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  • kin_jo 7w

    To listen to that laugh
    The one barely anyone can see
    To spread cheery atitude
    Which keeps hopes of many alive
    To fill every possible post with the sweetest scent
    No matter how long it would take
    To making friends, to attachments
    Sanam, I don't know how to describe you in words

    More mysterious, delicate, and elusive.
    A feeling of love you developed and cultivated in readers heart. Using same alphabets you gave meaning to new words. Imbibed faith in humanity which many of us just tried to scribble.
    Happy Birthday kindest soul @fromwitchpen

    #weafamily #end
    A Collab with my closest @the_speccy_outsider

    And first like by our fav elisabetkiss

    Thanks @captain_blant for helping me out

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    The girl on the O̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ same side

    Simultaneously, she's on both sides-
    The girl walking down street my
    Apartment, giving flying kisses, and
    The girl in green attire, her beautiful
    Little eyes- her gaze like air knowing
    No borders.
    A mountain terrain and soil made of different vignette
    Thoughts so onerous although disparate
    A simple reflection of sunrays,
    Through the false spotted haze


  • the_speccy_outsider 7w

    Wishing our dearest Witch @fromwitchpen a very Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with abundant glasses of blood. Be the nocturnal spooky being you are and keep spreading love, as you already do. Here's a collab piece from @kin_jo and I.

    The demarcation because of a colour
    That even resides in our heart
    Used as a sacred one during betrothal
    And the third one amidst the Trio

    But love has no boundaries they say
    It can happen to anyone
    Irrespective of any classification
    That is man-made and not by the almighty

    Albeit one such being
    Knows this doesn't hold gravitas
    And keeps blurring those boundaries
    Eventually putting an end to them

    For her quill weaves words of wisdom
    Often about social issues, mental health, nature and poetry
    Enameled with jocund metaphors and profound vocabulary
    Encompassing not just all facets but all alphabets too

    Calls herself a Witch as she finds them relatable
    As primarily ignored are those who are different
    Frequently malified, but the ones with pure heart
    Can only adore them beyond stereotypes

    She made beautiful relations, which even
    Prolific personalities of the world couldn't
    As that's what binds us all
    Art, Humanity, Empathy and Words, From A Witch's Pen.


    #end #weafamily

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    W(itch)hich Words