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  • mariateresa 25w

    These lines are the pearls of wisdom, the life advice I would tell my younger self if given the opportunity. Living through trauma and dysfunction caused me to want to grow up fast. Mostly I hurt myself because I wasn't taught how to properly care for myself. These days, "Triumphing over Trauma" means I trust my instincts and try hard to show myself patience and grace. Showing my heart by being kind towards others and always, no matter what, loving myself for what I didn't know. Forgiving the way I was by practicing the art of believing in myself today. Allowing the continuous cycles of death and rebirth which guide us to our authentic selves. The more we learn, the less we know. Remaining open and staying present in this life is a gift. Everyday.

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    I'd tell myself

    In your rush to be somebody, be somebody
    Patience is the most golden of virtues
    Allowing you to be the somebody you need to be for yourself
    Showing your sensitivity is a super-powered strength, never a weakness
    Follow your heart, let it be your master
    Stubbornness is fear turned on yourself, choose love instead
    Practicing kindness and love will carry you farther than you will ever dream
    Trust your instincts and believe in yourself
    Be your own hero and best friend
    It's you that will be with yourself till the end

  • _the_soul_writer 40w


    Words are timeless. You should utter them or write them with a knowledge of their timelessness.
    ©_Kahlil Gibran

  • ray_madhusmita 51w

    An aroma lives beyond petals..
    an impermanence withers..
    ashes can whisk by..
    either imbibe moisture to perish..
    or need some solid grey to vanish..
    virtues some uneven margins..
    create a reverend phrase...
    define the taste of human soul..

  • sonu99 52w

    #cg_city_chall,#ceesreposts, #conceptprompt,@luvnotes_challenge_host, #phraseprompt, #challenge, #mirakee, #writersnetwork, #ecotopia, #city, #utopia,#paradise, #dystopia,#imagination, #fantasy, #virtues, #dream, #fiction, #horizon, #illusion, #moment, #perfection, #birth, #heaven, #pacifism, @mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@galvanizedthoughts
    The city we never were
    Like that of the Garden of Eden,the paradise was rare.
    The city of our imagination,
    The dream place of idealisation.

    The city we never were,
    Is in the present moment or nowhere.
    That's our mind's utopian vision,
    "Ou-topos",only a fictional destination.

    The city we never were,
    Is the illusion of a utopian city that we desire.
    The city with perfection,
    May we find that far away near the horizon.

    The city we never were,
    May be existing blurred somewhere.
    There can be the birth of future city of ecotopia,
    With idea of rehabilitation,pacifism,virtue and legitimisation of existence renew.

    The city we never were,
    At present can be unreal and blur.
    But our heavenly city of utopia,
    Will born as ecotopic city or else our fantasy will catastrophise into dystopia.

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    "ou-topos"is a Greek word meaning nowhere or no place.

  • shamli_mali 65w

    Give what you expect to get back
    The universe is neutral
    None gets virtues in return of vices


  • warriorofthenight 75w


    Thank you, to everyone that's supported me!
    I'm going to, hopefully soon, start a series of short stories depicting different morals or fruits of the spirit you could say.
    So I'm open to suggestions on which virtues to do, or a character you'd like to see in one of the stories!
    Feel free to drop a action, hobby, or object in the comments and I'll make a sad poem out of it!
    Have a beautiful day, y'all!


  • riddhi15 88w

    Life is sheets of paper

    Life is like sheets of paper. Everyone has been given a finite number of sheets. No less no more, one has to fill all these sheets with beautiful sketches. If you enjoy your journey each day the sheets will be joyous and colourful. If you waste a day, just thinking about futile things like attachments, lust, expectations, the sheets will be filled with tortuous scribbles. Each day we need to wake up to do something better than yesterday and try to paint a better picture than the last day. If we pass a day without doing anything, the sheet will remain empty but at the end of the day, the sheet will be snatched. You can't go to your old sheets to make corrections. The time gone is gone like stamped sheets of paper that are taken away after the examination. Fill your days with virtues like happiness, positivity, social work, trying to make others happy rather than choosing to fill your days with vices like anger, attachment, expectations etc. Paint a beautiful day daily so that when you have fewer sheets left and you look back at the used sheets, you see more beautiful sheets than empty or scribbled ones.


  • the_unknown_writer_20 90w

    Keep wearing

    Keep wearing virtues as your ornaments. Keep loving others. Keep giving regard. You have to go beyond the stars. Keep thoughts higher than the sky, and abundance of patience like the earth. Keep spiritual love in your eyes.


  • ataisi 93w

    Four Words on the Fall

    Honour, intergrity, honesty and patriotism,
    These are four words no longer mentioned on the streets of this nation...
    Virtues that have been washed down the septic drains of an ailing nation,
    Virtues with which we no longer ascribe any worth or value...

    Our once healthy bodies ravaged by the hiera- headed viruses of tribalism, nepotism and corruption.
    Leaving us a nation under seige,
    A nation hanging under cleave,
    Dangling on a thin thread of hope..

  • deekshasrivastava 96w

    Fleeting night fixated my
    glare at the origin of life,
    The core and the destination
    floating in fluid of lingering past
    I am drowning in concoction
    of yesterday/ delays and yesteryear/prompts
    Ruins haphazardly follow clock
    and calendar,
    My footprints are dissolved in a flash..


  • kajalpawar2911 96w

    "I saw children who had never seen a cake or even a slice of it in their entire lives adore it and pray to God before eating it with unmatched gratefulness and purity, then I saw some privileged ones putting the entire cake on their faces laughing it off as if it was a mud from the ground"...

  • ajishachandran 99w



    നിങ്ങളുടെ ജീവിത രീതികൾ തന്നെയാണ് നിങ്ങളുടെ ജീവിതം.....❤

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    Your "LIFESTYLE" is your "LIFE"....
    So Mould a Lifestyle as you like...Always Hold on Virtues...
    Success is the reward for your Virtues...


  • lone_wonderer 104w

    What if it is?

    Is it okay to wake up, when dream is what you wish to live in?

    To forswear the inane guise, and rationalize all that you fantasize,

    To bring in some sense, and rise, when easy it is to do the otherwise,

    For effort it takes to forgo comfort, but a realization is what all is worth,

    Is it okay to act timely, as one may never give up on thinking lightly?


  • lone_wonderer 105w

    What if it is?

    Is it okay to live to learn, when few things easy are cheap to earn?

    To embark upon a journey, when cared is not the destination,

    But the path you travel, the breakaway that brings the hesitation;

    Of not the one path to choose, but of the one experience to lose,

    Is it okay to go for the ones that lure, as one may never be so sure?


  • julyhues 105w

    The inner virtues
    don't rustle on dried leaves of social approval
    Like green leaves, they let the dew drops
    Of ego slip away from the moist lips of flattery
    Nor do they burn in their own dryness
    The green leaves of moralities
    grow in their own suppleness
    branch by branch, roots by roots

  • dr_scolly 109w

    Buddha said...

    Of what use is love... When
    Shown to one who needs none!

    Of what use is charity... When
    Shown to one owning gold!

    Of what use is a pen... When
    The ink has all been consumed!

    Likewise are all virtues... When
    Not shown with intelligence!

    ©Dr Scolly

  • shrihari_nandini 111w

    #shriraam #shriseetha #sita #ma #pita #shrihari #atiuttam #gundhaam #hks #narayana #mahalakshmi #shriraghuvar #ram #govind #hari #mylordvishnu #abode #of #virtues #love

    - भव्या गोगिया

    हे अतियुत्तम बदन श्याम
    हे सीतावल्लभ श्रीपति राम
    कोमल हस्ता मुख अभिराम
    जय रघुकुल श्रेष्ठ, जितक्रोधकाम!

    जय अयोध्या स्वामी, श्रीरघुवीरा
    दशमुख हारी, हरो भव पीरा
    जनक सुता धन कोश हीरा
    जय पवन सुत वंदये बलवीरा!

    कोदंड प्रिये जय दीन सहाये
    लोहित अधर कमल सम सुहाय
    सर्व शारान्ये, भक्त मन भाये
    भक्ति दान दो हे अति सुख दाये!

    शिव शेष तुलसी नुत स्वामी
    जिसकी महिमा न जाए बाखानी
    भक्त जन पालन, जय चक्रपाणी
    परमात्मा जय परम सुख धानी!

    मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम परमेश्वर
    मायापति जय सकल सुरेश्वर
    गो द्विज धर्मादि जग हितकर
    जय जय जय सियाप्रिये श्रीरघुवर!

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh one with an excellent Shyam(black) body,
    Oh Seetha's (Shri's) beloved Husband,
    Oh one with Soft hands and beautiful, lovely,delightful Face,
    Victory to you Oh Best One of Raghukul, who has won over Anger(Krodh) and Kaam(Pleasure)!

    Victory to you Oh Lord of ShriAyodhya, ShriRaghuVeer
    Oh Lord who killed the demon with Ten heads(Raavan), kindly vanquish my wordly sorrow
    Oh Lord who is A Diamond in the treasury of the daughter of Janak(Ma ShriSeetha)
    And Oh Strong and Brave Lord who is worshipped the by the Son of Wind God(Shri Hanuman ji)!

    Victory to the helper of the Poor, and who loves his Kodanda Bow
    And the one whose red lips are splendid like a lotus
    Oh Lord who is the REFUGE FOR ALL, and who is very dear to the mind of Devotees
    Benevolently give me Devotion to you, Oh Giver of Happiness!

    Oh Lord praised by Shiv ji, SheshNaag ji and Tulsidaas ji
    Whose Glories can never be sung completely, are unlimited
    Who looks after his Devotees like a mother, Victory to Such Weilder of Chakra(ShriSudarshan Discus)
    And Oh Supersoul, Who is the mine of Eternal Bliss!

    Oh Best Among Men full of Modesty, And of Supreme God
    Who is the Lord of Even Maya(Illusion) and the (Devata)God of all the Devatas
    Who is the well wisher of Cows, Sages, Duties etc. and also of the Whole World
    Victory Victory And Victory be to Such ShriRaghuvar who is very dear to Ma ShriSeetha!

    @drinderjeet @aarsha_ns @setusrivatsa @snigdha_pihu @odysseus

    Jay ShriRaam! Jay SeethaRaam!

    Pic credit: Pinterest (ShriRaam Darbar, ShriRaam-Ma Seetha-ShriLakshman with ShriHanuman Ji)

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    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी

  • kanupriyasachintyagi 114w


    I wish to be a loser.
    I wish to lose my ego,
    My ignorance, fear, envy, rashness
    Anger, greed and selfishness.
    I have no great expectations
    from life .
    I wish to settle just for
    Courtesy, fortitude, wisdom,
    temperance, loyalty
    Justice and truthfulness.

    © kanupriya_sachintyagi

  • the_unknown_writer_20 129w


    Sweetness is the taste of all virtues.


  • the_unknown_writer_20 140w


    Co-operation is perhaps one of the least recognised but most valuable of human virtues. So, for a person to be co-operative meands for them to have a quiet eye for what is needed to bring success, and to supply it (and no more)at the right time, in the right place and then to be off. Someone who co-operates, offers their services and then splashes their name on the achievement is not co-operative. It requires invisibility and precision to do and then to go without waiting for results. It also takes a discerning eye to see exactly what is needed, to be removed sufficiently from your own approach to a task and just to contribute one ingredient. Sometimes not even an idea but, however clever you may consider yourself to be, just a hand, a support.