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  • rahmahdi 11w


    Eyes closed
    Ears stuffed
    Mouth full of rubbish
    Flower turn into thorny weed
    Tall buildings reduced to nothing
    Laugh leaves and never return
    Happiness die with tears
    Kindness mourning the death of man
    And no one gain a smile

  • taytay_nicole424 18w

    *Sexual Assault Trigger Warning read at ur own risk*

    I'm nothing more than a mere painting
    Tarnished by your touch
    You took all these beautiful colors I once harbored
    Splattered them across my canvas
    Ruining the once beauty and brightness of my soul
    Now when I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind
    Forever taunting me
    Always reminding me that my purity was never truly mine to hold

    #painter #wod #ruinedcanvas #rape #feels #metoo #sexualassault #victim #survivor #warrior #struggling #drowning #deep #dark #cruel #art #depressed #ptsd #writer #poetry #poem #poet #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill

    *I want to give a very grateful thank you to @writersnetwork for reposting my poem, it truly means so much to me<3

    *Giving another grateful thank you to everyone who reposted my poem, just knowin that y'all enjoy my poems enough to share them just makes my day:)

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    Ruined Canvas

    When I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind

  • muskaanbhatt_ 33w


    It's been years of her death
    still her killer openly taking breath

    Based on true incidents

    Thanks @writersnetwork for the ❤

    #pod #wod #miraquill #rape #victim #life #society @writersnetwork @miraquill @miraquill_assistant

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    She was raped

    She was walking through the street
    Daily coming late was on repeat,
    She thought she was safe
    But lustful eyes and eve tease was all she face,
    In darkness slowly walking down the road
    Somebody from behind grabbed her and made her blind fold,
    Shutting up her mouth with his hand
    Took her to some unknown land,
    Abducted her and made her intoxicated by injected her with drugs
    She tried to fight back but he threw her on the rugs,
    Beat her badly made her bleed
    Tortured her for hours and gave her nothing to feed,
    She crying and screaming in pain
    He picked a sharp knife and cut her wrist vein,
    With blood all over her body she still tried to ran away
    But he was just about to take her respect and looking her as his prey,
    Torn her clothes and took her everything
    Within no time she lost everything,
    Begging and screaming for her life
    A man faced animal strangulated her and stabbed her 80 times with that knife,
    Finally she died and never got justified
    He still roaming around for new victim and making himself satisfied.

  • shivatado 33w

    If not because of others,
    At least stop being a victim
    of your own thoughts.

  • broken_glass_words 40w


    The disgust in your eyes
    Felt like knives to my soul
    The menace in your glance
    Hit like a storm to my home
    The way you blamed it on me,
    Were disgusted by me,
    Claimed it was all an attention play
    Makes me believe it was my fault
    Was it all my fault?
    Maybe I'll never know.

  • anuradhasharma 41w

    जो तुम्हें इस दुनियां लाई ,
    उन्हें ही शर्मसार करते हो ।
    ओ इंसान , हैवान की शक्ल
    लिए फिरते हो क्या ?
    हासिल क्या इस ,
    बदसलूकी से तुम्हें ।
    कब तक शर्मसार करोगे ,
    अपनी मां बहनों को ।


  • mequreshi 42w

    I talked about you behind your back
    Made fun of you for what you lack
    I thought your life was an ideal one
    You cried alone and asked for help from none
    I didn't know that you and me were same
    Somebody else's fault but ourselves we blame
    When I saw your eyes flooding with tear
    I wish I could hug you right there
    You and me were always the same
    Doing things in seconds,
    But living them for a lifetime in our brain
    Thinking love is something not meant for us
    While we sacrificed ourselves for making them
    I hope you heal from what you pass
    Our lives are going now so much fast
    They still say they are the victims and cry
    But left us to bleed alone and die

    Now everyday when I bow my head in sujood
    I ask him for your well being and mine too

  • nemesis_here 41w

    I'm still a victim in my own right
    But I'm the villain in my own eyes

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 47w


    A phase of life where humans are being tested together,
    Be they of any religion, state, nationality or age no matter,
    We are all sinners, we ought to suffer as we've wronged a lot,
    On humanity, humans themselves have been the darkest blot.

    Our crimes have saturated to the extent, heavens rebuked,
    Earth couldn't bury within it's chest any more, it puked,
    Thus the noose of viruses hung from above to strangulate,
    To withdraw all at once, to wipe off clean, to evacuate.

    The wheel chairs of diseases have been accelerating,
    To push us into the deep sea of death, waves escalating,
    The hunters of speechless, murderers of greenery,
    Molesters of nature, joined hands now plea for mercy.

    Thus, their stethoscope pulled back the wheelchair of the deadly pandemic,
    U - Turn from the cliff of death, they have lent us the luxury of breathing again,
    The pressure to save lives with limited resources rendering them anaemic,
    But our ungratefulness and stupidity is causing their efforts to drain in vain.

    We can’t bear the suffocation due to a small piece of fabric on our face,
    And they sweat in their Pp equipments working faster than a clock's pace,
    Ignorant and mean us, only focus on their lavish life style and fat packages,
    Not on how they've wound around their scars the shroud of responsibilities as bandages.

    Re - writing the fate of humans with their tools and equipments, to rescue,
    Converting the apocalypse into semi -colon, the tales of human hood to continue,
    Playing with the buttons of ventilator, like a musician fidgets with his piano's key,
    They sing the chimes of life silencing the requiem, scissoring their own right to safety.



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  • deadlittlesongbird 47w


    Caged by some sleeping pills
    Forcefully washed down by copious amounts of vodka.
    I sit here bound by duct tape,
    A victim never to be free.

    Held captive by my once protector
    Threatened with rape and death.
    I'm a hostage
    Counting my every breath.

    Death holds me ransom,
    What good will come of this?
    A seeping of insanity
    Stays with this haunting memory.

    I survived with blood in my veins and wit,
    Paired with a bite bruise and a sore mouth.
    Welcome! Youre free into this world of shit.
    With coping and hoping being my only solace.

  • james_taumas 48w


    Lost in your majesty
    You wear Kalypso's aura
    Wicked style
    Your stiletto voice cuts
    A glamorous web spun
    I'm your marionette
    Emotions at your tempo
    Precognition my cold fate
    Left behind
    An empty concert hall
    Hopeless and broken end.


  • beensn 49w

    Dear Dad❤️

    You gave me a life, an identity,
    But now you have silently slipped into eternity.
    For you, I was always the Best,
    You had on me, world's all trust.
    Your day would never begin without the glimpse of your daughter,
    You always believed that it would make your day better.
    Always stood for truth and innocence even at your ripe age,
    That made you my ideal n hero and it was my privilage.
    I was the worst victim of the situation and could not treat,
    I can't even say sorry now, for, I could not pay back the debt.
    Whenever I think of you, my eyes become damp,
    I promise to walk in the path lighted by you with the goodness lamp.
    For every simple act, you used to take my opinion,
    And when you took such a great decision to leave us, you took it alone?
    I am your little princess always, that's why short,
    Dear Dad, I can only say, I love you and miss you a lot.
    © beensN

  • capricious_quill 52w


    Both the attacker and the saviour have bloodstains on their clothes. Only the victim knows the truth.

  • _abhijit_ 55w

    Subjects (Last part)

    Last but not the least, there's a very important quality that stands out. He becomes intimate with you physically to please you not himself. You will find him asking you plenty of questions about what you find appealing in a foreplay, and while in the intimate moments with you, he won't be concerned about fulfilling his physical desires, he will be real gentle with you. He will ask you things like "do you like this?", "tell me what you want me to do". He will let you be in charge, he will ask you guide him to please yourself. He will pretend "neutral" or "resistant", and his trick will be to let you seduce yourself through him. He will just be a tool for you, to explore your own body. This increases the female pleasure points inside the brain to its limits, and you might find him most romantic. Whereas the truth is, it's you doing all the work, guiding him, and letting him "know" you in whole. This is a simple phenomena, it's called "reverse psychology": letting the girl to seduce. A mirage of letting the girl know, it's her in charge. Where in reality it's other way around.

    I can't cover the entire ice berg through this tiny write up, its just the peak of the ice berg but it contains all the essential information/ observation. I hope this helps you in some way or the other. I pray you never experience this kind of toxic men, most of you won't and it's good. But if some of you do come across these kind of men who treats women as "subjects", then I hope this little piece of information will help you identify them and recognize them (and their tricks) before you get too involved.

    Thank you for reading :)

  • _abhijit_ 55w

    Subjects (Part- 6)

    Be aware of anyone who "studies" you and tries to be intimate with you. Don't let emotions come, in the way of judgement, know his intentions. It's very unlikely that you will meet this category of men, they are rare. But if you do, then just be yourself, your very unique self, and NOT JUST A GIRL. Do NOT think like a girl, but think like your unique self. If he's being mysterious, lose him immediately instead of trying to solve his mystery. Notice what feelings he arouses in you.
    Is he lifting you off your feet through feelings?
    Is he coming online at a specific time to talk to you?
    Is he trying to get you in some kind of habits?
    Is he making you wonder about him often?
    Is he doing things which don't match with his words?
    Is he expecting you to make the first move?
    Is he trying to get sympathy and pity for him?
    Is he trying to be intimate with you without any strings attached?
    Is he saying stuff like "you are mature enough to understand", "we are grown ups now, it's okay", "don't be childish, it's normal"?
    Is he being very courteous and extra polite, yet flirty?
    Is he a box of mystery, or a bundle of "different ideologies"?

  • _abhijit_ 55w

    Subjects (Part- 5)

    You will be infatuated with him, deeply. It appears as if he's this room, with the doors slightly open for you to peak through. You will feel as if he's filled with treasures, he has so much more to share with you. But if you notice carefully, you can see, he never opens his door! Its always slightly open, you can never take a good look at the inside of the room! That's what keeps his mystery alive, he keeps you guessing. He lives in your imagination. At times your heart will tell you all this with him, is wrong, even if it seems so proper from outside. Even if it all appears harmless, so courteous and so gentle; it has the power to deform your identity. And whatever changes your identity, is the greatest threat in life.

    Once his little game is over and his purpose with you is fulfilled, he will leave you. I know most boys leave, but this leaving will be different I assure you. When a boy leaves, it's not that bad, you have yourself and many others to support you and love you, you get over it, and often many alternative things fills the void. But when someone leaves you, after studying you, understanding you, and using that knowledge about you to manipulate your very identity according to his needs, and then leaving you; it's gonna create a void within you that can't be filled for a long long time. You will look at the mirror and won't recognize yourself anymore, the person you are now is a new one which he created, and you don't know what to do with. You will miss the "past you". The kind of numbness you will feel will be loud and intolerable. You will be having difficulty taking tiny decisions in life, because of identity loss. You will feel its him who completes you, but now that he's gone, you will be forever incomplete. That's half truth, he have changed a part in you, to create a new you. You will find your life completely changed, and you will miss your old life, old you. You will have severe trust issues, and will be afraid of all men in general. Anyone who displays the slightest similarities of him, will appear either as a threat or as someone who evokes mixed feelings in you. You will start questioning the fundamentals of life, and you will find yourself confused about where "you went wrong". His after effects will remain with you for a long time. Healing yourself will be utterly difficult, and you won't be able to allow any other men enter your life for a long time.

    These men are cold hearted Bastards, and you are just a number in their long list. They won't even remember your name, but he will be the world to you for a long long time.

  • _abhijit_ 55w

    Subjects (Part- 4)

    Gradually over the time, you will find him behave unexpectedly, and it's hard to predict how he will behave. He always says the "right" things at the "right" time. But even after spending so much time, you never fully understand what he wants from you, you feel so many things, yet logically it's too swallow. A genuine person will make sense both logically and emotionally, he won't be a puzzle, or this interesting, any genuine person tend to be a bit of boring, because you can predict them. However, these Bastards are unpredictable, they react violently through the use of firm words. They seldom explain themselves, or over explain themselves for the reason why they did what they did. Through these tiny and subtle reactions from them, which apparently originated due to the "way you behaved" in a certain way, they are trying to "shape" you. They want you to "change", so that you can fit into the box they have created for you, the kind of box that's most suitable for them. Most of these fuckers are playboys disguised as "gentlemen". Stay with them long enough, and you can't recognizing yourself anymore. They will manipulate your entire identity, and that's where the danger lies. Identity is the most vital thing that you have developed over the years, and a real partner will help you "develop" your identity and let you "grow". He won't try to "shape" your identity into something different and urge you to "change". In most cases, these men tend not to get into a relationship in the first place, most of them are into "no strings attached" until we develop feelings/get to know each other.

    I know its difficult to point out accurately, but let me help you spot one. He will be really great in flirting, usually he will start from text msgs. The way he flirts feels different, something you have never experienced before, different from other men. He knows how to be "fun" and not make himself appear "funny". He will compliment you usually after a long conversation, and his compliments will never be direct. It will be subtle, such as "that ear ring you wore last night, looked so good on you, what was the occasion?". You will find yourself remembering yourself and looking at yourself through his eyes, may be blush a little, and give him an answer or a statement instead of a "thank you", simply because he will never give direct compliments. Moreover, you have to "earn" his compliments, when he thinks you are at a certain point which serves his purpose, he will give you a subtle compliment, it's actually an "encouragement" for your cooperation. In his chats, he will usually talk with one liners, and will take proper time to reply back (to keep you waiting for him, to keep you craving for him). His replies will "hit" you and make you "think", to keep you "hooked". The conversations won't last long, it's always limited. If he's a pro, he will always talk to you at the same time everyday, repeatedly, to make you get into the habit of feeling his presence at a particular time. Suddenly after some time of repeated conversation with limited time in specific times, he will disappear for a day or two (not long). He won't explain you beforehand, his disappearance will be a "surprise" for you. And during the time you used to talk, you will feel restless and his absence will be terribly felt. Then suddenly when he appears, you will be overwhelmed, almost tears of joy. His game is designed to give you these roller coaster rides. Moreover, these fuckers seldom propose, they usually make the girl propose them. Not with force or pleading, but with strategic manipulations, tiny push giving them directions.
    Some make use the weapon of "smell". They will put on the same perfume every time they meet you, over and over again. It's called "smell association". It makes your olfactory nervous system attach a particular scent to his persona, his image. This is a very sophisticated technique, to trigger your memories about him, years after he left you. The moment you smell something similar to what he have made you get acquainted, you can remember clearly, his features, the moments you shared with him, the way your heart beats were running wild, and the way he touched you. Everything becomes alive, even after he's gone. It's like leaving his signature within you forever, a mark, a scar on your identity, which is his creation!

  • _abhijit_ 55w

    Subjects (Part- 3)

    These kind of men tend to be the most charming, he will appear to you as if its he alone in this entire world who understands you like an open book, even if you met him for the first time 3 days ago. They tend to quickly build an "image" of themselves in your mind, and you can't help but fall for his image, your own imagination. These men also tend to be "mysterious", as if there's a lot about them to know, they will keep you on your toes, always curious to "know more" about them. These Bastards are also great storytellers, they will tell excellent stories about how they had lost all hope in love after their ex cheated on them, how they are "survivors" in relationships, and how they are looking for that "one girl". They will make you feel special beyond your wildest imaginations, because they study you as a "subject" as treat you as such, which appears as if he's trying to settle down with you. You will tend to relate more to songs and imagine him, you will find yourself doing things for him, and feel happy doing those things. It's easy to notice, when he says he is not in a hurry, and next day he's pressing your boobs, or else he says he needs to borrow some money because he's in desperate need of "help" and you find all your savings disappearing. Try noticing these "contradictory" things happening. His words and actions won't match. He will react emotionally the moment you react unexpectedly, your emotional strings will be pulled and a gentle kiss on your forehead by him will melt your heart. You may think, he could have done many things if he wanted to, but all he did was kiss my forehead. If you find yourself thinking like this, congratulations you are a part of his game now.

  • _abhijit_ 55w

    Subjects (Part- 2)

    Many of you might think, what's wrong in it, and many may think its okay. But listen carefully, it's far more than you can imagine. This man treats girls as "subjects". What that means is, he studies them, carefully, only so that he can manipulate them to serve his personal benefits. Let me elaborate through general observations:
    He will study you, your personality. He will remember your likes and dislikes, he will notice that tiny little yellow nail polish you applied last night on your left little finger. He will notice the kind of people you mix with. He will take note of your habits, your trigger points, your mood swings, your beliefs, your emotional patterns. In short he will study your psychological makeup and anything that's related with it. These type of men have mastered female psychology, and all you need to do in order to fall prey to these men is simply "think yourself a girl", or "think like a girl". That's all you need to do, and their work is done.

    There are few things he will display, which will be prominent. For instance, he will never stare at your boobs while talking to you. You might think he's such a gentleman, this is where these kind of Morons are mistaken as "gentlemen". They do not stare at your boobs because they know very well that by not staring it will create an impression on your mind. They know what "girls" like, and not staring at your boobs, is a part of their dirty little game. However, if you be alert and notice him at other times, when his guard will be down, in a irrelevant situation midst casual situations, you might catch him not just staring at your boobs, but scanning your entire body (or probably scanning your financial services that you can offer). Whatever it might be, that's just the beginning of the long journey.


  • blissfull_solitude 184w


    By then she was gone
    What lied was her frozen body.
    Nights trashing the dawn
    Voices cried heard by nobody.
    Was it the victimization?
    Or the society's taunt?
    All they needed was her abdication
    Death Utill Painfull memories haunt.
    Ritual has it become
    "She " matter no more.
    People dont just remain dumb
    "She " might be your daughter
    Don't allow her to slaughter.