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  • kayceediv 10w

    There are certain walls we built in the past for our safety and now they may have to be pulled down, reconstructed, or reinforced so that we can grow and make some progress for the future.


  • k__s__s 10w


    Old walls had only ears
    But the new ones have an eye too
    To secretly see what we all do


  • _rantings_of_a_shy_soul_ 16w

    Ode To The Quiet Ones

    She tries so hard but never feels a part of anything. It seems that she's an outcast, that her friends are better off without her. And even though she doesn't say it, it kills her from the inside. She feels no one really needs her, no one wants to listen to what's running on her mind. She's always the one who is left behind because she never nags to hang out as she thinks it might bother them if she tags along.

    She feels alone even when surrounded by people, she feels she doesn't belong or matter to anyone. That if one fine day she disappears people would even fail to notice that she's gone. That's how much invisible she is. Perhaps she craves for assurance, and security, to feel that she too is important, that she matters and is not as invisible as she thinks she is.

    People assume that she's happy alone, she's content in being with herself, and that's am image she herself has implanted in everyone's mind. And yes, it might be somewhat true but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to make new friends, she just needs time to open up. But in this fast-paced world, who's gonna give her the time to open up? To dig deep within her heart and find out all the treasures she has been hiding so far from everyone. Who's gonna listen to her when everyone is busy sharing their own stories? Who's gonna break her high walls and explore what's inside? Who?

    How long will it take for people to understand that even the quietest ones have things to say, tons of bottled up things to share? How long till these loners drown themselves in their own loneliness?

  • iaaannp 19w


    Ever wonder how it feels
    To sink deep in an enclosed space
    Where your voice resonates faintly
    No matter how much you scream
    There's that feeling of getting sandwiched
    With dense walls; breaking you into pieces


  • lollipop71 25w

    Capable of Love?

    You gave me hope when I thought there was no more.
    You didn't care that I was broken a million times more.
    You saw in me, a big heart, capable of
    Trust, capable of believing, capable of love.
    You saw in me what no one else could.
    You gave me a chance when no one else would
    You saw beyond the fake smile that covered my face.
    You lead me to a better place.
    I thought you were insane, and would never find me
    With fame for I was no one special, not me. I had
    Embedded into my mind to never trust anyone.
    Those walls stood tall and proud for I could take no more,
    That pain that feels like you have a million guns to your head.
    You were the one that broke those walls down one by one,
    Never giving up.
    You are now my world as I am yours. You love me unconditionally
    With your beautiful heart that I shall never part, nor take
    For granted, for this fairy tale shall never end.

  • ananias 25w

    These silent, private walls with plenty of secrets to keep bottled up inside lest it leak and cause flowers, birds and trees to weep; and sickly, swollen tears to seep deep, near ten feet, and treat the earth as a wet pillow. At night the walls wallow in pity, in the country they are more shallow than the city, I swear they do what they can to drive me up them.

  • czarcasm 26w


    Surrounded by invisible walls
    Is my heart

  • bettrickcard 26w

    Black Cardinals

    The weight of it all
    The dread of the sin
    It weighs heavy on my soul
    As my wounded wings flap
    To tear the clouds
    And rip the sky

    I fear I shall fall deeper into it
    The hole
    The dark place
    Where no man comes out of
    And maybe I shall rejoice
    At my fall
    At my failure

    For I have fallen so far from grace
    Deprived of my father's grace
    Do you still believe?
    Do you still have hope?
    That this darkened soul of mine
    This broken pot
    Shall receive reprieve?

    How does one stone?
    How does one get back?
    How does one fallen angel heal its wings?
    How do I rid myself of this sin?

    I fear I shan't
    As I descend into the earth
    And the sky folds behind me
    The darkness welcomes me
    And His grace escapes me.

  • anuradhasharma 33w

    कोन कहता है ?

    बिना दीवार , अलग नहीं होते ।
    दीवार , गिरा के तो देखो ।

    बिना सरहद , फासले नहीं होते ।
    सरहदे , मिटा के तो देखो ।

    साहब , ये नया ज़माना है !
    बेफिजूल में ही , इनको बदनाम कर रखा है ।

  • ylviia 35w

    Not only I build my own walls up so high.
    Many aquaintances contributed and helped me build a solid foundation,
    So that the shield was indestructible,
    That one day it will ruin my own self.

  • ylviia 35w

    The clock ticks 1 am when I'm sitting in my bed,
    Not knowing how to cry or how to express my emotions.
    I've come to realise that while I was wandering through life,
    I build up an immensely high wall,
    Circling around me, made of cold steel.
    And while on the inside I felt safe and protected,
    I didn't know that I was missing out on the highs and the lows.
    Everyday just seems to pass by and I was just there,
    Not taking in the whole moment as its own.
    It's like living behind bars,
    you see things come and go.
    You watch them pass by like the clouds in the sky,
    Yet helplessly your hands are tied by a rope named as your own mind.
    These walls should be torn down
    Just like history has taught us,
    Some walls aren't even supposed to be built in the first place.
    But mine were inevitable.
    It was a survival instinct that kept me cautious for many years.
    It saved me a lot of pain and lots of disappointments,
    Yet it also hid the most joyful moments that I could've experienced.
    But I was too scared to take the risk to fall
    And just like that I avoided the opportunity to fly.
    Sometimes I'm really grateful for my walls.
    They are like an armour shielding me from the darts that were supposed to hit me.
    The armour just gets so heavy and burdening that I really wish I have the chance to take them off
    They are like a curtain
    Shielding me from the world
    Yet also covering the beauty of life

  • gunjanbhatia_ 35w

    //Sometimes I get rid of this emptiness
    By listening to my own screams
    Don't know if it makes me less lonely
    Or it's just how now I let go of the grief...

    I now know every bit of these walls
    It's cracks seem like roads on a map
    That are getting longer and longer
    As I move further into this misery...

    The paint has started to chip off the walls
    Revealing the dull plaster beneath
    Afraid I keep coating the happy color
    Not to show the grey inside of me...

    Maybe I have stared at these walls for long
    I have started seeing myself in them
    Once feeling strong and safe
    I now want to escape from them
    Or maybe I am just trying
    To escape from myself...//


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  • sillyhearts 37w


    Who isn't angry sometimes? Who doesn't feel like everyone around is conspiring against them? You know, times when the count of people you can trust comes on your fingers? Maybe not even one?

    Situations turn harsh at times. People have their own constraints. People are people. We act on what seems right at that moment... And that's okay.

    But once the storm is over, we sure can look back and realise that it wasn't the neighbour's fault, nor ours. It was just the direction of the winds that made us feel like the other one is wrong.

    I know you think about how you had to gather brick by brick to build yourself a little safe place, all because of the storm... And so you now have strong walls. Walls that ensure that no strong winds can damage you anymore!

    And just then, you see your neighbours little straw hut being blown away again. They're shattered and has nowhere to go... The pillars are broken and putting up a house again isn't easy for them.
    Ofcourse they think you're the one who'd broken their home initially so why would they ever ask you to help?

    It's in times like these that we need to be considerate. We need to be the one extending the hand out, without expecting them to do it first. We need to try covering their head till they make a home again. The same wall that separates us could now be used as the support for their house.The walls built to separate could now act as support.
    Yes... Initially they'll be apprehensive. They will worry if we're faking. They'll wonder if we're trying to act superior by helping. In all those moments of difficulty, we need to give up on our ego and anger and hold them closer. Make them believe in bits and pieces that we're not wanting to hurt them.

    And once they're back to a safe spot, they'll be able to trust again. The wall would still remain, but this time... It'd be a mutual support between the two houses rather than a separation. The next time both can together be ready to face the storms. Next time the storms can't hit that hard. Next time, we'll both win over the storm. Because we'll know it's the storm, not each other. So even if there are damages, they can be repaired together and faster.
    The world doesn't run on 50-50. Sometimes, it is necessary to give up on our complaints and demands to help out the person initially. Kindness is a very powerful language. Words can fail but actions cannot. Sooner or later, they'll answer back. And that day, life lived will finally get it's purpose.

    So if there's a friend you had a fight with, a neighbour, a relative, an ex or a colleague, try reaching out. The darkness needs to be destroyed slowly from one side... And light will fill the gaps again. Life's too uncertain. Let's get back together before it's too late!

  • sillyhearts 37w


    Often made to separate out from harm, yet can surely help as a means of support.

  • slaughtered_heart 40w

    I take out my sadness onto the walls,
    but the walls aren't as weak as me,
    they don't break that easily.
    My knuckles bleed the pain my heart feels so intensely. Yet the physical pain fails to nullify the one that haunts me all the time emotionally. I don't fear breaking my bones, thank god they have the power to heal, but the heart, the heart that has power over all the other parts of the body, never heals if it breaks. Why does it take so much of my energy just to think a thought that breaks my heart but never get tired to break my bones when I hit the walls.


  • wandering_beast 40w


    Walls are erected between
    You and Me
    Wall of Separation
    Wall of Depart
    I am the Halls of Friendships
    Walls of Love
    Walls are
    Distances around us
    Far and Far We Left
    Taming Memories of
    You and Me
    Like Sun and
    Moon Sorted
    in Life

  • redneckwriter69 40w

    "The Wall Of Fear"

    Sometimes the wall is my only friend
    It's there when no one else is
    It holds me and my tears
    It comforts me til the end of my sadness
    My tears are flowing more then anyone can help
    I need someone but no one is there
    But the wall it's reached for me
    Let me cry on it and holds my heart
    When it breaks so
    I don't know if I'm gonna make it thru the pain and sadness I'm in
    I pray all the time I never stop
    It's hard to hold on to a promise
    That sometimes takes awhile
    But I try to have faith and hold on
    I talk to god while the wall holds me
    So many tears have been shed
    Storm after storm I have barely
    Been afloat
    When someone gona be the wall
    Be the one who catches my tears
    Hold my heart, hold me ..

  • in_fragments 41w

    "If these walls that surround me
    could talk, they'd scream,
    all the history they've seen-
    all the ways they palpitate
    and close in to protect me-
    sordid secrets that they hold,
    half-living banshees of hurt they harbor
    making it harder to breathe,
    crying for a house fated to sink
    under miles of water
    by the end of a century,
    my childhood drowning in it,
    every lost memory drowning in it...

    If these walls inside me could talk,
    they'd scream
    as the wild forces behind them
    burst out at the seams,
    the parts of me I never knew
    leaking their thoughts and agonies
    and opinions and dreams,
    ancient barriers razed to smithereens,
    these creaky doors hold messages for me-
    but my weary mind is a rotting thing,
    formed to deteriorate,
    body wasting, waiting
    for inevitable abandonment
    just like them.

    These walls hold things that I
    will never discover,
    bygone moments that no one
    will ever remember.
    They are screaming at me,
    calling down from the rafters,
    begging for me to look inside
    just one more time,
    before the top of the sky
    meets the edge of the ocean,
    and the world we once knew is entombed
    forever in infinite blue."

    Tired, thinking about the sea levels rising, clawing my way out of a depressive episode that lasted way too long again. The world is kinda bleak right now...
    #poem #pod #thoughts #walls #depression @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Walls/Rising Waters

    If these walls that surround
    me could talk, they'd scream.

  • pakhi1738 42w

    This piece went through so many changes. I felt like sharing the entire journey of writing this one because it's worth it. If you don't want to read this, you can skip it and directly jump to the poetry part. So here it is. Initially, Medusa, Athena, and some other characters in the first draft were just supposed to be metaphors for the characters of a short dream sequence I had in mind. I started making the initial draft, like gathering bits and pieces that came to my mind about everything I wanted to cover in that sequence. While making these outlines, I just kept thinking about Medusa and what she went through (if you want to know her story, the original story, check my comments in the comment section). Then it occurred to me that not many people from the present generation know about this Greek mythology so I should write about her instead because people should know how cruel and unfair patriarchy can get sometimes. So I deleted the previous outlines and started writing the original story in my words but the fact that Medusa always just got pain and betrayal but never the love she deserved, stopped me. Then a thought striked my mind that she deserves a love story but no one ever thought about that amidst all the monster portrayals she got and I again started it from the scratch with a prince, his kingdom, the queen, Athena, Medusa and some other characters but I got stuck in the end. According to Athena's curse, any man who ever look at her, will get petrified (turned into stone) and I could have worked it out in the story by the prince always keeping his eyes covered with a blind fold or just looking at her reflection in the water but why a man? Why it always has to be a man? That hit me really hard and I just stopped writing for a really long time. I took time to think about it and ended up writing this.

    ° (*_*) °

    ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

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    Once upon a time,
    There was a princess
    With eyes like the reflection
    Of full moon in the ocean,
    Big and bright.
    Medusa fall for her
    Right in the first sight!
    She used to visit the same oak tree,
    Probably searching for peace,
    Once every week.
    Medusa watched her
    Hiding near the creek.
    Princess sensed her presence,
    And gazed at her reflection
    But never said a word.
    One's reflection never lies,
    Is what they say
    And maybe that's why
    She saw the girl Medusa once was
    And not the monster
    She was forced to become!
    "I'll confront her about my feelings
    The next time she visits", Medusa swore.
    Little did she knew,
    Her heart belonged to Athena,
    The goddess of war!
    Medusa waited and waited
    But she never returned.
    Queen found out
    About her daughter's love
    For their nemesis
    Who destroyed their kingdom
    And banished her
    From the palace, for the betrayal.
    Princess ran to Athena's temple
    And prayed to call her for help.
    She didn't answered,
    Because the affair was just a scam.
    A scam to break the royals,
    To shatter the castle of trust
    They shared
    And to show them
    Where they belonged!
    Princess stayed in the temple
    For nights,
    Helpless and hurt.
    She finally lost hope,
    Wandering around in confusion.
    With blurred vision
    From all the tears,
    She found herself
    Standing by the creek.
    Medusa was waiting for her
    Hiding in the shadows.
    She decided to give her some privacy
    To process her thoughts.
    The princess looked like walking chaos
    In the moment
    But still so simple.
    Same deep, big, shiny eyes,
    Same long golden locks,
    Same innocence dripping
    Down her face.
    Medusa waited for her to calm down
    But lost patience after a while
    'cause she was still searching
    For princess's beautiful smile!
    She couldn't see her despair
    So decided to retrace her steps back
    But stepped on a twig instead
    "You don't always need to hide, you know",
    The princess said wiping her tears.
    "You knew about me this whole time?"
    "I sensed your presence from your shine"
    "My shine?"
    "Your reflection in water, Medusa."
    "You know who I am?", Medusa asked Desperately hiding the snakes on her head.
    "You are still beautiful, inside out.
    I hope you know that"
    Medusa smiled for the first time
    After a really long time.
    With her pale skin,
    Finally gaining different shades of pink
    Her eyes lit up
    As she took a step towards her love
    "I missed this smile"
    "And I, thy eyes"


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  • pakhi1738 43w

    I know that I've been writing these little fantasy dream sequences a lot for a while now, but one of these actually led to something really amazing. I am so excited to share that one and it's entire journey with you guys. It's still a work in progress so, you'll have to wait for it. Meanwhile, here's a piece I wrote somewhere in the mid of March but never got a chance to post. Happy reading!


    Every time I breathe
    My heart catches hold
    Of the ice and pieces you left
    And every moment
    That I spend
    With you
    Feels like a Déjà vu
    I look for you, everywhere,
    When love doesn't feel right
    But you loving me,
    The way I do, is all I want
    People change, I know
    And I see you changing
    Every single day
    But it all still just
    Feels the same
    The same old love
    With the same old faith!
    Can't it just fly away?
    I want you just for myself
    I want you to live inside me!
    I don't wanna stay
    And I don't wanna leave,
    Oh love!
    I don't wanna stay
    And I don't wanna leave
    I just wanna see
    One last trick
    With magic rolled up your sleeves!
    'cause every time I breathe
    I breathe you in
    For we need
    Something to break this ice
    Between us, that's unseen!
    Can't they just fade away
    I want you to read my eyes
    And tell me
    What my heart desires
    Just like before
    I'm living every moment
    You wanted to forget
    All over again
    For it feels like
    A long lost, sweet pain
    And I know,
    When this mirror of dream breaks
    It'll again just leave a stain!
    I don't wanna hide
    If you are by my side
    You kept looking
    For someone to love
    When your love
    Was hiding in the plain sight!
    It is our destiny, is what they say
    But wasn't destiny, what we left behind!


    P.C.- @azureabyss

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