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  • kiran34345 2w

    Hello universe,
    Welcome to my wor(l)d


  • sahilharish22 12w

    "Your #first #kiss is #never just a kiss but a #beautiful #place you get to #visit only #once."
    #love you RAI ❤️

    #writersnetwork #yourquoteandmine

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    First Kiss

     "That first kiss, it still has a way of making us nervous as teenagers, no matter how old we get."

  • mirakso 14w

    An unexpected visitor

    And that evening,
    When the drizzle turned into heavy downpour,
    The door bell rang and an unexpected visitor was knocking around,
    As I opened and looked around,
    I saw no one but a box lying on the ground,
    Took my umbrella and went to peep in,
    A small puppy was there in it,
    It's body was drenched in water,
    As it's soul appeared to soaked in sadness of separation,
    Hearing the sound of thunder the little one got frightened,
    And it ran out of box and it went inside my house,
    I went back but this time I was not alone,
    The fear of being phobic to dog creeped in too,
    I heard a soft bark and as I turned,
    It was standing right in front with its ears tact,
    Gathering some courage I sat down,thinking of a way to get rid of it
    But it's small little eyes appeared to be helpless,
    And to it's glance my heart couldn't hold more,
    The shivering hands approached it though,
    It's melted it my arms and I felt something new,
    Then I saw the color of blood on his left plam,
    I got the first aid and towel while the little one followed me around,
    Never knew that dogs could be clam too, as it was till I wipped it off and did the band aid,
    And then both of us were sneezing continuous,
    It looked at the window and now the sky was clear,
    As it was half past 8 and I decided to take it to a veteran,
    After the check up and an injection, it felt better,
    I told the doctor the whole story and asked for help,
    She agreed to take her( yes it was a female Labrador), but my new friend has some other plans,
    She ran towards me, waking her tail and did the a countless rotations,
    And then when she was tired she brushed herself on me,
    I sat down and looked at her,
    Covered with white fur, she appeared like the heavenly snow,
    And her innocent eyes were asking me to be there,
    I took her in my arms without any feeling of fear,
    I came back but this time the house welcomed its new member,
    Still I am phobic to dogs but not of her anymore,
    As when she is around everything seems a bit easier,
    An unexpected visitor became a permanent friend and "Roya" is her name.

  • themoonandthesun 14w

    Animatedly chatting with my familiar Visitor...

    "When I'm an old woman
    I'll do this, I'll do that
    I'll visit places, I'll stay home
    I'll be this and I'll be that"

    Animatedly chatting with my familiar visitor
    I described vague days of old age and dreams
    Staring back with intimate blue nod, he
    Held my hands in his, kissed my knuckles,
    Warm lips lingered on my forehead, smiling
    Tears dripping from his swollen eyes, onto
    My bald head, like a stream of river joining sea
    Those tears met the wet white patterned pillow

    Taken aback with my frown, he asked, "And?"
    Thinking what I thought before, I answered
    "I'll be by the beach, I'll hold my lover
    I'll watch the sunset, just to watch it rise
    I'll be patient, I'll slow my day's pace"
    Laughing at the unintended pun; "patient"
    I saw his smile; Dimpleless, Hollow, grey
    He uttered, "And? Tell me what you'll do?"

    Animatedly chatting with my familiar visitor
    I buzzed with machines hanging on to my body
    Beeping on life support, eyes closed, body warm
    Stiff muscles, thirsty and exhausted brain freeze
    Holding hands, fingers tangled, with him by me
    I was happy indeed, I was friends with Death!
    He cherished me, I saw it in his eyes
    He loved me, I felt that in his kiss

    Yet, he said, "I'll come by when you are old
    Live my little angel, be happy, watch the sunsets
    Watch the sunrise, don't wait till you get old
    Live like it's your last day, like you are about to meet me"

    I woke up from a daze, or was it just a dream?
    Panting by the bedside, wet cheeks and heart ache
    I begged him to stay. But I'll live, for him, as if
    It's my last day, what if I might see him again?



  • miss_silentlyweird 14w

    You bring your present and future in me
    But now you're just in my past
    You left a bittersweet glee and melancholy

    #pod #cees_visitors #visitor #entry #visit
    #remniniscevisit @luvnotes_challenge_host
    Short entry for the challenge:)

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    Surprise Visit of Reminisce

    Alley no. 143 you knock in my gate
    In my temporal lobe you open the weight
    Carrying a handful memory
    Rewatching thee in my mind flee

    I never know remembering our sad pastimes
    Will bring a good laugh of rhymes
    Yet, on other hand looking back in good times
    Will bring a sob chime and tears in my eyes


  • cutie_hedgehog 14w

    A path full of falling cherry blossoms
    You and I under the blue sky


  • soundsofsaddness41 14w

    Sidney, Australia

    I want to plunder
    In the land down under.

    Be one with nature,
    And green, strewn pasture.

    In case I say,
    "A dingo ate my baby!"

    With Kool koala's
    On tree filled Sandy beaches.

    Plan my escape
    Like Crocodile Dundee.

    Then form a family,
    A lost and swimming Dory.

    An exciting glory
    To my life's ending story.

  • wtf_ankrit 15w

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    Love won't give you mixed feelings!
    If it is, then it's not love.


  • the_nonchalant_one 15w


    I wish I could be the epitome of good thoughts that I preach ever so loudly.
    But I am not,
    Not today.
    My mind stinks. The blood inside my brain is rotten,
    Like the one running in this family.

    I could go anywhere.
    Visit any city; where there is green,
    And I lie:
    In the shadows of trees, with the birds reminding me, that my mind still works and,
    It doesn't smell pungent, like my anxiety, tells me.

    Love for me is like touch and go,
    Like the waves touch the shore and return back to its ocean.
    You move away from me, to the depth of your fears.
    You come back, when you crave a sanctuary.

    I wish to visit a city, where our love isn't so,
    It rather, stays and flows.

    For you could not do anything worse than what my mind has told me a thousand times and plans to tell me a thousand times more.

    I am not a destination for one's escape. I am a home, one builds and stays, always.

    I wish to visit a city, where I could walk with myself through the green and gold
    still have the same courage to love me;
    that I still have, to love you.

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 15w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    I'm really not one to travel
    I'm perfectly fine here at home
    But if I should go anywhere
    I suppose there's one place I might roam

    Part of the Netherland Kingdoms
    Out in the Caribbean Sea
    Is the island of Curaçao
    Such a beautiful place to be!

    The weather is warm all year round
    Nevermore would I need a thick coat
    I could spend my days down at the shore
    While sunning myself on a boat

    It's a popular tourist attraction
    With so much to see and to do
    My husband claims he'll make a living
    On the beach selling barbecue!

    The marine life there is so splendid
    It'll have you in disbelief
    There are seven species of turtles
    Who dwell in the coral reefs

    I nearly forgot the flamingos
    As bright and as pink as can be!
    You'll find them out there on the salt pans
    On the waters of Rif-Sint Marie

    There's plenty to do in the evenings
    The nightlife has so much in store
    Great food, lots of fun, and excitement
    And carnivals galore!

    So go check it out if you're able
    Tell 'em Curaçao is the name
    The island life is so irie
    I'm sure you'll be glad that you came!
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 3/13/2022

    #writersnetwork #miraquill #wod #visit

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  • bonitasarahbabu 15w

    The place I yearn to go to,
    Is to Ireland, the country of many bards and sights.
    From pubs to castles
    Race tracks to stadiums,
    All that I want to experience.
    Beautiful green landscape,
    And the home of an important person who was a part of my life,
    This too I want to see.
    Breathe the air the love of my life breathed,
    My soul yearns for it.
    Maybe through this,
    Through this I can believe that his soul is at rest.

  • _geenha_ 15w

    I have never liked to visit
    Unlike everyone else I know
    They ask, where would you go
    I answer Paris just to be polite

    Sometimes I mention an island
    Sounds like a synonym for silence

    So maybe I have been in the wrong
    I have no location to visit
    If I ever try to leave my comfort
    To see a world, large and frightening

    These features it must keep
    The silence of the rising sun
    The solitude of any predator
    With soft wind calling the sea

    Yes, I want to visit places
    Anywhere in the world I find
    Only give my soul what it craves
    Therapy for its raving mind

  • gaurangig 15w

    In my dreams I visited a word-world one night
    I was surrounded by words a million and nine
    They spoke to me in languages many
    English was dominating, followed by Hindi
    Marathi peeped in from a corner, Gujarati said HI
    German was like a guest, and she was feeling shy!
    Words were served for breakfast, words served as entree
    Words made up the decor and words served on a tray!
    Word-garlands were placed on the entrance
    Word-music enthralled the audience
    Words flittered on wordful gardens
    As words bloomed in dozens of blossoms
    Words swam in deep seas
    Words flew in blue skies
    Words engulfed me in a warm embrace
    Words left in a pink and blue trace
    Words spread in deep green meadows
    Words scattered in the dark dusky shadows
    The word-world kissed by laughter and mirth
    I was swimming in the wealth of words-worth
    Just then there was a shrill alarm
    Alas! My word-world was just a sham!
    But trust me it was my best visit
    My world of word, any day I would revisit!

    #visit #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Words spread in deep green meadows
    Words scattered in the dark dusky shadows
    The word-world kissed by laughter and mirth
    I was swimming in the wealth of words-worth


  • bellemoon99 15w


    I only know your streets through photos and tales
    The colorful buildings and your famous river
    Your territory was bombed, taken away, and reduced
    Yet your history still thrives within the walls
    Once my ancestors lived within you
    They fell in love
    And ran from war
    One day I'll go to you! I'll thank you for my destiny
    One day, you'll be my final destination

  • msushil 15w

    Oh! My ignorant mind,
    I want to grapple with you,
    Until I get
    The unconditional permission
    To visit
    To any area
    Of the city
    Of google
    To my accord
    And come back
    For my city
    For any moment.
    Yes, time will not restrict me
    Situation will not restrict me
    My determination will google
    For my improvement.

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  • miss_phoenix 15w

    Traveller Universe

    I wanna travel into a universe,
    Where every place is like,
    Full of architectures,
    Sculptured with love's.
    I wanna hang into universe,
    Where snow bliss the eyes,
    Flowers bloom the hearts,
    Autumn falls;Spring rises,
    I wanna ride into a universe,
    Where fragrance inhales,
    Chill embellishes the miles,
    Light engulfs the darkness,
    A place where the kinda of,
    Kindness matches the moon.

  • poetrycity 15w

    Sullen winds captivate his face and sinfulness paint saudade on my window,
    tears crumble down on that dusty poem,
    which torn apart my soul into ashes
    Stains in the mirror asks" where you are walking for?"


  • carrie09 15w


    //Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem
    My soul longing to have a glimpse of thee
    If not today, tomorrow maybe
    My wish to behold thy sight
    behold thy majesty
    In my memory.//

    Since childhood days, we read the book of Holy Bible in every Sunday School, in school I read in the history of the world about Jerusalem, the city of Israel.

    The Bible tells me Jesus had been preached his doctrine of faith in Jerusalem.I wish to walk the path of pain our Lord had been borne under the heavy wooden cross to reach the mount of Calvary and died on the cross in the city of Jerusalem.
    I wish to visit it to see with my own eyes the holy site where Jesus prayed and sweat in blood in the garden of Gethsemane, in the city of Jerusalem.

    The river of Jordan where Jesus had been baptised by John the prophet.To sail on the sea of Galilee where Jesus and his disciples thosands years ago had untied their boat and sailed across the sea of Galilee.the temple of sepulchre where the tomb of Jesus buried under its breast

    I wish to visit the wall of Jerusalem where
    the wailing prayers rending in the air and heard endlessly to reach the throne of God.

    To glimpse the temple of Mount, standing in majesty to be claimed as a holy sites by the three great religions, Judaism, Muslim and Christians for thousands of years ago in Jerusalem

    //Oh Yahweh, let there not be any conflict in a city of Jerusalem, let your peace and blessings pour upon it's people amongst all different religions, for all humanity are the creature of your own image//

  • puchka 15w


    Plans were made, visa stamped
    Covid came and all be damned
    I still yearn to visit Marrakesh
    Walk around its quaint narrow lanes, mosques and palaces
    Taste their cuisine famous
    Pitted olives fresh, hummus with pitta bread
    Shop for clothes and bandanas
    Return enriched with culture different

  • muskaanbhatt 15w

    Ah, after 3 days, I am able to post����
    Thousands of work loads ������

    Will post the missing prompts soon��

    #pod #wod #remember #visit
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Remember me when you go through the hard phases of life
    When you suffer alone under the sharp edge of a knife

    Remember me when you feel the urge of weeping in the middle of the night
    There I will be by your side with a hope of light

    Remember me when all the doors of solace are shut
    Won't be able to do much but will be your strongest feeling of gut

    Remember me when your heart feels heavy under the burden of hidden secrets
    Will keep my problems aside and I will try to listen to all your unfavorites

    Remember me when you are suffocated with thousands of responsibilities
    There I will carry your half in all the possibilities

    Remember me when your soul eagerly wants to feel peace
    There I will come to calm you down with the blow of breeze.

    Remember me when the whole world will look like a meaningless hateful place
    Not so meaningful but I will try my best to make it a masterpiece with no toxic trace.

    Remember me when you feel that your soul is drowning in the annoyance
    I will understand your moods patiently and will help you in maintaining confidence

    Remember me when you open your eyes at the night after having bad nightmares
    I will hold you tight and try my best to get you out without leading you to unnecessary bears

    Remember me when the coldness tries to mak your soul cold
    I will come to warm up your soul in the shape of spring's marigold