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  • __graphite__girl__ 2w

    Analysing thought processes show how flawed human thinking is. And yet we overthink. Here's an excerpt from me getting lost in thought.

    Forget main character energy. This girl wants the fairy godmother energy. She wants to show up when she's needed and set things right and simply disappear whenever she wants to. She wants to see people smiling and laughing. She wants to simplify stuff for people (cuz people are so great at complicating things). Because most people deserve something to smile about. And it's such a magical feeling to see people genuinely happy. It's an ideal case scenario and won't really work irl without costing something. But what if that is the energy she eventually exudes. Reassuring people by just being there ... a reminder that everything is in control... a sense of peace. This could be a workaholic or control issues or validation seeking behaviour. But a girl can rant whatever she wants, can't she ? Another of my random rants, don't mind me...


    P.S. This post is of no scientific basis nor morally useful data.

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    Hey Human, happiness looks gorgeous on you.

  • loftydreams101 8w

    Faults in the Illusion

    Deflated in the aftermath
    Of my selfish struggle
    This war scorches on
    Raising plumes of denial
    For the kind eyes of strangers
    The stray remarks of travelers,
    The graze of their affections
    Feed an ever burning sorrow
    I hold on to every praise
    Through the onslaught of memory
    When the outer world is silent
    And my inner phantoms stalk
    I hold on
    Dragged under
    By their fearful thrash
    I hold on
    For the weight,
    For the strain
    And fading glory

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • _flow_of_words_ 15w

    My existence..

    What if you wake up one day, and then realise that I don't exist in your life anymore? Will your life change in some way or will your life be the same without me?

    These days i have been thinking about how much I really matter to people. Because maybe I am giving them the importance they really never deserved; or maybe I deserve something more than I am receiving from the people. Or maybe it's just me who is thinking of the things which never really mattered to me. But then why am I thinking of how people will react if I just get vanished one day? Maybe I need some validation, or maybe I am searching for one. Maybe I wanna know how much someone really cares about me because I tried to be there for some, but who will be there for me?

    I just wonder ...what if you wake up and realise that i don't exist in your life anymore? Will things change in some way for you?

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 13 March 2022 @2:08 hrs IST

  • _the_thinker_ 21w


    You know, they say that I make them uncomfortable,
    That I am weird,
    Well then I too can say, they make me uncomfortable
    But it's just that they don't understand me,
    They don't get me
    And that's fucking fine because
    I understand me, i get me,
    And I don't need their validation.


  • jabellety 27w

    "ITS OKAY"

    "It's okay just cry along"

    You smile when you're happy,
    You laugh when you're jolly.
    You frown when you're angry,
    You beg when you're needy.

    Emotions don't make you weak,
    They just show how you feel.
    Don't be scared to be critiqued,
    You're just showing what is real.

    This is what you feel,
    And when they feel big or too strong.
    Go ahead and cry along.
    It is okay.

    Cause I can't blame you for having feelings,
    You're a person not just a being.
    You exist to express what you're seeing,
    To be in a life worth living.

    It's okay, just cry along.
    Time will pass and will be gone.
    You can breathe after the storm is calm.
    You can smile again when the sun is on.

    Just cry till the breaking dawn,
    Just don't forget you're not alone.
    It's okay, just cry along.
    And if you want I'll sing a song.

    To see your tears,
    Will let me know.
    You'll be okay,
    you just need time to grow.

    Along with love,
    Along with care.
    You can cry with me,
    And I will be there.

    It'll be okay,
    Just cry along.

  • monkz7 36w

    SHE is too much.
    Arrogant and Rude.

    Me- Yeah, may be only for YOU.
    As i find it absolutely time wasting and foolish to Seek Acceptance from the People WHO CAN'T ACCEPT THEMSELVES.
    Who cannot accept their own reality, good/bad, mistakes ,how can they accept Me.
    Accept who you are.
    © monkita_ghosh

  • ssunayana 38w


    For your Victories
    That I didn't celebrate waiting for validations,
    And for your Losses
    That I didn't mourn waiting for consolations,

    For every time I made you chase
    After the unrealistic perfections
    All the while ignoring your imperfect realities,
    All the while forgetting that
    You are human too.

    For all of that, Dear Heart
    You have my sincere apologies!


  • eyeenma 44w

    Your Face

    Your Face ,
    It's hard to explain the joy
    When I see your Face,
    It is true face is the mirror of the mind.
    But when I see your Face
    It's capable of generating great bliss
    The smile on your face open the
    Channels of happiness in me.
    When you close your eyes and smile,
    My heart stops and stares for a while

    When you frown your eyes
    My heart just Cries.

    When you smirk and Smile
    It just makes me Wild
    When You give a Happy Smile
    You just make my day and my while.

    What can I say,
    It's an old childhood Habit
    Looking at your Face
    Makes my gives my life a validation
    It gives me determination.

    So your face is probably my safe place
    My feelings and my days Depends on the look on your face.

    Just not the look on your face but
    The whole being of you just gives
    Meaning to my whole existance
    For you are my Lord.
    My saviour and my love.

  • poetshrutiwrites 46w

    They say I'm too much

    They say I'm too much,
    Whether it's my laughter,
    Or my anger.
    They say I'm too much,
    Whether I'm curious,
    or a meticulous planner.
    They say I'm too much,
    Whether I have multiple hobbies,
    Whether my mind is popping ideas like popcorn in my head.
    They say I'm too much,
    Whether it's listening to others,
    Or making a new friend.
    They say I'm too much,
    Whether it's doing millions of things a day,
    Or having millions of things to say.
    They say I'm too much,
    You ask me who is they?
    The people that like to look others way,
    Without looking within,
    Just like my self-doubt did today.

  • poetic_hulk 52w

    The approval I was ever denied,
    Through the lenses of the wise,
    That I now simply find everytime,
    I look into your bright, wise eyes.


  • nocturnalindite 57w

    How odd is it to acknowledge the thought that we are so close to perfect in the eyes of people who love us.
    While we struggle to balance the love-hate relationship with ourselves, there always happens to be someone else perfecting the flawed in us.

    How odd is the thought that our scarred skin, unkempt hair, our not so appealing bodies tend to wrap themselves in gifts of compliments and reassurance.
    & as we hear them speak of our soul and skin, we survive.
    Maybe that is why we look for comfort & love hidden in the hearts of others to reach us loud and clear.
    Because when strangers come and go, we move on as the glitter fades away.
    But when a loved one talks, it stays, the glitter turns into gold and it always stays. ✨

    #miraquill #words #writing #love #validation #comfort #odd #thoughts #mind @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • red_wave_oceans 61w

    Poetic Crimes

    You want rythm so you trap me in a prison, of rhymes, on trial for a crime of insignificant words, as if my pain is incomprehensible, with no need to be written, i'll endure this prison

  • supratimd 62w

    Inner validation

    In this search of validation

    I kept myself invisible.

    My mind was determined,

    Running for perfection.

    While my heart taught,

    The value of imperfections

    And here I continue,

    The journey alone.

  • ticklekink 68w

    Now wrapped in a blanket of her own self respect, dignity, pride, strength. She regrets how open, naive, gullible, weak she had been. Her need for validation, to feel wanted, to feel beautiful from someones words now seemed dirty, in the gutter, shallow and deprived.

    She knows she is beautiful inside out, an empowered woman, worth more, is amazing and loves herself.

    Never again will she allow herself to feel the need to be validated by anyone..


  • deepflowsoul 74w

    I am

    I beg everyday for external validation,
    When I already had the deepest realization,
    I am worthy of my own salvation!

  • funeralcake 79w

    You are my drug,
    My worst addiction,
    Watch me beg for your approval
    Watch me break for validation.

  • sarahrachelea 80w

    Oh, so you love me. Cool, thanks. I love you too.
    And you over there. You don't like me. Cool, thanks. Bye.

    You are not everybody's cup of tea
    Chill, that's okay

    You don't have to make everyone happy
    The only person you need to make happy is you
    Have a faith in yourself because it's necessary
    And by doing that, you're validating yourself


  • inkpraya 88w

    It's kinda like bathroom singing not American Idol
    #validation #feel #myright #myspotinthesun

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    Validation of feelings is a right not a competition

    SAD sad
    happy HAPPY
    RAGE frustration Anger

    Everyone deserves a spot

  • unicornworld 88w


    Why do u need someone to validate you oh human,

    Is it not enough that God created you?

    He set the wheels in motion so you were born,

    You brought joy and happiness to a couple forlorn,

    You made an ordinary woman,a mother,

    A man became father,you raised his stature,

    They loved you despite your actions au contraire,

    Than why, oh human you so despair ?

    Money,beauty,degrees,a vicious combination,

    Do not let it lead you to a state of desperation,

    Is your life only valuable when others applaud?

    You excel in the feild of humanity,magna cum laude,

    Base not your worth on this fickle society,

    You are above their judgements,an absolute deity.

    Share your love with people who truly care,

    You are enough oh human, do not compare!


  • sarahrachelea 94w

    Not for fame or recognition
    Some writers tell stories to express their ideas
    Not to impress this foolish and cynical world

    If you can appreciate them, then cool
    If you can't, then it's still cool though

    They don't need your validation
    To feel their worth after all