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  • honeyedmaryam 4w


    A wandering soul roams

    How far do you think he'll go

    Eastwards leads to wealth and splendor

    Westwards become towards power and authority

    Northward reele him in with promise of beauty and adoration

    Southward calls to me with graceful knowledge

    But my destiny is where you'll find me

  • shawty 32w


    TIME plays a magnificent role.
    When it's time you realise certain things
    When time runs you never notice..
    Time is never enough around a loved one..
    Your actions mean nothing if not done on time
    You gain nothing if you pause yourself when time runs..
    Time can never be paused, rewinded nor played
    One can never rule over time
    For time is the mere ruler of your whole life.
    The only sound, in a silenced room will neither be your heartbeat or tick tock.
    Who found time ? Who scheduled things on time ?
    What's time...?
    The ones who needed those last two minutes
    The ones who breathed their last breath in seconds
    The ones who took last minute decisions for a lifetime
    The ones who played and ruled over time
    Will understand the true worth of TIME...

  • rimmi24 83w

    Wasted my 25 minutes to ✍�� this piece ��
    I do not know what I wrote ��
    But now it's done, please deal with it��

    #nighthawk #random #thought #dark #night #3am #mess #lost #pillowthoughts #wanderingmind #poetry #penandpaper #emotionspouring

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    still goes
    on terrace at night
    with heavy heart and
    running mind
    gazing the peaceful sky
    with numb eyes
    to cool down the storm
    wandering inside.
    still powerless to sleep at 3am
    but looks serene,
    recollecting those scars
    in her dark ringed eyes
    and screaming inside
    in a hope that one day
    she'll be able to ignore
    destiny's cruel side.


  • rishaprakash 93w


    U grow up
    U know how your path is
    What are your struggles and fights
    U also know who stood with you, cried with you,
    Consoled you, took care of you, did everything for you.
    N there is a change in life and you forget them!
    Where is that gratitude which you preached all this while?!
    Never forget your Roots which defines you.

  • hopelessly_hopeful 94w

    There are times when I often wonder,
    What would have happened if we were still together?
    I'd certainly undo what took us apart and sincerely hope for a fresh new start.
    I miss you, more than words could say, never wanted us to see this day!
    I miss you, perhaps, I'll always do,
    Will forever wonder, do you miss me too?


  • abigail_26 100w

    Live Your Life

    Live the life which
    YOU wish to live
    Treasure the moments which
    YOU wish to treasure
    Laugh your heart out when
    YOU feel its really a joke
    Cry like a fountain when
    YOU feel you are really hurt
    Express your anger when
    YOU cannot put up with something
    Ask sorry when
    YOU repent truly
    Give hundred percent for what
    YOUR heart is really into
    If your feelings are stirred of compulsion
    Ultimately, it takes the seat of repulsion
    Never trigger YOUR feelings
    For someone else's feelings
    - HARINI.S

  • life_captions 102w

    Found myself ..

    In the process of finding u ......
    I found myself ....
    I found the true self ....
    It's not that I'm cutting myself from the world.
    It is about I'm going to show the world ....
    My bestself ....
    Thanks ....
    In the process of finding u ......
    I found myself ....

  • nikbaiz89 114w

    Wandering Mind

    As night Falls I fear my wandering mind and where it may Venture on this dreaded night and as to when or if it may return before day breaks.

  • cyanshadeofblue 117w

    Sleepless night

    As my body begs for rest my mind begins to wander. Denying me of the sleep I need. Traveling further and further from the land of rest closer closer to the hours I must wake. Never staying in one place to long until it begins to hurt then we sit for awhile watching as we begin to cry then we move again finding somewhere that hurts worse. As I hope for somewhere that will lead to some productivity we venture to a stop that freezes us in our tracks making it nearly impossible to get out of bed when the alarm starts to shout in my ear. Getting out of bed requires to much energy that I no longer have because as my body lay still and silent my mind wondered and never stopped moving for very long.

  • udayand 118w

    The Fiction of the Sleepless

    Eyes closed but mind awake,
    thoughts come, stir and shake,
    Remorsing the choices made,
    creating fiction, recreating the ache,
    Sleep rakes in only after you accept fate,
    That life would always have been this,
    even on the 2nd, 3rd or the 4th retake.


  • gildedsecrets 121w

    Random Musings

    The wind carried the echoes of the evening prayers through the window and into my apartment as drowning out the honking cars, the whirring machines and the usual city noise. The rhythmic chants, distinct and clear amid all of that, took me to a city that I imagine was Kabul; a place I've never visited but through the precise and magical words of authors.
    The sun shone its brilliant rays on everything the naked eye could see almost as if I were looking through yellow-tinted shades. I stood in the middle of a bustling marketplace listening to the triumphant laughter of children who'd gotten away with yet another mischievous prank, the soft murmurs of gossip fluttering back and forth, shoppers driving hard bargains and shopkeepers selling smartly.
    It was mundane and everyday, but it was serene. There was a rich silence to that endearing chaos; a calm in that storm.
    I was there for just a moment, but that moment was enough for a smile and the smile enough for a day.

  • brokenfairy 124w

    We weren't together for long
    But my mind still wanders to you
    And my heart still aches
    Wishing we could of had longer


  • vish797 142w

    Lies and half truths

    There was never any real reason behind any of my actions before I even had the liberty of deciding for myself. Yet the question lies on when did I start having the capability of doing so, or if I even have it now. If you were to ask me what propelled me to write this in the first place, you’ll find that I’m as lost as I can be, and that my mind is not as organized as I’d like to think it is.

    Was I always as foolish as I thought myself to be? Or was there a point in which I realized the lies I’ve been told? Knowledge seems to just appear in the most intricate parts of my mind as if it existed and belonged there from the start, for I can’t recall the exact moment it formed and nestled itself inside of me. Yet I fall prey again and again, over and over, of the things I’ve been bestowed upon, the things I never asked for, and wield them without contempt. It is a weight, I suppose, nobody expected me to carry, but I took it upon myself to never complain about.

    It is a letter of sorts to whoever cares enough to read it through, to gaze into the mind of a lonely girl, surrounded by love and wealth, yet unable to enjoy it in the least. Nothing is amiss at a first glance, my life has been planned out from the start and I can’t disagree with it. The guilt they pushed into me from a young age makes it nearly impossible for me to rebel against this thing I call injustice.

    But years of staying silent have done enough damage in me. I often wonder if my discomfort comes from a rightful cause, or if I really am as ungrateful as my progenitors claim. My judgement has always been flawed by emotions I can’t truly control, and therefore my stories could hold no truth at all, without me realizing it.

    Call me a fool if you want, but what do I know but the things I’ve seen and experienced? I’ve been living behind a shield ever since my existence was created, and a wall erected itself between me and the world beyond; and as much as I’d like to cross it, that’s a decision that doesn’t belong to me. I am bound to the future they expect me to have and doomed to dream of the one I’d like to forge for myself.

    But approval, it seems, is what motivates me to keep on moving, even when I feel myself slipping away, far from the person I was bound to become and closer to the one I feared the most.

    I lost all sense of self. I’ve been drained of energy at the tender age of eighteen. And even though I haven’t lived I hold no optimistic expectation for the future. I’m tired and restless at the same time, and I can feel the years passing me by with each day feeling like a new weight I have to carry. I’m only waiting for my back to break and for my legs to give out.

    Have you ever felt like every step is a battle you fight against yourself? Like every breath is a torture only you’re aware of? Like you don’t want to move or speak because the exhaustion is so big that it’ll drain you entirely?

    Have you ever felt adrift?




    Even though you know, deep down, that those are lies?

    Because what am I but a liar? I tell stories of pain and suffering. Of war and decay. I play the hero and make myself a martyr. But am I really? Can you tell a lie from the truth? Can you twist reality so much that you don’t even know what’s real and what’s not? Have I always lied? Have I always told the truth? Can you look me in the eye and tell me you know me?

    I have layers and layers of complicated problems and insecurities. Yet I carry the mask of apathy like a badge of honour. I hold myself with pride when all I feel is shame. And I spill truths in the comfort of a home that stopped feeling like one a long time ago. I write my tragedies and painful thoughts as if they’re worth anything more than words that nobody will ever read.

    So here I lay bare and vulnerable for the world to see and judge. Waiting for a verdict to condemn me for the supposed crimes I have committed. And though I believe in no god, I will wait for the punishment I deserve, like a sinner without shame.

    For what is the greatest sin, but being human

  • ambergundy 143w

    Cold Breeze

    Morning felt so cold
    Soothing deeply,
    Through my bones and heart
    It was them, not the wind
    They're not talking
    No one's talking
    There's only, hurtful silence

  • wanderervee 146w

    I didn't stop here, I didn't stop there.
    My mind kept wandering in the mountains,
    but my body was stuck in the turmoil of the day.
    While my body was resting in bed,
    my soul kept wandering in the midnight to find an ally.
    Time after time I landed with different minds.
    Time after time I kept wandering with different souls.
    Wandering here,
    wandering there,
    And now uncertainty has exhausted my mind.
    So for once, I just want to stop here to calm the wandering mind!  

  • spillingwords 151w

    You meet people,
    Start liking talking to them,
    You share few laughs together,
    You start relating things,
    Get to know them little more with every passing moment.
    And that’s how expectations and disappointment play hide and seek,

    If expectations aren’t met,
    Disappointment comes crawling in.

    #people #humanbehaviour #wanderingmind
    @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    When you start getting comfortable with someone,
    when you start sharing moments with them,
    Expectations come creeping in.
    And if not met,
    Disappointment comes knocking at your door.

  • spillingwords 152w

    Clarity of thoughts isn’t always good,
    As the demon within lays comfortably in the darkness of blur,
    Not out in the light of clarity,
    Don’t disturb it.
    Peace shall be yours.

    #darkthoughts #silence

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    I am afraid to pen down few thoughts,
    I’m afraid what might come out of those flowing words.
    I’m afraid, I’ll get to know the part of me which I wouldn’t want to believe I could ever be.
    I’m afraid, I’ll reveal things which will challenge things people believe in.
    Few things are better kept unsaid.
    Sometimes, Blur feels comforting.

  • divsingh 161w

    Dribbling was the happiness
    Scribbling were hands
    Recording speedily
    In contrasting verses and bands
    That day beautiful was the sun
    Pretty were the sands
    Smiles had the biggest girth
    Less darkened seemed the dazed lands.

  • shawty 180w


    Every thought and emotion
    Inside these walls
    Begins with a notion

    The barriers tamed
    While I dreamt great
    And I just framed

    Melancholy or merry
    Present I am
    In love with solitary

    Realisation of all matter
    Happened all in there
    Inside the enclosed shutter

    Found the best soul
    Without any expectations
    Got lost in a better world

    And here I am sealed
    Inside these walls
    Feels like a great shield.


  • marishapurohit 183w

    Millennial relationships asks for one to stay empty handed when another's is full.