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  • souls_solace 17w

    लक्ष्मी को तुम पूजोगे, चण्डी से डर जाओगे,
    पर मैं तो सिर्फ इंसान हूं, क्या मुझे भी वो इज्ज़त दे पाओगे?
    चलती को सलाम करोगे, गिरती को संभालोगे,
    मैं गिर के खुद से संभलती हूं, क्या थोड़ा सा रुक पाओगे?

    कभी मैं तुमको सिखाती हूं, कभी तुमसे कुछ सीख जाती हूं,
    कभी मैं अभिभूति हो जाऊं, क्या दो कदम पीछे ले पाओगे?
    कभी मैं हंस्ती रहती हूं, कभी आंसु नहीं रोक पाती हूं,
    कभी मैं गुस्से का ज्वालामुखी बान जाऊं, क्या थोड़ा इंतज़ार कर पाओगे?

    कभी मैं आंखें फेर लेती हूं, कभी दुनिया से लड़ जाती हूं,
    पर कभी अगर सहम कर पीछे हट जाऊं, क्या मेरा हौसला बढ़ा पाओगे?
    कभी सब संभाल लेती हूं, कभी सब बिखरने देती हूं,
    बिखरे से कभी मैं डर जाऊं, क्या मेरी दो बातें सुन पाओगे?

    लक्ष्मी को तुम पूजोगे, चण्डी से डर जाओगे,
    मैं तो खुद सी ही एक लड़की हूं, क्या मुझे मुझसा रहने दे पाओगे?

    You are you, and you deserve to be celebrated irrespective of how you are.
    Happy Women's Day!!


  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 22w

    My heart has turned into a blind man's knot that cannot be untied but needs to be cut open.
    The phoenix with its pomegranate wings beats rapidly against its gilded cage. It's desire to fly is glowing red like that of a bursting heart of a volcano.

  • abhi0007 53w

    Over the edge

    Standing over the edge, this is just not a coincidence.
    All the sledges never bothered once.
    Its just the pure work which either makes or takes you.

    Goal with a pure soul, taking a chance without any pass.
    Creating your happiness is never a work of year.
    Took life time.
    You wait for drizzling all day, but you figure out you couldnt even collect a drop.

  • ___babumosaiiiii 55w

    Jaljala ae husan��
    #Volcano ��

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  • _minnaa_ 58w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    I am battling with writer's block. I have scribbled something. Not sure whether my thoughts have aligned properly.
    Picture - taken from Pinterest

    Often my thoughts used to get parched
    in the heat of competitions.
    I've become a dormant volcano,
    with hardly any eruption of value.

    Life was like an active volcano before,
    there was healthy vying.
    Disgusted with all the dormancy,
    at the least I am trying
    to be like a lotus flower.

    But if an eruption happens,
    I hope my life would turn around.
    My life may not be like how
    I'd dreamed it to be,
    at least it would be of some significance.
    Lotus flower bloom
    amidst the muddy mire.
    It stays buoyant,
    despite the slush.
    It rises like a phoenix bird,
    all elegant and powerful.
    A volcano and a lotus
    may not have a connection,
    but a person can be
    an amalgam of both.

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    An Amalgam

  • lollipop71 59w

    #mirakee#volcano#verge picture courtesy of Zedge

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    The Volcano

    Sometimes I feel like a
    Volcano on the verge of
    Erupting at any given
    Not knowing when is
    The resistance from within.
    Will anyone be near when
    The explosion appears?
    Will I be misled as others appear?
    Will I break down and cry, or shut
    Down for the final time as the
    Volcano finds my mind?

  • in_fragments 59w

    "I am your volcano girl,
    your dream devil,
    the angel you can set on fire.
    I am your most inviting chimera,
    your most ferocious nightmare.

    The fire from my thighs
    and the fire in my eyes
    are pyroclastic.
    My climax floods over the land
    and everything hardens
    into rock. I insist that I burst
    with whatever I want to,
    whenever I want to,
    be it enmity or euphoria,
    grief or explosive joy-
    I will feel everything,
    and so will all of you.

    I am woman.
    Centuries of women
    live inside of my bones.
    You have burned me
    since the discovery of flame,
    drowned me, buried me alive,
    defiled me, assaulted me,
    murdered me,
    underestimated me
    as nothing more than a toy,
    a piece of meat to dangle,
    a lost animal to brutalize.

    We have now
    been Resurrected,
    and we are engulfing your planet
    in our lava.
    No one else can control the flow,
    we are all-powerful and equal
    in our destruction.
    We are coming for you.
    I know you can see it,
    and there's nothing you can do
    to hold us back anymore.

    The wrath of its woman
    will bring this nation to its knees.

    I dance my ways
    for the male gaze,
    as you bellow and howl
    and grab pieces of me,
    like my body is a buffet platter
    only for you to consume.
    I make myself meek,
    a misplaced little girl
    happy to pick up
    any scrap of "love" you can give.
    I will favor you, follow you,
    make you feel in control,
    and then...

    I will rip it all out
    from underneath you,
    as I swallow every one of you
    in my painful inferno, watch
    as you writhe, your skin
    as it peels away like wet paper,
    your eyes as they melt
    out of their sockets like soup,
    what's left of your manhood,
    your body, your dominions, reduced
    to nothing more
    than piles of smoke
    and blood
    and ash.

    Little do they know,
    they will soon be suffocated
    by their own sicknesses,
    and the world we once knew
    will be obliterated
    under miles of rubble.
    We will form a new earth
    to replace the old,
    and the frame of reference
    will belong to women,
    giving us the space and support
    to design secure lives
    and reclaim the bodily freedoms
    we have always deserved."

    A girl can dream, can't she? Lol.
    #pod #poem #volcano #fire #woman #patriarchy #feminism #life @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Volcano Girl

    I am your volcano girl,
    your dream devil,
    the angel you can set on fire.
    I am your most inviting chimera,
    your most ferocious nightmare.

  • ssunayana 63w

    You Belong Here.

    Once I met a mountain as high as the stars. 
    "How did you grow  so much?" I asked.
    "One day the Earth had it enough. And she let the volcanoes erupt. That made me high."

    Once I met an ocean as deep as darkness goes.
    "What makes you so deep?" I asked.
    "I wanted to keep my storms hidden for as long as I can. That made me deep."

    So you see, both the mountain and the ocean have their own place in the universe. 
    And so do you !

    You have your place in this world when you choose to remain peaceful. And even on the days when you choose to scream at your loudest.

    On your best day and on your worst one too,
    You Belong Here.

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  • pallavi4 66w

    Volcano eruption

    Several hundred feet below the surface
    I lay embroiled in my own simmering rage
    Fissures around me lay dormant too
    Slowly gathering momentum through the ages

    After what felt like a thousand years
    One day I mustered up the courage
    Accumulating all the magma tears around me
    Lunged upwards like a savage

    With a mighty explosion in the dead of the night
    I lurched from the crater- a mile high
    I jumped with glee on rediscovering
    The beauty of the star spangled sky

    Gathering all my molten and gaseous power
    Making my way through the closed vents
    I’d erupted free to breathe the air again
    Marvelling at my magnificent ascent

    From magma fuming deep in the earth
    I flowed as lava and poisonous gases
    They’d long forgotten how devastating I could be
    It had been ages since I was last seen by the masses

    The huge eruption caused by me made the world
    Come to a halting stop all of a sudden
    Happy in my victory I gobbled all in my way
    Easing myself all those centuries of burdens

    As molten lava I flowed lustily
    Meandering down the mount’s slope
    Long enough to watch peoples faces of dismay
    The blood draining and the loss of hope

    In my grandeur I forgot all my misery
    Or the fact that I’d been chained for so long
    My mile high excursions were a fantastic reminder
    That the earth was where I truly belonged

    I was dense when I burst out of the crater
    Flowing from the top of the mount
    Slowly the top of me solidified
    Releasing gases in great amounts

    Reaching record temperatures I enjoyed
    Press coverage and other attentions
    Pictures of me decorated the newspapers realising
    Notions about me had all been misconceptions

    Fearfully the village in which I resided
    Was emptied overnight and left vacant
    People ran after not apprehending
    That I was Satan’s own agent

    Singeing the earth and all around
    Melting rock, grass and debris
    I lay cooling finally at ease after having
    Discovering the elating joys of being free


    25th of March, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • sillysadar 66w

    A volcano eruption

    I fear it's too late to run away
    I hear lighting coming from the volcano
    The ash clouds are falling already
    A dense black cloud is coming up behind us
    Spreading over the earth like a flood

    The screams are not heard by many
    The laves flows onto the surface as much as the tears flow onto everyone's faces
    If my time is coming to end I shall sit and ponder as I wait for my death

    For what else is there to do to take the fear, the sound of screams, the scorching heat off my mind
    I wonder what the volcano feels when it erupts
    Perhaps scared like us for its scared of being known as killer

    I wonder if the volcano can even feel, feel all the fright others around me feel
    I can ponder at this for hours yet I only have a few minutes left
    A few minutes left to feel what thousands have felt

  • rupa_lava 66w

    Autobiography of Volcano

    Deep inside, calmly as I contemplate,
    The Earth decides to have a seizure
    Rumbling, pressure building, plates shifting, magma boiling
    I am their only escape.
    As my heat summons the crackle of electricity, I prepare to blow.
    Just like you humans, I need to vent!
    I am still learning how to detect these signs of agitation early to save civilizations at my foot.
    The locals know me well and geologists prepare to be awed.

    I finally sneeze my lava, ash and debris up into the clouds, and rain havoc among the innocent who flee or succumb.

    Once I have thrown rocks at them, I am satisfied, so I quieten. I feel terrible, so I design myself to make my lava so viscous that it flows ever so slow; buying as much time that the humans need.
    And my musings go on as the Earth sleeps again.

  • ssunayana 67w


    The next time you break, dear heart, I want you to remember the volcanoes.

    The shaking ground, the sudden breaking apart, the breathtaking beauty of all that could not be contained and had to erupt - yes all of that!

    That and the fiery new beginning etched on the aging skin of the earth with the lava, the sweet embrace of a new found ground with the complete annihilation of the old - let that sink in.

    And remember that. Remember that when the world seems to end for you. Remember that when you need a tiny ray of hope, to hold on.

  • beensn 73w

    Unspoken words

    The words unspoken matters more,
    No matter, how many they are.
    It is more of feelings, fear and pains,
    Kills us more than the bombs and gunshots.
    Fills us with guilt and weary,
    They are the unnecessary loads we carry.
    If suppressed everytime they want to come out,
    Builds pressure more than we can tolerate.
    Makes us boil like a volcano
    When erupts, can be violent like a tornado.
    Better speak out, even if it leads to a fight,
    Speak all that you want and then forget.

  • jenaroaragon 77w

    My God, You're Hot

    There is no desire left in me, but to fuck. My tendencies grow more violent by the day. I am a faucet discharging spirit and charring the space around me. I am burning. 

        The straps of her thong pull, just beyond invisible, and call my attention to the string which must be kissing her. An undercurrent of magma heats the water which once cooled the basalt lining this caldera. Steam obscures all evidence of previous eruptions.

        Her gut hangs a bit from under her shirt. It flows over the unbuttoned denim, powerful in it’s comfort. It entices me to drink. I am thirsty.

        The ground is fertile and the seeds have been sewn. Already new saplings litter the spaces between singed monoliths. Soon enough there will be fruit.

  • gutzwvw 81w

    Somewhere We Belong

    I'm not talking about all those belongings.
    Not your kitchen sink or awning.

    Maybe the brink of a volcano.
    Where we might lean over.
    Hold hands.
    Make our peace.
    And fall.

  • bluemoonlight44 88w

    Read me if you dare

    My friends and I was traveling up a volcano that's still active
    We never imagined that the lava wanted to escape from under our feet that is lurking to exploration
    The village people didn't know when is the next eruption will happen
    We went inside of the volcano taking pictures of crystals that was left behind from the last eruption
    Village people say don't stay to long or something will happen that you probably didn't expect it
    We tried to leave the volcano but it was to late we was stuck inside of disaster
    We saw a path that was barely seen by our eyes
    We ducked our heads and hide inside
    Day by day we waited to be recued
    When we got out homes, businesses, roads, trees have been distroyed by lava from the volcano
    Some village people hasn't been found my friends and I helped find the missing villagers
    Time is a ticking
    We didn't stop looking until all is found safe and sound
    Time will tell

    © Bluemoonlight44

  • prateek_raj 90w

    Flooded thoughts

    Sometimes it is essential to control the volcano of emotions that is irrupting inside.

    Because, everyone don't deserves to leave their footprints on the rocks that will be formed from that lava later on...

  • mountains_lost 94w

    Crater world always exists

    On a sunny day
    Or on the darkest, cloudiest days
    Down in the village

    It's just hard to remember sometimes


  • scribbling_wanderess 98w

    You talk about mood swings.

    I have been through that phase
    When emotions were bursting
    like a volcano inside me,
    and I couldn't utter a word to anyone.