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  • jeric_cloyd_ricare 17w

    Many of us think that having a war and saving the world can keep us from harm and can make us into a hero, but what about those who had fallen as a war victim, the soldiers who have families that's waiting for them, i know that there is no such thing as peace, but having war isn't great either, many innocent live had been wasted just for a one goal as peace and freedom, so from all the victims of the war i offer you my poetry rest in peace and thanks for giving us freedom for many generations.

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    Saving us from other country
    and lighten up our freedom today,
    the nation that you fight and died
    will remember your story along behind.

    so from the bottom of my heart
    i lay this poem as you all had depart,
    you will all always be our heroes who pass
    and give us future that you left and died.

  • virahela 24w


    In life, there are lessons that arrive swiftly effortlessly
    But difficult to accept, to contend with and consumed your insanity

    Because there will be times
    The ones you loved, will be taken away, to be buried six feet under, mark with grey stones
    Struck your soul with an unexplainable sadness

    It took you sometimes to realise
    That death comes with two victims, the deceased
    And the one left in awake who has been left behind.

  • jpwriter 25w

    The Narcissist

    He speaks with a forked tongue
    Slimy serpent lies
    His Fallacy's attributed young
    Never to follow where the crow flies

    Razor sharp whip
    In the nucleus of his oral
    Gray matter desolate
    Throughout his frontal temporal

    Deserted compassion
    From beta years burned
    Felt the pelt of lashings
    From nothing deserved earned

    A confused creature
    Lurking the lands wastefully
    Preying on victims
    Who treated him so gracefully


  • joey_lee 39w

    The abused

    No one will love you like me
    He says in command
    While holding her down
    And bashing her face
    With the back of his hand
    No one can have you
    He says, no one at all
    while smashing her head
    Right through a wall

    I'm so sorry my love
    I'm now a changed man
    Things will be different
    It won't happen again
    He pushes her down
    Tears off her clothes
    Takes what he wants
    Leaving her body exposed

    She just lays there
    Patiently waiting
    Praying to God
    For him to be done
    She knows in her heart
    This time is the last
    For this toxic man
    Forgiveness has passed

    It's do time or die
    It's his life or mine
    She quietly lays there
    Choosing just the right time
    Finally sleeping,
    She sees not his eyes
    She pulls out a gun
    And bids him goodbye.

    No longer the victim
    She sits in her cell
    Even in death
    He still keeps her in hell.


  • questioning_life 55w

    I told a lie to save my self,
    And watch the crown as it fell.
    Murky trust left in its wake,
    Their reassurances that were fake.

    I never saw wondering eyes,
    Get berated and demised
    All the people did was say,
    I should carry pepper spray,

    I'm tired of getting the blame.

    And now look at what we've achieved,
    No longer 97, but 99%.

    99% who have a story to tell,
    Of horrific ordeals and dignity that fell,
    Of the failure of the people and law,
    Of the failure of the ones that saw.
    Stop blaming me what they did,
    When did I ever ask for it?

    #problems #sadness #sad #consentiscool #consent #97 #99 #mirakee #writersnetwork #lies #blame #victims #society

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    What was only 3%
    Is now only 1%...

    What happened?


  • dollywriteupsss 68w

    Clutches of Death

    That gloomy big tree filled
    with so much hatred.

    Creeping its way in the
    soul of every passer by.

    Enjoying the pain of it's victims
    as it suck life out of them.

    Laughing with glee as the life
    drains out of their eyes.

    Bathing in their blood
    And tasting its metallic taste.

    Gloating on those dead bodies...


  • em_riter 81w

    In Multiples Of Men.

    With aching limbs and a broken heart she crawled from the clutches of death.
    With torn skin and flawed sight she made her way to the far away light.
    From a distance I stood, watching her...
    I saw as only ugliness surrounded her.
    She didn't always look like this.
    Broken and torn.
    No, not at all.
    Once she had been a pretty girl.
    With flawless skin and perfect sight and with a light the came from deep within her soul.
    Those men had taken it all.
    Those five men.
    Each pair of hands a multiple of her pain.
    They tore at her till she bruised.
    Scratched till they drew blood.
    Gripped till there were permanent imprints on her skin.
    Ripped her apart like she was worth nothing.
    They left her for dead.
    Laying in a pool of her dignity and self, she was dead.
    Nothing in her alive again.
    She got up that day.
    With aching limbs and a broken heart.
    She's still crawling towards that far away light.
    I stand again in the corner, like I did all those years ago.
    I see her determination.
    By God I hope she makes it.

  • james_taumas 105w


    Inconspicuous work day
    Peaceful skies above
    Apollo's chariots crash
    Flame and fear expanse
    Heroes leap in
    Courage their shield
    Saving lives
    Inevitable giants fall
    Lives erased
    Less than an hour
    All turned to dust.


  • kindred_words 106w

    Its 3 a.m ,
    and I am striving,
    to concoct,
    my 1 a.m dream,
    with 2 a.m reality.

    A dream where,
    I am free from your wounds.
    A reality where,
    I am caged by your given wounds.

    I am trying to concoct them,
    to make a glitch,
    where you are with me,
    and I am free from your wounds.

    Its 3 a.m ,
    and I am striving,
    to concoct,
    my 1 a.m dream,
    with 2 a.m reality.


    #glitch #dream #reality
    #poems #shortpoems #writerscommunity #readwriteunite
    #kindredspirits #kindred_words

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    Its 3 a.m ,
    and I am striving,
    to concoct,
    my 1 a.m dream,
    with 2 a.m reality.


  • sarahrachelea 107w

    I don't have ex's
    I have victims

    ~ Poison Ivy

  • barbatos 110w

    Don't let yourself and the ones around you be a victim to it forever by letting yourself be defeated to it...✨✨✨
    #mentalstress #help #depressions #victims #innerpeace #pod
    @demon_soul @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    The most hardest thing in life is to overcome the mental stress and disturbances. People think that it's just a small thing for them but not for the one who undergoes it. The most difficult time is when you have people around you but yet you feel alone, afraid to share your talks, your depressions your stress your anxiety takes over you and you can't do anything just let yourself be defeated.
    At some point in life each and every one becomes a victim to it, some at a early teens some as adults. When you're a victim to it and no one's there to help, sit in front of a mirror talk to yourself because you are the only who knows how deep you are been drowned. Yes, it will take around lots of time but one day you'll be free from all of it.

  • forgotten__wings 112w

    She was exist

    She was the single soul with sorrow,
    Her sound of the sigh spread over the silent room. God gave her grief to grow in the grav
    She was enough innocent to improve her entire life. Dreams were delighted days..but,it is dolour.
    How horrible! Hungry cruels hunted her.
    She was screaming for security from someone. Humanity was hidden..in humans, only ego was exist.
    Her howl was very high with less hope.
    Lust of the living men made her looser.
    Sunrise,brand start was unsent,she was not survived Bad manner,men's moul made her to sleep in the tomb.
    #cruelworld #life #worst #death #victims #savegirls #savewoman #womanempowerment #lived #existance #rapevictim #request #innocentgirl

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    Hey cruelty......let her live.....
    Don't write the name in the pages of past....:((


  • rest_of_the_worldby_padma 113w

    #women #rape #victims
    In a country like ours , where the goddesses are worshipped, women are raped.. why just women.. even cows are not spared. And what is this fuss over attire, make-up and a woman asking for it!!
    No women ask for rape. Nobody wants to go through that pain. Nobody wants that.

    Even worse when family , relatives or authorities enquire them about it.. everytime you pretend to care, you drag her back to that darkness.

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    If I told you I was raped..

    So they say.." talk about your nightmares, talk about the scars, talk about assault and abuses, talk everything"
    But who's even listening? Are you asking me to tell about it to pretend "understanding" behind that veil of "patriarchy"? To judge later? To blame me to have placed myself in that situation in the first place, my clothes, my appearance, my make up, my existence if I told you I was raped?

    As if I asked for it!! No woman wants to forcefully get laid under anybody, don't just mean strangers.
    No.. I am not telling you then.. not to get raped again .


  • poet_holuwatoseen 114w

    #negativity to rape #rapist must pay dearly #no more rape #victims #females #writers of mirakee # readwriteunite #poets of mirakee

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    Ripped by a psychopathic beast
    with impelling alacrity like a wind rush
    I was pounced by a famished impostor
    ferociously, he dived into my unpenetrable wall soaring deep with immensity
    relinquished, I succumb to profligacy
    cognizant of the devastation in my world
    my mind;a desert land
    my body; a debased vessel
    my soul wails in silence.
    choiceless,I capitulated into nullibiety
    which behooves a form of solace for me.
    The ineffable sinister all seemed surreal.
    deluded, acrimony for Adam's lit up in me
    my land became a dark leer.
    I became subject to a sempiternal pang
    of melancholy and disquietude.


  • kamalyashwantsinha 117w


    विमानों से जब अमीरों को हिन्दोस्तां लाया जा रहा था सड़क पर पैदल चल रही 'गरीबी' का क्या खूब मजाक उड़ाया जा रहा था

    जब महँगे आइसोलेशन सेंटर में अमीरों को
    भर्ती कराया जा रहा था
    लाखों मजदूरों को सड़कों पे ठहराया जा रहा था

    जो बीमारी लेकर आए उन्हें बचाया जा रहा था
    जो भूखे मर रहे उन्हें मुजरिम बताया जा रहा था

    कातिल के हक़ में देकर फैसला
    बेगुनाह को सजा सुनाया जा रहा था

    गलती हमेशा कोतवाल की निकलती है
    मगर शूली पर बेगुनाह को चढ़ाया जा रहा था

    कोरोना एक महामारी है जहाँ हो वही रहो
    भूख से दम तोड़ रहे लोगों को ये समझाया जा रहा था

    थककर सो गए जब मीलों चल कर पटरियों पर
    तब जा कर पटरियों पर रेल दौड़ाया जा रहा था

    लाशों के पास मिली रोटियां बताती है
    एक निवाले के लिए उन्हें कितना सताया जा रहा था

    ©कमल यशवंत सिन्हा 'तिलसमानी'

  • heartless_harmony 125w

    I felt like it was pointless to speak up after a year had past. It's never too late to speak up and help others. I was scared for anyone else who would fall victim to his manipulation and disgusting tricks. Take back what's yours. Don't let others shut you down. What happened was real. What you're feeling is real. What you're feeling matters. You matter. They don't.

    #heartlessharmoney #messages #staystrong #takeback #speakup #manipulation #sexualabuse #harassment #sexualharassment #notalone #strong #youmatter #feelings #real #victims #tricks #control #body #experiences #voice #life #poetry #thoughts

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    Take Back - Speak Up

    It's been a year
    I'm sorry I'm bringing it up now
    I'm sorry to your mother
    And I'm sorry to your brother
    They don't deserve this stress
    Your mom just wanted to protect you
    Your brother knows nothing about this
    I feel like I'm ruining your life
    I'm sorry

    But I'm not really
    To help others I had to speak up
    Yes, it upsets me
    But I don't regret it
    It had to be done
    I'm scared for future girls you like
    I'm scared for your future lovers
    I'm scared for your past victims
    I'm scared for you
    And I'm scared for me

    Nothing might happen
    But we needed to try
    You need help
    And I'm tired of being scared
    I'm taking back my voice
    I'm taking back my experiences
    I'm taking back my body
    You have no control over me anymore


  • callous 126w

    We all

    are victims
    are pure
    are weak
    are targeted
    are innocent
    and not guilty
    in our side of stories

  • herscribbledfables 130w


    Shivers run down my soul, as I hear the word RAPE.
    And there are people who say girls are safe who wear a drape.
    In 2009, an adventurous tourist was raped and drowned and left to die .
    Just 15 years of age she was, dead her body in the Goan sea lie
    Her blunder? Just because she was a foreigner!? Some years ago, in 2012;
    a daughter of India, in Delhi she dwelved,
    She was brutally robbed of her pride and killed in her own friend's sight,
    What was her mistake? Roaming in the bus late at night?

    Few months later, in 2013
    a photo journalist just out of her teens,
    In day light, was assaulted out of her breath,
    in an abandoned mill left just for death.
    Her mistake? Oh yes her pretty age!

    4 years later, an 8 year old, raped in a temple - the house of god,
    Abducted and murdered, far from home.
    She was just a baby pod.

    Yes you'll say, she deserved this
    because girls should never leave their homes.
    She would've been safe, if she didn't roam.

    God have some mercy we're tired of this.
    The thinking of such people who blame victims-who already got a death's kiss.

    Even God doesn't judge humans, until the very Doom's day.
    Who are you and me to judge who should and shouldn't get raped today?

    We always hoped, our rage reaches the accused in different part.
    But now I yearn with all my heart,
    that this sorrowful rage, reaches those brainless retards,
    who believe that girls who wear shorts deserve this sinful act,
    Because even those in burqas and sarees
    got raped, it's a fact;
    Such heartless cold beasts are rapists,
    and they are not even sorry for their sinful lists.

    My dear take a look at the history, you'll discover,
    Why everyone is enraged at what you just bluffered.

  • azmam_alam 136w

    The Victims.

    Let deeds and intentions to be in the witness box,
    Mankind shall realise justice and goodness are the true victims.


  • james_taumas 137w


    Make promises
    Pinch of truth
    Dress it up
    Play on their dreams
    Pluck at their hopes
    Charge it
    Recruit the gullible
    Spreading the message
    Money rains
    Stream to a tsunami
    Run away and repeat.