi tujhse utni hi hai
    Hai dil ka ye jo ristha hai ye tuta hi nhi

    Meri dil mein tum samae ho iss kadar
    Jaise fulon mein khushbu samai ho..

  • puchka 14w

    "So, how did your day end
    on this special day"? asked muse
    "Make a guess...I'll wager a bet you can't."
    And muse didn't dare pick up the challenge.
    "No candlelight dinner
    No clinking of long-stemmed wine glasses
    No bouquets of red roses
    All that is so blase
    Just companionship in silence
    Takes years of togetherness to reach that status.

  • crystalwords 14w

    The shimmering starlight twined
    the bracelets of glory from behind,
    I stopped by the woods,
    when the starlings chirped thereby,
    Louder the voice, it uttered symphonies
    of vibrant odour,
    that we both were left in the jackets over;
    I wandered and asked the clouds
    just to ensure;
    If everything was still and steady
    or I'm just a dreaming fairy
    Love was in the air; really,
    Butterflies passed from the periphery;
    I realised it was 14th of February,
    The moment ceased, it did so for a while
    Recalling the memoirs of past
    I know, distance can never leave us apart,
    Wishing you from far away, a happy valentine!


    #valentinesday #valentine #lovepoem #love #miraquill
    @writersnetwork #walk #wod

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  • dope_writer 14w

    if bond is real, Everyday feels like valentine's day❤️❤️

  • gotoark 14w

    முதல் காதல்

    ஒன்றிமில்லா வெற்றிடத்தில்
    ஒற்றை வித்தாய் வளர்கிறாய்...
    இடம் வலம் நகர்கிறாய்
    இமைகளில் நிறைகிறாய்...
    உறக்கங்கள் தொலைக்கின்றேன்
    அதை உணர்கையில் சிரிக்கின்றேன்...
    மசக்கைகள் தருகிறாய்
    மனதினில் நிலைக்கிறாய்...
    பெருவிருப்பு கொள்கிறேன்
    ஏனோ உமட்டலாய் உமிழ்கிறாய்...
    தினம்‌ உடலினுள் உருள்கிறாய்
    பின் உணர்கையில் உதைக்கிறாய்...
    ஒருபுறம் உண்ணமும்
    மறுபுறம் தண்ணமும் தருகிறாய்
    நினைக்கையில் இனிக்கிறாய்
    நிஜத்திலோ வெறுக்கிறாய்...
    பேறு காலம் தாண்டியும்
    பெற்றெடுக்காத எந்தன் முதல் சேய் நீ ❣️

  • ajayisrael 14w

    Your very essence (I)

    Love is not a child of the mind. Love does not think
    Love is not defined by contracts, structures, length or numbers. Love needs no definition
    Love is not waiting for you to be perfect, skinnier, calmer, smarter. Love does not wait
    Love is not found in a sweet text, a pat on the back, a thank you. Love does not need approval


    Happy Valentines

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 14w

    A humorous (fictional) approach to the holiday.

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Darling, I adore you
    And I'm so glad that you are mine
    In you, I've found true love
    You're my forever valentine

    And on this special day
    To help avoid all stress and strife
    I'm going to share with you some pointers
    Penned down by me, your loving wife

    I like to keep things simple
    There's no need to make a fuss
    So I'm putting forth these guidelines
    So as to help the two of us

    I'm not one to collect things
    I really don't like clutter
    Knickknacks don't delight me
    They don't send my heart aflutter

    Don't need no cards or chocolate
    Nor any flowery perfume
    But I'd really be quite thrilled
    If you could make use of the broom

    Instead of bright bouquets
    That quickly wilt and fade
    I'd appreciate far more
    If for once, the bed you made

    And instead of fancy trinkets
    Or gem encrusted rings
    It would really be quite grand
    If you'd just pick up your things

    By now it should be clear
    But in case you're in a quandary
    Let me break it down once more
    Forget the gifts, just do some laundry!

    Never mind the costly dinner
    I'm not a fan of dining out
    But you can whip up something here
    That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

    You can forget about the shopping
    I don't want something from the store
    How about you do some dusting?
    I'd like that a whole lot more!

    So darling, take your pick
    There's no end of things to do
    Happy Valentine's, my love
    Now let's start cleaning up this zoo!
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 2/14/2022

    #humor #fiction #valentinesday #miraquill #writersnetwork

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  • harsh77 14w

    Valentine's day ♥️
    Happy valentine's day to my lovely writers over here,
    Aaj kaafi inbox pe pyaar ka izhaar ho raha hai

    Na jaane kyu ye dil mere mujme hi tanha sa ho raha hai,
    Vo chali gayi lagta dur kaafi aur naa hi humse pyaar ka izhaar ho raha hai

    Me likhna chahta hu tere baare me pr na jaane ye tumhara janisaar nahi ho raha hai

    Na jaane tumhare ek deedar ke liye ye dil itna kyu ro raha hai

    Me so jaata ho isiliye taaki sapno me hi sahi tumse mil saku tujse milne ke liye dil itna bekarar ho raha hai

    Teri har yaade teri har baatein be-inteha yaad aati hai tere baare mein soch sochke ye dil pareshaan ho raha hai

    Bas itna kehna chahta hu jab bhi tume waqt mile tab ye hal-e-dil sun ne ajaan tumhara idhar tahe dil se intezaar ho raha hai

    #love #valentine #valentinesday #missyou #today #wod #write #read #like #share #repost #comment #pod #diary #human #feelings
    @writersnetwork @writersbay @gelukzoeker @tengoku @vzac_1330

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    Happy valentine's day ♥️

  • yrishbren28 14w


    I may not be the permanent person in your life. But hell sure I am the best temporary you'll ever have.

  • popsweety_abi 14w

    Dear love

    I couldn't resist you
    Though I tried
    It failed.
    Dear love,
    You're the one
    Who steal my soul and
    You filled my life with
    Your sparks and magical treasure!


  • the_freak 14w


    I love you has 3 words,
    But, just one meaning.
    It's about us - You and Me.
    Not many know this but we are a single mind.
    That's how much alloyed we are!

    "Love" has such a deep meaning.
    It encompasses you, your outer and inner.
    I'm glad that you are there in both.
    I love you, Valentine!

    Thanks for being with such evolving journey!
    Be there when we make it.
    Cutiepie. Just be mine. Always.

  • shinobi 14w

    "Valentine's day"
    is named after Saint Valentine. He was a Christian bishop and a physician. He refused to treat his own
    fatally sick mother because she would not give up her belief in pagan God 'Jupiter' and get baptized.

    The disease killed her! #ValentinesDay

    According to the Catholic Chronicle Legenda Aurea (compiled in c. 1275 CE), Saint Valentine was described as "destrover of non Christian pagan

    Valentine was abusing Non-Christian Gods & creating communal conflict. He was jailed. Romans promised to release him if he toned down.
    "What is your opinion on (our) Gods Jupiter & Mercury" - thev asked.
    "Wretched and foul men. Filthy. Carnal.
    Of filthy birth'-He answered.

    Romeo. Romance. Romantic.
    All of the aforesaid words ultimate originate from "Rome". We are talking about people who watched and roared with glee as caged men and animals fought each other to death in gladiator shows.

    Quite romantic!

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    Did you know?


  • lostthoughts73 14w

    Daisies in Paris

    Daisies in Paris summer romantic
    Fizzies in tummy loving your antics
    Tea drinking honey melodramatic
    Gosh, you're funny, looking fantastic
    Frankly, I find you very attractive
    Like a delivery, quite a package

    Would you not know that we go
    Together, fruit cream and mango
    Unfettered, unzip, no clothes
    Wetter, dripping, soaking, ah moans
    Get her whimper ready to explode
    Twitching touching taste me ah oh

    Shiver I'm candy gooey and happy
    Wrap you baby, slowly we shall sleep
    Kissing lips cozy, I'll warm my bunny
    Feeling still, this moment, no hurry
    Daisies in Paris, summer romantic
    You and I, baby, we make magic


  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 14w

    @writersnetwork #whenlovewhithers #alottosay #inapoeticway #wod #valentinesday @miraquill #TrudgingTowardsTheTruth


    ..When the truest of a love
    Withers Within The heart
    The breaking Begins
    Stone is forming Around your heart
    You failed to be able to start noticing..
    As it took over completely
    Keeping others love away
    And as you've withered
    Around a heart
    That is weighing heavy on your spirit
    You don't know how to fix and you share Death's frights to only yourself
    Each of these days,
    Each day is terrifying to you
    So you keep from others,
    Your universe is becoming
    As small as your stony heart
    And other organs that work
    a little to well with that stone heart
    That hurts and beats funny
    But if it works with the others
    Harm comes to them as well..

    All you hear anymore
    is a Tick
    and you wonder how
    Long life will stick
    And you'll make it through this..
    Most days you do it with positivity
    And a sunny disposition
    But at other times your"Little orphan Annie" fights "Poison Ivy" within
    Day after day..
    Look up, crumble that wall
    Let them all know you'd like to earn Redemption starting with Forgiveness
    For being so hurt, you let it turn you into a Person filled with apathetic selfishness You really do love and care for ALL
    You just so got so wrapped up in
    Your own Pitious falls..
    Wallowing in fears
    For how many had you left
    The amount of years.
    But you decided to live
    As long as possible
    In the light
    To copiously write
    And make sure
    Your book is done first
    And you've well LIVED
    Your goodbyes..

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    Well Living, Your Life's Goodbyes..


  • iteshkumar 14w

    I really hope you're happy now
    I'm really glad I knew you then..