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  • sosito 23w

    Idk it makes sense or not ����

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    Walked in hope,
    in these times of deaths and sufferings world has changed into a basic human activity.
    Knowing that we have moved alot,
    Only by asking a basic Question
    "Are you ok?"
    And we advised everyone with " stay safe, stay home."
    I don't know what all are feeling.. but what I know is... It is a brief moment of sadness that has knocked our doors so badly.
    We do care alot now but just like fellows!
    And it hurts to think that the peace, encrypted love, happiness and everything around has turned into a "Dreadful Virus".

  • arun_jayaraman 24w

    The Pandemic Poem

    Hey buddy, buddy boy deadly and new,
    It's the tiny villian outta the blue.
    Backed by spikes and a biggie biggie crew,
    It's on the way with a nitty witty clue.

    Shapeshifter, and the talk of the world,
    A real gangster with a vehement hurl.
    You better get jabbed and listen to your pearl.
    Or fight it until your blankets unfurl.

    Eat healthy and think better,
    Stop it's spread, oh trendsetter.
    Work your way for a good letter,
    Keep it clean, just don't litter.

    Show it all your unity,
    You'll be gifted with impunity,
    Mix your love with charity, and
    That's what we call humanity.


  • miss_as 44w


    Ek Virus Meri kimti khazana le gaya
    Doston ke saath baithe ek zamana hogaya


  • unnatural 45w

    ನಲ್ಮೆಯ ವೈರಾಣು
    ಘಾಸಿ ಮಾಡಿದ್ದಾಳೆ ನನ್ನ ದೇಹದೆಲ್ಲಾ ಅಣು.

  • unnatural 48w

    Be cautious, while letting them in.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #virus

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    Negativity, a dangerous computer virus.
    Be cautious,
    While letting them in.

  • teekty 51w

    Robbed by a grave

    Brain functioning in dismay -
    Thoughts wander about here and there
    With glances in between
    And bleak traces within.

    Like a swam, we gather around
    Trying to recollect and comprehend
    There are moments of laughter
    But there’s enormous torment, anguish and pain

    A gem is no more
    Why, we ask? Why was she stolen from us?
    She lay there alone
    In those final hours
    Probably torn,
    Yet with so much to spawn
    Leaving us to mourn

    Who do we charge with this crime?
    Such a beautiful life lost in its prime!
    Within a short space of time!

    A portrait of beauty in and out, she was
    Each echoes these truths
    In celebrating a life that was
    And a feeling of emptiness remains
    With all that she gave.

    We can only look up to the Creator
    For consolation, in spite of our trepidation
    In (an) attempt to accept mercifully
    In faith that her soul will rest peacefully

  • cosmicpoet 51w

    This virus is much more dangerous than COVID.
    #hunger #virus #article #mirakee #story

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    Hunger - a virus

    What is Hunger? Can you define it?
    Oh! Of course you all know what hunger is right!
    Whenever you feel your stomach grumbling...you know that you need some snacks to put in so that your tummy goes silent. 
    Well that's your definition not mine...I'm just focusing the light on that simple definition which is acceptable to everyone.
    If you think that's what hunger is then you actually don't know the definition of hunger.

    Hunger is a virus. Yes, you get that right. We are so privileged that we don't even know what real hunger feels like. It even has a face.
    Oh! Yess!
    Have you seen the children sleeping on the footpaths...homeless.. . Not only children but many youngs and olds too. The entire family sleeps on the footpaths...or on the railway station...or others. Most of them work so so so hard but still can't get one time meal. And their face? That's the face of hunger. It can't be treated until they too become privilege just like us and that's why I considered HUNGER as a "virus".  Small small children who need so much of nutritive foods for their physical and mental growth...go to bed without eating anything for three to four days or even more. I can't even imagine. But whenever I see them, I could see the pain in their eyes and hunger on their face. This virus as almost affected 2.5 billion people in the world but no government is working on it. Why?
    This virus is not like covid that gets transmitted person to person. So it can be cured very easily if we become a bit more kind and sensible.

    Please...take a pledge today that no person around you could sleep without food. No children die of hunger. One person can and is capable of bringing a change. So let's do it and let's eliminate this virus too. This virus is much more dangerous than COVID - 19.


  • james_taumas 52w

    Lockdown end

    Solitary with trimmings
    Contacts on computer screen
    World through a window
    Bathed in binging
    Online merchants profit
    Dark clouds materialise
    Days swirling and melding
    Black calendar daze
    Veil lifts
    Doors wide open
    Breathe back in humanity.


  • fervent_writing 52w

    Love, a contagious virus
    which can be spread to anyone
    but get infection from the right pathogen.


  • heyoka_warrior 59w

    The mask it keeps you
    From smelling the foul odor of this world;
    The mask it keeps you
    From recognizing the virus of hypocrisy;
    The mask it keeps you
    From contracting and transmitting diseases;
    The mask it keeps you
    From speaking truth, being real, being raw;
    The mask it keeps you
    From freedom of expression and frustration;
    The mask it keeps you
    From breathing fresh air of life;
    The mask it keeps you
    Silenced, fake, shady, but grounded;
    The mask it makes you sane and insane;
    Put it on, take it off—
    Depends on the health of your mind
    And the needs of your soul.


  • solitudesoulscribbled 59w

    Where are they now?

    I was watching some  good old cricket matches
    And I felt very bad that, because how people's were happy being sitting together and they enjoying the game by cheering,screaming!
    that crazy crowds was one of the main reason for players to play well the field
    But where are they now ?
    Where are they gone now ?
    There's no any single man there in whole stadium even if there they'll maintaing distance,ain't no crowds,ain't no cheering up!
    Now they using artificial sounds to cheer up the players ,to cheer up the team!
    Really it felt very bad for me after seeing it...
    A micro little virus has made a lot of impact on 7 billion people's carried world!

    ©solitude soul scribbled ✍️️

  • theguywhosortawrites 59w

    It gets better

    We are surrounded by tons of bad news. Life is just testing you at every turn. It feels like the world around is falling apart and in the middle of this dystopian wasteland we find ourselves. Alone, aloof and without even the slightest idea whether it will get better. Here's the thing my love hope is all we have. That's what we have always had. You are bound to feel lost, you are bound to feel afraid but you can't give up on yourself or your loved ones. It is a fight that we must live through. It's a battle that we must survive. Everyday you will be tested physically, mentally, emotionally and I know hon just because you are strong doesn't mean you have to bear this consequences but this is how it is now. What I can tell you is we have to do everything in our power to save ourselves and those around us. Channelize what we are the best at and use it to aid in this ongoing war. War of survival. You too have a role to play in this play of destiny by the strong forces of nature. You are no ordinary human. The universe literally went through ages and millenniums to put you in the position that you stand now and we can't disappoint the universe. Make sure you save lives. Even if it is your own. If you feel you want to isolate and detach yourself do it. Do whatever makes you feel better. If you want to spend time with your loved ones, give them a tight hug, do it don't hold back. If you want to aid in the war then do whatever comes naturally to you.
    We can't stop here. There is a rainbow at the end of this dreadful night and we'll do everything in our power to make sure most of us make it there. Whatever is happening around us we need to stay strong, we need to think on our feet. Don't hesitate to reach out, don't hesitate to talk to people about your problems. Don't bottle it all up. We will fight to make things better. Once all this is over we will all have our share of happiness. Just don't stop. Keep moving.


  • pallavi4 60w


    He arrived in the middle of the night
    One day long after everyone was fast asleep
    He was here to swallow all hope and light
    Into every crevice he wanted to seep

    He had been created to tarnish the world
    To hinder all happiness and joy
    While the populous lay deeply concerned
    All his negativity he planned to employ

    To swallow all who were weak and frail
    Who would succumb to his contagious self
    He would devour the population like a flame
    Rejuvenating and revamping himself

    They underestimated what he could do
    The havoc he could unleash upon them
    His aggressive rage latched on like glue
    They writhed plagued with fever and phlegm

    He made it difficult for them to breathe
    Broke their spirit till it was in shreds
    Carved out a niche all the while they grieved
    The lack of infrastructure and hospital beds

    From to another he leapt and progressed
    Wiping out a whole generation in the process
    He badly infected their lungs and chests
    Till they all cowered down feeling oppressed

    He wrapped himself around the earth
    Gradually tightening the cord around its neck
    This strangulation slowly caused a dearth
    Of people till they were left the size of a fleck

    They wheezed and sneezed till they died
    The virus wiped whole families away
    They couldn’t get rid of him no matter how they tried
    He massacred anyone who stood in his way

    They came to accept his rule over them
    Of someone’s murderous craze he was a testament
    To their ghastly fates they were condemned
    While his catching self remained pestilent


    8th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Bob Lambiase

    “Contagion” title taken from a 2011 movie with the same name

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  • liii17 60w

    Life was going steadily,
    Happiness, Giggles was all that could be heard..
    But suddenly there was a disruption,
    Leading to the time where we were tested by a mere virus..
    It distanced us from our loved ones,
    We faced loads of struggles, underwent loads of challenge..
    Inspite of all this,
    None of us ever gave up..
    We decided to fight the battle with virus,
    The battle was difficult and rare..
    Though virus managed to break our Live meets and greets,
    It couldn't stop us from meeting virtually..
    We never felt low about separating,
    Bonding virtually, we stood together and overcame this battle..
    The battle started by virus couldn't destroy the Love, Unity and Hope that resided in our hearts!

  • unnatural 60w

    The Say 09

    They together said
    "We can't give up hopes"
    But In the end
    Both hopes and dreams vanished.

  • the_ice_breaker 60w

    The deceptive mask

    As she peers into her wardrobe, she catches sight of the most exquisite piece of clothing
    dangling from her cupboard.
    Her mask - a boon in disguis-
    e. Not only did the mask pro-
    tect her from the Corona virus.
    It protected her from an even
    more virulent virus - judgement.
    She could hide her ugly face be-
    hind the safety of the mask. She
    no longer faced harrassment due
    to her appearance- as all looked
    the same with their masks on.She
    no longer had to wear her invisible
    mask - the round the clock decep-
    tive fake smile which shielded her
    broken heart from the world. Think-
    ing thus, she shrugs her thoughts off, puts on her mask and steps out, shielding herself from both the deceptive virus and the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harf__ 61w

    गर अभी से लोग बेमौत मरने लगेंगे
    तो कल आने वाले बेचारे क्या करेंगे।

    जबाने सिल रहीं है बाजुए कट रहीं
    अगर हुए भी लड़ने वाले कैसे लड़ेंगे।

    रोजनामों में छपने लगे है इश्तिहार
    जो खबरें पढ़ने वाले है क्या पढ़ेंगे।

    क्या कबीर अब खत्म होने वाले है
    ना कबीर कहें तो साधो क्या सुनेंगे।

    थकन होती है अब जब जब सोते है
    और कब तक ऐसे घरों में बंद रहेंगे।

    और तो कोई नहीं जायेगा साथ मेरे
    संभव हो तो क्या आप साथ चलेंगे।

    हर्फ कर्फ्यू का वक्त है अब कूच करो
    यूं ही जागने जगाने के गुनहगार बनेंगे।

  • _jouissance 61w

    Small things come with less stress and ability to bring bigger changes.

    So, you better stop underestimating 'SMALL' whether it be an opportunity or a problem or a Virus!


  • _rakhi 61w

    जिनके घर मे कोई नही मर रहा उनको
    कोई फर्क नही पड़ रहा वो लोग बैठ के
    party भक्ति में लगे है। घर बैठ के सोच
    रहे कि बंगाल चुनाव बस जीत जाए फिर
    इन liberaundo लोगो को अपने status
    में गाली देंगे नीचा दिखाएंगे।✌️

  • mr_rjt_2728 62w


    छोड़ माटी के दीप तुमने
    उनकी झालर लगाई थी
    मध्य सी रोशनी से क्या होगा
    यही सोचकर महंगी झालर मंगवायी थी
    आज उनके ही वायरस ने तुम्हे
    अच्छी बात सिखायी है
    अब महंगे मंहगे बिल भरने की नौबत आई है
    बुझ गए कितने ही दीप और कितने बुझने की कगार पे है
    पर तुम्हारे अंदर अभी तक बिल्कुल समझदारी ना आयी है!!