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  • deepa_ddm 7w

    Let us...

    Enfold my hand in your palm
    and let's walk down onto the lanes
    filled only with yellow dim lights...
    You tell me of yours and I will talk mine
    till the dark perishes and light overtakes,
    such that the distance we had for years
    doesn't seem to exist ever in life...
    and the memories made today
    remains as a page painted with red
    in our confluent book dazzling...

  • sidh_ru 14w

    A night walk

    Like an invisible blanket
    Cold embraced me soothingly ;
    Breeze caressed my body
    Causes piloerection throughout me;
    Trees showering me in sheding leaves
    To bid a lovely welcome;
    Snaking my arms around my core
    I feel the deep inside of me;
    I let the chillness
    Dry my wounds.
    With souls playing sleeping phase
    As the only soul wandering late,
    Letting the night's darkness
    Engulf me in a heavenly silence,
    With the chirps of crickets
    And gasps of my cold breathe.
    Moon as my navigator
    And my thoughts as my narrator
    I take my slow steps
    As ensurance of my loneliness,
    I walk in this lifeless road
    Of an endless night...

  • amoghavarsha 14w


    Walk and Talk ... Very Easy
    Talk the Walk ... Easy
    Walk the Talk ... Difficult

    I prefer Walking and Talking with a Walkman or Talk the Walk in the mornings rather than Walk the Talk in day to day life.


  • alonestar1 19w

    #अकेले ही चलना

    क्या किसी ने किसी का साथ दिया है उम्र भर,,,
    जिसे कल जाना था वो आज चला गया,,,
    फिर क्या बात हुई किस बात का डरना है ??
    अमन तुम्हें अकेले ही चलना है ।।

    और यूं न उलझों तुम जिंदगी की राहों में,,,
    ध्यान मंजिल पर लगाना है,,,कुछ करके दिखाना है,,,
    सिर्फ किस्मत को कोसते नहीं रहना है ।।
    अमन तुम्हें अकेले ही चलना है ।।

    हकीकतों का सामना कर,,,या कल्पनाओं में संभाल खुद को,,,
    लेकिन रोना नहीं है,,,झुकना नहीं है,,, हारना नहीं है,,,
    बस चलते ही रहना है ।।
    अमन तुम्हें अकेले ही चलना है ।।

    मेहनत का पसीना तुम्हें कामयाबी तक ले जाएगा,,,
    नकारात्मकता में भी सकारात्मकता सोच तू पाएगा,,,
    बस बुरे विचारों को ही बदलना है ।।
    अमन तुम्हें अकेले ही चलना है ।।

    सब तुम्हारी बर्बादी के इंतजार में है,,,
    कुछ अपने भी है जो तुम्हारे प्यार में है,,,
    कुछ लोगों को दिखाना है और कुछ को दिल से लगाना है ।।
    अमन तुम्हें अकेले ही चलना है ।।

    बेवजह परेशान ना हो,,,ये दुनियां है आना जाना लगा रहता है,,,
    यूं किसी के आने से खुश ना हो,यूं किसी के जाने से दुखी न हो,,,
    सब कुछ दिखावा है ना ही किसी ने ठहरना है ।।
    अमन तुम्हें अकेले ही चलना है ।।


  • porcupine 21w


    Walking home
    Away from home
    Home away from home

    Walking home
    Walking back home
    To the open land

    He is tired
    He is weary

    He's coming home

    To rest

  • misqueenc 25w

    Sometimes my only question would be to play the game or walk away? Playing the game would lead to nothing more, but damaged parts or walking away could lead to broken hearts.

  • j_a_esquivel 34w

    Solemn steps

    There's downtown Laredo and all its little nooks.
    Characters with so much color,  they stumbled out of a book.
    The bars have different themes, but they offer the same as of late.
    Whether it's beer or whiskey,  they got all types of escape.

    It's my "kinda sad, too bad" ritual.
    A walk that tries to try pick up my frown.
    Trying to keep up with the letting go.
    Then again Feeling blue isn't as bad as it sounds.

    I try to have a normal cadence,
    I do change it up to some prancing
    There's no such thing as misbehaving,
    When you switch that limp to dancing.
    It's downtown Laredo, don't you know?
    The streets here know who's been up and who's down.

    The buildings here all have their own unique designs.
    The shops are aplenty, our very own bazaar.
    Walk them long enough and you just might find.
    The red carpet, in the form of tar.
    There's nights when you feel great for a while.
    You'll forget where you're at because you're lost in a smile.


  • miriel_oye 39w

    Something About The Rain

    There is something about walking in the rain,
    Your feelings come on and off with the umbrella,
    Eyes drip with either tears or water,
    There is something about walking in the rain,
    Together, there is laughter and festering attraction,
    Alone? loneliness, longing or something of both,
    There is something about walking in the rain,
    When the torrents pour down,
    They either drown you or the pain,
    There is something about walking in the rain,
    In open fields, a will to die or stay alive,
    On tarred roads, a need to find and be home,
    There is something about walking in the rain,
    Contented, you're an extension of wild droplets,
    Broken, you're a victim of beating guilts,
    There is something about walking in the rain,
    You're human, you discover,
    Whole or shattered,
    The world still spins and the rain still falls.

  • myasir99 45w

    Walking quote

    I don't know the exact location but i think I've been lost

  • john_felix 49w

    Two Tales of a Road

    I find myself walking along a road,
    A road that winds up to form a fold,
    Beside it forms two streets, each on either side,
    And each street seems to be staring at me, Sending shivers across my spine,
    I look down, and in retrospect view my life,
    Of both light and in darkness.

    As I stare to my right,
    I see all that is wrong,
    Every tear that I shed, every day that was long, The side carries all the hearts that I broke,
    All the miles I strode,
    Its atmosphere is dark, and my aura is stiff,
    I can recall all my pains and grief,
    My mistakes in a brief.
    Life is dark here, and I can't feel the Creator's spirit,
    That side is a prison for evil,
    There I felt mere mortal, old instead of new,
    I had to turn my eyes, away from the view.

    I stare on to my left, and all that's dark has left,
    I see all smiles I've shown,
    Every time my heart was warm,
    In it lives the times I wouldn't frown,
    The air is filled up with light,
    Meors of sound from past rush through my mind,
    And I feel life had never been this kind,
    Here I feel the Almighty's presence,
    And one with all that has sense,
    And my walking is now of essence.

  • heyoka_warrior 52w

    Basking in Your Presence,
    Standing in Your truth,
    Being faithful to You,
    Loving You and Your people,
    And all the creation You've made;
    Delighting in Your Will, Your ways,
    Your Word, and Your works;
    Walking in righteousness,
    In the narrow path of life sanctified,
    Into the light and unto eternal life;
    You are my Salvation
    And the Grace You freely give;
    Thank You for Your greatest gift;
    Praising You is my heritage.


  • heyoka_warrior 53w

    Writing my dreams on the journal
    Of my social media in case I forget;
    From my soul's journal I'm placing
    The promise of my destiny in God's hands;
    In my journal, the Lord is walking with me
    Through this valley of fast-paced journey..


  • icarus18 53w

    I kept walking and realised that I may be walking continuously but I am walking in circle...
    I can see the light but I can't break the circle that I have been walking on.. To follow that light...
    As things and people are changing, I am stuck in that hazy circle..

  • sins_of_creation 55w

    I drag my feet
    Through this life
    And what do I feel
    Just the pain and the strife
    Keep my head down
    Blood stain on my sleeve
    Heart tucked away
    Give it time to grieve
    Yet still I drag
    And shuffle along
    Until the day
    That I am gone


  • shrestha_a 56w


    There's no sky above or beneath me.
    There's only a void where I'm walking helplessly.


  • lifeistooochota 57w

    Pihu - truth or dare ?
    Sam - abhi ?
    Pihu - han hamne deal kiya tha na kahe bhi kar sakhte ham
    Sam - thik hai madam,truth
    Pihu - shaadi se pehle koi crush thi aapki ?
    Sam - ye question kyu sudden ?
    Pihu - ham walking kar rahe hai aju baju khoobsurat ladkiya walk kar rahe hai to dimag ma aagaya question
    Sam - hehe (laughs) nahi bolna he thik hai,bolunga to ham donu ma ladaye honge ya argument
    Pihu - nahi honga,hamne kaha tha na ek dusre ko ki ham pehle friends hai phir hubby wifey
    Sam - han per dosto ko dekha hai ladaye hojate hai toh past ke barama nahi baat kare to he thik hai
    Pihu - ha depend karta hai,crush aur ex ma farak hai
    Sam - ha ye bhi sahe
    Pihu - ma wait kar rahe hu jawab ka
    Sam - hehe(laughs)bahut thi crushes toh per kisise baat karne ki himmat nahi thi aur aisa socha nahi wo kehte hai na "She is the one" vaise feeling kisika sath nahi aye,bas dekhe dil khush bas utna he per ek ladki thi jise bat ki thi
    Pihu - woaahh aagae
    Sam - to hua ye tha ki,ma sushant ananth sameer walk karne gaye usually daily jate vaisa,toh walk karte huye meri nazar us ladki pe gaye badi cute lagte thi wo mujhe,phir next day gaye tab bhi wo thi tab bhi bas dekhke khush hogaya ma,uske agle din bar bar nazar uske pass he jare thi to dosta samajh gaye ki pasand aye mujhe phir wo log ne next day force kiya ki baat kar usa ab next day aya mujhe darr lag raha tha ma kya baat karu ? Per dosta to kamine hai unhone kya kiya pata hai,mujhe kaha wo uncle tujhe bula rahe hai aur wo ladki ko bole ki ese tumse kuch kaam hai bolka,ab wo ladki mera samne aake thair gaye ab mujhe nahi samajhra ma kya bolu ese,phir dost aye udhar aur force kiya bolde ab wo ladki ka naam tak pata nahi tha mujhe,pehle mulaqat ma kaise kahu pasand hai bolka ? to mene kaha no.milega kya aapka ? to usne kaha ki wo engaged hai,mera etna ganda pachka hua tha na ma waha sa hatt gaya tha,mere kamine dosta etna hase etna hase aur wolog kya keh rahe tha malum ki ladki kitne loyal hai na Engaged hai bole wo boyfriend bana sakhte thi na tujhe,tab bahut ganda wala feel hua tha kyu ki pehle baar koi ladki sa baat kara tha aur aisa hogaya tha per ab wo baat yaad karta hu to kitna bachpana tha lagta hai
    Pihu bahut haste hai
    Sam - ha haslo tum bhi
    Abe he kaha na ham pehle dost to karo dosto wale harkate
    Donu hase
    Pihu - shaadi se pehle ham donu chat karte tha tab to etna flirting karte tha aur ek ladki se baat karne ma etna darr ?
    Sam - yaar ab chatting ma kuch bhi bol sakhte sochke cover karsakhte kuch bhi per face to face ma sochke bolna padta aur ladki thappad maar de to,face to face ma thoda shy he hoon ma
    Pihu - sach main ?
    Sam - depends
    Sam - truth or dare ?
    Pihu - Hein ? Main kyu ?
    Sam - kyu bai ? Ye game sirf mere liye hai ?
    Pihu - tum na..truth
    Sam - same question
    Pihu - tumhe to pata he hai
    Sam - ha per ma bhi jana chahta hoon koi to honga kuch to story honge na
    Pihu - crushes to bahut the per kabhi kisike pass jake baat nahi kiya tha
    Sam - kyu tumhe darr lagta tha ? (Laughs)
    Pihu - nahi,ma introvert he hoon per jo pasand uske liye stand le sakhte hoon per jis waqt crushes the na tab family bahut strict thi so dekhke he khush hojana uske agae kuch step le bhi nahi sakhte thi etna darr lagta tha family se
    Sam - to main thank you kehna chahiye na family ko ? strict thi esliye he tum aj mera saath ho ?
    Pihu - jiska jaha lekha hota hai woh wahe jata hai chahe arrange ho ya love !! Shayad agar koi hota tha,ma kisike liye step leti thi to,per ghar walo ka etna darr tha dimag ma aur waqt/age to nahi ayega na wapis
    Sam pihu ka hath pakadta hai tight
    Sam - tumhe pata hai,jab koi cheez tumhe bure lagte hai na toh tum aju baju dekhke baat karte ho taki mujhe pata he nahi chale ki tumhe hurt hua hai wo cheez ka
    Pihu - hehe
    Sam - ma esliye he kajal ko wo sab freedom dena chahta hoon jo har ladki ko chahiye actually rehna chahiye
    Kajal walk karte hue piche se aate hai
    Kajal - hogaya aap donu ka walk ?
    Pihu - aap batao aapka hogaya ?
    Kajal - haan chalo ab dosa wait kara bahar
    Teenu haste hai
    Sam - tu chal order de
    Sam - shaadi ke baad koi crush hai ?
    Pihu - din ma ek he baar hai ye game
    Sam pihu haste hai


  • hybrid_ammai 58w

    A candlelight dinner doesn't equal the happiness of a long walk together in moonlight.


  • voices_as_thoughts 66w


    On this bed,
    Slipping in thoughts
    Wide awake in my dreams

    So beautiful In my head but I visualise it outside my body
    I see my fantasies alive with the music.
    I could count every scar on her skin like it was mine and vice versa

    A replica? A dopplegoodganger
    Seems too real, the fake seems better than reality,
    What pills can keep this effect even when I am not on my bed?
    What pills can keep this effect even when I am not with the music?

    A walking daydreamer?
    Strolling in the verse I always write about
    Peace peace, i feel the tranquility even with the market aura around
    Drown drown deep into my bed and music my background with the comforts of my thoughts.

  • sapphire_ornate 76w

    #walking the wire#IMAGINE DRAGONS .����������

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    Walking the wire

    Do you feel the same when I'm away from you? (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh)
    Do you know the line that I'd walk for you? (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh)
    We could turn around and we could give it up
    But we'll take what comes, take what comes
    Oh, the storm is raging against us now (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh)
    If you're afraid of falling, then don't look down (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh)
    But we took the step, oh, we took the leap
    And we'll take what comes, take what comes
    Feel the wind in your hair
    Feel the rush way up here
    We're walking the wire, love
    We're walking the wire, love
    We couldn't be higher, up
    We're walking the wire, wire, wire
    There's nights we had to just walk away (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh)
    And there's tears we'll cry, but those tears will fade (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh)
    It's a price you pay when it comes to love
    And we'll take what comes, take what comes
    Feel the wind in your hair
    Feel the rush way up here
    We're walking the wire, love
    We're walking the wire, love
    We couldn't be higher, up
    We're walking the wire, wire, wire
    So look out down below
    Look out down below
    Look out down below
    Walking the wire, wire, wire
    So look out down below
    Oh, I'll take your hand when thunder roars
    And I'll hold you close, I'll stay the course
    I promise you from up above
    That we'll take what comes, take what comes, love
    We're walking the wire, love
    We're walking the wire, love
    We couldn't be higher, (couldn't be, couldn't be) up
    We're walking the wire, wire, wire
    So look out down below
    Look out down below (couldn't be, couldn't be)
    Look out down below
    Walking the wire, wire, wire
    So look out down below
    We're walking the wire
    We're walking the wire
    We're walking the wire, wire, wire

  • hk55555 76w


    I am nobody walking on the street
    Searching for somebody
    My only companion my shadow
    Come closed to me with increase of heat
    But suddenly cloud pacify heat
    And try to hijack my happiness
    But even in darkest hour
    I am not alone
    I always have somebody by my side
    I am nobody walking on the street
    Suddenly sharp knife pricked my heart
    Blood is all around the street
    I am in the acute pain
    That pain is comfortable than love one can ever feel
    But even that happiness not last for decade
    I am nobody walking on the street
    Searching for somebody
    Abruptly hit by fate that take away my soul
    And left me in peace for which I always wish for
    I am nobody walking on the street
    Searching for somebody