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    Life won't

    be dull,

    If we all

    just love



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    Today starts Purushottam Maas (It began yesterday in South though 😅). It is said that Lord Srinivasa Venkatesha descended to Earth on this very day. It has a beautiful story, known by the name 'Srinivasa Kalyanam'. Kindly read, you will love it.

    So here's my little poem for ShriGovinda ❤️❤️❤️

    श्रीवेंकटेश पंचपद्य
    -भव्या गोगिया

    अनंत शेषाद्री वास
    मुख कमल सम सुहास
    अतिशय सुंदर रास
    श्रीवैकुंठ विरक्त प्रभु

    हे भक्त पोषक पुरंदर
    चिन्मय श्रीमती मंदिर
    केशव प्रियतम सुंदर
    अच्युत श्रीविष्णु विभु

    आनंद निलय देव
    मधुकर सम श्याम केश
    अंबुज दल विशाल नेत्र
    सचिदानंद शरणम् प्रभु

    हे शांतकारम श्याम
    मर्यादापति राम
    अप्रमेय श्री अभिराम
    अचिंत्य नारायण विभु

    है भक्त अन्नामय्या स्वामी
    पुरंदरनुत अंतस ज्ञानी
    पद्माप्रिय चक्रपाणि
    जय श्रीवेंकटेशा प्रभु!


    ShriVenkatesha Panchpadhye
    (Five Poems (Paragraphs) for ShriVenkatesha)

    One who lives in the Ranges of Ananta Sheshnaag
    Who has a beautiful smiling lotus Face
    Whose bliss/pleasure is extremely beautiful
    Who lives separated from his ShriVaikunth (Just to live with us, he comes leaving his ShriVaikunth)

    Oh Indra(Purandar) for his devotees
    (Just like Indra Dev showers rain, in the same way actually much more, He showers his blessings on his devotees)
    Oh complete, pure, blissful knowledge and the Temple of Shrimati (ShriLakshmi who resides in his chest)
    Oh beautiful dearmost Keshav
    (Keshav has 3 meanings: who is supreme among Brahma and Shiva/ and the one who killed demon Keshi/ the one who has beautiful hair)
    Oh infallible all pervading ShriVishnu

    One who is the abode of Bliss
    Whose hair are Black like wasps (and frequented by wasps as his hair are sweet like honey)
    Whose large eyes are like a group of lotuses
    I take the shelter of such Sachitananda Lord
    [Sachitananda- Sat(Truth)+Chit(Consciousness)+ Ananda(Bliss)]

    One who is dark complexioned and very peaceful
    Who is the Charming/Enchanting Lord of Modesty
    One who is enigmatic and very pleasing, impressive and awesome!
    He who cannot be thought of is Narayana!

    Oh Lord of your devotee Annamayya
    Who is eulogized by Purandar(here we can take both Purandar Das, who was the devotees of ShriHari and Purandar Indra) and the one who knows the Hearts and Minds of all (as him being Antharyami 😄)
    One who is beloved of Padma(ShriLakshmi), and carries a Chakra in his hands
    Victory be to such Lord ShriVenkatesha!!!

    Today is also the

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    श्रीवेंकटेश पंचपद्य
    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी

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    Hari thinks moon is a toy. 😁
    My poem specially the first two paragraphs are inspired by ShriPeriyalwar Thirumoli. 😊🙏❤

    Here's the part of Thirumoli by ShriVishnuchittar Periyalwar, even if you don't see my poem atleast read this. 🙏🙏🙏
    Tamil with translation...

    54. than mugaththuch sutti * thUngkath thUngkath thavaznthupOy *
    pon mukak kiNkiNi Arppap * puzuthi aLaikinRAn **
    en makan gOvinthan * kUththinai iLamAmathI *
    nin mukam kaNNuLavAkil * nI ingkE nOkkip pO

    O, Tender Moon! If you have eyes on your face, come and see my child Govinda’s pranks as he crawls, kicking up dust. His forehead pendant sways, his golden anklet jingles.

    55.en siRuk kuttan * enakkOr innamuthu empirAn *
    than siRuk kaikaLAl * kAttik kAtti azaikkinRAn **
    anjchana vaNNanOdu * AdalAda uRuthiyEl *
    manjchil maRaiyAthE * mAmathI makiznthOdi vA

    O, Great moon! My dark hued little child, my sweet ambrosia, my master calls and beckons to you with his wee hands. If you wish to play with him, do not hide behind the clouds. Come running here happily.

    56. suRRum oLivattam * sUznthu sOthi paranthengkum *
    enththanai seyyinum * en makan mukam nErovvAy **
    viththakan vEngkadavANan * unnai viLikkinRa *
    kaiththalam nOvAmE * ambulI kadithOdi vA

    O, Bright Moon with rounds of halo spreading light everywhere! With all that, you are no match for my son’s face. The wonder Lord, resident of Venkatam, calls, Come running quickly, lest you cause pain to his hand.

    57. sakkarak kaiyan * thandangkaNNAl malara viziththu *
    okkalai mElirunthu * unnaiyE suttik kAttum kAN **
    thakkathaRithiyEl * chanthirA salam seyyAthE *
    makkal peRAtha * maladanallaiyEl vA kaNdAy

    O, Full Moon! The discus-wielding Lord with his large eyes opened wide, seated on my waist, points at you alone. Know what is proper, and do not deceive him. If you are not a child-less sterile, take note and come.

    58. azakiya vAyil * amuthavURal theLivuRA *
    mazalai muRRAtha * iLanjsollAl unnaik kUvukinRAn**
    kuzakan sirItharan * kUvak kUva nI pOthiyEl *
    puzaiyilavAkAthE * nin sevi pukar mAmathI

    O, Big bright Moon! The adorable Sridhara with spittle dripping from his beautiful mouth, blabbers indistinctly, coos and calls to you. If you go on ignoring his calls, would it not mean that your ears are without a bore?


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    Little Shyaam

    By ShriHari Nandini