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  • bemeekle 147w


    I pop another one of my best friends
    Sit back, relax, until the panic ends
    I never knew I would end up like them
    Only 20 years old and an addict to Valium
    So I switch it up, try Xanax instead
    And now I'm fluttering out of my head
    My thoughts are cloudy but still roll smooth
    My tongue is numb, what's this new groove
    I like it a lot, and I don't realize that my fate
    Is to be one of the things that I most hate.

  • luciferdeville 212w


    "C'mon, people fight all the time,
    C'mon baby don't be like that",
    Little did I know that it was lonely me
    Fallen in Amour's trap.

    I should have died banging
    My head that morning on the wall,
    Little did I know the pain wouldn't
    Neither let me stand or crawl.

    Ending, it was always an option,
    Begged not pleaded, to see momentous magic,
    But I was delusional, trying to show an illusion to a practical mass of flesh, that's a trick!!

    Failed, I sawed my heart in half,
    Couldn't join them back,
    I kept the smaller one, she took the bigger,
    What beautiful butchering hack!

    Imagination is where I still have her,
    I still kiss her when I wake up,
    I still hold her while I caress the small of her back,
    Too much weed, indeed, can make you lose touch with reality.