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  • thehealer10 5d

    What turns a house into a home?
    Have you felt alone while sitting in a full house ?
    Are you a peace keeper, or a thrill seeker?

    Home is what you make it, not a building, or determined by an address; it's a state of being.

    Have you felt at home simply in the presence of Love?
    What about animosity?

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    Heartache, a mountain of grief weighs upon tomorrow.

    The bleakness of the halls fill me with sorrow.

    The suffering becomes less bearable as the echo of your laughs wan.

    Despondent, due to the cycle of dysphoria; weed to numb the pain.

    Woe to the Victor!

    Who created this War Zone ?


  • dragonwritings 5w

    Swords sharpened, hearts hardened
    The noble eagle soars unburdened
    Brothers sing the old hearth song
    Telling tales of days long gone
    The calm before the storm


  • sobia_hussainn 10w

    To all men and women who carry the heaviest of responsibilities, those who bear all the sun in order to provide shade for their loved ones.
    Love, Strength, ease and peace for you❤️

    #sobia_hussainn #poets #poetrycommunity #warriors #love

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    The Warriors

    Here's to those of us who handle everything.
    How beautifully they carry the weight
    of the world.
    Look around you and you'll see plenty of 'em
    Difficult to spot, but plenty.
    They carry their own burdens,
    And of those around them
    Making things easier for everyone.
    Fighting all the odds for them,
    Providing for them.
    They don't have to,
    But they do everything for everyone
    Go to all extents
    They can say "no"
    But they choose a "yes" , every time
    Without complaining,
    Without making you feel low about yourself.
    Not everyone knows what they know
    Not everyone appriciates them
    Not everyone cares,
    Oh they are difficult to spot.
    They hide behind silence,
    Or loudest of laughter.
    If by any chance you find them alone,
    You'd find them listening to sad songs.
    They don't even find refuge in poetry
    Like you and me, or any other distraction.
    They just keep going through storms and hells
    Guiding our way..
    Making it all look easier.
    So that we can get enough time to find a distraction.
    I wonder how could one carry so much weight on their shoulders?
    For a lifetime...?
    But if it makes you feel any better, my beautiful
    Quiet fighters!
    I see you, and i am in awe of your courage..
    Of your ability to stand tall and strong
    Like a protective wall
    in face of adversities.
    And I pray, I pray it gets easier for you.


  • guided_liberation 12w

    May the wind guide us
    May our brothers walk beside us
    May the water wash away the greed
    Our eyes have seen this all before
    Let's us rise and suffer no more
    No men shall rule us
    No army shall abuse us
    Awaken your enslaved mind today
    Rise up all you warriors of love

  • warriorofthenight 18w

    Do y'all ever fall out of love with writing? Like no, I don't have writer's block, but everything I write feels monotonous and repetitive. It's like a rut, but the frustrating part is that you can write, you are writing, but those rose-tinted glasses fell off and your heart doesn't jump when you read your words aloud? Is it just me?

  • petrichorune 24w

    There must be those

    There must be those with both warmth and cold in sync within.
    There must be those, thought of whose presence calms us.
    There must be those, who just vibes and be our safe blanket.
    There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.


  • guided_liberation 30w

    New Earth

    And just like that, the silent warriors of these times came out of the shadows, the woods, they came out from behind the canvas, the tablets. They came from all walks of life, from all over the world and they were at once awakened by the vibration of their ancestors blood that pumped like a drum throughout their bodies and they began to shed their poisoned minds and their spirits were instantly revived. Their words flowed like lava, consuming every lie that was spread since their birth. They marched together and spread new seed throughout the land and showed the broken spirits of the earth a new way of life.

  • naqsaif 38w


    Mount Olympus : In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was regarded as the abode of the Greek gods.

    Tartarus: in Greek mythology it is another name for hell.It is a deep abyss(pit)where evil is locked up.
    But tartaras is also a god, He was the body of the pit itself rather than a human like deity.
    In short tartaras is a living place.you can hear it's heartbeat and if you struck the ground( skin of Tartarus) it will bleed.Tartarus is "as far beneath Hades as heaven is above earth."

    Night (Nyx): she was the goddess of the night. She was a child of Chaos, and her husband was Erebos (Darkness)

    Thanatos: he is the god of death whose weapon is a sphere.

    Tartarus, Nyx, Thanatos all live in Underworld.the mythical abode of the dead, imagined as being under the earth.

    So that's it.
    One poem so many elements.
    Imagine falling into tartaras while you are still alive and good and not knowing where you are............

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    Mount Olympus?

    Mount Olympus?

    Someplace we fell
    Where death I smell
    There’s acid in air,
    Monsters, Demons and Vampire’s lair;
    Where light is a slave
    Of darkened graves,
    Where curses are condemned
    On the good and the damned.
    Somewhere the red heart beats
    And every step bleeds,
    Where we are shoved by terrific fear
    Towards death’s spear,
    Where we plunge into the night
    On an endless black fight,
    Whilst realization struck;
    Raise your weapons
    prevail your luck,
    There is no Mount Olympus,
    We have fallen into Tartarus.


  • madinah_writes 40w

    Warriors are not the ones who always win.
    They are the ones who always fight.
    It doesn't matter if your chances are fat or slim.
    In light and sight, always do what's right.


  • sparkingpoet 44w

    Just ignore the people who try to put you down and always disagree your victory and say it as a matter of luck you know that what you have paid for it ,your time ,hardwork,motivation and everything so just leave such people and live .
    Warriors Didn't get victory by chance
    But by choice

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    Warriors Didn't get victory by chance
    But by choice

  • ananya5208 46w

    The white coat

    Don't go after them, from the start she was told,
    What's her fault if she considered stethoscope before gold,
    She felt so helpless seeing the ill,
    To cure every soul and was the ongoing will!

    They brought her up with utmost delicacy,
    However she successfully concealed her firm attitude as a secrecy,
    They bought her facepacks and eyeliners ,
    Though she exchanged it with facemasks and trayliners !

    They told her to be devoted to her husband and in-laws,
    But she wanted to serve every helpless person, so determined she was!
    To be a medical professional, you aren't proficient enough,
    But Who are you to conclude, a diamond in the rough ?

    Ignoring them as pebbles in her journey she came out bright,
    Her soul embraced the " white coat" in the next sight,
    All her scuffles at last got paid with her this epitome of a price,
    Next, she oathed to work so diligently as to be remembered even after she dies!

    Her heart so kind, her brain made of vigour,
    The combination well enough to make her the best cardiologist embodied with perfection and rigour,
    To serve free and equal for all was written in that note,
    Which she hid inside to maintain the dignity of the "white coat "!!

  • minnie_mack 46w

    The day of warriors
    #doctor's day#

  • akshay_vasu 49w

    We took the path that led others nowhere, and only we saw the light at that end of the tunnel. They warned us about the monsters we would encounter, the odds that we would meet. And they laughed when we got the scars while fighting those dragons on our way. When we came back out of another side of the tunnel, holding the sword that they always craved for, tightly in our hand, bleeding, and the sun shining on our face, we became the tales that they always wanted to be. We became the reflections of what they always wanted to see themselves through. We became the warriors they had always imagined.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • barbatos 50w

    Doctors are warriors, not a barrier.
    Doctors are angel on earth, not a devil.
    Doctors deserve honour, not a subject of contempt.
    Doctors need our praise, respect and support for the responsibility they have for their works, not a response of rudeness.
    Bullying them is the biggest sin, and no holy water will remove those sins and no confessions will remove the marks.

  • willemvanherk 51w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 14 Part 3

    " How could this happen " said Easeion. " I wanted Colourea out "" I am disappointed as well " said Xax. " I guess Colourea isn't as weak as we thought "" Or maybe Colour Administrator isn't the fighter we thought " said Whites. " I will beat Draco "" Rourke faced Queen Starling " said Blackina." I will advance with no problems " said Whites." I am pissed off about Colourea winning, but I will focus on messing with other friends of Crayon " said Easeion." Yeah, we will totally ruin their lives " said Melissa." Colourea will lose next round just like Crayon " said Easeion." Blackin will take this " said Whites. " My victory will be one for the Bear "" My cousin will show his power tomorrow " said Blackin." My love for Blackina is so strong, nobody can love more than me "" Yes, our love means so much " said Blackina." Our wedding will be not like other ones "

    Crayon and his friends were talking after the fight.
    " Awesome fight " said Colouruke." Thanks " said Colourea." Now me, you and Crayon have advanced " said Challenger." Colouruke and me will advance " said Artby." We have eaten so much bread, bakers have done so much for us "" We must get more bread, these purchases will be good for the tournament "" Yeah, we can go do that " said Colouruke." Good " said Artby. " Baking has done so much for fighting "" Baking has done a lot for Colourea, bakers understand her with their baking "" They use bread to understand her "" Uh, what ? " asked Challenger." Yeah, they have a gateway within Colourea for bread " said Artby." Within Colourea ? " asked Crayon." Well, we should go "

    Meanwhile Colour King, Colourclever and Colour Dictator were talking.
    " How could this be " said Colour King." Colourland needs him winning " said Colourclever." This loss means Colourland lost " said Colour Dictator." We needed this "" We will have to rely on our other allies remaining " said Colour King." The people need us winning "" Challenger cannot win this tournament for the sake of Colourland " said Colour Dictator." We need Colour King in charge "" Yes, Challenger has not been Colourlandish enough for Colourland " said Colour King." He has not stayed Colourlandish like I have "" The people have been less Colourlandish with Challenger which is unacceptable "" We need my opinion "" Colourlandish people need Colour King's opinion instead of Challenger's opinion " said Colourclever." The people here have found Challenger to be a jackass "" He must go "" King Bobby and me have a great partnership which will make our respective nations better while Challenger never did anything " said Colour King." He has been a disgrace in the eyes of the people "" I love the people
    Crayon and his friends arrived at the bakery where Artby thanked bakers and he started talking.

    " I love the baking here " said Artby." Thanks " said a baker." I dream about bakers baking bread " said Artby. " It is good for bakers to be dreamed about "" Uh, okay " said a baker.
    Crayon and his friends got their bread and left.

    Meanwhile King Bobby ran into Blackin and Blackina.

    " So, we meet " said King Bobby. " Your cousin is facing one of my advisors "" Yes, it will be a great battle " said Blackin." Draco will show his ability " said King Bobby. " He knows of what Crayon has done to Warbler "" He has got in the way of Allie and anything that Warbler needs "" Crayon will be destroyed " said Blackin." Draco must win his fight to get our advisors there " said King Bobby. " If Whites wins, I expect that he will eliminate Crayon "" Crayon has made Allie very angry as a girlfriend "" She is not a woman that wants Crayon and his friends disrespecting the relationship that she has with Warbler "" When a dating site so good is created, the individuals will do whatever it takes to make sure that we have these great relationships for Bird's Isle which must happen "" Well, I have a strong desire for Blackina " said Blackin." When I love Blackina and see such a beautiful, attractive body I must do what is necessary " " Yes, we will see each other again " said King Bobby." Crayon will crumble into dust and look worthless against me "" Warbler will be there to enjoy that moment "
    Crayon and his friends arrived back at the hotel. They saw QuackQ there, they started talking.

  • slaughtered_heart 53w

    It was just an hour past midnight, they needed him and he was there. He suits up in his usual superhero dress, his sleep deprived eyes just lit up the moment he enters the room where his fight against life and death always happens. He does everything in his power to fight the death and to give back the life it's second chance. He does all this, while his own heart races up and down the line of nothingness. His fight finally ends the moment the death surrenders itself and the life feels normal again. He comes out of the battlefield, looks at the people around, takes out his mask to reveal himself and showing them a mask of smile, implying that he did his best and everything is gonna be alright. Though he had taken off his mask soon after the success of the battle, he was still wearing a mask of brave face that he removed once he sat on his chair, giving a sigh of relief that he saved a life yet again...


  • ziegler 53w

    It was not a wave but a catastrophic tsunami
    Maybe, maybe not, was an inexorable tyranny
    Rose at the coast and engulfed those boast
    The negligence lead to the corpses roast

    Some enjoyed the vistas while many gasped for air
    Agonizing voices to the deaf, eventually they despaired
    Scintillating saffron glossed the nation red
    Crematoriums filled and no place for the dead

    Thousands gathered during rally-West were praised
    Breathlessness lasted, the care fund was it even raised?
    Warriors felt helpless, with their swords gone rusty
    Still they struggled when everything seemed dusty

    Not sure to blame, in this never-ending blame game
    But does it matter as how infinitely far he came.

    #pandemic #poetry #poem #vista #tsunami #warriors #covid #hope #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeeqoutes #time #hope #feeling #qoutes saffron

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    Vista of Tsunami

    It was not a wave but a catastrophic tsunami

    Maybe, maybe not, was an inexorable tyranny

    Scintillating saffron glossed the nation red

    Crematoriums filled and no place for the dead...

  • willemvanherk 53w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 11 Part 1

    Chapter 11
    Another Evening At the Hotel
    They then saw Grackle, Dove, Warbler and Allie together.
    " Warbler " said Crayon.
    " Yeah, it has been a while " said Warbler.
    " King Bobby has gotten very determined for us to not hang out "
    " He has gone so far " said Allie.
    " He believes it is not good for Bird's Isle for Warbler to hang out with Crayon and his friends "
    " Wow " said Colouruke.
    " That makes no sense, I get why he doesn't want us hanging out with him but Bird's Isle ? " asked Dove.
    " I must beat Colour Queen tomorrow "
    " Yeah, Colour Queen must be stopped " said Warbler.
    " This is getting so out of hand "
    " Yeah, we must stop all of them " said Crayon.
    " We will defeat them, we must give it our all " said Challenger.
    " Bakers want no evil " said Artby. " They will use baking to negate all of it "
    " Baking ? " asked Warbler.
    " Yes, baking can negate evil acts " said Artby. " The flour can block all of it out "
    " I have never heard of anything like that " said Allie.
    " Same here " said Colourea.
    " Bakers are packed full of heroism " said Artby. " The heroism enters the bread when they bake "
    " Artby " said Colouruke.
    " Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
    " Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.
    " You never noticed heroism entering bread ? " asked Artby.
    " No " said Colouruke.
    " It is there, my taste buds have absorbed the heroism from the bread " said Artby.
    " Absorbed ? " asked Warbler. " I have never heard of anything like that, ever "
    " Heroism is inside bread " said Artby. " Bread must be eaten, tournament wins are counting on it "
    They then ate their bread they had got, which they enjoyed.
    Meanwhile Easeion, Xax, Blackburnian, Diana, Whites and Lord Grackle arrived.
    " What the fuck is going on " said Blackburnian.
    " Crayon, you must stay away from Warbler "
    " Well said, Crayon has not been a good friend " said Lord Grackle.
    " Crayon is losing next round, I will make him look like the most useless person ever " said Easeion.
    " That didn't work the last two times " said Crayon.
    " This time will be different " said Easeion. " The Smithsons have done so much for me, I will get my revenge on him "
    " Hahahahaha "
    " Warbler, I hope this was an attempted kidnapping or you got drunk " said Diana.
    " Crayon is the kind of person who is not a good friend, Bird's Isle truly does not need these type of friendships " said Blackburnian.
    " This has nothing to do with Bird's Isle " said Dove.
    " It sure does " said Blackburnian.
    " Well, we know Crayon is not winning in the next round, I know that he will be dealt with there " said Whites.
    " Damn straight " said Xax. " Crayon is losing his fight, he's not winning "
    " We'll see about that " said Colourea.
    " Colourea, I'll enjoy you losing your fight " said Easeion.
    " You don't know that " said Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, I know what I am talking about " said Easeion. " I know that none of Crayon's friends outside of Challenger will be part of the Round of 16
    " I may not win this tournament but I know that no friend of Crayon is winning "
    " Yeah, let's see it that will really be true " said Challenger.
    " Well, I believe Easeion " said Diana. " King Bobby will likely win the whole thing unless Colour King or Queen Starling can pull an upset on him "
    "My cousin Blackin will beat Challenger " said Whites.
    " He sure will " said Xax. " His Bear attacks are so good "
    " We are here for Warbler and Allie originally, you two must come with us " said Diana.
    " Yeah, King Bobby will not like this " said Lord Grackle.
    " Warbler probably was just sitting down and did not notice that Crayon and his friends were there " said Diana. " We must be more careful now "
    " Crayon is not the friend he needs "
    " Crayon has not been a good friend to Warbler at all, we will take action if we see bullshit like this " said Lord Grackle. " We will give Warbler the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was drunk or didn't notice that you were all here "
    " We believe Warbler is a good person, we will contact King Bobby and Queen Starling about this later this evening "
    Blackburnian, Diana and Lord Grackle left with Warbler and Allie.
    " I do not know much about Warbler and how Crayon and his friends treated him but Crayon will always be an enemy to me " said Easeion. " As a Smithson, I will not support him as a person ever "
    " The sadder he gets, the better this world will be "
    " Yeah, we don't support him after all our members not being here " said Xax.
    " You all attacked us " said Artby. " Baking is a reason that I will fight "
    " Baking does nothing against us " said Whites.
    " The good thing is that so many people are against Crayon, it puts a smile on my face " said Easeion.
    " Crayon has advanced, none of you three have " said Colourea.
    " You will not be advancing to the next round " said Easeion. " I will make sure of that "
    " Yeah, we will make you look like a moron " said Xax.
    " Xax, that will not happen " said Artby. " I have eaten so much bread, that I cannot possibly look stupid ever again "
    " Yeah, you really have no idea " said Whites. " Blackin is taking this tournament "
    " Not to mention his girlfriend who is the strongest woman ever " said Easeion. " She has been a great villainess for us "
    " Blackin is always impressed by her power and determination " said Xax. " We will leave all you right now "
    " Lots of people want Crayon eliminated so always keep that in mind " said Whites
    The three of them left, Queen Starling and King Bobby were with Warbler and Allie.
    " We heard about what happened " said King Bobby.
    " Warbler, I don't know if you were drinking a lot but you may want to do that in your room "
    " Crayon is not a good friend, Bird's Isle does not need his friendship " said Queen Starling.
    " That group wants you to come with them, we cannot think about what will happen "
    " I must have not seen them at first " said Warbler.
    " I wasn't drinking "
    " Well, you really need to me more careful " said Queen Starling. " You will not be getting the great meals with them "
    " That is true " said King Bobby. " We understand what Crayon and his friends will do to you Warbler "
    " Your brother Blackburnian is a great guy, never forget that "
    King Bobby and Queen Starling left, Warbler and Allie were talking.
    " This is going to get ugly " said Allie.
    " Yeah, the next match is a match I have a bad feeling about " said Warbler.
    " Yeah, King Bobby is working with Colour King " said Allie. " That partnership will create lots of wars "
    " We will have to fight "
    " Well, Challenger will have to win " said Warbler.
    " I am happy to be with you "
    " Me too " said Allie.
    Allie and Warbler then started kissing each other, they then joined each other in the bed.

  • logomaniac 54w

    I don't know what to write
    My nerves go weak to hold it tight
    A vicious cycle, like an infinite,
    My white coat, turns red on the inevitable fight!

    My cage is broken, my heart is open,
    I bleed through my eyes,
    The air is frozen, my lungs are broken
    My limbs go weak and fragile!!

    That nasty looks, Ahem!! I go wild
    Demons do lay in me;
    But I choose to serve the mankind
    Treat me as human, I can't take that jibe of divine!!

    My limbs chosen you, over my child
    I poured my heart to see you smile;
    Months pass by, Yes, I do have a family of five
    Waiting at doorsteps, but my priorities were high!!

    All that sweat and blood,
    You just effaced like an eraser;
    Sometimes goons, sometimes punch,
    Let it go, but those arrows of abusive words??
    Flowers or shoes? Demons or superheroes?
    Let it be crystal clear,
    If it's tough, then make it briefer,
    As those efforts deserve much better!!


    #pandemic #oxygen #covid # frontliners #warriors #doctors #respect #pod #repost
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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  • mercileie_zealeaous01 55w

    Fearless , but I had not left fighting , because for living a cruel life you have to fight everday , #warriors , #Pritzkahn01,
    #Darte hain.

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    Darte nahin........

    Jo kehte hain ki hum laddte nahi ,

    Wo iss ghalatfehmi ka shikaar hain ki,

    Hum unko baaton ko samajhte nahi ,

    Parr such tauu yeh hain, ki hum kissi se ,

    Darte nahi .....